Surface Book

Microsoft is reportedly planning to launch a new wave of Windows 10-based hardware devices in early 2017. The report also says that is the reason the company has pushed back the release of the second big feature update for the OS until that time period as well.

Last week, another rumor claimed that Microsoft had pushed back the second "Redstone" update for Windows 10 from fall 2016 until spring 2017. Now, according to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley and her sources at Microsoft, we know the real reason for the delay:

"Last year, there were two releases of Windows 10 "Threshold": The initial RTM version out in June and the November update, known as Windows 10 1511. The plan was to follow a similar cadence with Windows 10 "Redstone," according to my sources, with Redstone 1 due in June and Redstone 2 in the November-ish timeframe. However, according to my contacts, enterprise push-back isn't the reason for the Windows 10 Redstone 2 delay. Instead, it's supposedly the next wave of Windows 10 devices from Microsoft."

Foley added that it's still possible that Microsoft might release new hardware devices during 2016, including a rumored "Surface Phone", but she says she has not heard anything specific about those plans.