Microsoft reportedly teased dual-screen Surface 'Centaurus' for employees

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What you need to know

  • Employees from Microsoft's devices team reportedly got an early look at a dual-screen Surface prototype at an internal meeting recently.
  • The device, codenamed "Centaurus," is a laptop-tablet hybrid with two screens.
  • We first reported on Centaurus in December, noting at the time that it may run Microsoft's Windows Core OS.

Microsoft employees in the company's devices team reportedly got an early look at a dual-screen Surface device at a recent meeting. The Verge reports that the laptop-tablet hybrid, codenamed "Centaurus," was teased to the employees as part of a sizzler video for upcoming Surface devices, and "formed long lines to get a closer glimpse at this new Surface device."

Windows Central Senior Editor Zac Bowden first reported on Centaurus in December, describing it as "the first of what Microsoft calls a dual-screen 2-in-1, a new device form factor for Windows that utilizes two screens for productivity, inking, and more." As opposed to Microsoft's Andromeda device, which was a rumored small form-factor dual-screen device now believed to be on hold, Centaurus is reported to be a larger, similar to Microsoft's cancelled Courier concept from years ago.

Reporting indicates that Microsoft has been working on Centaurus for nearly two years and is aiming for a potential release this fall. The company is reportedly working close with Intel, which has unveiled its fair share of dual-screen laptop prototypes in recent years. Like Surface devices before it, Centaurus is expected to act as an example for other PC manufacturers to show what is possible for laptops with two screens.

Intel's "Twin River" dual-screen prototype laptop.

Intel's "Twin River" dual-screen prototype laptop.

Centaurus is expected to run a version of Windows Core OS (or Windows Lite), developed to work specifically with dual-screen devices. The OS is expected to support legacy Win32 apps, but only if they have been containerized for the Microsoft Store.

That Microsoft is showing off the Centaurus device internally hints that it could be building towards a release soon. However, plans can and often do change, so it's best not to read into things too much here. However, if Centaurus is close to launching, we'll likely see it this fall, which has become Microsoft's typical launch period for new Surface devices.

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