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First Windows 10 'Redstone' update rumored for June, second update in Spring 2017

Microsoft may be getting ready to launch its first big feature update for Windows 10, which has the code name "Redstone", sometime in June. However, according to a new report, a second feature update for the OS has been pushed back from the fall of 2016 to spring of 2017.

According to WinBeta's report:

"This first update is being developed under the tag RS1, and according to my sources will focus mostly on the convergence of different Windows 10 devices such as PC, Xbox and Phone. RS1 will heavily concentrate on the Universal App Platform, bringing the Windows Store to Xbox One and introducing more Project Centennial and Islandwood apps to the Store. There will also be a bigger focus on universal AAA video game titles between Xbox and PC, which is something we have already started seeing as of recently."

The same story also says that the first Redstone update will add deskop SMS texting and cellular calls for people who own a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone that supports Continuum. As far as the second Redstone update, the story states:

"RS2 will likely be used to continue work on features that do not make the cut for RS1, much like how TH2 worked when TH1 was released in July last year. In other words, if any features that I mention or have mentioned in this article are not in RS1, they'll likely land with RS2 alongside other new additions instead. There will also be a bigger focus on first-party apps with RS2, but that's all I know at this point."

The story adds that Windows 10 users will also see smaller improvements in the months ahead, including some refinements for the Start Menu and Settings app, and the Action Center. Keep in mind that Microsoft has not confirmed any of this, and unconfirmed plans are always subject to unconfirmed changes.

Source: WinBeta

  • "The story adds that Windows 10 users will also see smaller improvements in the months ahead, including some refinements for the Start Menu and Settings app, and the Action Center." Please, a little transparency in this action center in mobile. Now it looks old and sad compared to the rest of the OS (and compared to the desktop version)
  • This. Right now it looks like a clunky box of rectangles.
  • Do you know what i hate about this comments section? all the moaning, all people seem to do here is ***** and moan. If you don't like the speed things are done at ....Jog on.
  • K. You made your point. But don't you think MSFT has been pushing people to the edge by being slow in the development of Mobile OS?
  • They aren't that slow actually. They make builds available almost weekly now. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Agreed.
  • Yes, and not only to Action Center but to a Navgation Bar too, "customization settings" for transparecy would be the best option. And of course, suggest this in Windows Feedback or MSFT, i suggested this in november/december, but who knows when we going to see this, if ever.
  • They have to look at Behance Projects for w10 mobile. Posted from my phone
    Keep Calm Because P.A.O.K. You Are
  • This. Exactly!
  • Agreed!
  • PC -> correct
    Phones -> + 8 months
  • Not just 8 months.
    Delayed until Q4 2018.
  • I'm enjoying it on my 950 ;)
  • Windows 10 rs>>> June 2016
    Windows 10 mobile rs>>>~June 2017
  • Optimist guy, i see!
  • Meanwhile... The first rs-build is already out for phones... Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Mobile Insider update's progress matches well with the PC one but Ms losses when it comes to make it stable and to release it.
  • Yes, it is a little different working with ARM-code and hardware.
  • And Ms takes 4 months but still can't give a perfect stable build.
  • 4 months is actually nothing.
  • That's too much to just work on stability. I don't say it would be easy but where google and apple updates their os once in a year 4 months for stability is too much.
  • There isn't really that much stability problems actually.
  • But the latest android versions came now faster and the android N is expected at the end of this year. But the thing that's making windows 10 mobile so late that it's too different or completely from it's previous generations.
  • Yes... That is the first big update for Android in 3 years.
  • Yes , but these 2 versions made androids fresh with many bugs
  • Yeah, Android has always had a lot of bugs. Have you seen their bugtracker? It's around 23.000 open bugs or something like that.
  • But the apps that matter are present and the newer updates added smoothness too. That's a good news for android
  • So? I don't care for Android since it is worthless. What does this have to do with Windows?
  • Yeah , that's what a fanboy is saying but android is really king of kings. No big company is embarrassing windows 10 mobile. That's really a sad news. Xiaomi launched a flagship and a mid ranger but nothing with w10m
  • No. That is what a man working with fixing these worthless phones that mess up because of lousy software is saying. The only thing Android has going for it is that it is common... But so is McDonald's. Doesn't mean I would eat a proper dinner there with my family. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Hmm
  • And that's why I am using a WP. But still we can't disagree that microsoft doesn't focus much on mobile and this attitude of Ms will make WP to be buried deep in the earth.
