Actress Chloë Grace Moretz busts iPhone, gets free Lumia 1520

It seems Microsoft is on a goodwill mission to spread the Lumia love to those in need. The company recently sent a free Lumia 1520 to Chloë Grace Moretz after the actress broke her iPhone.

The phone was part of a larger care package (pictured below) that included a letter sympathizing with Mortetz over her tragic loss, while explaining that the folks at Microsoft "think the Lumia 1520 is pretty great and hope you do too."

Lumia 1520 Care Pakcager

Other items included in the package were bandaids and alcohol wipes to take care of finger cuts sustained from the broken glass on Mortez's broken iPhone screen.

At least we now know that all you have to do to score a free Lumia is have something horribly tragic happen to your current device.

Source: Chloë Grace Moretz on Twitter; Via: WMPU

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  • I had to bing search who that is haha!
  • Haha , me too. But she looks hot
  • And underage. Also you're creepy.
  • Well, not in Sweden ;D
  • Ved du om alder grænsen er den samme i Sverige som i Danmark og Norge?
  • Inte en aning, men skulle tro det, 15 i Sverige iallafall :)
  • Ok, men tak alligevel ;)
  • In 10 days she turns 18.
  • And you know for a fact how old sewzepplin is? So if he's 18, he's creepy? Lol ok
  • Judgmental much?
  • She's almost two years over age where I am. Funny how some can go out and pork 16 year olds completely legally no problem, but in other countries they'll go to jail. Having an awesome time here by the way.
  • Yup, in the US does having sex at with a 17 year make you a pedo? In the UK, many girls have a job, chidren and council house way before then :)
  • Why is Sewzeppelin creepy for saying a female is attractive?
  • Yeah.
  • Stories like this one makes me think about how our world works... She is just 17, and probably rich enough to buy herself hundreds of brand-new Lumias, and yet she
    receives a free Lumia 1520. That will make young people to buy Lumias because their idol has it or at least sales will grow up as popular person own it. It's fine, I know how marketing works.
    The sad thing is that there are people who work hard each day and they can't afford such things... I don't demand MS to giveaway free Lumias, but hey... take a look! She won't even use it. She is 17yrs old american teenager, she can't live without snapchat or/and instagram. She probably will buy another (third) Iphone6 in less than a month. I'm not being envious, but it makes me sad when I think about poor people, and in the meantime I see some idiot destroying 20iphones on his youtube channel just for fun or a big company giving free things to wealthy people to promote their products. World is so f.. up, but nobody ever said it isn't.
  • She's American?
  • She is from Atlanta(Georgia)
  • Nice! Me too!
  • Don't take it out on Microsoft. Rich people get free shit all the time.
  • So that's how they stay rich...interesting's! Like taping a toast to the back of a cat...infinite power!
  • Because dumbass companies give it to them hoping for a miracle. We all know that worked wonders for the WP world when Nokia did this a year or so ago.
  • I am with you. Had exactly the same thought.
  • Please open up your mind. Plenty of people use some products just because they have seen people they admire use the same products. My favorite actor is Johnny Depp, I know a lot of things he uses that I also use. The world is just like that and has also been like that and it's something that won't change like it or not. Microsoft doesn't want to give free phones to rich people just because yes. They want to attract people in all ways.
  • I said that I exactly know how marketing works. ;) Just makes me feel bad about world, where 1% of richest people own 50% of worlds riches. Some teenager broke her 800$ worth iPhone6 and received a free phone in a day... Some guy breaks cheapest NL520 and he has to wait a month and pay another $ to have it repaired. That's what I mean. Also I'm worried that there actually ARE people that will buy it just because some "famous" (is she, really?) person uses it. :O - That's what in my opinion makes me open-minded. I don't follow other people blindly. World around me doesn't make me want to get more, more and more without thinking about those in need. PS. I can afford all this stuff, it's not the case.
  • I bet you don't get a chance to kiss Penelope cruze, even if you follow Jonny for your entire life...
