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Microsoft rumored to be licensing Nokia's brand name for phones

Microsoft's branding strategy post Nokia's acquisition may see a shift in the naming convention for the Finnish manufacturer's line of handsets. According to @evleaks, Microsoft is finalizing the terms for licensing the Nokia brand, and may introduce the "Nokia by Microsoft" branding for the handsets.

Furthermore, the Surface series may also witness a change, as @evleaks states that the Surface line of tablets will be marketed as Lumia going forward for better brand streamlining across the tablet lineup.

While the "Nokia by Microsoft" branding makes sense insofar as continuing the tradition of the iconic brand, a move to rename the Surface line seems far-fetched.

For now, there is no validity to these claims, and since there isn't any official confirmation of the same, we suggest you take the news with a grain of salt.

Would you like to see the Surface tablets rebranded as Lumias? What are your thoughts on the "Nokia by Microsoft" branding? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


  • Wow
  • Nokia branding is good news especially in Europe and Asia where Nokia is more popular but Surface branding should be continued. Lumia - phones and RT tablets. Surface - full Windows 8 tablets.
  • +630
  • Totally agree
  • Wow...soooo 'Beats by Dre'
  • "Beats by Apple?"
  • +928
  • +920
  • +630
  • Very true, and all those who use anything besides a nokia product, tremble when they hear the name when it comes to hardware quality.
  • Exactly! • Lumia products for consumers.
    • Surface products for prosumers.
  • Yeah. That makes good sense. Now lumina tablet would be 10mm thinner a full usb and surface tablet/laptop would put in an extra full usb for a little more price. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • If you say it like that..... Awesome Surface phone is a possibility?
  • +Pro3
  • Lumia for RT:  Yes, with the functional line between phablets and small tablets bluring, it makes sense to merge the name under Lumia.  It's a great fun name for the brand. Surface for Pro: Yes, I like the idea of keeping the pro line of core tablets named Surface.   BUT:  If the pro tablets and the smaller lumia tablets have the same visible exterior design, (color shape etc.) then the difference in name would be confusing.  So the RT and Pro tablets either need a different visible exterior design or they need to have the same name.  Given the different use cases for them, a different design may be the way to go.    HOWEVER, 5 years down the road, when 5" phones have i5 processors, they will have to rebrand or merge brands again. "Nokia by Microsoft":  This name clearly explains what they need to communicate, but it doesn't roll off the tongue.  I.e.    Apple, Samsung, Nokia by Microsoft, Sony.    I.e.  "What kind of phone is that?  It's a Nokia by Microsoft phone".  I supose it will work for a few years as a transition.     
  • It's like "Motorola, a google company." Nobody says the full name. :P
  • I like this idea and also agree that the Nokia by Microsoft name does not fit. The only thing that I would add to the distinctive design for rt ( if branded Lumia ) is to drop the numbering system as well. MS needs to let consumers know exactly what a product is by name. I think that the number system to the average joe would be too confusing, when speaking about a product through word of mouth. Will they know youre talking about a phone or tablet? The conversation would have to start with I want that new Lumia tablet, instead of I want the new Lumia 2520. Keep the phones numbered, but give the rt devices something a little different under the Lumia name. Just for brand recognition,and to not confuse tablets with a phone... Or just stick with Surface for all tabs/laptops.   Oh, and for the love of god, do not plaster Nokia by Microsoft on devices. Use it for advertising, fine. On the back of a phone or tablet, fuck no.
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  • We need Microsoft to hear us ! Please vote for the idea to keep the Lumia brand for Microsoft's Windows Phone and RT products and the Surface brand for full Windows products:
  • Why? Did you miss the part about the article consisting of rumors? Even the author says to take the news with a grain of salt. This seems like you're putting the cart before the horse, to be honest.
  • Even my Apple fanboy brother knows the Surface brand. They would be crazy to change that.
  • I would say phones = lumia
    Tablets = surface
  • +620!!!
  • Exactly. "Surface" is the first reality good name Microsoft had come up with, and the Surface Pro is really starting to gain traction. Naturally Microsoft F'ed it up with too many stupid suffixes that most people find very confusing (Surface, Surface RT, Surface Pro) that make things that are totally different seem related. Keep the name. Sky it to the product that can wear it with pride
  • +1520/1020
  • All of this
  • yeah i agree with you. we have nokia stores here in the philippines, but no microsoft stores. we can still see surface tablets being sold but a "few/single" store only. if surface gets the nokia branding, there's a higher chance we see them on nokia stores. but im not quite sure as well, because 2520 is never sold here in any store as evidenced by a news article before. that was one of the darkest hours of nokia for me.   regarding the rt and pro line... i just hope rt would be eradicated. i would appreciate the "one" mantra better if they stick with the phone, pro and xbox os only. three of them working as one is like the trinity of the digital era.
  • 100% agree. I think Microsoft have come to some sense, but i wouldn't like to see Nokia by Microsoft on my phone. They could put Microsoft on their phones in the US, but the rest of the world, using the Nokia name is a major advantage.
  • This would be super smart. I feel like Microsoft would be foolish ditching the Surface brand completely. Just remove the RT stuff from the mix to reduce confusion.
  • Agreed totally!!!
  • I was kind of looking forward to the... Windows Phone 9 Nokia Lumia Surface 1050 by Microsoft... ;)  
  • I'd buy that in a heartbeat lol
  • + Verizon windows phone Surface Nokia Lumia 959 icon 5 4g LTE by Microsoft
  • No Verizon exclusive and no Verizon branding. Thank you!
  • No need to worry... It will later come to other carriers as the windows phone surface Nokia Lumia 960
  • Don't worry, there will also be the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 931 4G LTE XL+ by Microsoft for T-Mobile, the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 932 4G LTE Spark Enhanced Exclusive Edition by Microsoft for Sprint, and the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 930 International Enhanced Exclusive 4G LTE Signature Edition by Microsoft for AT&T. ;)
  • Professional Second Edition with Service Pack 2!
  • Should just replace it with Lumia brand.
  • +920
  • That would ROCK!!!
  • THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I just heard of Nokia orbit having 75MP cam and projector build in and 25MP FRONT FACING cam 6.4"full HD screen 5 GB of ram dual nano SIM and dual micro SD card slot separate video cam of 40MP HD video capturing led notification will run on Intel i7 processor....... LOL
  • Are you talking about phones or something else?
  • @ali27677 , hahaha! You made my day
  • @cecewp8 my pleasure
  • +1108
    +820 Nokia forever :)
  • One of the most horrid and lucrative rumors I've ever heard. Lumia is difficult to pronounce. I cringe every time I hear someone say Lumina like the Chevrolet Lumina. That car SUCKED! I don't know about you, but I don't want my tablet associated with that horrible POS and of which people can't even pronounce right. What on earth are these people thinking at Microsoft? Please dear God make this just a rumor or I might have to ditch the brand. The phone is bad enough. I don't want my tablet named that crap.  
  • ::crickets::
  • Loo. Me. Ah. Easy. Anyone finding that hard is going to struggle using any smartphone, frankly.
