Microsoft rolls out an update for Mail and Calendar on Windows 10

Microsoft has rolled out an update for Mail and Calendar on Windows 10, and according to reports from a number of readers we're looking at some awesome fixes. There's also a changelog attached to this release, so at least we have some idea as to what to expect after installing the update.

While it appears to be quite the minor update, we'll take anything when it comes to addressing crashes and whatnot. Here's what the full changelog reveals on the Windows Store:

  • Added an option to disable grouping messages by conversation
  • Saving more Mail and Calendar settings across app updates
  • Fixed top crashes and other bugs

You can download the update by hitting the store link below. Hit us up if you notice anything new in this version.

Download Outlook Mail and Calendar from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Thanks everyone who sent in tips!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Dark theme please.
  • It already has a dark theme.
  • Not on Windows 10 10240.
  • It is your fault.
  • Am I missing something?
  • They have released 10536.1004 to fast ring already.
  • I'm obviously talking about Windows 10 on PCs. I'd rather not use preview builds on my main PC.
  • Oh, ok. That wasn't exactly clear. I'm running it on my main PC but to each their own!
  • In that case, you can probably expect to get the updates when TH2 goes final. That seems to be Microsoft's strategy for Win 10.
  • So not using Insider Build is considered a fault? Nice!
  • Asking for something presumptuously as though it's not coming when you can test as an insider is a fault.
  • On Mobile, not desktop. Right non the mobile gsp is betterthan desktop.    
  • At least thats only weeks away. We still haven't heard anything for Unified Inbox :(
  • Not for Windows 10 10240, unfortunately - I hoped we would get the dark mode today.
  • Probably only in November, with the Threshold 2 Update Wave...
  • Very doubtful, it's just that MS is using the Insider Program to test app updates in addition to OS updates. Remember the update to the photos app that brought the folder view was only available for preview builds first and became available for build 10240 shortly thereafter. Since the last calendar update broke it for some people MS will want to make sure this update doesn't have any issues before rolling it out to non-Insiders.
  • Calendar works again! Woohoo!
  • What happened with the calendar in the past? I've never seen any issues on my 1520 running 10536, and even on earlier builds.
  • Shall I install windows 10 on my Lumia 1520,plz guide
  • Off topic, but been using it on my 640 as daily driver. No way I'm ever going back to 8.1, WM10 is just way better. I guess the 1520 would handle it just fine.
  • Thx kaymd for ur benign reply
  • What is it about W10M that is better?
    I used the previous build of W10M on my Lumia 820 - and thought it was horrible (design aesthetic as well as performance).
  • U means current build W10M is not stable and wait for next build
  • naa.go for it using w10 on my 1520.its good eventhough battery life sucks 
  • I don't know about the L820, but on my L640, I can not even consider living with WP8.1 any longer, it would be like asking me to return to Win7 from Win10. On many levels, WM10 is far superior to WP8.1. At the current build (10536), regardless of performance hits, it is just so much better. These are some improvements that come to mind
    1. The mail app is a REAL mail app, not like on WP8.1 where I could only attach pictures. This alone makes the beta worthwhile IMHO.
    2. Decoupling apps from the core OS has made rapid updates to key apps possible - notice how fast Photos and Outlook mail have grown over a relatively short period. Even after RTM updates would keep coming - I'm ready to bet that the Photos and Mail app would probably be the best on any mobile platform within the next year. Same applies to Office mobile and apps such as Groove etc.
    3. Groove music is way better than xbox music on WP8.1 IMHO
    4. The settings menu is super organized, it even comes with a search box. On WP8.1, this was a struggle :-)
    5. Overall look and feel is coming together rather nicely. Not that WP8.1 wasn't good, but WM10 seems like an evolved, more mature version to me
    6. Universal apps are the future!
    There are other little things here and there, but overall I think WM10 will turn out beautifully, especially on current gen hardware designed specifically for it. Good times! :-)
  • That's a positive review! It gives me I was really worried about the direction of Windows Mobile.