  • If she uses it or not is almost irelevant. The simple fact that the posted the above picture on tweeter saying "@LumiaUS well played #nokia #windows ;) well played" is probably enough publicity to make the gift worth it for Microsoft. I know that in a perfect world poor people would be given stuff intead of rich people, but you are looking at this wrong. Microsof is not really giving a phone for free, they are instead paying very little for publicity that is worth far more to them than a single phone.  
  • As I said, I understand it. I know that's a great move from MS. I just wanted to share my opinion about rich people getting free stuff. We're not living in a perfect world, but that's *as I said* just sad.
  • Well, No matter where you go, people always want to create good impression on influential people... It's just the way of the world, nothing can be done about it.
  • Not all actresses are rich. It takes a while and a lot of consistent paying jobs to get to that point.
  • One thing I would like to add up here...
    But before that, to make it clear, I am not a rich person. I am from middle class. Now, talking about how rich people get free things, I wanna say, they don't get it for free. To be rich, it is not that easy. And she is rich coz she is an actress! She must have worked hard to get to this position! So she deserves it if she gets any free stuffs! ( in this case, the free Lumia...) Basically what my point is that if a rich person gets something for free, than that isn't actually for free!! He has earned it! Nobody gets rich without hard work! You cannot just ignore that!! The rich people have worked their life to achieve this status, and so you should respect that! We just see that they are rich. But we ignore all the pain and hardships they had to go through. And hey martsicky, just to be clear, this comment wasn't directed to you... :) It's just for everyone, especially for people who cry for not getting free stuffs like rich people, coz they think the rich don't deserve, while they themselves do. I hope you get my point. :)
  • One thing I would like to add up here... Not only rich people work hard. Getting rich does not depend on working hard only. Some people simply don't have the opportunities others have. For instance, cute girls get more favors than their non-cute peers, which may open doors for them. Some people even inherit money. This means there are hardworking poor people who according to your theory, deserves free stuffs but won't get any because they are not rich. There are lazy poor people. There are also lazy rich people.
  • Haha... You prove my point again. :P
    Why is a rich lazy?
    Coz he has everything.
    And where does he get it from?
    He inherits.
    And from where does he inherit? From someone who has worked hard in the past.
    So again, my point proved. :P
    Lets consider you working really hard, and earning a lot of money, so much, that it can support your younger generation.
    Now, if that generation uses that money, then only there is a point of earning so much for them. Or else the entire money will be in a way useless.
    You see, the hard work done by someone is not wasted after all.
    That's the quality of rich people. They earn enough to support their younger generation. And nothing is wrong in that. In fact, the newer generation has that privilege of being rich already.
    So if they get any free stuffs, you cannot blame them. There has been someone behind this who has worked really hard so that the younger generation might see this day.
    And yes, I agree. There are hard working poor people too. But, about opportunities, you don't get them. You have to grab them. May it be by any means. This is the law of nature. "Take it or leave it."
    And if someone has to work really hard right from his childhood coz he is poor, then you cannot really blame anyone, but his ancestors only if you really wanna blame anyone at all. They didn't set any platform for him. So he has to work so hard.
    There is no connection here between the rich and these people.
    I hope you understand what I mean to say here. :) :) good day mate! :)
  • And yes, about the cute girls thing, yes. Cute girls will get more preference. Why? Shouldn't they? They are cute! Anyone would love them!
    One cannot just say they are cute so they should not get choice coz that would be biased. Lol. There is no point in that point of yours. Sorry. At least I dont get it.
    I mean if some girl is cute then yeah! She is! What are we gonna do about it?
    Hehe... If a girl doesn't look good, then that doesn't mean she wont be anything in life! Its just that she has to fit the place where she belongs... You cannot blame cute girls for stealing their opportunities. And btw, just for the fun, you should see pictures of the ///cute girls/// without their makeup. You will see how much cute they are. :P its just the talent, the way they adapt, and they way they GRAB opportunities. :)
  • You are getting my points mixed up here. You seem to assume I am bashing cute girls for getting opportunities or blaming them for not-so-cute girls' failures in life or that it makes me mad. No, none of these things. I am cool with Chloe getting a thousand Lumias from Microsoft. I am just pointing out something that is real and even backed up by studies. You can Google...sorry, Bing studies that shiow that attractive people tend to get jobs that not-so-attractive people applied for too. Recently, I read about a Latino woman that got increased invitations for interview from her applications only after she changed her surname She was in a position to grab opportunities but some people decided the opportunities were not for her because of her surname. Which leads to my next point: 'grabbing opportunities' is kind of overhyped. Many times, grabbing opportunities dont depend on you entirely, some people have to decide whether you can grab the opportunity. And goodluck if those people have a bias to cute girls or dont like the sound of some surnames. I am living proof of grabbing opportunities but then I have been denied 'opportunities to grab opportunities' (yeah, I know that sounds somehow, just bear with me) in the past so I can't pretend I dont know some people are in that same situation.