  • Yeah... My daily experiences with Android keeps me to using W10m and REALLY appreciate what Microsoft is doing with it. I rather take slow and steady than Android. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Agreed
  • And what you said about apps is what a fanboy would also say.
  • Android is the king of kings?  Hyperbolic much?  I think you are confusing Android with Jesus.  
  • I'm saying you're talking about RS1. Honestly it was obvious from the start it was gunna be unstable. It was the same when windows10mobile was first releases to insiders. If u don't like it, go back to TH branch +640 on Win10Mobile
  • Yeah, agreed. RS1 is completely new and should absolutely not be used on a daily driver. The TH-branch is pretty damn rock solid right now. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Exactly. TH Only needs a bit of polishing up now in a few places until RS is more stable. Some people just complain about TH then quickly jumping to RS expecting it to be any better. I don't think some of the insiders actually understand the concept of "insiders"/"beta builds". I personally think TH is going great. Sure, needs some UI/UX polishing and a few small bugs, but some people forget that right now MS is focusing more on the big deal-breaking bugs before the small bugs which will also likely be addressed in RS. Good to know someone agreed thou
    +640 on Win10Mobile
  • Completely agree!
  • TH2 .122 on phones is stable. Too bad its still buggy.
  • I'm using rs1, but I hadn't had any bugs for a couple of builds at least before that. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • So windows 10 mobile redstone will be comin in march 2018 XD Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • But Where is universal app. I want to google chrome, and edge browser has not pop up But some site want to pop up open plz fix it Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Give up on chrome, it won't happen, infact give up on anything Google, google hates ms right now
  • other than windows being better than chrome os google doesnt even need to care for microsoft
  • except to be downvote but this is the true
    Google Search>Bing Search
    Google Maps>Bing Maps
    Google Play Store>Microsoft Windows Store
    Google Docs are free over Microsoft Office suite altough microsoft give a free version of it too but personally i prefer Docs and Gmail vs Outlook is pretty hard choice because Gmail is more customizable
  • Chrome < Edge by a long shot.
      I do wonder when plugin support will come for Edge though (but I'm not missing it).    
  • Unless you value your privacy, what you write is true. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Well... Maybe except for the Office-suite, Chrome and Google Search. Also, I much prefer HERE's maps. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Office is available free online just like Docs and it is far better with formating and document comparability than GDocs. The rest of your comment is bias and subjective. For example I find Bing to always get me better search results so I use that. I also don't own a desktop but on a laptop Chrome drainsny battery and hogs my resources. Edge is faster and lighter for me (I don't use extentions)
  • Look who says above comment is biased and subjective then proceeds ro not give objective data.
    Here's my anecdote. I use Windows on my laptop, Office for productivity, Chrome for browsing, Google for search, GMaps /Here maps depending on phone im carrying. Bing services are **** where I live. Posted from my Lumia 950XL
  • You made your comments as fact by saying "except to be downvote but this is the true​". I was merely trying to point out how Bing works better for me subjectively and not worse than Google objectively as you tried to imply. However i am in the US so there is some truth to your statement as I know MS isn't that great globally.
  • For a long time I was happy with the search results Bing gave me, but in the last few months something seems to have changed - The quality of the results has generally been awful for me and I've had to redo the search using Google Sent from Microsoft Band
  • Chrome better
    Google search slightly better for random words and finding all words at top hit. Bing is decent if you're specific. Bing finds less user forums and other things like that.
    I think bing maps preview is way better than google maps. but the windows app is definitely worse.
    Play store wins no doubt.
    Office is superior to docs. I tried using docs at one point before i got my free office and it's a wreck.
    Mail is a nice client but not as good as the ios version. I think outlook for ios beats gmail on android. But both beat the windows mobile version. On desktop outlook 2016 is good but it's still too complex and could have a better UI.
  • Sorry, I like Bing search much better than Google.  Google docs is a hilarious joke, though unintentionally so.  Gmail is a trainwreck and has been for YEARS.  The Play Store has lots of stuff, 98% of it trash.  The Google Maps?  I dunno, I use Windows Maps and HERE maps on my phone, and that is not all that often so I can't compare.  Those work fine tho.  I'll stick with my stuff on Windows 10 Mobile
  • But Bing is not for every search result . Bing is great for image searches
  • Bing is great for porn searches. Other than that, its bad. Edge on my phone is a disaster, fails to load pages -_- Posted from my Lumia 950XL
  • I could not run my business without Google Docs! Hundreds of live documents now. Cannot find any faults with this genius software! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Chrome>Edge
    Nope. Edge isn't great but its still better than that bloated hunk of crap Chrome. Any browser is better than Chrome.
