Microsoft's Send email app arrives on the iPhone first, coming to Windows Phone soon

Microsoft's Garage project has launched a new take on email, Send, for iPhone. Send approaches email as though it were instant messaging, focusing on quick conversations, without the need for subject lines or other trappings of normal email.

Send lets you start conversations easily. Just tap the "+" button and add a contact to start a new conversation. The app also supports quick replies, as well as notices that someone it typing a response, like many other chat apps.

You won't find all of your email in send, only messages started in the app itself. They're treated like any other work email, compliant with your company's email policy.

Send requires an Office 365 account for either business or education, and is not yet open to personal accounts. Microsoft has only released a version for iPhone, with Windows Phone support arriving "soon".

The app is part of the Microsoft Garage, which are side projects by Microsoft developers in their spare time meant to cultivate new ideas. In that sense, they are merely computing experiments meant to spark creativity and could be folded into official Microsoft projects later on.

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Joseph Keller
  • lol Coming soon on their own platform :) well done msft :) 
  • You right mate
  • NO! He is wrong...... the comment in the article is "arriving soon". If he can't get that bit right wouldn't trust anything else ASPDEV says, especially as he generally makes anti MS comments continuously.
  • I respect WP fans which have always coded in C#, VB.NET or C++ using Microsoft's APIs. However, don't get why is so hard for these fans to understand that Microsoft now allows iOS and Android apps to run on WP without code changes. This was just released 2 months ago, is a state of the art technology no other company like Apple or Google have. Just as a reference, Microsoft was ahead of Sony by making Xbox 360 games run through Xbox One through eamulation, nobody thought this was possible. Microsoft has the best engineers, but since not all WP fans know about this cross-platform tech I want to point out that this and many other apps will be ported to WP very soon without code changes.
  • Microsoft's Garage is the company's tech incubator for lightweight consumer-focused apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices. The Garage apps are cross-platform, available in the Apple App Store, Google Play and/or Windows Store, where applicable. The Garage apps are all in the "experimental" phase and are updated and improved based on user experience and feedback.
  • I like how you posted a comment that had something factual in, and some idiot downvoted you Gabriel. I have voted you "up" to compensate.  The hard of thinking just like to rage. But it is understandable when apps appear on other platforms first. Its like a player from your own football team, congratulating a player from another team. Very professional, admirable even... but the "fans" hate it. MS are looking more broadly by delighting users from all eco systems and making them appeal so they try other MS services, or heaven forbid a device - like a phone! But fans won't see it that way. Just anger outpouring, this is tribal warfare in their eyes. Juvenile, but you can understand the reaction :)
  • You (hwangeruk) call MS critics fanboys, even if in this case You are the fanboy, who swallows anything MS puts on your plate. I have bought an € 450 phone running Microsoft's OS. I am not interested if something is good or bad for Microsoft's business. I expect them to support and improve their products and bring every new software and app to their own products first. That's what I have paid for.      
  • Very good point indeed.
  • Your point is well taken. However, given Microsoft's troubles of not getting the apps similar to the other platforms cause Microsoft to use some different approaches to get the developers on board. Also, Microsoft is not viewed as a consumer friendly company which is why Apple and Google have grown so rapidly and very prosperous over the years for these are multi billion dollar companies and Microsoft is trying to fit into the mobile arena. The only way I can see for Microsoft is to let their engineers have a free hand at what they do the best which then can bring innovations to the market reaching the masses. Perhaps Windows 10 is a beginning and only time will tell.
  • Apple and Google don't have this tech because they don't need it, nor do they want it.  They already have the apps, they already have fantastic developer support.  The only companies doing compatibility layers and emulators in their Mobile OSes and other devices are the ones losing their respective races.  Microsoft was forced to do this becuase Windows Phone is a failure - the same way Blackberry was forced to do it with Android and Amazon's App Store becuase BB10 was a failure. Microsoft was forced to engineer BC into the XB360 becasue the PS4 is running the tablets on them world-wide.  They need a selling point, and they really just ran out of gimmicks to push onto people and needed something at least some people would actually seriously give a shit about.  Playing old owned games is one of those things...    
  • Shut up.
  • Gabriel you understand that if this was true, it would make the fact that a Microsoft branded app is realeased on iOS and later on WP even more ridiculous? If it is so easy why not deliver them simultaneously?
    You are not being logical, all we are complaining about is user perception.
  • Well, in all fairness, this is the second time that Microsoft has released an app for iOS ahead of its own platform...
    Could you imagine ANY OTHER vendor favouring other platforms ahead of their own?! It is utter madness.
  • All I can do is quote the following from a below comment; "Google uses this too, their snapspeed app was released first on iOS way before android (even though Google has the "more devices" advantage). "
  • Google purchased Snapseed way after it was on iOS.  They purchased it a bit before the Android version was released, when they made it free across all platforms. Your comment makes absolutely no sense. Google did release other apps for iOS, like YouTube Camera, which did not come to Android.  But honestly, YouTube Camera wasn't really all that useful to begin with and all the functionality of that app was basically built into Android via the YouTube app and the Android Sharing Mechanics.
  • For the millionth time this is coming out of MS Garage. They are not beholden to release apps to Windows Phone at all. It is more akin to an incubator or start-up type atmosphere. Ppl need to understand this.
  • Agreed.
  • Lololololololololololololol❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗
  • exactly. it's embarrassing and absurd.
  • The LOL here is if Microsoft had put this on WP then everyone would complain it was beta.
  • @ASPDEV You should learn a thing or two about Microsoft Garage projects. They are side experiments by Microsoft employees and students, not official first-party apps. They are on a volunteer basis done in their spare time as a sort of kickstarter/Valley esque project to help cultivate new ideas, as such there are no restrictions on what an employee can create and these can be cancelled at anytime.
  • @Daniel Rubino,  I understand what microsoft garage means. Point I'm making here is ... when they release an app in stores they use the official account of microsoft and Logo. It clearly makes a case where their own developers prefer other platforms for experiment over their own. MSFT should really wake up and try to find out why developers prefer other platform. (Trust me its a pain to develop anythign for WP) Every developer has freedom to choose platform android or IOS including microsoft's employees/students/volunteers etc and I respect.
  • " It clearly makes a case..."
    This your opinion on the matter, not a fact. You are reading into a beta app/experiment. And no, I don't "trust you" as I have no idea who you are or what you do. If this developer wants a lot of feedback, prefers iPhone, prefers developing on iPhone or it just makes sense to do it on iPhone, it doesn't matter. This project could bomb for all we know. Putting on Windows Phone doesn't make it a good app, I mean, has anyone here even tried the thing? Probably not. I mean, you have realized that the developer who made this app is VERY likely to be a developer who just works on MS apps in general on iOS, right? If your job is coding Outlook on iOS you may very well have other ideas on how to improve things.
  • @Rubino it doesnt matter if its a beta app or not ... lead the example for other developers by developing something for your platform. at the day end I see that as a microsoft listed app on IOS.  Talking about trust ... don't trust it's your choice ... unfortunately I can't explain development issues to a person who doesnt understand what programming is. 
  • "unfortunately I can't explain development issues to a person who doesnt understand what programming is. "
    How's the view from that pedestal?
  • its not view my friend. 
  • As an ASP/MVC developer, I disagree that just one dude can release two separate apps on a whim.
  • I don't have to tell you to play nice on your own article lol.. Windows Central is probably the nicest site I've been on where generally it's users get along well. Let's keep it that way. 
  • LOL this is probably thej only site where I see an editor talk to his reader(as in talk down) like this. It's quite baffling and normally Daniel does have a point i agree with, but this time no as his way of having a point basically comes as condescending.,  
  • You become too defensive. Keep it cool!
  • Guy has a point. Side project or not it's a bad PR for MSFT and it's happening too often. If my boss saw me launching apps on a competitor's platform while having tools to code for ours or better having opportunity to convert it easily to our platform yet not doing that he'd have fired me in no time and trust me he's a great guy..
  • Would that be the case if you're boss had the opportunity to make a lot more money. Let's face it. Developers are here to make money money with our innovation. As much as I hate the competitors, we have to be honest with ourselves.  How much is our loyalty really worth?
  • SMDH, Daniel.... Give the man some credit for his experiences.
  • It is so easy to develop apps on WP platform, I don't how you manage to have pain :o
  • No.  It's a fact.
  • Hi Rubino, you are missing two points:
    1-if it is arriving soon for WP too it would have made sense to wait a little longer and publish them at the same time 2-they could remove the "Microsoft" from the name OR they could use the tools they are promoting (code once deploy everywhere).   If they too stop believing in their platform well... Let's say I'm a big windwos phone fan and I've even developed two apps for it and they are making ME think of switching to Android...