  • Surface Lumia. I don't mind that one personally.
  • It sounds backwards to me... The Lumia Surface somehow makes more sense to my brain.
  • True
  • Introducing the Nokia Surface Lumia PureMotion XL+ 4G LTE Mini HD by Microsoft.  This changes everything!
  • Nokia Surface Pro Lumia PureMotion XL+ 5G LTE Mini 8.1 HD by Microsoft Verizon
  • I really don't understand why both Lumia and Surface brands can't remain distinctive.
  • To create one homogenous line of products. Unfortunately, that's one of the iBrand's strengths. Once you utter that first syllable, you know what product line you're talking about. Quite brilliant. And MS suffers from horrible fragmentation.
  • So why not... xPhone, xPad, xBook, xBox?  Sure, it's obviously a knockoff of the i-Devices... but the i-Devices are wildly popular.  And "X" is one of the coolest letters in the alphabet.
  • +920
  • I always liked "O"
  • N for me :)
  • MS suffers from horrible fragmentation
    And Nokia only adds more confusion to the mix. Quick, tell me the difference(s) between the following Nokia Lumia series phones: 520, 521, 610, 620, 625, 630, 635, 700, 710, 720, 800, 810, 820, 822, 900, 920, 925, 928, 929, 1020, 1320, 1520, 2520 (and I'm sure there are some models I've missed). If you want a front-facing camera, you won't get it in the 635, but the 635 is still better than the 625 because it's quad-core, versus dual-core for the 625. If you want a nice entry-level device, go for the 520, unless you're on T-Mobile, where you should get the 521, or Cricket, where you should get the 625 or the 1320, which isn't as good as the 925, except better in one respect because the 1320 has an SD port. And so on and so forth.  Painful. Apple had a similar problem with the Mac lineup when Steve Jobs returned to the company.  It had the Mac brand, and then a bunch of confusing subbrands -- Performa, Internet Server, PowerBook -- as well as a crazy numbering scheme that went through a long list of numbers. Jobs simplified the product line to four total machines.  Consumer desktop, consumer laptop, professional desktop and professional laptop.  Sales took off. Microsoft needs ONE simple brand: Lumia. Microsoft needs three simple products in mobile: Good (cheap), Better (mid-range) and Best (premium).  Perhaps a single Phablet as an offshoot. More brands, more models and more bifurcation will only confuse things further.  And releasing "new, better" devices that delete stuff like a front-facing camera (how am I gonna Skype without an FFC -- Skype is a strategic Microsoft asset) is only hurting focus and consumer understanding.
  • Agreed. On all counts.
  • In my opinion no issue with the series (Code) mentioned for Lumia.....As we seen 1)52x   6)92x   10)51x,61x,71x 2)62x   7)93x    11)800,900 3)63x   8)10xx 4)72x   9)15xx 5)82x Now it helps you to differentiate as well as to know similarities with same family....
  • Someone on another board suggested using Surface for x86 tablets... and using Nokia for ARM-based OS products... which actually makes sense.
  • I think the name "Surface" is strong and makes the tablets "more attractive". Lumia is a wonderful name too, but I agree with the idea to keep using both names but with different lines of products. Lumia will still mean "colorful" and "personal devices", while Surface, more professional.
  • This is a great idea, I think it's what many of us have been hoping for a while. After all, so many have been dreaming about a surface phone.
  • That's good
  • I could stand behind this, but u still feel that surface is the stronger brand in the US
  • or maybe just "Lumia" for home and "Surface" for business. Then we could see a surface phone after all
  • Wow that's crazy
  • Ohhhh yes!!! Nokia forever!!
  • +NOKIA!
  • Was considering to buy a LG but then boom! Nokia forever!
  • So, Lumia by Microsoft, no buy. Nokia Lumia by Microsoft, even though the product will be exactly the same, now you'd buy it?
  • Yeah, people go for brands you know, for eg. Many go crazy for just having that apple logo on their device.
  • I always thought the WP crowd was better than that...
  •   "nokia crowd > wp crowd" so to make "wp crowd >= nokia crowd" they need the nokia branding
  • Thanks for making Nokia live forever
  • I'm a daily reader of this site and totally understand the Nokia/MS relationship. Yet...despite knowing better and despite the total lack of logic, found myself this week disappointed that the Nokia name is phasing out. Once when I headlines about "Nokia Lumia This" and "Nokia Lumia That" are now all "Microsoft Lumia This and That". I found myself reading it with a negative outlook. I guess its proof that branding really can influence opinion, even when it makes no sense whatsoever.
  • Sounds like Microsoft would be better off buying the rest of Nokia so they didn't have to keep paying a brand licensing fee.
  • No, I say keep the Surface name. People already recognize it as that. I mentioned out in the open, after my mother took out her MBA how I wanted a Surface. My cousin said that she did too. I was a little surprised she knew what I was talking about. My mother did not, until I mentioned how the keyboard connects and disconnects. She is now aware of the name. Changing it might cause confusion. Plus the Surface name might even be stronger than Lumia, atleast here in the US?
  • Me too. Surface sound way better than Lumia.
    And just to make things clear why the hell does MS consist of using the Nokia branding? "Microsoft" is the way to go. They should strengthen their own Brand, Nokia is dead and people know this already. That Message spread over the whole News World (TV, Tech, etc).. 
  • NOKIA Is not dead i'm just waiting for 2017 or so for the deal to end.Would be damn glad so see Nokia kicking everyone's ass by Lumias aaaaand who knows we would have a 150mp camera Lumia3030 & samsung would be stuck at 41mp & iphones at 25mp*"Bigger pixels=Detailed photo" Shhh don't tell it to anyone*
  • Face it, Lumias are living because of MS, Be thankful for that!
  • So, they sell their Phone Business just to build a new one and be back by 2017? Dude. You are either drunk or about 13 years old.
    I've new read so much shit. Wow.
  • I don't see why surface can't become the anti apple, high-end, beautiful devices. Lumia can become anti-android lower price, but great design.
  • This right here +925
  • There were some statistics earlier this year that show Lumia being more searched and more popular than Surface.
  • Ok cool. There are Reasons for that.
    First of all the Price. Surface Pro Tablets are much more expensive than Lumia Phones, People know that.
    Second: Its not a Phone. People want a Phone and afterwards they think about getting a Tablet, its simple as that.
    And Last but not least: Quantity. There are 5 Different Surface Models out there: Surface(Pro), Surface(Pro) 2 and Surface Pro 3. The Lumia Brand has about 20 Different Models to choose from (510-900,520-1520,630,930). Of course there will be more searches on Lumia than on Surface. Those statistics tell nothing.
  • That may be so, but 10 years ago nobody searched for an iPhone either, but Apple introduce a product ppl wanted and now its more searched than Lumia, Same thing would happen is MS made a phone with Surface like quality, with or without Nokia branding.
  • Nokia and Surface brands are strong, I don't see the point let Lumia stay. I usually say "my Nokia 1020", have never cared about the Lumia part. IMO Nokia made a mistake to launch Lumia brand in the first place, it weaken Nokia brand further when it's already getting weak.
