Microsoft rolls out updates for Excel and Word Mobile

Microsoft has rolled out some updates today. Two official apps from the company are affected - Excel and Word Mobile. These apps are ideal for tablet users who are rocking Windows 10, not to mention those on Windows 10 Mobile. Unfortunately, we're not entirely sure what today's updates brings in terms of features.

According to the newly updated apps, we're looking at version 17.6326.10161. Let us know if you notice anything new in the comments.

Download Word Mobile (opens in new tab)

QR: Word

Download Excel Mobile (opens in new tab)

QR: Excel

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Rich Edmonds
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  • Power point too ☺
  • I was just about to say that :) as well
  • Damn, three minutes to late ;-)
  • Yeah.
  • I did tip this via email but I know your guys inbox must be full so hopefully you'll see this comment Rich. The Band 2 is going to have functionality integrated with Volvo:
  • It's cool isn't it. Its all over the web and they've probably had dozens of tips for it...
  • It was posted by Engadget quite a few hours a go now though so you'd think that someone at WC would have posted it sooner. Rich has just made an article about it shortly after my comment now.
  • Even PowerPoint shows an update
  • PowerPoint is also getting its latest update.
  • Office app sizes too big on ipad. İ want to install but storage is very limited on ipad.
  • And....? Why did you buy an iPad without storage then?
  • Don't your iPad has option for external memory?:P
  • 2 more apps are getting their latest update. These are, Device diagnostics hub and dynamic theme.
  • dynamic theme ??
  • And Powerpoint too was updated....
  • Excel has come a long way. Please reinstate ability to pin individual office files to the start screen. I sorely miss this function in windows 10
  • There's a what's new in Excel with all of the new stuff written when you open the app post update.
  • What's the difference between the office apps and the normal one if I always need a 365 subscription?
  • For devices smaller than 8' you don't need office 365. For devices larger, you need it. The advantage of the apps is the touch friendliness and that they are a bit faster than the normal Office programs.
  • These new Office apps are slow in loading the documents.
  • The biggest limitation of these Office apps is that you can only open 1 file at a time. So if I want to compare 2 spreadsheets in Excel side by side, I can't.
  • Yet Microsoft still demands to pay for them if you wish to make edits to the documents (despite the very limited number of changes these apps can do)...
  • Do you know that MS word doesn't open .TXT documents? And you can not view the number used to sent a text message for those contacts with several numbers.
  • That text message hidden number problem has been around for many years. Basic, easy to fix things like that that never get fixed are why the complainers feel justified in their negativity. Unknown numbers can become a major problem, because it also cannot be visibly changed or fixed. It's all guesswork and trial and error.
  • PowerPoint too
  • Yet another update and Word still cannot open .txt documents... Bloody stupid...
  • Please allow to create new document and edit on office Word, Excel, PowerPoint without office 365 subscription
  • It's a glitch. They should be able to do it for another few months. If documents cannot be edited, a hard reset has fixed the problem for many. After a certain date, supposedly everyone will need a subscription. Hopefully that will indeed be reconsidered, or at least a cheap mobile only subscription will be offered.
  • I think it is only when using large screen tablets and continuum on a TV that the ability to create documents is ending without subscribing to 365. On phones and small tablets you will still be able to create documents. If Microsoft remove this feature they will lose sales to Android and iOS which both ship with free office suites. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You can create new documents in the mobile versions, it's just that not all the features are available. Posted via the Windows Central app
  • An easy workaround for this issue is to sign out from any one office app and then sign in back using the same MSA and now new docs can be created. This worked for me, hopefully it works for you too.
  • OneNote was just updated for mobile. It's way better now! Pinned OneNote pages load so much faster now. It's very nice :)