  • Ferrazza, the point you're missing is, only in a juvenile world is this an issue. Your "anger" and all the other spotty ragers think there is some "war" going on. A versus. In the same juvenile way people argue about Xbox vs Playstation. Microsoft don't look at the juvenile "mine versus yours" in this stupid simplistic way. They are much broader in thinking. This is clearly not a cornerstone app of any consequence, some holding it back makes 0 sense. Yet that won't stop the childish end of the WP Central communiity (we know who they are) getting their knickers in a knot. It really doesn't matter. But I will get the popcorn, and watch you 5 year olds fall out with each other and hate on daniel and cut yourselves to death. Go on, rage on.
  • You see anger where you should see criticism hwangeruk. This is all about user perception and "bad stories" are summing up to creating a very bad overall feeling about the MS platform and apps. Debating about something is is usually not considered childish, you are just mocking people without contributing to the discussion...well, who's childish? ;)
  • The childish end of WP Central... Yes that's the staff.
  • "If this developer wants a lot of feedback, prefers iPhone" Sorry, but Msft will have more downloads/feedbacks on Windows Phone than on iOS. iOS has perhaps more devices, but also more apps and more msft-haters. If Microsoft publishes an app on WP, you can be sure to have A LOT of downloads, not the case on Android/iOS
  • Good reply, @ASPDEV. @Daniel, he hit this right on the mark. By your own admittance, Microsoft Garage projects are meant to spark creativity, not generate profit. Thus, it seems that developers here would want to focus first on the platform that is easiest to code for. The fact that this is still not Windows Phone, after all of Microsoft's efforts to make it developer-friendly, speaks volumes...
  • "Thus, it seems that developers here would want to focus first on the platform that is easiest to code for. "
    Or this is an iOS developer who works at Microsoft doing a side project. That is very much likely the correct answer. I highly doubt this was a Windows Phone developer who is coding for iOS. I mean, let's think this through people.
  • it doesnt matter ... let that developer use his personal account and release an app. again I see it as a microsoft app 
  • You see what you want to see. The company does not have to kowtow to your biases for Windows Phone and your perception of things.
  • again its nothing personal against you ... even we want windows platform to succeed. It opens new opportunities for developers. Instead you getting hyper over our comments I wish microsoft should take this seriously what we are trying to convey. 
  • If I were you, I would just ignore Mr Rubino comments. 
  • He doesn't really seem that upset. In any case, (as a developer myself), I'm pretty sure that limiting your employees in their personal side projects to writing apps for a single OS would be the exact opposite of promoting creativity. An iOS developer at Microsoft isn't going to just "know" windows phone. It would be stupid to expect him to learn a different OS, just to line up properly. Sure, it might be on iOS first. But you're mistaking Microsoft's intentions. They don't need to be first on windows (soon to be win mobile). That was evidenced by office and tons of other great applications. Having great apps out when they're available for the platform they are is what will get Microsoft the best mind share and advantage in today's world. You can disagree with that, but it's pretty clearly proven IMO that that is what Microsoft believes. Just because it is first on iOS doesn't mean they won't make it best on Windows. Also, from a purely technical perspective, its entirely possible that they are waiting on some Windows 10 Mobile APIs/hooks, or the win mobile developer for send just joined later than the iOS guy because it was the iOS guy's idea. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think that this whole argument is pretty pointless...jeez
  • I don't think he misunderstood Microsoft's intentions. He is just pointing out the consequences of the action, whatever Microsoft's intentions are. Perception matters, I would say Apple's recent success is part solid engineering and part perception (where I live, people aspire to use Apple devices because they have 'class'). At the end of the day, an iOS user sees the app under Microsoft's name, and doesn't know about garage projects. I guess Windows Mobile has become a victim of its maker's choices. As for Daniel, well, every establishment has that guy that tries hard not be anyone's favourite.
  • You miss something. All companies motivate employees to create side-projects, even with competitor's technology, it's cool, no problem about that. BUT, if your side-project is published by your employer, it's no more a side-project, it's an project from the company (even if you lead it and made it during your free-time). Other example, imagine, I work for Apple and I create a side-project named 6OneNote, a cool OneNote client for Android Watch, do you think Apple will publish it? No  
  • @rudyhuyn well said ... its so easy logic which arrogant and ignorant Rubino doesn't understand
  • Damn dude you're reading way too much into it. If a developer who works on a Garage program app wants to release their project for other OS it's their choice. If the goal is to experiment and see how a large user base takes the app,then releasing it to a larger user base makes sense. Get as much feedback as possible and see what you can do to make it better before bringing it to other platforms. If they release it on WP first and it's shity then you would still have people complaining. Take the risk with the other platform,gain feedback,improve and expand. I understand where you're coming from as far as perception,but I think it's a little much to worry about. WP will be fine.
  • MS should absolutely be concerned about the public's perception of things. When the Xbox One E3 event happened and the public's perception was extremely negative, MS fairly quickly put alot of resources and money into correcting it, and still are suffering from that negative perception. The perception to the public is that "Microsoft is making apps for iOS first, PERIOD". It doesn't matter if it's a Garage project or not, the perception to many is that an app with MS branding and created by MS is available on iOS and not WP. You can defend this behavior all you want, but the evidence is EXTREMELY clear in this thread alone; by doing things like this, MS is turning off customers. Whether or not you, or I, or Joe Belfiore, thinks that the it's okay for MS to release side projects like this to iOS and not WP for any number of reasons, it doesn't matter. It's the public's perception and the public's reaction that matters. And if you can't see that the reaction is almost universally negative, then I don't know what to tell you.  
  • Garage apps shouldn't be relased with the "Microsoft" name anywhere in sight and that is the ultimate crux of the biscuit! Especially not when there are Lumia 640's sitting down at my local Wal-Mart with the "Microsoft" name plastered right in the middle of the phone! I would say they need to remove their corporate name from "Garage" if this is simply going to be a group of devs doing their own thing, on their own preferred platform. You're right... It creates a public perception problem.
  • ^^^^This
  • The problem isn't so much that they aren't releasing first for windows phone, it's that Microsoft is IMO embracing their position as a software company and releasing great apps and services for people regardless of the OS, because it's their software, and the use of it, that will drive Microsoft this decade. They aren't going to abandon windows. It's going to end up as the best platform to be in Microsoft's ecosystem for sure. But people are accusing Microsoft of not caring about windows or win mobile because their perspective of what Microsoft should be doing does not line up with Microsoft's perspective of what they should be doing. Microsoft is embracing their strengths. They aren't and won't be leaving Windows Mobile behind, but they also aren't going to sit back on the things they're good at to continue propping up Windows Mobile. People are using office on mobile because it is widely available on iOS and Android and has been for a year or however long. Not because Microsoft waited to release it on Windows 10 in 2015, or because a version of it was released first on WP8 in 2012. Releasing for MS alone was tried, and it didn't work in today's world. Expecting Microsoft to do so again would be having Microsoft perform worse than they are capable of. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • end up? when? since 2010 we've been hearing this song and dance. The app gap widens, the flagships disappear, microsoft releases office and basically all other apps on the other platforms LONG before on windows (remember that office still isn't officially out on windows phone). Microsoft may very well be embracing their strengths, but that doesn't mean WP has any role in that.
  • But you want us to kowtow to your perception...
  • I'm beginning to think this Daniel's school of thought is what is "killing" Windowsphone! You supposed to tell Microsoft how we (WindowsPhone fans) feel when apps from Microsoft get released on other platforms before Windowsphone not defend what we perceive as non supportive of Microsoft's own platform. Articles here are great but feedback from fans is equally important to sell the platform; we don't just want to get informed, we want Microsoft to convince us why we should prefer this platform to others. Every little thing matters.
  • @Rubino I don't know if it's funny or irritating to read how You attack your readers who don't agree with you or praise the almighty MS. It looks like you are trying to make this site a CultofMS.
  • Who is the publisher? All apps have a publisher ID and name... Who is it in this case?
  • Perhaps the bigger question is why release something in iOS first?  It just seems like an odd play... Microsoft makes a mobile platform that competes directly with Andriod and iOS yet they give iOS a head start.  Is this a sign they are all but admitting that Windows OS is so unpopular that they focus on the other mobile platforms first?   If Apple released a new version of iTunes that was only available for Windows the first couple of months people would surely start questioning their sanity, so it just makes me wonder what MS is thinking.
  • why such an argument over an app that came to an OS that is out there, probably the developer (iOS or Windows Phone) is just waiting for Windows 10 Mobile to launch, which is not out there. relax everyone.
  • A launch that is likely not coming for another 3+ months you mean?