  • They can bring all devices (phones and tablets) under the Surface brand and use Nokia's marketing muscle to really push them. No point in abandoning a brand which has just started to get its much due recognition (in part due to the beauty which is known as the Surface Pro 3).
  • More like Lumia Pro 3...
  • Surface is just starting to gain momentum, don't destroy a brand people are starting to recognize.
  • +1
  • Exactly.
  • The Nokia rumor is wild enough, but combined with the Surface rebranding rumor I think this is more appropriate for a site like wmpoweruser or reddit...    
  • Lumia on phones and Surface for tablets.
    Seems like a good plan to stick to those two names and build brand awareness. More names or changing only makes it messy
  • Yes this is good idea
  • +2520
  • Yes, please!!
  • Good move! It will help Microsoft to find some traction especially in the emerging markets!
  • No my surface is my surface
  • They should Def keep the Surface branding. It resembles Microsoft's mature and new side of them.
  • Yessss!!!!
  • Yayyyy Nokia!! Bt plz dnt make Microsoft Connecting People :P
  • Yea.Seems awful Microsoft connecting people.
  • The connecting people brand is still in copyricht of Nokia Europe oy. and will used by the software brand Nokia Europe oy. they create Here and NFC technology and more European tech.
  • Weird
  • How about a metal surface phone
  • No thanks.
  • Yes please
  • I would prefer Lumia and Surface as seperate. Apple has the Ipod, Ipad, Iphone etc , they dont call it iphone tablet because it's a different device and line. So make Surface the tablet line [which it already is] Lumia for all phones etc
  • Yeah but all of em start with i so u immediately know it's Apple
  • I kinda like where Fade_z is going with this. Additionally, I would be fine with Lumia branding on smartphones and RT tablets. Their target would fun, colorful, trendy, quality and business casual. Where as, Surface would be marketed towards elegant, sturdy, business professional, after work leisure crowds. Surface would also drop the RT and add tablets of 8in and 10.6in (redesigned with thickness of SP3). To top it off, the Surface line would include a 14in hybrid. The hybrid should come with a fully ported detachable keyboard that also includes an extra battery, that would give a combined battery life of 15 to 20 hours. This would absolutely outshine the MBA in all areas.
  • So it's (i)phone for phones and (i)pad for tablets. Like Lumia is for phones and Surface is for tablets. The i is used randomly even by other brands to shorten (i)nteractive or (i)nternet. Also not all devices are not called with the i prefix. Like macbook for laptops. So apple also has a horrible fragmentation and is therefore a bad exmple.  Lumia for Windows phones and Surface for Windows tablets = perfect.
  • Imac, but they cant name everything right with the same elegance.   Just make sure people know Lumia stands for mobile and surface for tablet. Also hopefully RT and WP will merge soon
  • The Nokia name on ms phones would be a strange choice from Nokia since they have plans from hardware like wearable stuff. And they could still start a phone division again after 2015. And anyway I'll hope that they would not let ms to use Nokia branding on phone that are actually non Nokia
  • nokia cant start a new phone division after 2015 i heard 
  • I thought one of the plans was to make the phone branding more concise. "Nokia by Microsoft" is more wordy. Don't want to end up with something like "Nokia by Microsoft Lumia 1030 PureView Powered by Windows Phone 8.2 Series."
  • I think it'll be named something like "Nokia Lumia 1030 by Microsoft" if this rumor is (hopefully) true
  • Or it could just be Nokia and then on the back of the phone on the bottom it could say "by Microsoft" just like how the Zunes had "Hello from Seattle.
  • Let's not get very excited people. Remember that the deal clearly had the mention of licensing the Nokia brand. Those licensing agreements have to be done separately from the purchase deal. So yes, obviously Microsoft is drawing the licensing agreements to get to use the Nokia brand on S30 and S40 phones. And maybe X. That they'll call it "Nokia by Microsoft" is just the way they're naming them. One shouldn't get high hopes regarding Nokia-branded Lumias. It may be possible and Microsoft was very stupid not to put that on the agreement from the start. But it's not at all certain that it will happen. Don't forget Eflop confirmed, in line with the terms of the deal, that the Nokia brand would be going away on Lumias. Also, any licensing agreement will have to have in mind Nokia's future intentions regarding their own return to smartphones.   As for the Surface going away to give place to Lumia...meh. The Surface line isn't a hit by any stretch of the imagination. If sales improve just because of the new branding, so be it. Though it would help if they released the f*cking Lumia 2520 widely in Europe already, first.
  • Well i know one thing for sure they must have already licensed it if they now control domain name & any other regional variations because they would've redirected us by now
  • Actually they don't control it. They're sharing the domain with Nokia. That's why when you go to you get the split screen. For the time being they're sharing the domains and the social networks to "ease" the transition instead of making an abrupt cut. But in its due time, the nokia domains will return to Nokia.
  • 2
  • Nokia will not return to making smartphones. It doesn't make even an ounce of sense.
  • Because you say so? Sorry to break it to you, pal, but both Nokia's new CEO as well as Riisto Siilasmaa left the door open for that to happen. Not to mention Nokia Technologies is now fully working on Android with the Z launcher as their first step towards it. If you think Nokia would waste time on Android launchers just for the fun of it, you're sorely mistaken. Sure, it may not please die-hard MS fans. But that's life. Also, just because they sold their D&S division doesn't mean they can't return. They can form a new one (not likely) or buy one (say...Jolla). Also, no one said a return of Nokia would be in a global scale. They may want to ditch irrelevant markets for them like the US. They can perfectly well return in a smaller scale. They have everything in place for that. Including the patents.
  • I agree with you about the nonsense of this licensing rumor: why in the world would Nokia agree to licesne its corporate name to another company's products beyond a transition period related to the sale? It makes no sense. I disagree however that Nokia is planning to get back into making handsets. I know there is a small community of folks desparately wanting this to happen who parse every word from Nokia officials for hints that this is the plan, but this too makes no sense. Nokia lost a fortune because it couldn't keep up with the changes in that business, they sold off nearly all of the infrastrucutre and lost nearly all of the the employees who built the brand. They'd face entirely new obstacles in manufacturing and engineering, still have no presence in the US market, face new competition from Microsoft as well as others, probably face issues with shareholders worried about the company getting back into a business they had recently failed in, and on and on.
  • "who parse every word from Nokia officials for hints that this is the plan"   Actually it's not necessary to parse anything. Both Suri and Riisto were asked directly about a return and they answered directly. It's a possibility. Here's the thing: they don't need a presence in the US. Nokia wasted way too much money on the US market. Money they should have invested in markets where they were strong, like Europe.