    Google Search>Bing Search 
    Nope. Bing gives me better results plus they don't promote women/child murdering communists on their birthdays the way Google does.
     Google Maps>Bing Maps
    Nope. Bing gives me better routes than Google or Here.
     Google Play Store>Microsoft Windows Store
    Correct, because the Windows Store is garbage and I won't use it. I don't want my PC to be an iPad.
    Google Docs are free over Microsoft Office suite  
    Nope. Office Online is free and has better functionalty than Google Ducks.  
  • I gave a chance to use Google Docs several years ago but didn't make a cut, not sure now though. I would agree that Chrome is better than Edge miles ahead though. Nit just because it's got extensions (I'm not heavy with extensions to begin with), but it's got several functionalities that makes the browsing experience better than Edge where it lacks even basic things, gladly it gained Navigation History recently. Chrome is bloated but not slow either. It indeed quite a RAM eater especially when using tons of Extensions. Edge though feels light, tends to freeze and it even causes memory leak sometimes too that it's even worse on Chrome in some cases. There is even a bug that I kept losing the tab I dragged from the window. Sent from Windows 95
  • Gmail on desktop = horrendous.
    Chrome = slow, bloated, buggy, battery killer, iGPU killer Store and Search ? Yeah, Google hands down.
  • You took being downvoted way too personally
  • Yes but at the end.. Windows > .. Oh sorry where is google?
  • They don't hate MS. It's business. Stop anthropomorphizing corporations. Next thing you'll say they are people...oh wait. Posted from my Lumia 950XL
  • Not necessarily. Google released a windows 8 version back in the days. The API is restrictive though from what I understand. If it lets Google use its own engine then that would be a different story. Google could make their browser pretty sweet in a UWP design. It could even gain them more shares of the browser market. But API has to be more open. Hopefully that happens.
  • Some site has pop up Rahul dev
  • With Microsoft even confirmed plans are subject to change... Posted from my Lumia 950XL
  • Yep and no other large multi-national's plans are ever subject to change....
  • Just make the OS more stable and cover the app gap. :)
  • it too late .. for windows 8.1 mobile users .we are also waiting Win10 1st OTA update for windows 8.1 users.....:) Prakash
  • Under the hood changes
  • I don't quite understand why is Microsoft still concentrated more on Windows 10 for PC and not on Mobile. W10 for PC works like a charm for me. While mobile is different story..
  • Because much much much much bigger market share, and if Windows ever fails completely, ms will probably die as a company
  • What ms thinks aint gonna go good in the coming years. Pc are becoming less used. Even tablet sales are decreasing while phone sales growth wont stop in the near future.. Its becoming the main means of computing.. If they dont make windows 10 mobile work they will still die in a few decades.. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Honestly it's kind of ridiculous to talk about "decades" in any of this. Who knows where tech is even ten years from now.
  • Yea the pc sales will decline in less than a few years but ms will continue for a maybe a 20 more years due to cloud. And all the enterprises heavily invested in its ecosystem but then its game over for them if their mobile platform doesnt work out.. Well wait in a few years who knows if mobiles exist ;) Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Except phone sales are decreasing. Even apple sold less. At this point most people have no reason to update their phones. Companies have to give people reasons. And just like 2-in-1's are selling like crazy while desktop/laptop sales fall, a 2-in-1 phone could do something similar if it works well. Problem is google is now going to go that same route by making an OS that combines desktop/mobile. And if MS is slow guess who will catch up? MS needs a huge head start. Because MS shares are low, they need to steal users. If google releases something that works enough to even showcase it, MS will have problems stealing users let alone keeping them.
  • This is almost guaranteed to happen - I can't see them just sitting on this and letting Microsoft move slowly with Continuum - I can see the value of Continuum and it works well on my L950 but I'm not seeing much talk of improvements to it. Things such as snapping apps, so it does make you wonder if it's on their roadmap and how important it will be. Just because they aren't openly talking about it though doesn't mean it isn't getting attention internally of course. Sent from Microsoft Band
  • Microsoft does have a head start in VR though :3 . Hope the surface phone is that 2-in-1 !!
  • Mobile will show decreasing within 5-6 years Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • lol, sure.. people will still be using windows pc, but w10m juhmm? also microsoft won't die if windows die..
  • Numbers. There are more albino midgets using Windows 10 for PC right now than there are total people using Windows 10 Mobile or WP8.1.  