  • So how does all this disprove the fact of what I said that rich and poor people work hard but only the rich get the free stuff, which is what the OP was pointing out? I only mention that there are lazy rich people too or rich people that inherited their wealth because it looks like (I might be wrong) you think people are poor because they are lazy so dont deserve free stuff. We dont really need to bring our ancestors' work history into this. Or do we?
  • Hey there... Umm, yeah, I agree with you now. Actually you are right, I mixed up what you said, but now I understand what you actually meant. Sorry if my comments were harsh. I was just typing what I felt, and what I felt at that time was a bit of frustration coz I really misunderstood your comment regarding cute girls.
    I am sorry. And about that fact of what you said, that rich people and poor people work hard, but only rich get free stuffs, I am not disapproving it. I am just saying that the rich get free stuffs, just because they are rich!! :D
    Basically we are talking the same thing, but I said things coz I misunderstood you. Really sorry again. :( Yes I agree, that there are cases where people don't get jobs... For eg. That Latino... But one thing I am still firm about is 'grabbing the opportunities.'
    Yes its over hyped.
    But if you read my comment carefully, you will see, I had written
    "Grabbing the opportunities. May it be by any means." In the case of good looking girls, they grab the job opportunities by showing off their looks. (what they are good at, and the quality that would significantly affect the result.)
    And its not that not so good looking people don't get jobs they do. Like you said, only the ratio is higher in case of the former.
    They are good looking, and it is actually a thing which has high importance. (I am not saying it, the surveys say it.)
    And so, they use that quality to get the jobs.
    Similarly, the Latino woman, she changed her surname.
    That's also a mean of grabbing the opportunity.
    Like I had said, may it be by any means. ;) So what we both are trying to say is the same, I just messed up in the middle coz I misunderstood you.
    Sorry. :)
  • Kim K didn't work at all to be rich. Same as Justin B
  • Oh Martsicky... It's called free marketing. :)
  • So sick of people complaining about the wealthy.
  • They should do an ad based on her career: "No matter where Hugo, you'll want to Carrie a Lumia!"
  • LOL.
  • This just made my day
  • You win the internet
  • That's the girl from kickAss movie.
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • And from 'Let me in', and from rework of Carrie....
  • You've obviously never seen Kickass
  • She's a woman of the night
  • Makes a good living at it.
  • Oh that's friggin emotional...tears welled up in my eyes
  • haha me too, I had to ask Cortana who she is 
  • Go Hit Girl, go!
  • Thank you!!!! Someone knows!
  • Indeed, she probably dropped her iPhone while Kicking Ass!!
  • Damn.. Wish I was famous and had some other crap device to bust... Then even I would've got a flagship device for free...poor me...can afford only L730 :'(
  • That's pretty awesome, lol. I hope she actually uses it. (by the way, she is finnnneeee).
  • And 17
  • And I'm 16. I don't give a crap.
  • Lol me too bud!
  • Which means that in a lot of US states, she's legal. Not my cup of tea as I prefer older women.
  • Saw a news article about a 30 yo man who preferred hags over 60.
  • Why do they have to be called hags? They are just, as he himself puts it, more mature. It's his preference and doesn't have to be yours.
  • Figure of speech, I could have chose a multitude of other descriptors, both negative or positive. I chose the middle ground. A hag is simply an old, tired individual, nothing more. Being a hag does not take away from their worldly experience, nor add to it. So chill the fuck out.
  • Whiteknight to the rescue, lol!
  • Hahaha lol got u bro
  • Really? What is people's obsession with pointing out her age? You do realize that regardless of age, a hot woman is hot right? And you do realize that some people on here are close to her age? (which Nick Maguire appears to be).