     If they return, they'll certainly focus on markets where their brand is strong. Markets more important than the US, like Europe and India. Microsoft is not competition. If Nokia returns, they won't return with WP. They'll return with Android. They'll have other competitors. At any rate, they can opt to go smaller. Produce just one of two flagship phones that include all their technologies. The main problem is that people seem to think that when people talk about the return of Nokia, they're talking in the old Nokia structure. The gigantic-worldwide-Nokia. That'd be stupid. Nokia would be stupid in returning to the old phone-dumping structure and money-dumping in worthless markets. A return of Nokia would probably happen in the way Microsoft presents their Surface tablets: a flagship for their technologies and innovation. If you want the best of Nokia technologies, you do with a Nokia phone.   Nokia can't remain long away from the mobile business. Their remaining businesses all revolve around mobile technologies. Networks is the only one that works outside mobile phones. HERE is focused on mobile mapping and they'll face Google's competition. Technologies holds all the phone patents, imaging patents etc. As OEMs more and more look to create their own proprietary technologies, if Nokia doesn't put their patents to good use, they become worthless.
  • The old "Nokia" will NEVER return to making phones. Any common sense business view will confirm this. HTC are struggling and with numerous new manufacturers appearing from India, China etc, this is a silly dream that they will return!!!
  • You should read what I wrote again. I said they can return with another business structure, not the old one.   At any rate, it is utterly stupid to compare Nokia with HTC. The power of the Nokia brand is way bigger than HTC's in the places that matter to Nokia as a business, namely Europe and India. Any return of Nokia will NOT be focused on worthless markets like the US and to some extent Latin America because that's not the markets where the company has its strenghts. In that sense, what Nokia may do is exactly what Sony is doing with their Xperia phones, focusing on relevant markets for them. That's why you almost see no Sony phones in the USA, for example. And let me tell you, Sony's mobile business has witnessed steady growth and it is one of the only divisions at Sony that isn't losing them money.
  • Okay, to be clear, the remaining Nokia will NEVER make mobiles again. I understand the Sony situation, they have playstation, televisions etc, in support, and not too long ago insurance was a big profit producer. But Sony have remained a mobile maker, where as Nokia that business. Sony recently sold the PC side of their business and I believe Sony will not start selling PCs again, as Nokia will not sell mobile phones again.
  • Sorry to tell you but your will is worth zero to Nokia's plans. If the CEO and Chairman said it was possible, then it is. If they intended to "never" return to phones, they wouldn't say it was a possibility and, more than that, they wouldn't have limited Microsoft's use of their own brand on smartphones. They would also not have kept mobile patents. They would have sold them.   Also, Sony sold a division that was losing money because of changes in the market. The consumer-PC market is in decline. The mobile market, on the other hand, is on the rise.   So, sorry to disappoint you, but there's absolutely no reason why Nokia shouldn't or wouldn't return to a market in expansion. You may not want them back but, as I said, your will is worthless to their business.
  • Well Sony also sold a few buildings they owned to survive as,well. That's how competitive the tech world is. I will keep these comments for the future and it will show who is right, only will that counts. Of course I shall remind you when no new Nokia phones appear.
  • Very well said and I agree with you completely; but he'll never accept his beloved Nokia will never manufacture a phone again.
  • 6
  • "Actually it's not necessary to parse anything. Both Suri and Riisto were asked directly about a return and they answered directly. It's a possibility." Wow, you really are dense aren't you?  Of course they're going to say it's a possibility; they're not stupid enough to come right out and say 'oh, no, we got our asses kicked in the smartphone hardware market; we're never going back to that,' only to have the stock tank because of it.  That's like committing suicide. Right now, they're going to keep a smile on and publicly leave their options open.  But the truth of the matter is, they make their real money on patent licensing.  They're going to be focused there, and on developing new technologies they can license to others, which will continue to make them money without sticking them with capital expenditures for physical storage, staging, manufacturing and distribution facilities and the support structures needed to run them. "Sorry to tell you but your will is worth zero to Nokia's plans." Yours is pretty worthless too. Stop dreaming and come back to reality already.  You've long ago sounded like a broken record.
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • Once again, you get it entirely wrong... Nokia will not return to the smartphone hardware sector. They are "wast[ing] time on Android launchers" so that they can LICENSE them, the way they are licensing all of their technology now, the way they have licensed their technology to smartphone manufacturers for decades. No matter how much you want it to happen, the writing's been on the wall for a while now; Nokia's not gonna get back in the smartphone hardware business, period.
  • I told you this before. The agreement must have obviously changed, because there was an interview with Nokia here in Sweden, and they said there are no plans to remove the Nokia brand from smartphones in the foreseeable future. This rumor tells me what I already knew.
  • I've told you before, the deal did NOT change. And Eflop confirmed it in the Q&A. Furthermore, Microsoft's own papers confirmed the Nokia brand would be going away. What you "knew" is wrong, and there's plenty of proof around.   This rumour, like almost everything evleaks throws around regarding Nokia, is vague and "leaks" nothing. To say that Microsoft is licensing the Nokia brand...big deal. That was part of the agreement. Licenses aren't part of purchase contracts. They have to be done separately. Of course Microsoft can now approach Nokia to try and get the Nokia brand for Lumia phones too. But that happened AFTER the deal. It's not part of it. And Nokia can say "no" to that as they have no obligation towards Microsoft anymore apart from what's in the deal.
  • 7
  • You can disregard that interview all you want (sure, I don't have a source for you, but nonetheless), things have changed, what else is there to say. It's a good thing, so what's the problem? Also, I never said it will never go away, just not yet. Not in a while. "It will not change in the foreseeable future." That's it really:)
  • 1
  • Let me guess.....0
  • Great! But surface name suits those tablets. Iit should be like as it is, phones are called lumia and tablets, surface!
  • This ain't bad I guess...
  • Lumia wow... Keep lumia... My opinion
  • Keep Surface, but Lumia for phones is enough!
  • Just keep the name Nokia please.
  • surface for tablet should stay. Poll question?
  • I prefer "The Windows Phone".
  • I'd rather see Nokia Surface.
  • Congrats MSFT
  • Keep the phones as Nokia and Microsoft Surface tablet as is don't change it to Lumia.
  • I love the Surface brand name, and I honesty think (in the United States, at least) the Surface brand holds far more prestige than the Lumia brand. If they're going for brand unity: Surface seams like the brand umbrella to unite under. Of course, I'd rather they keep both brands alive, but nonetheless, if worse comes to pass: Surface > Lumia.
  • I agree
  • Yes, agree
  • yah Lumia on phones and Surface for tablets. That will be amazing
  • If there's homogeny, I would prefer Surface. Limits is great and all, but Surface is smooth.
  • I'd prefer they use the Surface branding for tablets/laptops with Intel/AMD chips and they use the Lumia for Windows RT and WP devices. That would make it easier to tell which is x86-64 and which is ARM.
  • Surface us better name
  • God i hope not ... Keep the Surface name for the tablet line ... Nokia didn't handle the 2520 well to begin with & people might associate that with any future Lumia Tablets.
    Also, I remember reading that Microsoft wasn't fond of the "Lumia" name in the first place ... Can't remember where I read it though. Plus, License the Nokia Name? Didn't they already license the name for 2 years as part of the deal?
    "Nokia By Microsoft" sounds odd ...
    This whole thing is a mess.