  • How are they focusing more on PC? Mobile is running the same RS-build as PC's right now. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • June 30th and May 31st confirmed
  • So windows 10 for phones release is much before that
  • Microsoft takes too long to evolve Windows. They're always behind. They announced the bridges last April/May and only one is ready. I know It's frustrating... :/
  • What evolution are the other platforms doing? Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • On the desktop not much, but on mobile windows is always behind. And they don't depend on bridges to have apps. I'm afraid Google or Apple will come up with some kind of Continuum rip-off for iOS or Android soon and MS get's screwed. Or I'm not very optimistic!
  • They are doing what the can...
  • Google has confirmed it's working on an OS like windows 10 that runs across devices.
  • Yes a combination of android and chrome OS
  • Well it will be beyond that but that's the concept
  • Of course. They always follow what others are doing. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Samsung already has had their own version of Continuum for a little while, It's called SideSync. I use it all the time. You can connect it to a monitor wirelessly or wired and use a mouse and keyboard with it. It works great when I want to play Megapolis on a bigger screen or I am at work and want to use my phone without opening it. I keep it on the charger, start up SideSync and I can do everything I normally do on my phone but on my laptop. Once they come out with a decent Continuum-enabled phone, I'll switch back.
  • That's not a version of continuum, that's just screen sharing. With Continuum, apps scale to practically become desktop apps. 
  • That is not what continuum is at all... That's just sharing your screen. There are a few awesome continuum enabled phones out there already. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • In the first place I'd like to know how reliable is WinBeta, what is their track record? That would be something I'd love to read in every "rumours" article...a short statement about the track record of the source. Thanks to the Windows Central team anyway!
  • Winbeta has always been pretty reliable for me. Most rumors I've read from them turn out to be true.
  • The point about desktop SMS sounded good, until I saw the part about only for phones with continuum. I don't get the connection! Also, I hope they bring that experience and the one they are currently building through Cortana together.
  • This was also my thought, until I read the original article:   "Microsoft is expanding the term “Continuum” to mean more than just different user-experiences, which is why the Continuum branding is being used here.
    What that also means is the additional functionality mentioned here will be available for more than just phones that support Continuum currently. The ultimate goal here is to use Continuum as a way of bringing Windows 10 devices closer together, and this should happen with Redstone."
  • So Continuum is an all-encompassing term meaning:
    1 - connects phone to big screen and requires advanced phone hardware
    2 - allows more interaction between Windows 10 devices and probably will work with any phone running Windows 10
    3 - the automatic transition between desktop mode and tablet mode
    Did I miss any?
  • The term Continuum was first used in point 3, and I always thought of it as an all-encompassing term that just means your devices and apps adapt to the way you are currently using them. So really 1 and 3 in your examples. I don't think they should have used it here when talking about the SMS though, point 2 -because it's a different thing really. That's communication between devices rather than a single device adapting based on the current scenario Sent from Microsoft Band
  • MS should clarify. Continuum and Continuum RT.
  • And for that to work, you must be living in a country whereby Cortana is made available. This is something which a lot of countries don't get to use...
  • More apps? Maybe this is when Facebook and Twitter will live up to their promise of giving a **** for Windows 10
  • Don't hold your breath - at worst they'll release beta apps and never update them at best they wont raise our hopes - they just won't develop an app. Posted from my Lumia 950XL
  • Facebook's beta app on Windows 10 desktop is updated all the time. Seems to stay up to date feature-wise.
  • I barely use my laptop for browsing facebook. I prefer to do it from my phone. No indications so far of Facebook taking on supporting the mobile platform. At least reactions are available in the mobile website I guess...
  • Posted from Windows Central for Lumia 640Xl
  • Posted from my Lumia 950XL
  • Posted from my Lumia 930.
  • Damn! I want some bucks to buy a new phone. Preferably iOS this time. But, unfortunately, I ain't got that much money. So, might end up with Android, even though I don't like Android. Coz, the truth is anything out there is way better than windows phone. I regret buying my Lumia 730 (except for the camera, and looks I don't like the rest of it). Should have been patient to buy the Moto G instead. God, I'm so poor I can't even change my phone now.
  • same thing here my Galaxy S Duos was running so slow and Lumia 630 for 80 euro was the best option during christmas and then 3 months after Galaxy S Duos receive Cyanogenmod 11 making the phone as brand new
  • Are you wishing to sell it?
  • Yes, actually. Just waiting for windows 10 mobile to arrive. I'd see if things improve. If I am not satisfied, I'm leaving windows phone, maybe forever.
  • If you are going for an Android,get somethi g woth light screen. Like Sony, their OS isn't full of bloatware and very close to stock Android.
    Or HTC. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I would prefer Moto device. They are more close to stock Android.