  • I think what everyone is trying to say is, yes, we realize what Garage is, and yes, we realize they can do whatever they want, and yes, we realize that not everyone at Microsoft is all-aboard the Microsoft train, but that is precisely the problem: if even your own employees aren't gung-ho about your products or services, how do you ever expect those products or services to take off? This happens all the time with Microsoft employees and executives, actually, with several of them on Twitter talking about using iTunes or their iPhones, etc. And, yes, we realize they can do whatever they want in their free time, so if they want to plug iTunes and iPhones instead of Xbox Music / Groove or Lumias, they can--and they do. But, it just looks bad.
  • Why would Microsoft NOT hire experienced iOS developers to build their iOS products? If you were an experienced iOS developer and went to work at Microsoft because you wanted to work on one of the biggest "names" in software (Office), would you suddenly need to start loving C# and Windows as a development platform?
  • Again, you should think this through :), MS is a big software company, they may encourage developers to create such projects but then, as a multibillionaire brand you get a WP developer and say to him "sit with your friend there and create the WP version". We are not talking about a 3 people company, it is Microsoft, they should not put their brand on something without putting some marketing effort into it. 
  • I used to like Daniel but he's getting arrogant now a days. I agree with what ASPDEV said but find the reply of Dan a little arrogant
  • That's fine, I'm not here to win friends or your affections. Nice to see you shifting the argument from the merits (or non-merits) to making it personal and about me. I speak my mind and my opinions do not have to jive with others here.
  • Holy hell.. "ASPDEV" should of people know better about how the Software industry works, instead decides to play the ignorant card. Fact is, at the very least, I comprehend the points you make. It sucks to cater to mindless fanboys :/
  • Daniel's always been arrogant.  He comes to the comment section just to pick a fight with people.  "That is your opinion," is his famous line, and then goes on to give his own.
  • Thats because bell ends post their opinion as fact. So he can not have an opinion if it disagrees with yours? Again, juvenile.
  • I'm tired of Daniel's attitude. We all know he's well informed but comes across as arrogant and rude. @Daniel... You should stop antagonizing your readers... This isn't the only site where we can get our news.
  • About a year ago I had been working on a company which I ended up leaving for something else.
    Anyways, it was very common to hold group contests (all friendly) and separate contests to show off your 'pet project'.
    All the time, none of these developers ever used the company's platform in question; in fact, because it was their spare time, they would use the platform they were used to.
    Occasionally, some of these Apps would be rebuilt to comfort with the platform and released.
    This is the same principle of Microsoft Garage - you can't force an engineer to use something they don't want to.
  • @Dan "I'm not here to win friends or your affections"   Its pretty rude to say that ... some users here are your fans you agree or not. so be nice and win affection rather than bashing us
  • I don't mind Dan bashing you as you are way too anti Microsoft in your stance and comments on this site.
  • If you dont win affections personally, it wont affect WC but as an Editor in chief you'll soon loose fan base..... Apologies in advance to speak my mind
  • @Dan  Calm down friend. You are a great person, do not need to speak like that. We are here to read you, AND share opnions, we do not need to agree in all   Go take a big breath, you are a good guy
  • Daniel no one is 'making it personal' about you. We are readers/members of this awesome community who have the right to critique/criticize someone. This is not your twitter nor a personal blog where you leave your musings for everyone. It's an enthusiast site and you are an amazing editor and the face of the community so the way you talk to your readers who actually are what help keep the site afloat is what can make or break a community easily. You don't have to be liked....but it is good to be respected. And you are quite condescending and downright degrading to the people who are here.
  • Daniel Rubino
      That's fine, I'm not here to win friends or your affections. Nice to see you shifting the argument from the merits (or non-merits) to making it personal and about me. I speak my mind and my opinions do not have to jive with others here.
      well said... this aint a social networking site!
  • Keep speaking your mind, ignore the idiots. You're spot on that this will 99% be an iOS developer, they could have released this app in their spare time, under their own name and nobody would even know they worked for Microsoft. If I thought this app was such a amazing idea I'd write an app that does the same thing for Windows, but half the people moaning here wouldn't even download looks like a well made app, but not that useful
  • Hmm, I just got deja vu! Strange :-)
  • Agree, arrogant and pedantic. 
  • Hubris, pure hubris...
  • As a .Net developer since the original VS.Net release, my opinion is that coding for WP is about a million times easier than Android or iOS.  That's my opinion since I know it like the back of my hand, but I tried to write Android apps a few years ago before I got my first Windows Phone and it was a confusing mess, especially on the dB side. At any rate, I've created a bunch of little WP apps for myself and more for just experimentation, but if you asked me to create those same apps for another platform I'd have someone else do it.  That's probably what's happening here, 'have a WP developer create it' after it hits the iOS store and gauge interest. If you're an .Net developer and think coding for WP is difficult then you need to take another look at the samples.. Also what's with the animosity on this thread?  I don't understand the anger when Microsoft releases apps on other platforms, they're trying to be the platform of services for everyone/everywhere, which I think it brilliant
  • Exactly Bill. But what you have to realise, is the W Central crowd are a wide demographic. We have plenty of people with a bent and immature view of the world, of course we are. Ages range wildly, but you will find a large percentage of tech nerds in their 20s and 30s who are still quite immature (not neccessarily emotionally, but they are there, but also in how the world or business works) Like apps on other platforms are an afront to them, so personal, so... juvenile. Manchilds exist in their 20s and 30s everywhere, we see a disproportinate number of them in IT jobs of course. Grown men raging at their PCs as they have found Linux, and MS must die (you will find those guys over at :) ) You make a perfactly reasonable post, but watch "the kids" downvote you. Its part of the territory here. X TC, ASPDEV, DDJCBS, RODNEYJ they are always here whining away - posting tedious drivel. You have to tune it out. I think its brave of Daniel to engage with these inexperienced humans :)
  • Wouldn't you define juvenile someone who just posts to provoke people instead of giving his opinion on the subject at hand? As you would say from your "mature pedestal", grow up kid ;)
  • True. True.
  • No point of arguing with Daniel, he always take Microsoft's side...
  • Awww... Or, or...maybe I see a lot of hyper dramatic people in comments complaining about an app that has limited usage (needs Office 365 account for either business or education) and is not focusing on the main prize. There's always a 'drama of the day' around here that will easily be forgotten in 2 days. If you want anti-Microsoft or someone who always criticizes their every move, you have the other 95% of the internet.
  • whether it's a Microsoft Garage app or not, we can't deny the fact that its a growing trend. Microsoft either releases its apps first on iOS and even when their apps are available on all platforms, the iOS or Android versions are better. have you looked at Skype? Now tell me why the hell am I sticking with WP? Even Lenovo CEO recently spoke about there being no incentive to make Motorola Windows Phones since all Microsoft apps are on Android and iOS. Microsoft better get their priorities straight. There's absolutely no incentive for being on this platform anymore. I have the following questions for #AskDan
    1. Can Microsoft prioritize its native apps on its native platforms first? 2. Whoever developed this app, is he/she on Microsoft's payroll? Why isn't he/she working with the Outlook Email team on improving Outlook for WIndows10Mobile? Microsoft needs to understand that we faithfuls have no reason to be on this platform and this is like rubbing it in our faces. Developing Cortana on Android? like really? Who's gonna use it between? It's definitely not better than Google Now! Why waste resources. I love Nadella's approach. But this strategy of serving iOS and Android first baffles me! You have to be objective and acknowledge this sometimes.
  • I think we'd prefer baance...there is bashing(The Verge and 95 percent of the internet) and then there is this where we praise every little thing and try to make excuses for them when they aren't deserved.
  • balance.
  • @Mr. Rubino, it's always smart to know when to in this case, which was long long back.
  • I agree with you Daniel, This complaints get old! Microsoft has been focussing on getting there services on competing platforms and has been focussing in building there services from the ground up for Windows 10.
    That's why it feels like WP8.1 got ignored, but that's okay to me, I know there pushing all there time money and resources to Windows 10.
    But there are always people like ASPDEV who pick up any stick to hit with or seize every opportunity to feul the fire when it comes to these kinds of situations.
    Microsoft Garage project is no different. Its useless to try and change those drama queens minds, as all they care about is bitching an crying over every little thing they can even if all facts and every reason tells them why something, for obvious reasons, is what it is.
    But as editor in chief you shouldn't let some one like ASPDEV get to you like this. Its unprofessional, I know your only human, but in the long run behaviour like this would hurt Try to remember that before you respond out of emotion to a commenter.
  • man this drama is continuing for way too long and have gotten tired of reading this argument between +Daniel and +ASPDEV.   I'm on Dan's side on this one though :)
  • @Daniel lol.. Now I know why The Verge disabled comments in their articles. Maybe I should stick to your Twitter feed. this looks like a *grabbing popcorn* chick fight
  • @Thusharaya and @fireword9  yes!!! Dan is little loud with his response. even we are fans of windows, when something is wrong we would express it. At the day end we developers are burning our money and time on this platform. 