  • That's the point. She ain't a "woman" yet, at least not legally.
  • Legally where? In your little state? In Sweden you're allowed to have sex at 15. Why is your culture right? And how can a number that is based on the amount of rotations around the sun determine if someone's a woman? Sounds like pseudoscience to me... hahaha. Your body determines if your a man or a woman bodily. What you are in your mind is another thing, that is more of perception.
  • The laws have little, if anything to do about whether or not a person is sexually mature. The fact of the matter is these are still kids, many of which probably haven't held a job a day in their lives. Sex has consequences, and no, it's not just that momentary feeling of bliss when one climaxes. If you think it's cool that there are many single mothers, teenage mothers who may never finish their education, and people with sexually transmitted diseases, then that's on you. No one was making bigoted remarks about someone's culture but you. I was simply stating facts (at least as they pertain to the laws of the US).
  • But she's an actress. She's had a job for a long time now and is probably very responsible. Can I fuck her now? ;)
  • Mmm....makes it even better. Unresolved daddy issues.
  • Awesome. So now "someone in need" is a famous actress? That poor baby...
  • chill, its a publicity stunt, nokia has historically done this anytime someone acidentally broke a competotors phone publically or when a story online about a broken competetor's hardware gets real popular online.
  • And how many people have now seen this now? Don't really get marketing do you?
  • Not people like us certainly. But since she is an artist, who know how many fans she has. They certainly cannot overlook this.
  • Who is she anyway
  • Actress from Kick Ass movies and others.
  • Hit Girl!!!!!!
  • Oh that's her, that movie was funny.
  • She is a very good actress, even she's co-protagonist with Juliette Binoche in the movie "Clouds of Sils Maria".
  • Bing. It's your friend. Unless you wanna seem hipster "don't knew who that is..."
  • The If I Stay girl. Windows Central App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000
  • Glas
  • English translation please
  • It's a typo in the article
  • She will get back to iphone the first chance she gets . I guarantee it plus the 1520 is too big for her hands   damn i hate it when rich people get free stuff :P
  • Sure she will, still got Lumia a little light today though...
  • i don't think these publicity stunts work
  • Yaaaa ... To send gift to me lol... 200 euro payment here in Bulgaria... I am in need... Not that rich (unknow) actres -_-
  • I don't hate but what is this tendency for us to give free stuff to those with fat pockets already? And expensive stuff too.
  • Because they have fans that see it? How hard is that to grasp? Also, see the song "Free Coffee" by Ben Folds.
  • Free advertising if she actually uses it in public and in front of the cameras. Could be a smart move...could be a waste.
  • I guess you have a point nubbkins.  Its working for Beats crappy ass overpriced headphones when they are paying celebs to wear them, Most of the cost for those things are from paying jocks to be seen under em. I hope she gives the 1520 a good try. At least they are worth it more than Beats headphones.
  • I tried to tell someone beats, bose, both suck. Balanced armature IEM'S is the way to go. Once you hear the crystal clear highs, regular headphones are simply not acceptable.
  • Didn't the irs start to charge taxes on these kind of things
  • I think if they gave her a L930 instead of the 1520, it would be a better movement from MS (It's a shame that Lumia 930 doesn't have US LTE coverage and that's the reason they didn't) cause these device may be too bog for her hands. Despite the fact either of those Lumias are better in all specs to the iPhone, at the end the comfort when she's using the 1520 will make her go back to the iPhone 6.
  • Maybe she had a iPhone 6 Plus
  • You still think 1520 is too big? you make me wonder, I now use it single handedly like 99% of the time.. It is not that big
  • You guarantee it because... you know her really well? The 1520 is not too big for anyones hands, because phablets are meant to be used with two hands... I have small hands and use my 1520 just fine.
  • I have huge hands and it fits my one hand perfect.
  • I like your user name, lol.
  • Me too! I'm hate when rich people gets free stuff.