    I'll perhaps leave it a couple more builds before trying again.
  • Hows your battery life?
  • No body tell us honestly that W10M stable to Install or not ?
  • It depends on what you'd call stable. Check on the forums (not this comment thread) and you'll see what issues people are or aren't having.  
  • It's not as simple as "yes" or "no". Experiences can vary between devices and users. If you're looking for a stable and fluid OS stay on 8.1 for now. If you don't mind an occasional crash and lags and loading times, you may already want to give Windows 10 Mobile a try but I suggest waiting for the next build as battery life is horrible on the latest one. Just don't complain if you install a preview build and things don't always work as they should because that's to be expected.
  • It's not stable but okay enough for everyday use (mileage may vary). Battery life is slightly less than 8.1 but comparable. Just keep in mind, it's a pre-release OS and does have bugs.
  • You may want to consider it. I have it on my 1520 and it runs pretty smoothly. Be forewarned though that if you want things like customizalbe notification sounds for mail or messaging you cannot do this in the W10P yet. In previous builds of W10P I was able to add my own ringtones, but I can no longer do this with build 10536. I thinkk it is because I missed a previous update and had to revert back to 8.1 before loading 10536 as I was able to do this before having to revery and upgrade.
  • Let's put it this way:  It's safe to use as your daily driver, but it's far from perfect. I've finally installed it and I'm not going back, just waiting for bug fixes.   The pros: Mail and calendar both much improved.  No longer embarassed to have other people see these apps over my shoulder. Dialer is much improved.  Just looks much slicker. Everything looks prettier. Settings is very much improved.  It's actually organized now and things are easy to find. Maps is pretty awesome, though the GPS wayfinding is not as smart as other GPSs I've used. The cons: Keyboard swipe is gone.  Have to type one letter at a time like those poor iPhone people. Dictionaries won't download, which means no auto-correct and no word suggestions. Small people tiles lose their pictures and titles after a while so you have no idea who they are. Battery life seems worse, but that's hard to prove. Apps no longer close by using the back button, so you have to long press back and close them with a swipe down or X. Lumia camera is gone, and the default camera app is not as good. Things are a bit laggy and glitchy/twitchy when transitioning between apps or even unlocking the phone. One more thing.  I had to do a factory reset after installing the update because the start screen would take five minutes to load and the wifi/data/bluetooth features did not work.
  • What phone are you using the preview on? My keyboard swipe still works perfectly - L640, build 10536.
  • I'm using the L1020.  What about auto-correct and word suggestions?  Are those working for you?
  • Everything works fine - autocorrect, autosuggestion etc. Been using the L640 as my daily driver since 10536 and I'm not going back to WP8.1!
  • After reading your comment I realized it might not be a bug that I had to live with until the next update, so I tried removing my two keyboards.  I had to first add another keyboard (because you can't remove all keyboards obviously) so I added English (United States) and it works perfectly. Text suggestions, auto-correct and swipe are all back. Unfortunately I still can't get English (Canada) to work, nor Dutch.  I thought maybe removing them and re-adding them would solve it, but alas.  It seems that the update breaks existing keyboards, but you can install other keyboards.  Most likely the English (United States) keyboard is immune to this bug because it is the default keyboard. Anyway, despite the odd variances in spellings between Canada and the U.S.A this will do for now.
  • Yes I'm using US English keyboard, it's probably a bug with the other keyboards, hopefully it will get fixed in the next build. But all things considered, I think WM10 is coming together rather nicely, my confidence in MS releasing a solid product actually increased with the last build. On current gen hardware of the coming 950 and 950xl, it would be great considering that most users are now testing on flagship hardware from 2012/2013 or more recent low/mid range devices.
  • Frankly, now it is already berable. I still use 920 with 8.1 as my main trustworthy and 1520 as experimental, because until recently W10 had just too many quirks.
  • ?