  • No. The license on the deal is for 10 years to use on S30 and S40 phones only. They have then a license until the end of 2015 to use the Nokia brand on marketing for all devices, including those to which they don't have license for naming (Lumia phones).   At any rate, the licensing deals mentioned on the purchase of the D&S division have to be done separately.
  • 8
  • If they can get the name it will be a real boon as Nokia was still the second largest mobile phone distributor in 2013 and I think a lot of that stems from the name and peoples association with Nokia as a brand.
  • Good move
  • Hmm... maybe they could use the Lumia branding for their windows RT tablet line and keep the Surface brand just for the Pro line.
  • If microsoft wants to survive in the market with smartphones then they would have to use Nokia branding at front of device.and they may use Microsoft at back of device.
  • This is the best idea....they should write "by Microsoft" with very tiny words on the back.
  • My phone currently has no indication that it is a Lumia. The only thing it says now is NOKIA. Don't fuck this up Microsoft!
  • Yeah, keep the Nokia name! I got the L920 because it was a fantastic phone by Nokia, NOT because it was a Windows Phone
  • Thank you Microsoft. If you go with this plan. The name Nokia holds a sentimental value to for many. I guess Microsoft understands that too. :)
  • They should dump Nokia & Lumia & Surface... and rename everything X.  xPhone, xPad, xBook, xBox.
  • That sounds really ugly, to be honest... I'll take a Surface over an xPad any day.
  • We hope this news is true all we love Nokia brand
  • Much better, and sounded more superior for "Nokia by Microsoft" :)
  • Hope they don't include the "by Microsoft" on the phone.
  • Well it's ok if they still include "by microsoft" at the back of the phone, and at the very least it's reasonable to put it, just to let the world know about the acquisition :)
  • I don't mind the naming as long as its a good piece of hardware.
  • 'Nokia by Microsoft' you chose wisely!
  • Personally, I like Lumia for phones and surface for tablets. Eventually I think they ought to get rid of Lumia branding, and eventually market surface tablets and surface phones, perhaps even going so far as to drop "windows" from the os name.
  • Indeed. Surface is a very strong and highly respected brand these days, at least in the US. Lumia is more of a mixed bag, and many don't even know about the Lumia brand (instead, people often opt to refer to Lumia devices as "One of those Nokia phones). Indeed, for branding, I feel it's: Surface > Nokia > Microsoft/Windows (Phone) > Lumia. Slowly phasing out and eventually dropping the Lumia branding and uniting under Surface seems like the bet to me.
  • Not sure if I'd drop the name windows from the OS, people know what windows is, trying to rebrand it would just confuse people
  • The decision to keep brand name Nokia will be really wise since people might not buy a Microsoft phone  especially in countries such as India, though I dont see any reason to change Surface since its cool... 
  • Yay! That sounds awesome :D
  • It's great....
  • This is my thoughts for Naming the phone and tablet Nokia Lumia for Phones Nokia Surface for Tablets.
  • Yes.
  • Surface should stay as surface
  • Why not use Nokia for euro products and surface for north America?
  • I think it's going to work, but is true Europeans still buy Nokia phones.....cuz they're Nokia.
  • I hope they keep the surface brand around for the Pro line at least. It's hard to keep people interested when you change the name ever few years.
  • Great! my next phone will still be a Nokia. Nokia forever then!
  • Good move, MS!
  • Nokia by Microsoft is cool, but I really want to see "Microsoft" branding on my next WP
  • Surface is great branding. The name "Microsoft" is what hurts them. People still view them as the big bad giant monster of the 90s that google et al have become and and uncool. I don't hold that view, but outside of Xbox and Office that is what they have to deal with. Lumia will just confuse things. I will say though that the opposite, personally, would thrill me. Give me a Surface inspired phone and ....!!! Happy face.
  • Surface is Surface. Lumia is Lumia. Don't change. I like the "Nokia by Microsoft" thing tho.
  • Well there goes my dream of seeing a surface phone. But as long as they don't call it a Microsoft or Xbox phone then I will be happy
  • Surface is a brilliant product name for the tablets. And a lot of people already recognize that name. I think they should keep that name. And keep Lumia for phones. Nokia by Microsoft just sounds cheesy, pick one and stay with it. Would they put a "Nokia by Microsoft" logo on the phones? Sounds ridiculous.
  • And why would they be replacing all the other Nokia names like Nokia app folders, now Microsoft
  • concur
  • They can't loose the Surface name in the US, people know what surface is now, very few have a clue about Lumia or Nokia though.
  • But the USA isn't a big market anymore.  China is bigger than the whole of North America and the whole of Europe combined.  Nobody cares about the USA anymore.  Too small.  Everybody in China knows Nokia.
  • Have  you been listening to the rumblings coming from the Chinese government lately?  They're calling all 'Western' companies "evil" and are trying to eliminate all traces of Western technology in the country to have it replaced by homegrown stuff.  This has been building for years, and with the NSA spying, etc., they've been on a terror about it. The Chinese market may not be that big for much longer when it comes to non-Chinese-owned companies... There has even been speculation the Russians and the Chinese are forming an alliance against the U.S., specifically to wage technological and financial warfare on America. Scary times right now.
  • Lumia for phones and RT tablets and Surface for x64 / 86 tablets + AIOs.
  • It will be really helpful for Microsoft!
  • I can see surface pro being the main brand while Lumia being RT n Phone brand
  • It just means Lumia would be WP & RT based and Surface the PRO devices which obviously makes sense. Come on people less arguing, more thinking.
  • Ooohhh whatttt are you serious evleaks hope this will be true Nokia forever.
  • Microsoft should use the Lumia brand for ARM devices and surface for Intel devices. Surface for atom and surface pro for haswell
  • That splits the shared design language of the vapormg of Surface RT/2 and Surface Pro 2/3 into Lumia and Surface.  I'm not down with that.....  
  • Keep the phones with the Nokia and Lumia names but the Surface line needs to remain Surface. I'd rather not have Nokia attached to the Surface name as the company had no part in that line of tablets.
  • Lumia will be "consumer" tablets.
  • Nokia by microsoft huh? wheu..glad that its no Microsoft Mobile
  • Microsoft should keep Nokia brand at front if they wanna survive in mobile market cause what ever Nokia is well known name... The day Microsoft will remove Nokia name and use Microsoft they gonna go way better keep Nokia and move on
  • Yes yes yes... . Keep the Nokia name. Nokia forever.
  • Nokia Lumia
    Nokia Surface
    Nokia x-Box
    You know what... let's just change Microsoft name to Nokia. Easy!
  • Yes's 100% keep the name of Nokia..totally agree with this..
  • I thought Microsoft already licensed the Nokia name as part of the purchase of Nokia's devices and services division. I'm not entirely sure what Microsoft obtain as part of the aquisition.
  • Thank God! Please Microsoft license the name permanently for phones and tablets! Please!
  • I hope so.. I don't wanna change my Nokiamobile to the Microsoftmobile lol
  • I'd much rather a "Surface" branded tablet than a "Lumia" tablet, plus some.