  • Dude, I swear, you must be leaking fluids from somewhere, so are your "friends" in the conversation. Do you have any clue how big iOS is? Or better, do you know how massive the App Store is? It's become the face of mobile apps and store, it's so big it is an industry of its own. You think people code apps for iOS because they like iPhone or are just fans of it? They do it because that's what they are iOS developers. Just like people develop programs for Windows. In all honesty, I would develop for both iOS and WP with more emphasis on iOS cause that's where the people are, that's where the money is and that's where it's most likely to get a better picture of what needs improving and fixing. So yeah, every single time there is an app with "Microsoft" in the name that comes out on iOS first, people act like the apocalypse has arrived and everything is burning. Not only you are not seeing that, you're stating what YOU think and believe with no room in that brain of yours to consider anything else.
    In the process, you're turning this into a personal argument and group mockery against Daniel, who I don't always agree with but I respect his opinion enough as he knows a thing or two more and well, he practically runs the place. Your stance shows your inability to support your arguments and your attitude is exactly why our editors will stop talking to us one day. You should be ashamed.
  • Yeah, he must be trying to get a job at Microsoft, or something.  I don't see any other reason for him to argue and defend nearly everything they do.  Trying to win those brownie points, I 'spose.
  • Yet you seem to be okay with people criticizing everything they do, regardless if the criticism is valid or not.
  • Daniel Rubino being extremely pro-Microsoft is a good thing considering that almost every tech writer these years is naturally an anti-Microsoft.
  • How exactly is it good? If anything those critical of microsoft actually do have a point when they criticize Windows Phone...albeit highly exaggerated.
  • Yeah, but it bleeds a person if credibility if they can't admit faults... Not saying that Daniel doesn't admit faults, but he does do a lot of unnecessary justification....
  • Event though the Microsoft side is that one making apps for other platforms. Silly, I know. 
  • Don't worry, he'll delete this shit quicker than a back alley abortion...just wait for it....
  • LMAO i shouldn't laugh at this. But i did. I am horrible :D  
  • yes I expect this thread to be deleted soon, that's what he has done in past
  • This^^ true true.. Very true.
  • lol... great comment
  • Agree, true true...
  • T I T A N I C
  • True,, true... True dat.
  • he just deleted one of the posts on Ninjacat article 
  • Windows 8.1 sucks so bad even the guys at Microsoft don't want to do the extra work to publish apps for it. it's a fact that we as Windows Phone users have to face and all we can do now is wait for windows 10.
  •         Daniel is right here to be honest, if u check the Microsoft garage website, u will find there are much more windows/wp related projects than that on other platforms, indicating that this is an iOS developer (vs the more windows developers in Microsoft who will obviously be involved in more projects). It is just the spotlight was on this particular project. And to be honest, iOS is generally good for testing as it is more app orientated (the fewer hardware configurations and being targeted to highend  users mean that more people will be involved in the testing compared to windows phone and android). Google uses this too, their  snapspeed app was released first on iOS way before android (even though Google has the "more devices" advantage).  @daniel, I think there should be more coverage on Microsoft's other garage projects ,specially the windows related ones, rather than just on the ones specific for non windows projects.          
  • @ASPDEV "Trust me its a pain to develop anythign for WP" - you sound like Snapchat's CEO  lol ....  please don't come into WP forums and try to spread your negativity in the hope of demovating the awesome devs we got.... if you believe that developing for WP is a pain or that MS is a dumb company go and dev apple or droid apps... 
  • @Pathum "dont come to WP forums ?" Country I live in has democracy and its absolutely my choice to come or not even express my opinion.
  • Puka nodi idapan
  • It's not their developers. It is students and MS employees working on their spare time. No one uses WP why would they be making apps for a minority platform? It's a bad business decision.
  • You are an idiot. It is NOT a pain to develop for WP. In fact, it's quite easy! Maybe u are just a shit dev mate.
  • Maybe you should write in the article that its a garage app?
  • That is true and I complained to the writer of this article about that and have added in that info.
  • inst easy to port this app from IOS to Microsoft? they should do :)
  • "complained"? aren't you the editor in chief? you "complain" to the writers?
  • Newsroom, who wrote this, is separate from Windows Central staff writers. I called for this story to be posted, however, I cannot edit or oversee every final article posted due to the fact I have other jobs here (writing, doing video, conference calls, working with developers, talking to sources, social aspects of the site, etc). It's sort of like how Nilay does not personally oversee every article posted on the Verge.
  • I guess Daniel differs from what i thought an Editor in Chief was... An editor-in-chief is a publication's editorial leader, having final responsibility for all operations and policies.
  • looks like Daniel's job is more of a secretorial job than being editor
  • Lol
  • Lol
  • My issue is not with your job, my issue is with the use of the word "complained".
  • They ninja edited the first line of the article. It now says "Microsoft's Garage project has launched" instead of "Microsoft has launched". Also added the last paragraph explaining Garage.
  • Daniel nowhere in this article does it mention Microsoft garage. It says Microsoft only. So first how would anyone know it came from garage? Secondly I find that excuse to be weak. This is precisely why Microsoft has the reputation it has. Not because its products suck but it even deems it's own products as second class citizens. Case in point this. If Microsoft can't even bother to release apps first or simultaneously for windows or bring feature parity between apps then why should other developers do the same?
  • Thank You! That's exactly how I feel. I doubt things will change with Windows 10 and I can't wait for it to come out on phones as I know the fanatics will say..."Windows 10 isn't out for phones yet." But, really, why wait. Put it in the store now, since it's "universal" anyways it should work when Windows 10 for mobile gets out.
  • You know this behavior is not restricted to Microsoft Garage apps Daniel, it's the norm now. Where's Sway for Windows Phone? It's coming for Windows 10? I hope Windows 10 is amazing enough to spin a whole new generation of Windows enthusiasts, 'cause Microsoft is trying very hard to lose the current one. Enthusiasts are super important Daniel, they use and advocate your products (just ask Apple), it's dummy to treat them like shit like msft is doing for the last 2 years.
  • Indeed, 'garage' or otherwise, WP is commonly last on MS's development list. What with all the good explanations as to why this is just fine and only to be expected and how we should congratulate MS on their creativity in supporting other platforms first, I may have missed all the Apple and Google 'garage' apps being released on WP first. Or perhaps they just didn't get that memo?
  • Okay, if developers have developed it alone under their name It's sad but fine. this is under Microsoft name. iOS do not need more apps, WP need more apps.
  • guys leave him alone, no matter what he will still defend every move by Microsoft.
  • I bet no one will read your comment and they will be spew hate against MS
  • Another dickhead response from you. You really should learn how to speak to people. Maybe just point him in the right direction.
  • Yes, made by Microsoft employees....
    What hope for this platform if Microsoft's rank and file don't even support the platform!?!
  • The fact they by free will arived at the ios platform first may be a sign/proof that it is easier to develop for ios than it is for WP. And this is not the first time it happens. May be a symptom of a deeper problem.
  • Hahaha (sarcastic laugh)
  • Why should i keep bying windows phones and being a fan of Microsoft ?! \_('_')_/
  • I can think of no good reason.
  • Lol this is why Microsoft phones will go down to earth.. Neglecting their own platform and running for others
  • @ASPDEV:
    "Coming soon.™"
    The history of Windows on phones...
  • I've read all the messages on this thread. Well, generally I am on Daniel's side in arguments as these but today I am with ASPDEV and team. For a layman, it really sends a very very wrong message when an app from MS comes out on iOS first. This is the basic thing all of us are saying. No matter it's from Garage or from any team. If it is published by MS and carrying official MS banner, it's not good. The better would have been if they had waited and launched on both iOS and WP. Come on MS. We trust in you. You have been amazing this previous year in listening to community, this is just another thing we are saying.
  • Theyre just experiment apps. Anyway Microsoft is a software company. They make software and apps. They're not OS fanboys as much as you guys.
  • While I don't always agree with Daniel, I'm 100% with him on this. As a dev, I know how crucial it is to "go hard or go home". Actually I think this app should've come to Android first. Think about it, if it came to WP first, by the time that dev had something ready for IOS or Android, someone probably would have taken his ideia and published far ahead of him, and this means he would have lost everything. Sometimes there's no other way. And if this dev is in for the money, who can judge him?
  • Wow! Just wow! Them first before us?! Crazy
  • You got that right. Another day, another case of WP taking a backseat to iOS and Android.