  • +1000
  • She will, just like that Casey Nesieat guy who Apple stole his video. He continued to use an iPhone though, even though Nokia gave him a free 1020. And remember all those people who supposedly "used" windows phones? Jessica Alba, Gwen Stephanie, etc? Switched back to iPhone. Face it, people rather use the official Instagram and snapchat apps and have a TON of more and better updayed/supported apps than use the 3rd party ones or use the official which is usually like a year behind in features. 
  • And...she did. Her most recent Tweet was from an iPhone.
  • I just need a new flagship, I'm willing to pay to dollars please put one out, my 920 it's on its last leg.
  • awwe... that poor 920.. what did you do to the poor thing D=
  • It's giving me a SIM error almost everyday
  • Take out the SIM card, wipe the card with Windex, and you should be good to go
  • My 920's screen has like a yellow tint, the whites aren't white anymore.
  • Sadly my 925 has that as well replaced with a 1320 lol got used to the 6" lol everything seems small now.
  • Thats the reason i sold off 920, after using it for about more than 18 months.. Sold my stupid iPAD mini and combining the amount i got the beast called 1520...Life is great now.. best of both worlds.
  • Don't be surprised if 1520 is better than Microsoft's next flagship, for me I will stick to 1520 till they end it's support hehe
  • Even my old L620 died (officially) yesterday...according to the Nokia care it's not wise to repair it...they said it was a motherboard problem
  • Too bad she is gonna get another iPhone as her personal phone.
  • What do you think she's taking photos with?
  • For a second the phone in the picture looked like it was bent and twisted.
  • Ah yes. I know now who she is. Good we actress
  • Think a 735 would have suited her better
  • I'm with you
  • Or 830 or 930. But 1520 is too big for a teenager, it looks weird while talking without the earphone.
  • Hmmmm. Maybe if I bust my Icon, Apple will send me a new iPhone! :)
  • Lol
  • Sadly Apple doesn't need to promote in such way...
  • Yaa...keeping in mind the world record set by their profit
  • She probably uses snapchat, this wont end well. Good on Microsoft though, that was nice of them.
  • What if I get a million followers and then brake my phone and cry about it? Will I get a package too?
  • Probably. Thing is, nobody likes you enough to make you famous.
  • Hahaha lmbo
  • If your comment is directed at me, then you're a special kind of a dick. If not, nevermind.
  • Chloë who?
  • Semi-famous actress. You may know her from Kickass
  • Nop. But I just IMDb'ed her and I saw her in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows. She was so good I didn't even memorized her face or name. Meh.
  • Will be a 1520 with Denim?
  • Nope its the AT&T version.
  • Poor girl. But I knew that. Just sarcasm.
  • My Lumia 920 has died. Can I get a free 1520 too?
  • Update us on this.
  • Great, good work Microsoft! My 920 broke 3 times under guarantee, the third time that was out of it, the touchscreen stop working completely, and Nokia said it won't change it. Can i get a free 1520 too? 
  • I'm sure she'll go right back to the iPhone.
  • not suprised with those russian pimps knocking her about, hope she adds denzel into her contacts on her new 1520
  • Fake by MS, she tweets later on with a link to her Instagram that has a video. Yea right MS, since when our beloved Instagram beta has video uploads? And don't tell me she bought 6tag with video feature.
  • What do you mean fake? No shit she went back to an iPhone, that doesn't mean Microsoft didn't send her the phone.
  • You know what I meant, advertising this way. Last time they sent it to Katy Perry or some other singer, that ofc still uses iPhone, but they used the celebrity image for advertising.
  • Idk if Katy Perry uses an iPhone in real life or not, but she *did* use a Lumia in one of her videos. ( she prolly does use an iPhone, otherwise MS should be all over her doing commercials and stuff)
  • She uses an iPhone.
  • "she tweets later on..."
    Um.... The linked tweet is her most recent one, and that instagram post is over a day ago. Dumbass.
  • Hahah lol
  • You think how did she take photos of the Lumia1520? Of course from a brand new iPhone!!!
  • To all the people saying how "fine" and "hot" she is, you do realize she's only 17 right? lol...
  • Yeah there's a fuckton of creepy guys here. Not really surprised.
  • Or they could be from countries where 17 is legal...
    Or even worse, they could *gasp* be around her age!! Lol I see nothing wrong with a 16-20 year old thinking she's attractive. Like... When you turned 18, did every 17 year old look ugly to you?
