Microsoft's Send email app arrives on the iPhone first, coming to Windows Phone soon

Microsoft's Garage project has launched a new take on email, Send, for iPhone. Send approaches email as though it were instant messaging, focusing on quick conversations, without the need for subject lines or other trappings of normal email.

Send lets you start conversations easily. Just tap the "+" button and add a contact to start a new conversation. The app also supports quick replies, as well as notices that someone it typing a response, like many other chat apps.

You won't find all of your email in send, only messages started in the app itself. They're treated like any other work email, compliant with your company's email policy.

Send requires an Office 365 account for either business or education, and is not yet open to personal accounts. Microsoft has only released a version for iPhone, with Windows Phone support arriving "soon".

The app is part of the Microsoft Garage, which are side projects by Microsoft developers in their spare time meant to cultivate new ideas. In that sense, they are merely computing experiments meant to spark creativity and could be folded into official Microsoft projects later on.

Source: Microsoft

Joseph Keller