  • ASPDEV,not that I disapprove you but the term Garage means to built something new with the tools we have or which are given to you. Microsoft Garage consists of employees/students who can code to built a new app on "ANY" platform with given tools. It is the project just for MSFT students to do some more thing in their extra time. And because they(coders) under or for Microsoft to built new apps with given tools Microsoft uses their name in store as "Microsoft Garage".
  • I think Daniel and a host of Microsoft defenders fail to realize that these policies/actions are part of the reason you have negative press for Microsoft. Microsoft is psychologically digging it's own grave in the mobile sphere if it continue to do this nonsense in order to appear "cool". I will not be surprised if in 5 years time a consortium of Snapchat and co. buys out Microsoft. Dear Microsoft, let me use this opportunity to wish you RIP in advance as you continue to psychologically prop up your competitors. But please don't blame on the EU or Google or Linux apostles telling people how appalling your own OS. Your workers are doing very beautifully. More grease to your demise o jare. Akutuku lona Heavendrive.
  • Okay...
  • Microsoft should always be releasing on their own platform first and then others. Otherwise what was the whole point of encouraging people to the Windows Mobile platform?
  • Microsoft Send app
    iOS - Available for download
    Android -  Coming Soon Windows Phone: Coming Soon
  • it's fine, iOS users will test it first, and we got the better product after it ; ) yeah, I know, I'm a dreamer
  • just ordered an iPhone 6, can't wait so I can test out this send app, along with Microsoft's Sway app and oh I heard Office, Outlook mail and Skype apps are better on iOS too. how exciting! remind me why i got a windows phone again? I bet your response is "coming soon"
  • Really thinking about dumping Windows Phone for iPhone since Microsoft is always dumping on us.
  • The fanboy army will be rekt today
  • What's rekt?
  • Lol. Get rekt!
  • Sooner or later, the concept is 10/10
  • LOL :D (Microsoft's email) comes first to iphone then (Microsoft's phone)
  • Be careful while you're saying this, Daniel bhayya maar dalega.. :P
  • Lol
  • I own a yellow 1020 and still I bought red 920 when it was in a great deal...i love windows phone than anybody here..BUT MS is releasing their apps like office and app like this one first on IOS and I couldn't stop laughing.... Lol
  • Still I have doubt on the benefit.. They should rather improve Skype app on windows phone
  • Isn't that going to disappear all together and become merged with text and call?
  • Yes.
  • "Soon"
  • Wait, WHAT?
  • Ohh that, they actually did announced it first and latter realised that it can not be done, at least not before release of windows 10 mobile.
  • maybe one day, but it's doubtful, tbh
  • It's going to be US only.
  • lol probably
  • The skype team works on skype not the garage team.
  • They need to fix Lync or Skype for Business on mobile. So many messages don't go through or missing.
  • *Covers ears* I know this article won't end up pretty... :/
  • You know it lol
  • Cool!
  • Showed them who's boss!
  • Windows 10 will change it all! Until then , screw you Windows fans....Love, Microsoft.
  • Can't wait to play Angry Birds 2 on Windows 10!
  • Do you even understand what comes out of your mouth? Rather than being silly, Acquiring knowledge should be more of a priority. "Send" is similar to "Tetra lockscreen". Developed by an intern on his time...
  • Which locked up many a phone...,but fuck it, he was in intern...
  • This is a MIcrosoft Garage Incubator App so they'll always come out on iOS first since it's the largest platform/most active users.  Now before the hysteria, the reason for this is that they use this as a testbed before wasting the time to port it over to Android or Windows Phone.  Most of these apps will proably die and never see much success, the entire program is a test bed for ideas, so what better market to try it out on first than the largest one?   
  • At least you get this, unlike some of the others on this site.
  • Unlike many others...
  • It doesn't matter if some get it.  I understand the logic, but perception is reality.  And the reality is that MS's own garage builds for other platforms while ignoring their own, so why should any other developer be different?
  • Agreed.   People wonder like Rubino wonder why WP is failing but then will argue with the public at large when he thinks people "don't get it". The perception is that WP is an afterthought to devs, including now Microsoft Devs. But he would rather argue that it's ok for MS devs to have iOS first instead of recognizing the perception it creates at large and the damage it does.   If people need to go onto a online forum to argue that MS is not putting iOS first in order to change the public opinion that they are, then clearly MS screwed up big time.
  • This dev could be in it for the money only. It is on his right to do so.
  • Yes he could be, and if so, then he should be publishing it independentally of MS.   
  • Perception is reality. Garage or not, Microsoft needs to understand the ramifications of allowing their people to release apps for IOS first and either force them to release for windows first or don't put the Microsoft name on it. It's not rocket science.
  • @jlzimmerman perception is reality? lool... well then you percieved this wrong :P 
  • Of course, perception is NOT the reality. Because there CAN'T be several realities for a single thing, but there CAN be several perceptions for one thing. Reality is always one. However, perception can be MORE important than reality because this is what makes the world believe what they see.
  • Daniel, it's understood that they want to showcase it to larger audience. That's the way business works. But if you yourself aren't trying to help your own platform then who'll?
    I've been on WP for three years and its by choice because of love towards the platform. Hence we expect this kind of love from devs too. MS can easily make some devs sit and make different apps under garage brand for WP and we'll all be happy that we're being cared. Is it too much to ask? Look at the way apps are being updated and the way apps are being published nowadays.. Most apps in the store are shameful.
  • iOS does not have more users than Android. I live in South America. I guarantee it. 
  • iOS has more paying Office 365 subscribers than Android, and I guarantee you that. This app was designed for the office environment, and Apple has a stranglehold on that sector. If you look at it this way, then you'll see that it makes sense to demo the app on iOS first.
  • The app is only for office 365 subscribers and only for US and Canada iOS users.
  • So the inhouse developers are better coding for iOS than coding an app for the Windows platform?
  • Errrmmm.... Xamarin or Cordova!
  • "So the inhouse developers are better coding for iOS than coding an app for the Windows platform?"
    Probably the one who actually MAKE ALL THE MICROSOFT APPS FOR IOS, yes. What, you don't think they have ideas?
  • Whoa!
    Are you suggesting Microsoft's iOS developers are allowed to go outside?? What madness is this??
  • Yes, the programmers who develop programs for iOS are probably better at iOS programming than Windows programming. I mean that's only basic logic.
  • Or they can go for the money.
  • Agreed
  • Actually Android is by far the largest Platform.
  • you lost it in the "largest platform". iOS is nothing compared to Android in terms of userbase and variety makes it perfect for testing. iOS is money-making oriented, so the only alternative to pure negligence is that this devs are using MS support to get money form it in the future.
  • Hmm, what advantage does Send have over Skype & Skype Qik?
  • you can use your email inbox to communicate and dont need additional apps like .. skype
  • But you need the app Send. Why wouldn't you just use your Outlook app? What's the point of the middleman?
  • Goes through, is compliant with, is backed up by...the corporate email server
  • @Prithwish I like Skype but its dead I can never get anyone to use it its FaceTime or GoTomeeting but iPhone looks attrative day by day
  • Really? Everyone I know uses Skype, even the Apple and Android fanboys. You here a little bit aobut "FaceTime" (such a stupid name) and "Google Hangouts", but even those users still have Skype.
  • Skype has over 500,000 million installs on Android alone.
  • Sad
  • Cheer up, go play in the sun, it's not that bad.
  • Aaack!!! Sun... is eyes!!!
  • Poor bleach in em...then you won't have to read this shit anymore....
  • Thanks for the great Windows Phone support Microsoft. You are doing a great job digging your own grave.
  • Why would they create a new app for an OS that will be irrelevant in a couple months? Especially since I'm pretty sure this is a garage app. "soon" hopefully means a universal W10 app
  • Well, then they should've waited till W10 to release this app on iOS
  • Why?
  • They should be creating apps for windows 10, then.
  • You mean garbage app....
  • MS didn't want to loss their software market
  • Cool
  • Dear MS, dont give us reasons to hate u and start loving Apple
    I think MS is secret ad agency of Apple
  • Its not by MS, app is developed by an intern inside Microsoft Garage, So its upto the individual where the app releases and to which platform it caters to. Mosto f these apps are like "Tetra lockscreen" they will die if not adopted by masses. Most of the time these apps are test beds.
  • Microsoft Garage are not "interns," they are paid employees working for the company.
  • The problem is, a single app with the name Microsoft on it, that releases for iphone first, is enough to make headlines in those sites hungry for MS bashing.
  • Funny thing about the Tetra Lockscreen app is that I really wanted to try it out but NO! They region locked it in the store to U.S. only. I used to check every day if it's available to download in ny region to no avail.
    Now I have no interest in it and I honestly don't care about that app. Just thought I'd share this... I've been disappointed in the past to the point of not caring anymore. If this keeps up, I'd jump ship to Android and be happy like the rest of the guys. I'm really losing conviction to stay on WP. I was saving up for the next flagship... But I doubt it now. It's sad.