  • Not yet, better wait. Because still has that bug "Loading" for some but it's better and less frustrating than the previous build.
  • May I know what kind of bugs still have
  • Yesterday my phone rebooted itself while trying to open a contact tile pinned to my start screen. (the new contact tile looks nice btw... I haven't seen it before yesterday) for example. It rebooted while skipping songs on groove too. I also like windows 10 mobile and I don't think I will go back.
  • One side u have problem with latest build and other side you like it. You make confused to other.
  • It's not confusing. There are many who like what they see in W10M, even though there are stability issues, and so on. There is a subjective element to this - one person's tolerance for it's faults may be much than another's, who may not like the thought of rolling back to 8.1, or having serious battery drain. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This. I've been using it for some time now and expect it to be like a beta, however it's surprisingly stable on my 929. There are bugs here and there but nothing deal breaking. If you are a patient person go for it You will find that it is very good, better than 8.1 feature wise but other things are disjointed. It is clearly a work in progress. The trade off is that you get to submit feedback about what you like and what you do not.
  • Not confusing at all. What he likes clearly out weighs the negatives.
  • Give it a try man! At worst, if you don't like it, you can easily return to WP8.1 since you are using a 1520. Of course, ensure that all important stuff is safely backed up first!
    As I mentioned earlier, it is really quite good - definitely not yet RTM quality but good enough for me, and I'm using a comparatively weak 640. The new (updated) mail app for me is one of the key factors, as well as Groove music. I was always stressed with the WP8.1 mail app not being able to attach any type of file and Xbox music was just not it. Factor is some universal apps already working and this is pure win!
  • Still reseting signatures after every update. Lame.
  • Very lame indeed... #meh
  • No. I don't see this problem.
  • It didn't wipe out any of my previous settings as usual when I did this update. Usually all of my settings like signature and swipe get reset. This time they are still there after doing the update and even restarting the phone. I'm on a 1520 on build 10536.
  • Still no way to empty recycle bin whitout deleting all e-mails one by one?
  • This just seems like a bugfixing update, I suppose we'll have to wait a little bit for new features again, probably a week at least.
  • Funny. We have to wait to empty reclycle as a new feature for an e-mail client?  
  • Well implementing basic features too much sense. Yeah, I don't get it why this basic interaction of multiple selection using shift+click/arrow keys are not possible, even Select All button is missing. Somehow we got dark theme (looks great but looks unpolished and needs more work) while basic necessity features still cant be implemented?
  • I've said it over and over, and I'll say it again.  Windows as a service is just a ploy by MS to release software that's not feature complete that still requires quite a bit of debugging, so that they can get their users, who are willing to put up with their crapware, to do the debugging for them.  And I totally believe that MS isn't the least bit concerned about the missing features because their silence on this subject speaks volumes about what their priorities are... for this application anyway.  The "Empty" button would literally take less than five minutes to implement, and the users have been requesting this feature since the first beta release of the application.  Would you even think twice about spending money for this crapware?  So my question to you is why do you use it just because it's free?
  • Hold down delete.
  • Fixed my calendar as well!! No excuse to miss a meeting now.
  • Haha
  • Lol! You like living on the edge huh!? (Pun intended) :P
  • When are they ever going to add multi-delete??
  • What do you mean multi delete? You can select messages and delete them all.
  • What if you have a bunch of mails in a folder (e.g. spam)? Then you need to select maybe dozens of emails, one by one.
  • Got you, thanks.
  • So much this, I miss empty folder that is available in 8.1.
  • Lol, amazing.. reminds me of the fiasco of WP video selecting.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well its faster it seems, but they killed the search bar on desktop ... wtf.
  • New backgrounds in personalization!
  • I don't get the point. 99% of time I am seeing email content instead of background. The 1% time is when I reinstall my PC.
  • Well, there is now the option to show the background image behind the left pane of the app so it's not entirely pointless.