  • Makes more sense. I don't see myself buying anything "Microsoft Lumia xxxx" or whatever they'd call it
  • Both brands have a very heavy history and being loved for their products NOKIA especially in Europe is more than famous,it is almost synonymous to quality and credibility,on the other hand Microsoft is the brand of serious efforts in computers and software,witch explains the rise of widows phone we all thought to have the perfect marriage! I think the names of companies and products should be kept alone as they are,especially now that they still struggle for their part in market.
  • Exactly. Dropping either name at this point would be dumb.
  • Microsoft spend way too much time and energy on this renaming BS. How about a proper Youtube app be concentrated on instead of listening to the marketing dept. A marketing dept. which is so incompetant as to be non existent.
  • They made the perfect YouTube app but google shut it down, it ain't Microsoft's fault that Google's CEOs are a bunch of @ssholes.
  • xPhone? I kind of like the sound of that.
  • I don't care what they name their phones, as long as they keep the high build quality.
  • I agree with Nokia Lumia by Microsoft. In India , the name Nokia means a lot. I personally hesitate to go with any other brand even though other OEMs are releasing wp devices.
    Nokia means trust. I am not sure about Surface tablets since they aren't popular in India. I feel that Surface itselft a powerful brand name.
  • Nokia Lumia is not surface
    Surface is not Nokia Lumia
    So I feel "Nokia Lumia by Microsoft" AND
    "Surface by Microsoft" will be good
  • No
  • I wouldn't mind if my next Lumia 15xx is called Microsoft surface phone.
  • Defaniently do not want to loose the name surface, makes it unique
  • They need to keep the names as-is but expand upon them. Lumias remain the mass-appeal devices with a range of price points and specifications, and Surfaces remain the flagships, supremely well-built from top-notch materials and methods (nothing against the lovely polycarbonate I enjoy on my Lumia 900, 925, and 1020), that exceed expectations and do everything well with no compromises. Ditto for of/when they make a Surface Phone: priced higher than a 1520 and 1020, with a large (but not quite phablet, so 5"-class) screen, slim bezels, feels and looks better than a One M8, bold Microsoft and Surface branding (a subtly glowing blue logo would be a long-overdue touch), camera as good as the 1520's but doesn't protrude from the body, and large battery.
  • Nokia by Microsoft is great
  • So when a new phone is released it will be called "Nokia By Microsoft Lumia 1530" ?
  • Nokia Lumia 1530, by Microsoft
  • Surface tablet Nokia phone its great as it is
  • Hate ten both. The should be bringing everything under the Microsoft brand not hanging on to the Nokia brand. Surface should stay Surface, New phones should be Surface Phones or Lumia but they should slowly faze out Nokia.
  • No.
  • Microsoft should keep the surface brand as it is. However Nokia by Microsoft is good instead of only Microsft Luia phones. It would be unwise to remove surface branding now that they have launched third generation and many people know about surface and there is only one Lumia tablet which is not known widely.
  • Phones should stick with "Lumia." Tablets should stick with "Surface."
  • I like the idea of Nokia by Microsoft, but keep the surface name!
  • Waiting for the Windows logo replacing Nokia name on the back panel, since the Nokia name is already under the ear piece...
  • Please vote for my idea to keep the Lumia brand for Microsoft's Windows Phone and RT products and the Surface brand for full Windows products:
  • Sorry but I always felt "Lumia" was a bad name. I hope going forward they use "Nokia 925" Or "Nokia Icon". The word "Nokia" has the great branding that to me rings familiar bells where as "Lumia" makes people who ask what phone I have say "What's that?". Hopefully we drop the confusing numbering scheme as well. Icon is a great name and they should expand that out as the premium brand, using something else for the current 6xx/5xx Lumias. "Nokia Icon 2" by Microsoft, that could work.
  • Generic sounding names suck. So no. The numbering system works fine as it tells you what class the device is in. Names like Icon tell you nothing.
  • Yay!
  • No way! They really shouldn't change the Surfave branding; it's a really respected brand and changing it would be stupid.
  • So Nokia by Microsoft Lumia 1030 with Windows Phone 8.2 Update 1?
  • Nooooo!!! Don't rename Surface!!!!!!
    They should keep Nokia for phones and Surface for tablets!!!!!!! I love Surface!!!!!!!!
  • Love you MS
  • What about, Nokia a Microsoft Company?
  • Since WP and Windows RT are merging mext year. why not call them under Lumia while Surface is ONLY used for the Surface Pro.
  • It should be:
    Lumia Surface
    Lumia Surface Pro
  • No they should keep Nokia Lumia by ms and keep surface but also maker a surface phone one super high end device and Lumia will be high med and low end devices.
    So surface is high end so a suface extreme laptop ... Surface pro and surface mini tablets along with a suface phone
    Lumia will be 9xx high end 6xx med end and 5xx low end
    With two Lumia windows 8.1 tablets cheaper alternatives to surface ... That should be ms devices line up ..
  • Nokia by Microsoft, probably a good idea. Have the Lumia tablets run RT. Let the Lumia tablets be the smaller ones also. Use Surface for full Windows professional tablets.
  • I like Surface RT tablets better than Lumia tablets, it's just a different product, I don't think it would be fair to do what you're proposing.
  • Well....good news is, my 1030 will still have Nokia branding....."finger crossed"
  • They should license Nokia font and get consumers use to seeing Lumia on the front of the phone, on the back they can put this "Nokia by Microsoft".  At least this way they are building up Lumia brand strength.  Lumia is the same number of characters and ends with "ia" .. so it shouldn't be overly jarring.  This more marketing art then science .. needs to be tested with large focus group. As for Surface, I think the brand will remain .. at least for Pro level products.  Surface Mini should be a Lumia branded product.  Maybe this also played into product launch delay.  I see the Lumia brand catering to more personal level of products, wearables, smartphones, glasses .. anything with a screen size under 9".
  • I don't want to see the end of Surface at all! I'm in the US. I'd be ok with the Nokia Surface.
  • Just stop calling it windows or windows phone That name windows just does not resonate any excitement. So anything besides that is fine with me.
  • They should keep the Surface in place. Posted via Windows Phone Central App for Android!
  • This is BS. A Surface is clearly not a Lumia. Totally different products. MS can have both under their wing and let users choose.
  • Wonder how they are going to stick such a big name on the devices....especially the 4 inch devices 
  • I was hoping for "The smartphone formerly known as Nokia" with a Prince-like symbol as the new logo. Seriously though, just focus on quality. Fix things like the cluster-ef that is Xbox music and stockpiling official apps and no one over the age of 21 will care WHAT it's called.
  • Nooo keep it surface, its soo much better :(
  • Just simple, let it be
  • Nokia by Microsoft is very acceptable.
  • For phones, Lumia branding is a great idea. Surface, that's a stretch. They'd rather continue to build that brand I believe its catching on & stands for something at least for me: distinctive design, personal, unique, I can be different and great, tech excellence...u get the drift.
  • omg no dont kill surface brand. way to stong   even stronger than lumia lumia = nokia lumia. no1 say just lumia its a nokia lumia. but surface just as standalone is well known for the "other ipad" beside 1000000 diffrent android tablets     im not sure, what ms should do, but keep nokia is good idea kill surface is a bad idea.