  • I bought S Duos that was lagging like hell, sold it and then used old Nokia E-63 and then came to Windows Phone ie.Lumia 730. Except the Camera, I don't like the phone much. Upgraded to Windows 10 recently then again backed up due to some bugs. Hopefully Nokia releases some BUDGET Android phone this year.
  • Windows 10 going ahead . Good Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Facebook (Beta) for PC (the one that Facebook created) has been updated with Reactions!!!  Why is no one posting this?
  • How can you even download the beta app on desktop?
  • You need to get an invitation.
  • How do you get one? I'd love to try the beta app on desktop because the public app is really bad.
  • Check this thread:
  • Well, too bad I haven't been offered an invite yet. Thanks anyway!
  • I've downloaded it but it doesn't let you sign in unless you've been automatically invited to Beta test - I'm not sure why they are dragging their feet because from what I've heard it's better than the current FB app for desktop. I believe they are using a technology they purchased at some point that bridges iPad apps to Windows Store apps. I can't remember the name of the company they bought Sent from Microsoft Band
  • I would also be interested in this. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Here's the store link that worked for me:
  • Well, I can download it just fine, thing is that when I sign in I'm told that it's only a closed beta so I cannot use it.
  • Ah, I see.  I hadn't gotten that far yet.  :-)
  • 20?? Appropriate digits required for those question marks.
    Anyone interested in answering
    Hahahehehoho :p
  • Forget about it, where is my w10m update for Lumia 930???
  • Be patinent man, I bought L950 and unlike my WP8.1 L930 nothing is working properly. L930 is planed to be upgraded in the first ring. Some times I wonder ar they drinking on the yob (MS programers)  
  • It could be worse, I updated my Lumia 930 to windows 10, and it was very buggy! I just bought a Lumia 950 and with the most recent update, it is really fantastic!
  • Do a hard reset. Mine works perfectly.
  • Stewie go travel to year 2017 and try to check for update. maybe you will get it. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • *Soon*... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What's new in phone division...
  • Nothing. Just for PC yet. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Windows 10 can't save PC. Because people who want their heavy work done , people who want brand and beauty , rich people will definitely buy MacBook pro. This clearly effects other people. For example in movies 101% everyone uses Macs . This clearly effects the users , they wanna buy apple products only. Thus apple will win with less effort. If Microsoft wants to remain in PC world they need to increase the brand name of windows 10 in heavily growing countries like India and china. U till apple is king.
  • That is patently untrue. While there are a number of MacBooks out in the wild, price and the fact that Apple products only play nice with other Apple products keep them from being anywhere near as purchased as Windows machines.
  • SMS on PC just for continuum phones? Come on, that's was the feature I was most wating for! I'm not buying a 950, I want a 650. Booo, MS.
  • Coming soonish!
  • Better have RS2 in fall 2016 and a RS3 in spring 2016 if need may be. Time to market is of the essence.
  • I hope they will work on: LABEL            - editable Mobile 1, Mobile 2 etc DATA Usage   -  Having all apps listed where you determine how each application connect to internet Data, WiFi or both (Android did it better)    
  • Guess MirrorLink won't make it until at least 2017, but most likely even later, if ever.
  • What's MirrorLink going to be? Sent from Microsoft Band
  • This timetable makes sense. Rather than having another holiday fiasco with a rushed, buggy update (like W10M was Christmas 2015), pushing the release date out to next year gives engineers time to make RS1 bulletproof. I bet the current state of things will reflect what we'll see then: a release branch--currently is getting more reliable and stable each day being developed in tandem with the new branch--currently RS1--that gets the release branch fixes merged in. Normal consumers are happier with a stable build and Insiders are happy with new but buggy features.
  • aka as Coming Soon (TM)
  • Windows 10 needs a release for phones
  • Yes but not from unknown companies, but from big ones like Lenovo , Xiaomi , samsung
  • You mean companies like HP, Acer and Vaio?
  • Wait for it. They will release it someday. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • First provide windows 10 mobile update which is long over due then talk of future updates Microsoft. Kuch ho to pa raha nahi hai badi badi baatein karwa lo inse bsss.....
  • If the extension support will not be included with RS1,but RS2 or later, Microsoft is never going to see me using Edge.
  • Yeah, true
  • Microsoft have returned to it's bread and butter business under Nadella, and that's enterprise. It is very clear that is the case with all their new products, and if you keep winning in business, you'll never die. Consumers are fickle as hell, but businesses can't be like that. With features like the fantastic continuum, businesses will lap up these phones, just like the surface and surface book :)