  • I'm not buying another windows phone after this..
  • Wow. Because of a new app you never used?
  • No becoz of current apps dont even work properly takes ages to load messages
  • Then don't use Skype.
  • No, because not even MS believes on its own product. 
  • How ya figure?
  • THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
  • Don't let the door knob hit you in the ass on the way out.
  • Why another messaging app? Skype should be the only messaging app.
  • wouldnt it be nice if you could get your friends with Android and Iphone to actually use Skype to chat.......ive tried, i cant even get them to use whatsapp.....they all have iphones, their iMessage always screws up, but they always go back to it, and the lonely soul with a Windows Phone, they always say it looks cool, but i have no freaking apps, and its starting to piss me off.  Developers better port their F'ing android/ios apps to W10, or its gonna be Peace, see u Lata
  • Then you'll show devs who's boss!
  • snapchat is what EVERYONE is using these days in Canada. whatsapp isn't used, skype neither. A little facebook messenger, but mostly just snapchat. Love using it on my 929 /s
  • First on iphone, WP whenever = business as usual
  • Ioscrosoft
  • They're waiting for Windows 10 as usual~
  • And they said , Microsoft is not killing Windowsphone....... They intelligently managed to move Windowsphone features to Desktop like Action Centre , Startmenu's Windowsphone home screen , Cortana etc.... By so called One Platform . Next step is stop making devices and shutting Windowsphone completely....
  • Haha that's dumb man...that is the idea of "one" have common elements across all has a few common elements too...does that mean Xbox is gonna eliminate windows or vice versa? :P Think the logic through people!
  • At least after windows 10 comes out they could just port the app *shrug*
  • I have no probs wid MS releasing their products for ios but why do they give apple the first priority can't they wait until the Windows phone app is ready.
  • See Dan's comment wayyyyyy above yours
  • Which one? They are so tastefully written, I can't choose?
  • Because they're a software and services company. And those things are OS independent.
  • May be it's a crap app :P
  • Then it wouldn't make sense to publish it at all. That's wasted time and manpower they could have used effectively elsewhere.
  • Sounds like a pretty pointless app since you can't access you're "regular" email here, too. Unless they're planning on adding that functionality, and providing all the features of a program like Lync (Skype for Business), then it's just one more program to manage. I like the fact that they were trying to rethink email, but it sounds like there's more thinking to be done before this becomes worthy of a download. iOS first? I've come to accept that MS is serious about becomming a cross-platform solutions provider, so it doesn't bother me at all any more. In fact, it seems like the smartest thing to do. If, by using their stuff, you have access to your content and applicataions on all the devices you use, that's pretty powerful. Kills lock-in and exclusivity bragging rights, but in the end, convenience trumps those less savory characteristics (:
  • Hey Daniel when edge gets support to background downloading in wp tp
  • I dunno. In the future?
  • "soon"
  • Only after they release Edge on IOS/Android with background downloading, thereafter for Windows 11 :P The new Windows 10 Mobile marketing line is 'The phone for the patient ones'
  • lolirl.
  • At no point in the article does it say its a garage app. Maybe that should be rectified before people complain about everyone moaning its not on wp first.
    I assumed, like I assume a lot of people did that it was a first party app.
  • I still don't understand the true purpose of the Garage Project?
  • See if it becomes the next snapchat
  • It also makes sense to beta on iPhone (at a stable point in its OS cycle) and then release a polished universal app on W10M
  • good thing i switched to iphone
  • I'm glad you found a mobile experience to make you happy! Congrats!
  • Why so interested in Windows mobile news then?
  • This article is actually iOS mobile news, since it's an iOS only app. So it's understandable why an iPhone user would be reading it.
  • Because you can't tell him what to be interested in on the internet.
  • Sick of seeing this! Can't complain about market share or lack of developers , when you can't even focus on your own product first #ridiculous
  • Was this called flow at one stage... I can see what micky is doing here . Capture, convert, customers followed by customer service. The four c's
  • Yes.
  • Don't Like nadella each day more
    This man is making too much ridicolous mistakes about me How can this kind of things happens?
    It seems an april fool
  • 1. I doubt Nadella has much of a say in this.
    2. "mistakes about" you? What do you even mean by that?
    3. It's almost August.
  • Lync/skype for business already covers this need. It's called instant messaging. Why make another messaging app when all the ecosystems are flooded with them.
  • See, even Microsoft likes writing apps for iOS/Android better than writing apps for Windows Phone. They just aren't interested in doing what it takes to build Windows Phone market share, so they never will.  Ever.
  • Windows Phone is gone. It's now Windows 10.
  • Windows mobile* 10
  • LOL, talk about Windows Phone cutomer support! :-(
  • Windows 10 on iphone this september
    Windows 10 on wp this year
  • *facepalm* It's an app. One app.
  • It's not really one app, though: it's literally dozens of Microsoft apps that either come to competing platforms first or, have more featurees there. That's why people are upset.
  • Is it due to waiting for Windows 10.....
  • If this is not an officially sanctioned primary Microsoft project, then it shouldn't be released with their company name in it. It gives people the impression of them not supporting their own mobile platform first and foremost, and is unbelievably foolish! They practically admit defeat to Android and iOS when they do this!
  • LoL, soon for WP, I guess none of us is suprised.
  • Am a little concern here, why's all our apps coming to iphone first before Windows? Can anyone ask Microsoft
  • Microsoft has more paying Office 365 users on iOS than they do Windows Phone, that's the reason why they are doing it this way.
  • LOL, perfect article after one saying Nadella hopes W10 to deliver great flagships...
  • Sounds pretty nice and swift, I'll give it a go once it comes to Windows Phone
  • Don't hold your breath
  • I just love the instant hysteria and bashing, can't agree more with Daniel R. here at WC. I believe the strategy both with official and garage project apps of getting Microsoft "stuff" on every platform has the ability to potentially grab that audience that isn't happy with their existing device, and maybe just check out Windows Phone. Worked for me...I was a happy Android user, and iPhone before that, but changed jobs and needed a cheap personal phone off contract, stumbled at the time across a Lumia 520...and over a few weeks it won me over enough that six months later I picked up my Lumia 1020 on clearance and am not looking back!  You don't gain anything by never developing on a competitors platform, it gives you the opportunity to show off what you have to offer. My partner is all iPhone & iPad...but uses OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook etc. on all those devices and can't stand the way iCloud operates. Maybe she'll convert come new hardware time? Maybe not...but Microsoft still benefits when she decides to get Office 365 and/or additional OneDrive storage to use on her Apple product :)
  • Well, you can love or despise the instant hysteria and bashing here if you want. However, if you hope like Microsoft to "maybe" get those users of other platforms to try out Windows Phone by telling those potential converts that their apps are not available on the OS you wanted them to try out, then I believe something is sincerely missing somewhere. I hope you get the senselessness of this your argument? Do also remember that you're also equally telling those on your platform that they should try out IOS and Android by these actions.
  • Now don't complaint that its on IOS first
  • You whiners...the app will come to windows soon enough...and its a nearly useless app when it comes to 95% of us...have you all made a habit of just wanting to whine all the time? Nadella has now probably stated for what's like the 100th time that windows phone is a priority!
    Now please stop doubting every god damn step they make and let them get win 10 out the gate...if that isn't supported well enough then you have a good reason to whine about instead of putting up a tantrum about this non app.
  • Does this show the OS is a priority???
  • Yes, Windows 10 is the priority!
  • Soon Enough lmao. You must be okay with getting stuff eventually from a company who should be giving their company prioririty :D  
  • Deleted
  • So many whiny children.
  • Nothing new here move along. Lmao
  • That's strange. I would think it's the other way around, being they made it.
  • Microsoft believes in IOS!!
  • ^^^^
  • And I believe in you!
  • I believe in Windows 10!
  • You know, I miss the days when this place bloomed with a unified and passionate community instead of assholes waiting to stir shit up and go crazy over the smallest things. The toxicity and feeling of entitlement here is off the charts
  • I don't think Daniel is going to appreciate you saying that about him...
  • Nor me.
  • I find articles like this just chip away at my faith in MS to deliver. I know what garage does. But MS, take a look at Apple and protect you brand!! Let the developer release the app under their own name. Don't let them drag down MS. The app problem is still huge on WP and MS need to address it. Perhaps universal apps will fix. If so put you energy into them and don't waste resources on side projects.