  • And I'm only 16. So I think it's okay for me to think she's "fine" and "hot".
  • It's not even the fact of her age, which is creepy. Men are such idiots that they can't even comment on an article without objectifying a woman and having to resort to call her hot
  • Pretty sure that's the reason they dress the way they do and wear makeup. They want that. Did you take a look at her Twitter profile?
  • Yes and you know who also uses that same logic. Sex offenders lmao. "They dress like that, they want it." Just saying.
  • Your username should be Strawman Micah
  • I'll kep that in mind for my new username, Jas :)
  • What Jas00555 stated, there's Plenty of U.S. states in which she's legal too. Just saying.
  • How the fuck do you use your mind??
    If we say it's beautiful poor pretty, that's doesn't mean*****!!
  • People need to let this go, it's perfectly normal for a man to think a middle to late adolescent female is attractive. Nothing illegal about it.
  • A grown man has no business checking out a teenage female. I'm pretty sure most of these men here would not want their daughter involved with a grown man
  • It's not even the fact of her age, which is creepy. Men are such idiots that they can't even comment on an article without objectifying a woman and having to resort to call her hot.
  • Yep, its men who do it. You will NEVER find women talking about how attractive men are. I did not just read comments on Maroon 5's Sugar and find 30 comments about how hot Adam Levine is. And I DID NOT find 3 comments saying "have my babies". NOPE. It's a guy thing, not a human being thing. HI GUYS, I'M MICAH DAWSON AND YOU ARE BENEATH ME.
  • LOL take that, Superboy!
  • You are :)
    Women do it as well men but you don't see men objectified to the level a man is. And maroon 5 are grown ass men. Not a teenage girl.
  • I stand by my earlier Strawman Micah comment, even more so now lol
  • Micah, you said you have a boyfriend, so why the care about bitches?
  • So what? I still thinks is creepy as hell grown as men who are over 20 commenting on a teenage girls looks and more importantly it is pretty disrespectful that females need to be objectified the way they are as evident by most of the idiots commenting.
  • So you're assuming that the people who are commenting on her attractiveness are all 20+? That's odd.
  • Seeing as I've seen quite a few of these posters talk about careers and/or families they have, it is a safe assumption to assume that MOST of these men are not under age 20 :) Even then...;let's say they were. No need to objectifiy the girl when the article is about Lumia/Microsoft and not how close to legal(or hot she is). How odd.
  • I agree, Micah.
  • glad to see sensible people :)
  • That is creepy, but in their defense, she is almost 18 and legal.. Just saying, not a fan of creepy stuff like that.
  • Are you saying its creepy for boys around the age of 16-20 to find a 17 year old attractive? Interesting...
  • Wow you're bright. /s
    Because every male here is 16-20 years of age and commenting on her.
  • "because every male" You mean like the 6 that have even commented on her being attractive? Yes, I find it very plausible that 6 out of 220 comments is a 16-20 male.
  • And i find it plausible that more than that aren't. Your point?
  • "those in need"...? What we "need" is Microsoft to find other marketing and exposure tactics because I highly doubt Chloë is going to stick with the Lumia. Don't get me wrong I love my Lumia 1520 but going from iPhone to Lumia is still pretty jarring in terms of app experiences. We'll see how long she keeps it for.
  • This isn't helping MS. This isn't even a good gesture. Give to the needy MS. She probably wont even kik the 1520 due to its crippled app marketplace.
  • I saw their Tweet to her yesterday and she never responded. Wonder if she will even try this phone.
  • Well, it's her tweet on the article.
  • If I get injured by an iPhone will Microsoft give a care package for me too? Ridiculous ¬¬
  • That is exactly how I got my Agera R. I cracked my Maybach's windshield and Koenigsegg sent me a care package.
  • Hah...same here but it was crack in my Fiesta, Yota kicked down an Echo
  • Agera R, icant afford it if I born thousand numbers of time and earn double every time...
  • Is she 18 yet? If not. I'll keep my sexual comments to myself lol. Loved her in Kick Ass and Carrie. Pretty good actress.