  • Confusing article;
    -->"According to reports from a number of readers we're looking at some awesome fixes"
    Followed by;
    -->"While it appears to be quite the minor update"
    It can't be both. Either it's a big update, or it's a small one.
  • Exactly what I thought too.
  • This was really confusing while reading. lol
  • Minorly awesome then? ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Still no - unified inbox (WP8.1 had it!)
    - caldav
    - carddav Meh.
  • It would seem it supports CALdav since it works with GOogle calendars?
  • It does for iCloud too but you cannot configure your own caldav/carddav server if you have a posteo email account or a self-hosted owncloud instance.
  • Yeah, these are rather basic. This needs feedback!!!
  • ... and they still miss the important part.  Why they give us option to create alias in outlook account, but don't give us the option to choose which alias we want to send/reply to any email?
  • Agree! It doesn't make sense really, I'm still forced to use just to use that feature. Also Categories is missing too!
  • Forced? virtually destroys the Mail app feature-wise. Apart from having different signatures for different aliases I have no complaint at all. While sync within the Mail-app is a complete mess.
  • I got it on my Lumia 640 xl now.
  • They broke the Landscape mode in Mobile last update and did not bring it back in this update...
  • Again, this update is not for 10240 users
  • Microsoft, please do something with that ugly Mail app UI. It's a complete mess, even Windows 8.1 Mail was much better than this. Remove those amateur background pictures, make different UI parts more visually separate, make fonts smaller on low DPI screens, on the left pane, display multiple accounts at once. This is a necessary minimum. Otherwise, this app simply cannot be used without earning a neurosis.
  • Check that funky new icon!! Now it is just perfect :D
  • The funky new icon that has been there since day one?
  • Nope, the funky new taskbar icon..
  • What would be nice for universal apps is to have the option to use the same settings across all devices, that way we wouldnt need to sort out settings on every device if we intend for them to be the same.  I have two work accounts, my MS account and a hotmail account, so with Outlook for example, I have to sort out my settings on all my devices, add signatures to my work accounts ans so on, so it would be nice to carry on settings from device to device as an option. In the case of games for example, candy crush would be a good example; currently on my PC i've had to start over whereas on my phone I'm quite far, so it would be nice to have achievements and whatnot carry on to all devices. They are universal apps afterall, so it would be nice and convenient to have this option.
  • Saving Mail and Calendar settings between updates. Whoa! Colour me intrigued, or sad...
  • That was driving me mad every time I updated. I would quickly swipe over several e-mails, only to find out I was archiving instead of deleting or something like that.
  • Cool!
  • Hopefully they add better contact management soon. For some reason it is not pulling some of my contacts and I hate that there is no way to cycle through your contact list.
  • People app is also broken and useless on RTM, a freaking public RTM build with alpha-software in it.
  • If only the Store could tell us if the app has been updated on your computer.
    But: no app update history for app store apps.
    How can I know if the app has been updated?      
  • The reliability monitor shows it, in the Run box type perfmon /rel. You can create a shortcut on the desktop for this too Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Already had disable convos at last update.
  • That is what I noticed as well.  Last update version #:  17.6208.42001.0  about a week or so ago. And to avoid confustion, this is for Windows 10, not Windows Phone
  • Mail is a bit of a disaster at the moment. No multi-select. No ability to empty trash or junk without deleting individual emails. Hell, I can't even get it to sync between desktop and phone like it did flawlessly on W8.1. I think this whole software as a service thing is just a way to push out half-baked software that can be updated over the coming years to become a legit v1.
  • Seems faster
  • Yippee!! Calendar fixed on W10M!
  • The only thing I recognise as a change in this update is the disappearance of the search button. Wtf Microsoft. You can take away everything from an email app, but not search
  • Drag and drop attachments?
  • Yes please! I've been requesting this for a while! A must feature for desktops.
  • For reference, could someone post the new version number please. Thanks. And phone comments are in this thread why?
  • It's updated for Windows Phones as well.