  • Reading comments section is so depressing. I really need to stop reading these comments. :|
  • I just don't understand why Daniel Rubino is boldly defending this. It's high time Microsoft stops this nonsense. If it will be available for Windows phone then wait and release all at the same time then. Don't release it for others first before your own platform. What this simply means ,Microsoft even starts coding for others before its own platform. Which to me is a shame. Leadership by example. If Microsoft codes first for other OS'es first, why should I a developer code for them first. Daniel should stop this defending and just say it as it's is. Microsoft should bring apps to their platform first .as simple as that.
  • Well said
  • Go back and read the history of Microsoft. They've always been about creating apps for whoever. Windows become a success without them even trying and then they had to focus on Windows only. Now they don't have to just be Windows again.
  • Not sure of the history you read?
  • I think you are the one that needs to read the history. Were you even born when Windows 1 was released? Microsoft put everything into developing Windows and racing IBM and Apple, and it went nowhere until V3. Even then it was technically awful.
  • Whichever way you look at it, it gives of a signal to android and ios users that they should stick with their own platform. People who consider switching to windows phone get scared of by these kind of actions. Why should you switch to an OS that you are unfamiliar with, that lacks some major apps and that gets new cool stuff after its been made available on ios and android first? These kind of actions undo a year worth of marketing. I really don't get it. Release it under a different name so it does not scare WP users and chase away potential users. Ms really can't afford to do this, unless killing their own os is their strategy.
  • Again well said. Totally agree. Daniel Rubino do you not think so?
  • People, the average user, probably do not come to this site, especially Android and iOS users. And I guess 1 experimental app will not even be a ripple on a calm lake, to be honest. Just people like you making mountains out of mole hills that have no effect really.
  • This is just one example of MS doing this all the time. If it was just this app it would not be a big deal. It's a combination of MS laying off WP people, hesitant communication about wp by the management, letting go of WP management and quite a few new apps and updates going to to ios and WP first. And I agree, the average consumer misses this alltogether, but than, the average consumer won't switch OS. It's people like us who lead the way, people who follow the tech news and who want to try something new. The average consumer will only consider switching to WP if people like us tell them that its ok. At the moment I have stopped converting people to WP because Ms keeps giving off mixed signals about where they are going with WP. And again, these kind of actions don't help in giving me the confidence that WP will still be supported a year from now. And the same seems to go for the OEMs and for the developers, they only do the absolute minimum for WP. And I feel ms is to blame by giving off mixed signals. Their commitment to WP seems halfharted to me, in between the lines it feels like they have no confidence in their own OS. Read the tech forums and you'll see there is plenty of interest in WP but people don't dare switch because of the halfharted commitment of ms.
  • All I see is a bunch of girls complaining.
  • Lol
  • You are a pathetic sexist.  those who are complaining are girls right? so that means those who don't care or defend are cool if that is what suits you.
  • The masters of coming soon strike again
  • I wonder how many will read the heading and spill hate towards MS without thinking or reading Daniel's explanation :D
  • 5 actually, and they made the comments first because they think their opinion is correct haha
  • Explain this shit...
  • Gave up on Microsoft already (been with them since WP7).  And now using Android for 6 months and I luv it!  Will come back once MS get their shit together.
  • Here to show my support to Daniel, who I am not a friend. It takes some courage to participate in these mess of forums/threads. And yes, he is right on the "drama of the day" remark. There's always a drama. Now it's some unknown bedroom project. F*** sake.
  • Bedroom project or toilet project whatever, but why don't they give high prirority to WPs?what is the big hurry to give it first to iPhones?
  • Because of the amount of users on ios.
  • yes yes yes, we all know the amount of users are high on ios, if MS keeps doing this how will "the amount of users on WP" will go up?. my question is who is dying on iPhone for this app now? why can't MS wait till they have same app ready for WP as well?
  • Good keep kissing his ass while your phone sucks and he breaks out his android and iPhone.
  • What the fuck? I swear I get closer and closer to ditching Windows Phone with every article like this, damn. At least Apple puts their own first.
  • I came to the comment section expecting hysteria and I wasn't disappointed. It's a garage app and it's on ios first because they have such a large user base. It only takes common sense to realize that.
  • WP users are more than enough to test a single garage app like this. they dont have to be dependent on ios users to test it. why don't MS use us as guinea pigs for it first then go for other platforms? we are desperate for some decent apps and features. even if MS doesn't make their app first for WPs then who will make?
  • It's not just down to that - Garage Projects are side projects. The person or team that made this app must prefer developing iOS apps. Maybe they don't have experience with languages like C# but they are well versed in Objective-C
  • Why not comming to WPs first and comming soon to iPhones and androids? if MS loves iPhones and androids SOOOOOOOOO much why don't they make iPhones and Android phones instead of WPs and cheating their own customers? 
  • And thats why Windows Phone fail. If even Microsoft dev first to iOS, why common devs shouldn't do it too? WP will always be the last one to receive Apps, that's the truth. And that's the reason why I am leaving to Android. :(
  • You'll be missed. Farewell my friend.
  • Why? Garage apps are not official first party applications. They're mere experimentation done on a volunteer basis. It's on ios first because of the sheer numbers of ios users. Not to mention they can throw the project away at any given time.
  • they how would you explain the "Sway" app is available ONLY on iPhones? and how would you explain why office apps and onenote apps are much better on android and iphones? 
  • It's very possible the engineers working on Windows Apps within the Office team were tied up with the core Windows 10 apps..where as their iOS developers are really doing maintenance and feature additions so they could have just had more resources within the office development team to focus on Sway for iOS first
  • will apple make an app and release it first on Windows phones? HELL NO..and that is why their market share/ the sheer number you are taking about is high on ios. and that is why WP is at the bottom.
  • Who is Hurrying? why don't MS wait and release these apps for all platforms at the same time.
  • I don't think public perception is that big an issue here. The average ios user isn't going to run to the Microsoft store to play with a Lumia 830 to see if the app is available on Windows phone. The only public perception this would probably affect is Windows phone fans who think the sky is falling every 3 days. Using iOS gives the dev a larger sample size. Most iOS users will either like it or not, they won't point and laugh at your Lumia.
  • Public perception is the problem, User1: hey check out my new send app User2: wow that really cool app" User2 I want that, who makes it User1 Microsoft User2 Cool that will be avilable for my windows phone User1 No sorry just iOS User2 Ahh FFS Im buying an iThing
  • I am buying an i-thing next upgrade...why not, the support Microsoft is giving that platform and hey I can get any app I want. It's not that bad guys. Lets go and test the I-Thingy 7 and we shall return if we hate it after about 2 years.
  • Why would you buy a Windows Phone again anyway? Windows Phone 8.1 had been rubbish since it released. Most of the time I see 'Resuming....' and 'Loading.......'. The store is nearly broken every other time. Most of Cortana's best features are available in the US only. Where do most of the big apps and games launch? Definitely not on Windows Phone for sure. iOS and Android is happening cause all the apps and games are available and the biggest and the best are launching and updating all the time.
    Still want to stick with Windows Phone and be a part of the faithful?
    Up to you :)
  • Resuming and Loading(Denim) - wow I thought it was just me.I truly expected better from this platform...Hard reset my ass. We are familiar with garage favorite was mouse without borders. Most of these complaints stem from a trend that we have seen for the past years where there was always a lack of belief from the parent company in its own mobile platform. We have clearly made a bad investment ourselves and its starting to hit home...
  • I don't think that scenario would really ever play out with this app in particular...It sounds fairly useless to me personally, but it's just an experiment, and Garage apps could be pulled at any time. Like the Nokia Beta Labs apps in the past
  • Just scanned over the comments...seems the big thing here is that this is a garage project hence the reason it's gone to ios first....wonder is the apple garage create stuff for windows first...
  • Exactly..... This Guys sums it up perfectly.
  • Typical that Microsoft is giving precedence to another platform instead of allowing its OWN platform to have it first. It speaks volumes of the company's history of starting something great and then just dropping the ball, not following through.
  • So this is a garage app and currently only useable with Office 365 for business or education.. While Daniel may be a bit more defensive than what is needed, I don't understand all the complaints in regards to this app. Many users with these subscriptions use iOS, probably more so than Android, despite Android being the bigger platform, and they want to get feedback on the app. It could be targeted to compete with iMessage for those who are using Microsoft Exchange or whatever. For general consumers, Skype messaging should suffice. Maybe this is a possible future replacement for Lync but right now it is experimental only. When business-class phones running Windows 10 Mobile are released, it would make more sense to release this app for that platform, provided that the app catches on. Windows 10 Mobile brings the Office apps on par with the competing platforms; why bother releasing this app for WP 8.1 now when that platform is on its way out and the vast majority of existing WP phones getting the upgrade?
  • You hit the nail right on the head.
  • To be honest it doesn't matter what the app is or does, it could be a fart app or a talking cat, it's about an app that bears the Microsoft name being released on a competitors platform first. This adds fuel to the fire that MS don't care or have much faith in their own platform.
