Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 build 17133 for Insiders in the Fast ring

Windows Update Insider
Windows Update Insider (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft is today rolling out a new Insider Preview build for those in the Fast ring. Today's build is 17133, which is widely expected to be the RTM build of the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, which will roll out officially next month.

There are no new features in today's build, which is to be expected. Instead, just a few more fixes, with more fixes on the way via patches that will be flighted through the Insider Program.

  • We fixed an issue resulting in certain devices with BitLocker enabled unexpectedly booting into BitLocker recovery in recent flights.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in not being able to change the display resolution when there were 4 or more monitors connected, due to the confirmation prompt hanging when you selected "Keep changes".
  • We fixed an issue where clicking suggested search terms when typing in the Microsoft Edge URL bar didn't do anything.
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  • I found an issue with the previous build that I hope is fixed in Edge.
    When typing a website location the suggestions appear and if I click on the suggested site that I want Edge does nothing.
  • you mean the issue that's listed at the bottom of this article? 😉
  • LOL...yea probably that issue.
  • BronzeUK you are correct. I read everything but the last bullet point. The previous point about four monitors lost me. I can attest that the issue is fixed that I whined about and MS stated they fixed.
  • True for me Too
  • It fixed 😊
  • I still don't understand why Edge is part of Windows OS releases. It should really be done through the store.
  • They're working on it. EdgeHTML will always need to be part of the OS because it's what drives web-based UWP apps (including PWA) and web views in other apps. But they're working on extracting the Edge UI out into its own Store-distributed app.
  • I agree... But they should also update edeghtml more often trough windows update and not only in major releases
  • Yeah, to make EdgeHTML updateable, they would have to make the whole UWP API/SDK system updateable. Android does this but with major Windows releases coming to all devices much faster than anything does on Android, this would be worth more trouble than benefit. Looking forward to an updateable Edge UI (like the version on the other platforms - the engine being completely abstracted from the UI/app).
  • So tempted to hop on Fast Ring now instead of waiting for Release Preview!
  • I'd say go for it. Once it rolls out to RP, then drop yourself back to RP. Of course, I'd imagine that the Slow Ring will probably get it in the next day or two anyway, probably alongside an ISO release, and Release Preview either at the same time or very shortly thereafter. So if there aren't any new features you've been specifically looking forward to, then you might as well just wait the couple of days.
  • My wife is anxiously awaiting the right click to mute tab feature coming to Edge.
    If it hits RP this week, I'll update her system.
  • I think release will get it next week
  • Getting Error 0x8024401c trying to install update...just enrolled my PC today.
  • When will MS actually formally announce the name for this release? There's been no launch event like past releases have received, and although some articles like this have taken to calling it the Spring Creators Update, I have seen (might have missed) any article where MS actually announced the name.
  • Not sure if there was a formal announcement, but that is indeed the official name.
  • Seriously, no one cares about the bugs in touch keyboard? Am I alone who sees them? The fact that touch keyboard covers the input field instead of scrolling the page in Edge, or the fact that hold shift+arrows doesn't select text?
  • It's disappointing yes. There are just lots of touch keyboard bugs all over the place and I really wish there was QA in this area. It makes using 2-in-1 devices as a tablet more annoying than it should be.
  • I've run Fast Insider tests using an old T500 Thinkpad w SSD. This RTM (if it is) runs well on it.
    Since the ability to join FAST, install this build, then leave Insider is available right now I'm installing on a Surface 3 as I am writing this. Install process is up to 63%.
  • Joined Insider Program, installed and it went fine, left Insider Program. Rebooted. Seems good but more time using it required.
  • Found no issues. Did second machine. Perfect.
  • No watermark again, this is very close to RTM release
  • Seems 17133 is the RTM build....
  • Well as it's version 1803 and it's a holiday weekend, it needs to RTM by tomorrow at the latest...