  • yeah surface brand should not be killed/replaced. it is the only tablet which competes with ios that customers know of as compared to sea of android tablets and is recognizable. Surface tablets should continue using surface name.
  • Bad move. Too much going on with the name.
  • Very good move!
  • They should just rename it Nokima
  • Just stop renaming and leave the product names as is. Constant re-identification does not help. It leaves the question who/what are you really?
  • surface brand feels more premium than Lumia
  • Smh..
  • I would like to see the RT tablets rebranded as Lumia but the Pro ones should keep their name imo
  • I would actually like the surface RT to be named as a Lumia
  • Nokia by Microsoft will be perfect. People will still buy them for Nokia's brand, but Microsoft will also have great brand visibility
  • Yesssssssssss thank you MS love Nokia
  • Honestly, even if here in Italy and in the rest of Europe Nokia is still popular, I always hear people referring to WP Nokias just as "Lumia". Nobody says "I have a Nokia 1020", they just say Lumia 1020. So if Microsoft dropped Nokia branding on Lumias I guess nobody would care about it. As for the Surface line I'd say that Lumia for Rts (admitted that we'll see any of them in the future) sounds good, but for the Pro versions Surface sounds better.
  • I say, Microsoft should just buy out the name Nokia. Maybe they would have to pay 1 or 2 billion for it. But it might just be worth it in the long run. What do you guys think is the value of the "Nokia" brand if MS was to purchase it (Just the Name) .
  • Lumia again is just a terrible name compared to Surface. I swear to God I will quit buying them if this happens and I say that after buying every generation Surface so far.
  • No!
    I love surface and surface is well-known now…
    Nokia is not a valuable or popular brand any more. Besides,Ms its own brand is much much better than Nokia.
  • I understand Microsoft wants to simplify their branding but 'Nokia by Microsoft' is almost as bad as 'Windows Phone 7 Series'. If they feel so strong about having one branding then why not just go for 'Nokia'? Do away with the Surface (proffesional appeal) and Lumia (consumer appeal) branding and go all out 'Nokia', a brand that has both consumer and proffesional appeal and stands for quality as well! Potential product names:
    Nokia 640, 940, etc (successor to the Lumia phone series)
    Nokia Tab 3 (successor to the Surface RT and Lumia tablet series)
    Nokia Mini (rebrand of the Surface Mini)
    Nokia Pro 4 (successor to the Surface Pro 3)
  • what?? really? "Nokia by Microsoft"?? its a Terribly Wrong Idea
  • Seriously, it is too long and wrong!
  • Surface for tablets and Lumia for phones. Love both names and would like both to continue forever ❤
  • Microsoft needs to stop changing the names of their products. I like Surface-- it's simple and original. Best of all, it's an actual English word. As much as I like the Lumia brand they need to use simpler brand names. It just makes referencing it a hell of a lot easier since it would actually be something they may have heard about. Also, Nokia by Microsoft sounds cool lol
  • I think "Nokia by Microsoft" is a very good solution for the brand going forward.
  • I think "Nokia by Windows" should be called Mokia
  • Just Surface Phone and be done with it. Nokia as we know it is gone. I love Nokia but a Lumia created by Microsoft isn't a Lumia, nor is it a Nokia.
  • I like the "Nokia by Microsoft" thing, that looks good
  • Surface should stay for the Current Surface devices (Like the Surface Pro 3), Surface is a name for PC-Tablet Hybrids, the "Lumia Tablets" can be for a tablet that doesn't have a kick stand, and is more of "Just a tablet" (Like a iPad/RT devices) so both names stay. Still Lumia Phones are a Sweet thing. Also, the Number Naming (E.g. Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520, etc) should probably change, to many people wont understand it, especially when you release a 630 AFTER a 1020... That makes no sense to most people. Just number them. Lumia 1, Lumia 2, Lumia 3, etc... Or even "Lumia One" or something.
  • I have already accepted the fact that the Nokia phone brand is momentarily dead after Microsoft bought the devices division. (Though Nokia will resurface as a phone company in 2016). Hence, the Lumia line for smartphones will be great as those who know the brand will identify it. And keep Surface as it nice to pronounce.
  • sounds strange and too Long...
    could leed to unnecessary confusion...
  • Microsoft being a worldwide company, needs to adopt a name that is relevant to the whole world, not just US. Lumia has become almost a household name in almost every country, but people still don't know what is"surface"? They can name premium tablets/laptops as Lumia [name] and regular and less costly products as Lumia [number].
  • Surface is a great brand name. I vote to keep it.
  • My thoughts are, as long as the Nokia brand stays on the phones, it's all good.. And MS can name the Surface, potato for all i care =p jk... Aside from the fact that such a move can do Microsoft much more good, especially in international markets (where ppl only know MS as Windows XP)... it would be nice not to kill off the legendary brand that is Nokia.
  • Why can be let Surface be Microsoft, and Nokia be Nokia. Not by Microsoft. Why can't live well enough alone, the only thing they should with Nokia phones is name them and drop numbers.
  • Great for "Nokia by Microsoft" for smartphone but I think tablet line should remain Surface.
  • Microsoft has notoriously been known for changing product names. Honestly, I could care less what they want to do with their naming conventions. But at face value I think I'd keep Surface for their tables and Lumia for their phones. Nokia by Microsoft is a bad idea (imo) but only ever so slightly because it really doesn't think it matters.
  • I think the Surface name should be reserved for the tippity top prosumer products. Surface Pro 3, and Surface Phone. They should not be colorful, but sleek and elegant. Maybe even have more advanced options such as ink tech for writing. While Lumia should remain the colorful and fun consumer products that range from mid range phones and rt tablets, to fairly high end phones and rt tablets much like it is now. But would not include the prosumer tech like ink. To me this separates the products nicely and shows a line of progression. If you have need for higher end specs then go surface. Or if you still want great performance, but maybe don't need all the bells and whistles, then a high end Lumia could be the product you're looking for.
  • Yes, we want the Nokia and Lumia branding to be retained.
    Especially in countries like India where the Surface brand has zero presence, the Lumia brand of Windows tablets makes more sense.
  • Nooooooo! Don't throw away "surface" brand! I want my surface phone!  
  • I honestly don't know why Microsoft ever considered getting rid of the Lumia name. If I recall correctly, this site did an article several months ago that showed that the Lumia brand was synonymous with WP. Hell, it's still technically Nokia (their former employees) that will will be working on the phones. Going forward, Microsoft should either: A) Use the Lumia name for phones and the Surface name for tablets or B) Use the Lumia name for consumer products (phones and tablets) and the Surface name for business/government (phones and tablets).
  • Sounds good,for Nokia, Lumia for surface,don't think so
  • They should just buy the rest of the company.
  • Screw this!!! Go with Surface or Microsoft.