    As someone mentioned above Lenovo have said that there is no point in building a Windows Phone because all of Microsoft's apps are on android already. If more OEMs start thinking this way then once again MS will be the major phone manufacturer for Windows and we already know they're only prepared to give the platform a few years at best.
  • At first, I was like "ohhh hell no" but then I read what the app is...stupidest app ever with unusual limitations to the point it's like "why?". I don't want one of my email inboxes getting clogged with IM style chat messages, and why not just use an IM app? Makes no sense to me
  • Its a shame Microsoft has become such a horrible company. Feel bad for Mr. Gates. He is probably watching this (sitting on his large sum of cash) just thinking how stupid can a company be? Well I think we're about to find out.
  • Lol
  • I'm not a developer, I'm not a programmer, I'm someone who recently converted to Windows Phone after being an avid Android fan for.... Well, since smartphones started really. I guess I'm a typical customer who wanted a change and, even though I was worried by the "app gap", decided to give Windows Phone a try. Now to me,a typical customer, to read that Microsoft apps are coming soon to their own platform, but are already available to the competition seems like madness. LOOK AFTER YOUR OWN..... It's a life motto.
  • I had a samsung focus, lumia 900, 920 now a 1520 they only good thing about windows was the camera but the S6 is alot better than any windows camera ask Daniel the "App Gap" is large and I have now finally admitted it to myself and I will move to iPhone because there is honestly no real good reason to stay on board-Microsoft Continuum is a great idea but no one cares.
  • Another useless app, following skype qik, group me and others...
  • This makes me wonder how many MS employees even use WP?
  • I know someone who was pressured to give up his android when he started there. But given the lack of flagships since then many MS employees probably moved on.
  • I don't get it. Isn't MS advertising for devs how easy it is to port apps to WP now? The team that made this app couldn't take an afternoon and do that, and release their little experiment alongside a port for WP? Wouldn't this be good press? Wtf is Nadella doing that he didn't make this a default thing for garage projects by now?
  • Exactly Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Although I am an MS fanboy, I have to say this is a kick in the nuts. Yesterday I read that my fairly new Surface 2 will not be getting  Cortana and touch office apps but an $200 andriod tablet and 1st gen IPAD can? And now i am again hearing about another garage app from MS for iOS and Andriod. smh   MS sucks at PR and public perception.
  • Allow me to fein shock that this came to iphone first... LOL! I'm sure they'll go for this big over there, except for the fact that many iphone users already have a message app called imessage, that they already love.  
  • IOS first! Don't loose your sleep, it's just another day & probably just another messaging app.
  • Don't really understand all the hate here. A lot of Microsoft apps are written for iOS first these days and then get ported to Windows later. For example the Windows 10 mail app (aka Outlook) recycles lots of the original iOS version's source code. Therefore it's pretty clear that they first release these apps for iOS simply because that's their development/testing platform.
  • Yeah makes sense much bigger user base to gather feedback from and make a more polished bug free windows product afterwards
  • This article is still on windows central LOL. Somebody needs to remove it. It's embarrassing.!!!!, they must not bother to make a WP version we don't want it anymore.LOL. We don't want leftovers.
  • Apple may need a new CEO at some point..
  • :D
  • Not available on iPad? :(
  • This reminds me of how email used to work in the WP 8.1 people hub. Hope it comes back to wp10.
  • Someone hacked "Daniel Rubino"'s account I think! :/ I never seen Daniel replying to alomost every comment including the foul and "no need to reply" type comments. :P 
  • Great to see some nice vibrant app design coming from Microsoft. While the Windows 10 designs are generally pretty good, exciting and vibrant they really aren't.   Definitely needs to quickly roll out everywhere and build up some momentum though. Don't really understand how an email app needs to be US and Canada only...   Build in Skype and some Messenger/WhatsApp features too and it instantly looks more exciting than the initial designs for a universal messaging app they showed off a while back.  
  • Wow...Microsoft developing an app 1st for the iPhone and THEN for Windows Phone! No wonder with things like this and the broken marketing strategies not to mention a broken CEO that Windows Phone and Microsoft Band commands such a poor market despite the fact they are superior devices.
  • This is top news on apply geek as its coming to Android later this week... Ops Android then WP and yes it says MICROSOFT GARAGE. Still they say high end phones coming to . Maybe Microsoft for Android first though. Just kidding none the less it dose look bad.almost like if you want me products buy an iPhone or Android it will be better really though
  • Ahh fantastic.Great going there
  • So many article titles here seem to have a negative slant lately...have Windows Central been getting flack for being too positive or something? Why not just say the app is available on iOS devices? Anyway, the garage apps aren't necessarily taking into account marketing or politics regarding what platform they get released for, they are driven by employees own passion and interests....if you work at Microsoft developing iOS apps, why would you choose to write your side project using C# that you may barely have experience of?
  • Because if it's so ooooooooooo easy to port according to Microsoft Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I haven't used any cellular devices other than a windows phone. I have an android galaxy note 3 that I never used. Got it out today. I don't like the GUI but I damn sure have a way better experience in android with all my Microsoft apps working better with more features and sharing options. It's a shame and I feel like a fool walking around with an android phone after all the selling and advertising I did to my friends and family about windows phone. at least I can suck it up and join the rest and enjoy apps and features without hearing a damn thing about Microsoft. Fk Microsoft and if windows 10 mobile is still a half baked OS with promises I won't be getting the flagship that always seems to stand alone or sink with Microsoft. Copy paste to no apps.. Zune to windows phone 8.1 and the OS still lacks in many ways because of limitations. If I want a hamburger and round icons android does it better.
  • How many email messaging apps do they need? Didn't they release an app just like this a few months ago? Good grief Microsoft.
  • Why not wait for w10m first? Then release on other 2 month later??
  • Soon™
  • Enjoyed reading all the drama. Waiting for Android version! :D
  • Employees releasing apps on other's platform shows that these employees are not passionate about the business that employer is in.
  • The message MS is sending to the other developers is damn wrong by releasing apps on other platforms first!
  • Seems useless.
  • All the comments here from users to developers and everything in between are classic signs of a sinking ship. A succession of wrong moves from the captain may cause a lot to jump ship too early. So everyone just relax because it looks like Microsoft is trying to get everyone in a life raft.
  • Hey, be happy this one will at least eventually be available for Windows Phone. There's a fairly decent list of Microsoft Garage apps that are only on iOS and Android. I mean, I fully understand why this is, and if I was a manger, I'd probably be making the same calls. But, if you're wed to the Windows Phone ecosystem, it's not particularly something to be giddy about.  Pesonally, I agreee that perception matters. When you're trying to convince people about this whole one OS for all devices strategy, and that this time developers really should jump on the Windows app train, you don't do yourself any favors by not making your own OS the priority for your own apps and services. It's like the current Windows 8/8.1 app store for the desktop, which is largely devoid of developers that matter, because the web browser experience for their services is usually good enough. Microsoft isn't helping perceptions by doing all their new nifty Maps improvements in the web browser version of Maps, instead of the actual Windows Map app. If you're a developer, and watching stuff like that, it isn't going to help convince you to make apps, vs. the web experience, a priority for Windows.  Or choosing to make the mobile writeoffs and announcements right before launching your supposed all-in-one OS. I agree that it's good business, but I would never have actually said those things right before a product launch. Perception matters, and it's difficult to rationally argue that what came out of Microsoft concerning mobile is going to energize developers to write apps for Windows 10 (again, vs relying on their web experiences).   
  • Microsoft should implement a simple rule: Windows first, any other OS later. If there's a bunch of iOS devs working for MS, make sure they don't work on side-projects unless they follow that rule. Breaking that rule and then labeling the app as published by Microsoft just compounded the whole negativity towards public perception and in particular, WP community. Microsoft still fails to understand the pain of their fans being treated as second-class citizens, over and over again. Non-fans would look at this treatment and, in their right mind, reject the notion to switch over towards the tragic platform.
  • The problem with Microsoft is less the tech and more the PR and marketing. This reminds me of Sway. Great piece of software, but the iPhone got support long before Windows (still missing it) how do you attract developers to your platform when you cannot get your internal guys to focus on it? I get the need for showcasing to a larger customer base but they should at the very least ensure simultanious launch on their own platforms. I had iPhones and iPads I got convinced by the Surface 2, moved to a Surface Pro 3 and thought sod it get a lumia, the tech is just better, everyone who has a play likes it, but even I as a windows phone user who has never had an issue with missing apps (don't use instagram, my gf friends drive her mad on Snapchat so am well out of that one and I can live without 101 fart noises) but when stuff like this comes along I actually wouldnt mind getting my hands on it...but no. And they need to hurry up and get tossup going for us too!