Microsoft reportedly invests in Uber's latest round of funding

Microsoft has reportedly made an investment in Uber as part of its latest funding round that is expected to bump the ride-sharing company up to a valuation of $50 billion. Separate reports from both The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg point to Microsoft as an investor in this latest round of funding, which raised a total of $1 billion. From The Wall Street Journal

"Investors in the latest round include Microsoft Corp. and the investment arm of Indian media conglomerate Bennett Coleman & Co., another person familiar with the matter said, as Uber seeks allies to help bolster its technology and expand in large markets outside the U.S."

There's no word from Uber or Microsoft on the tech giant's possible involvement in this latest round of funding. However, it wouldn't be the first time the two companies have been involved with one another. In late June, Microsoft and Uber cut a deal in which Microsoft sold part of its Bing Maps unit to the startup, with the latter offering positions to around 100 employees from Microsoft's mapping division in the process.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg

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  • Yet their apps sucks on Windows.
  • It's a hell of a lot better than Lyft's app on Winows Phone.
  • Lyft has an app on Windows phone? Is it made by Lyft?
  • That's the joke.
  • Works fine.
  • My guess is for Microsoft to somehow get to all those riders, employees getting phones, Bing maps, cortana
  • Will windows phone users get an uber discount! hahahaha. Jk ;)
  • I see what you did there...
  • As much as I like Microsoft to succeed in capital ventures too, I would prefer them to stay away from shady companies like this.
  • Now for a better App please.
  • Meanwhile in Mexico...
  • Big Mistake. Uber is going to implode in about 5 years under heavy regulation.
  • Agree, the taxi mob is bigger that anybody thinks, this mafia include governments at the local and federal levels
  • What's the different betweem implode and explode, just asking, sorry for out of topic
  • Nerd alert. Implode will turn your array to string and explode breaks string into an array.
  • Implode:  Think of a submarine under too much pressure.  Outside force crushes it inward. Explode: Think of a bomb.  Explodes outward.  
  • If a company was going to explode I would generally think they'd be getting popular very quickly. Implosion is basically the opposite i.e. collapsing rapidly.
  • I guess microsoft has outsourced their maping to Uber
  • No. They sold image acquisition team. Microsoft gets most of the data from HERE and even more now I suppose.
  • Can someone explain why this app maker is valued at $50 billion? It's a POS company that pushes itself into markets by completely ignoring the rules and regulations governing taxi firms and car hire companies and spends millions fighting lawsuits when challenged and yet investors are falling over themselves to throw money at it.
    I think this "start up" bubble is going to burst sooner rather than later and a lot of investors are going to be out of pocket.
  • Because investors are caffeine and cocaine fuelled lunatics, who only care about the value of a "brand" and not what it offers?
  • Drug dealing is the future
  • Lol
  • Do u know why did MS invest in somethinf like this mate ?
  • Unlike the stratup bubble where massive value was/is attributed to businesses with large user bases and no business model, Uber is actually highly profitable already, is large, and is growing fast. While I can completely agree that they are dodgy and represent a great threat due to their market power and contempt for the law, that doesn't change the fact that they make fuktonnes of money. Money, money.
  • At least Uber makes money, then it has a value, but can somebody explain to me how the hell Snapchat that doesn't make a penny is worth $15bn
  • They do have a lot of data to mine...
  • Does it really make money?
  • They even have rape lawsuits against them
  • They are not just an "app maker". Taxi companies have had a strangle-hold on most markets, and charge ridiculous amounts to get around. Personally I say "fuck the taxi drivers" - they want to charge me $50-60 to get home from the airport, but Uber drivers will charge me half that. The thing the taxi drivers don't get is, if they make taxi's more affordable then more people would want to use them.
  • Because they have managed to innovate and dominate what was until now a conservative and well entrenched industry. Owning a taxi service is a great business - there is always demand and once you are set, there are too many barriers to entry for any potential competitors. They're re-writing the rules for the industry as a whole and I suspect they've already succeeded in gaining a mind foothold. Sure, lawsuits and unions will make life difficult for them but even in these circumstances, they have managed to get decent earnings. However, that said, I agree about the start up bubble part. It's not worth $50 billion. Start up prices are way too inflated right now and companies are being evaluated way more on potential rather than actual earnings. It's all about raising capital, splurging it to gain users and then repeating. The only exit is a buy out from a bigger player. I'm sure Microsoft will make a pretty good return on this one. They've done the same before with Facebook and others.
  • Big giant meh... Don't use ride sharing....
  • Reconsider this, Microsoft. Invest in yourself're worth it, Uber is not.
  • The funny thing with uber is they are based on illegal practices. MS may as well invest in the Columbian drug cartels. Every city uber operates in has laws concerning public vehicles licensing and requires something like a $1,000,000.00 in liability insurance per car. The vehicles have to be inspected for safety. That goes for cabs, luxury sedans, limos, & buses. Why or even better how uber is getting away with this I just don't understand. To value a illegal enterprise is totally insane to me.
