Nokia Lumia 630

Microsoft's branding strategy post Nokia's acquisition may see a shift in the naming convention for the Finnish manufacturer's line of handsets. According to @evleaks, Microsoft is finalizing the terms for licensing the Nokia brand, and may introduce the "Nokia by Microsoft" branding for the handsets.

Furthermore, the Surface series may also witness a change, as @evleaks states that the Surface line of tablets will be marketed as Lumia going forward for better brand streamlining across the tablet lineup.

While the "Nokia by Microsoft" branding makes sense insofar as continuing the tradition of the iconic brand, a move to rename the Surface line seems far-fetched.

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For now, there is no validity to these claims, and since there isn't any official confirmation of the same, we suggest you take the news with a grain of salt.

Would you like to see the Surface tablets rebranded as Lumias? What are your thoughts on the "Nokia by Microsoft" branding? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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