  • I like the idea of Lumia for ARM and Surface for x86 devices. This was not addressed, but I like the name Windows Mobile for the combined Windows Phone OS and Windows RT OS. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I think they will simply call new line up as Lumia Only. And "Lumia" would be on top of the hardware phone. With "Nokia by Microsoft" would be placdd at the back case.
  • "Nokia by Microsoft" Akward!!   Either one or the other.   Geeze, how about just Microsoft and Lumia being the phone branding.   Or just license Nokia for five years.  If WP and MS have not solidified their place in the market at that point it's time to fold up shop anyway.   I'm a thumbs down on rebranding Surface as Lumia.
  • I love the Nokia by Microsoft change, but I'm not sure about the Surface name change though! Lots of people know the name Surface over Lumia
  • Lumia and Surface are completely different. I don't see Surface tablets being branded Lumia at all.
  • Ok people, I have finished counting. There are 8 posts by DJCBS so far.
  • The mobile world evolved around them. NOKIA for sure!
  • So you are going to invest these millions of dollars in getting this Surface brand out there.. And now you're not going to use it? I know there's no validity to these claims. But they DID do this with Zune.
  • So in 2015 when One OS to Rule Them All (Windows 9) arrives, they have to change names again. Lumia for phones, Surface for tablets. That changes again in '16 or '17 when nearly everything larger than a matchbook has a cellular.
  • Nokia surface phone, with a new mouth dropping design
  • New Nokia Lumias and Nokia surface phones powered by Microsoft windows OS
  • Nokia surface phones should be extremely thin and with professional colors; black, metallic gray, gold, and maybe crimson red
  • The inside scoop is Elop is going to elimainte the Surface brand and make the 2520 the centerpiece.
  • Surface really fits with the SP3, very little mass, just a display. This should be the name for tablets, computers and phones going forward. Use the company (Nokia) to make the phone but keep and expand the brand with a very cool name, Surface phone.
  • I think its clear Microsoft is distancing themselves from Windows RT until it merges with WP and focusing on the Surface Pro line as a revolution in productivity device. I think it would be wise to continue naming surface Pro with the Surface brand and introducing a phone to small tablet brand as Lumia. Nokia already started this with the 2520. Just need a smaller Lumia tablet.
  • Well, nokia by microsoft is better than "microsoft mobile"
  • Nokia by Microsoft????? Why? That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Must be a decision by that idiot Elop. It should be "Microsoft Lumia". Drop the nokia name for Pete Sake. So I'm gonna say "yeah, I have a Nokia by Microsoft Lumia 1520." Yeah, that flows off the tongue nicely!?!
  • BALMeLOP Limited Edition
  • But truth be told Lumia for consumer, Surface for Pro has my vote! But then is there a need for a Surface Phone?
  • "Designed by Microsoft in Washington"
  • +1520
  • a lot better than removing NOKIA entirely.
    i initially bought a windows phone because of that NOKIA logo, because this brand has a good reputation of creating quality mobile phones. they should keep NOKIA name alone in handsets as they have always been. nokia by msft is... meh! you don't necessarily need to shove it in our throats that a part of nokia is now bought by msft. i disagree with the surface thing as well.
  • As an MS employee I have now insight into any planned brand/name changes. My personal opinion is keeping Nokia by Microsoft for marketing makes sense. Keep Surface for the distinctive design of those tablets. Keep Lumia for the colorful design of phones. I don't see a prosumer/consumer differentiation between Surface and Lumia, the 930 is a high end device well suited to enterprises and prosumers. The numbering of the phones however could reflect a clear aspirational path like Apple or Samsung e.g. IPhone 5 is a clear successor to iPhone 4. Difficult for Lumia with so many different phones. One option would be Lumia Series 5,6,7,8,9 Gen or G 1,2,3. So the Lumia 930 would be the Lumia Series9G3 or S9G3. Doesn't roll off the tongue but has a clear distinction between Phone Series and generations of phone and the higher the series number the higher end the device. The 1320, 1520 and 2520 don't really fit this aspirational pattern, so maybe a different naming for Lumia Tablets and Phablets would be appropriate e.g. Lumia Tab 1 and Lumia Max 1 (1320), Lumia Max 1S (1520).
  • I think they should use use the name Bndroid.
  • Yes i agree with Lumia for rt.. It'll get rid of the confusion.
  • We love nokia. India is crazy about it. Entire ASIA is. So if the name Nokia continues, the possible downfall in the sale of the phones is not gonna happen.
    And I love NOKIA. :P
  • Here in LATAM, too.
    How many people have heard of Microsoft surface here?
    Nobody, I'm the only people I know who owned one.
    But everyone I know have owned a Nokia device, and what a non sense, Nobody calls they smartphone Nokia Lumia 9x0 with Windows phone 8.x.
    It's Nokia 9x0, or Nokia Lumia or Lumia 9x0. Motorola by Google worked.
    Nokia by Microsoft will work too. What don't work it's try to use a totally new brand with no credibility in a market who have strong brand loyalty.
  • I don't think that changing the whole tablet line to Lumia branding is a good idea but changing the RT tablets to Lumia would definitely be a positive change for two reasons: 1) It would help reduce confusion for customers who think that since both Microsoft Surface tablet lines are called "Surface" that they're both basically the same and they both run on Windows 8 & can install desktop apps on both. Don't get me wrong, I actually love Windows RT on my Lumia 2520 but that's also because I have a full understanding of what Windows RT actually is. Not everyone understands that. 2) Microsoft is merging Windows Phone and Windows RT in the future, so it makes sense to market the phones and RT tablets under the same name in preparation for that merger.
  • Nokia by Microsoft sounds good.. But I think surface branding for tablets shouldn't be replaced..
  • They have to move on and let the Nokia branding behind. At the end of the day great products lead to a strong brand.
    I say get rid of the Nokia name! Use Lumia for phones and Surface for PCs. If the products are great people will recognize it and the Microsoft brand recognition will improve. Those back steps are what really hurts Microsoft. The recent Kinect backpedaling is a great example. They should have lowered the prize of the Xbox One by 50 dollars with Kinect.
  • I think all this is speculation Microsoft will at least keep thier Surface Pro line name because it is World renown. I never liked the "Lumia" brand name any how. It sounds too much illuminati influenced. Microsoft needs to produce a new line of Cheaper Atom CPU based Windows 8.1 Tablet that cost under 450 dollars and name it "MS-TECH".
    The Microsoft Surface Line up Tablets are too expensive for most folks to buy. 800
    USA dollars for the cheapest Surface is high a price.
  • Totally agree, using Nokia by Microsoft, is better for marketing
  • Gregory, what about Apple Ipad is too Spencer too,
  • I like it.
  • As a die hard Nokia fanboy I would love to see the Nokia branding stay on these handsets. I think it is totally iconic and I would be very pleased if the Nokia brand wouldn't fade in a hidden box.
  • I like my Surface, rather have that than Lumia for tablet
  • Nokia by Microsoft / Lumia for phones but keep Surface or Lumia Surface for Tablets
  • Surface for the entirprise/professional, Lumia for the personal tablets.    Lumia shouldn't compete with a Surface Pro but should replace a Surface Mini.