  • Then perhaps a mention of it at the top.  If not, then a (less confusing) new thread. And BTW, I haven't seen an update for either yet.  Location:  Chicagoland  
  • I like the conversations groupings, but I know that an option to disable the feature was much requested by insiders, so the community should be pleased. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 1 inbox to rule them all! Please! This is a must on Windows 10 mobile and useful on the desktop.
  • Glad for this update. Calendar is now working again on mobile :)
  • Still utterly rubbish
  • I can not get Mail, people or calendar to sync with my outlook account on W10 mobile. It keeps saying the account is already added. Help please!
  • I can't set messaging app of skype in my Lumia 730 dual sim. W10 10536. Even not in setting of default massage
  • Trying to decide if this is enough for me, or whether I should fully learn/use the tools built into Office 2016 (I have an O365 Home sub). Anyone happily getting by with this, or would you pick the Office 2016 suite any day over this?
  • If you don't need full touch, go with the full Outlook client. There is no comparison in my book. I tried to install 2016 myself in light of them removing search but my Office 365 account just gives me 2013. It probably doesn't even work now since I said screw it and walked out of the building with my tablet in the middle of where it said not turn it off or go offline. 2013 is too much of an unusable mess. Seriously, have you ever tried using it any amount with touch? *shudder* 2016 should be a little better although I don't know for sure. I tried installing the 2016 preview and it looked EXACTLY like 2013. I'm not convinced that 2013 isn't what I actually got. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Has anyone able to open msg/eml attachments on mail and calendar app on Windows 10 mobile.?
  • I got an update on the insider build and they complete removed the SEARCH functionality.  Why would they do that?  Such a weird thing to do.
  • Could someone post the new version number for Windows 10 (not phone).  
  • Hope it fixes that bug which is Windows error code that makes it unable to sync
  • Off topic ! Im Still on 10512 build, but it's k with my daily driver using 730, won't update until d final build
  • Use the forums!
  • Would be nice if I could update it. I keep getting error 0x80200003 on build 10547. I love these non-helpful error codes. Search for it and there is nothing out there.
  • I got the same error too.
  • Mail and calendar are now crashing on my Surface Pro 3. This is not good. Only my second day with the device. Worked great up until last night.
  • The app seems faster. Try opening settings and scroll through some of them. Doesn't sync as long for email coming through.
  • "Your Outlook Settings are out of date." Still persists.  When are they actually going to fix something.  I haven't really noticed anything fixed in all of these updates.  They still crash on load 20% of the time, the mail client still stops synching email and complaining about settings being out of date, etc.  All the universal apps still seem laggy and janky whenever you resize their windows (never happens with Win32 Applicaitons). Why don't they just give us the freaking option to disable these apps so we can rid outselves of the problem the old fashion way.  I never use them, but unless you go to a Local Account, you're always getting bombarded with notifications about sync errors and B.S. like that, even if you set it to manual sync.
  • Calendar won't sync pre-existing events from any of my calendars. New events seem to show up fine, but it's pretty useless ever since the update that introduced the dark/device themes.  (I don't think the themes are related - just saying that's when the event sync stopped working for me.)
  • Yeah, thanks! At least conversation view can be deactivated now. How about you fix the sync of my SENT folder next?
  • Not showing up for me. :(
  • I have a suspicion, although not mentioned in the top post, this update is for Windows 10 PC insider folks, so this update won't appear for everyone.  Phone folks seem to be talkin' Win10 also. The RTM Win10 world got a Mail and Calendar update last week if I recall.  One feature - turn off conversations, same as what folks here are calling "new".
  • Thank you so much Dave.
  • Where on the Store does it show the latest version? I can find it in the apps, but not on the Store.
  • Calendar live tile stopped showing the day.
  • Here's to hoping they fixed the all app crashes!
  • This update screwed up my Exchange settings... it now says it cannot enforce my company's policies though no policy changes took place recently... it's a shame because I really liked how I could switch between personal and work emails as needed :(
  • The new icons are awesome.