  • They're not public vehicles. Uber drivers are driving their personal vehicles and operate as independant contractors. The drivers set their own hours of operation. They drive when they want to, not when Uber tells them to. Think of them as self-employed business owners. Now, I'm not for or against Uber. I just think some of the comments here are off the mark. Uber doesn't even operate here in my hometown, and for a company to be valued at $50 billion, I would expect them to be everywhere.
  • Don't argue with your Uber driver about the route or you might get from the hammer.
  • So what do you think taxi drivers are doing. Many cab drivers own their vehicles, the rest likely lease the taxi from a owner of many taxis and just like if you lease a car from Ford, if u lease it, it's your car.
    These cab owners drive when they want to also. The problem isn't with the uber drivers, the problem is with uber. And I know what I'm talking about because I am a retired commercial vehicle enforcement officer. I was my job for 25 years to know these laws and enforce them in the state of Michigan. And to know the federal motor carrier safety standards
  • And just so u know, a public vehicle is any vehicle used to transport any citizen for payment.
  • It's ridesharing, which by every term of the law is public unless it's under friends/acquaintances. It's the same as the laws that govern sharing of music (in the EU & Switzerland) which say you can share purchased music with up to 7 friends/acquaintances. Why Uber believes sharing rides with random people does not go under "public" is beyond me.
  • Bad move MS, this os a shady company, with a fascist CEO.
  • What's a fascist?
  • @Lipe13 Here ya go
  • Microsoft invested a ton in Facebook back in the day. Didn't necessarily translate to apps or anything.
  • Translated into a big payout on IPO day though.
  • Which comes in handy. The financial aspect of this is incredibly important.
  • Benett and colemann...... Strange
  • . Reply didn't work properly.
  • if they are going to go into funding, UBER needs to Make a WP8/Wp10 Driver app
  • Absolutely agree!!
  • With as hard as taxi cab unions are fighting uber and winning all over the globe, I can't imagine this was a terribly smart move...
  • Wouldn't mind seeing some updates to the app. As of today my Uber app crashes immediately after ordering a car. And then again and again after reopening. But once I've been picked up and dropped off it works again until it's used again for another ride.
  • Can we get an Uber Partner app now?
  • I still fear that Uber charging Lawsuit! I mean! No one ever thought of a service like Uber does! And now they just copy it and block it! That stupid! It's hundred of people jobs involved! Govs are not giving these people jobs! Uber is a winner and the King the rest just sucks!
  • Uber cannot give jobs to people without a professional licence to set other people having that licence out if business. If their driver had that licence, there would be no problem. BUT they sell themselves as a ridesharing service. Ridesharing is defined as an ad hoc means of transportation without commercial interest, apart from sharing cost.
  • I would happily support taxi drivers only if they: 1) charged a fair price; 2) had the same level of service as Uber; and 3) had the same type of app. The fact is that Uber have become successful because they offer better value and greater service. Taxi drivers generally don't give a crap and charge an arm and a leg to get anywhere. Then they cry that nobody wants to use their service and so they raise their prices to compensate (resulting in even less business). I'm sorry that they belong to an extortionate system requiring them to pay $200,000-300,000 for taxi plates, but how is that my problem? Give me a decent service at a decent price, otherwise go bankrupt.
  • When in India?
  • India already has uber, though it is banned in capital city delhi, it opereates in major other cities though. It is direct compitator for indian based OLA
  • In India, uber gets u r*ped
  • One incident and you're quoting it every chance you get. You do realize that a lot of this is possible in literally every other means of transport? (look up the cases in Delhi involving traditional taxis, public transport and even just walking). Soiling Uber's name isn't exactly a great idea when every alternative is just as bad. I'm not going to defend Uber's reaction and/or conduct regarding that case. It fell well short of what is expected of a responsible enterprise but citing them as the reason as to why this happens is tragic on your part.
  • They also invested on Facebook. That's why WP app is so good.
  • I could not see what u did there
  • Man I really can't support uber, i feel sorry for those Taxi that pay massive fee and tax to operate one. In Australia to have Taxi plate was about 300k+. So that investment hurts if someone else just barges in. I do agree they do need to life there service. I do hope uber falls off. Thou Uber is a great idea and service just not they way they do it to get into the market. When I was in canda uber had Taxis in there app so you could see where u can get one. Maybe if they set same tax and fee I'd agree to it.
  • I'm sorry but the rules of the market dictate a fair price for fair work. Taxi unions and companies have negated this very effectively by making it impossible for any competitors to come in. You want to drive a taxi? Pony up $300,000. You know what that does? Increases the cost of the service for no apparent reason. And that increased cost only burdens the poor guy who wants to drive a taxi for a living or the customers. How is this not like the mafia? It's supposed to be a fair market. Taxi unions prevent that. I completely support Uber in shaking this up. If it weren't for them, you'll only see a deteriorating quality of service and an increase in the price you pay. That's what the lack of competition and stupid legislation does. Dam them. Sooner they go, the better.
  • Why would MS invest in a banned company like Uber?