  • This was very nice of Microsoft. Smashing a phone is a tragic thing and you will have to pay to get a new one. Fortunately for Chloë, she got a free Lumia 1520. You have just made someone's day Microsoft Lumia US!
  • So, if she's 18, it's okay to say anything about her??
    How the duck do you think??
    Excuse me but, your culture sucks
  • If she was 18, do you need to tell us your sexual comments on a windows phone site?
  • Calling a woman fine or hot can hardly be construed as a "sexual" comment. Leave it to you to go overboard and freak out on everyone though.
  • Oh no because hot doesn't usually imply some sort of sexual attraction. I suppose they literally meant she was burning up as in....temperature.
  • 10 days.
  • Smh, "10 days"...counting down? :P
  • Nope, I was reply to someone who said "Is she 18 yet?" I don't care. I don't care about sexual things in any way. I'm pretty anti-social.
  • Sad thing is that this could be good advertising or it could be really bad. Depends if she actually uses it in public or not. If she doesn't and says she doesn't like the phone then it will be pretty bad publicity. They just need to put a bunch of tv ads out. And bust some ass on getting good apps in the store. Most people don't even know what a Lumia is. All they ever see are iPhone and Samsung.
  • Well, she tweeted about receiving it. As much as I can tell, that tweet alone is worth a lot of marketing money. A famous actress just tweeted about Lumia and all of her followers saw it. Sounds successful to me.
  • Wtf Microsoft giving to rich people. Ummm lame I got a Xbox one and the control that came with the Xbox has problems. And I open a claim to sent the control for repair or replaced. And guess what I have to paid for shipping wtf. Who understand them. She probably will give the phone away when she sees ohh fuck no chase app or bank of America she probably has the money some where else but the point is they should give phones to those who need not to those who are rich.
  • Until she tries to download banking apps...
  • or uploading videos to Instagram..oh shit! she already did that probably using another phone already.
  • No she didn't. The linked tweet is 16 hours ago. Her last instagram post was over a day ago. Nice try.
  • you are 12 right? I was just mocking the idea of having a Lumia while she is an avid Instagram user. Grow up, think more.
  • Why didn't they send her the smaller selfie phone? 730? 735? Whatever number they are up to now!
  • Wow! Good gift of you ask me.
  • She's not that cute
  • Hopefully she doesnt have the phantom touch issue.
  • Mindy McReady from Kick-Ass?
    she's damn hot o.O
  • Yes, yes she is.
  • Micah is coming for you.
  • She gives amazing head
  • That's rude!
  • My current device is the Samsung Ativ S. So is this now horribly tragic enough to get a free 1520?
  • Who cares... Where's the Denim update for the HK Lumia 1520 ? End of January is here and nothing as promised
  • Oh take your tampon out Dave.
  • Everyone Googles her, then asks who she is. I love it.
  • Pretty sure most of us here use Bing.
  • That's depends.
  • You realize when people say "Googled", they just mean searched. It could mean on Google (which most likely it will be, because the majority of people use Google), Bing, Yahoo, etc. 
  • And there's the reason why everyone outside the US is still unable to find out who she is.
  • Also  "google" is referred as form of verb nowadays.. lol
  • Because giving celebrities free Windows Phones has worked SO well in the past.
  • Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure she bought an iPhone 6 or 6+ the minute after she broke her old one.
  • So why do celebs get free phones and us slumps have to sign a freck'n 2 year contract and pay full price..
  • because life is unfair
  • Because people pay attention to them so companies want to use them to market their products. No one cares about us so it wouldn't matter if we had a phone with a usb time machine attached to it, they wouldn't notice. 
  • It's pretty bad you have to pay for 2 years in us on contract and so pay full price. If we pay full price for a phone In Denmark we get a contract.
  • I don't know what the OP is talking about. You don't have to do both lol
  • Jas005555 is a lameeeee kid. ignore him
  • Damn, you paid full price AND have a two year contract? I guess it's true that a sucker is born every minute.
  • Good way to promote the Lumia line. Which makes me wonder if Jessica Alba is still loyal to the platform... I remember her promoting different colored Lumia 920s a few years ago.
  • Nope. She bought an iPhone as soon as whatever deal MS (or Nokia) worked out with her was up. I remember people making a big deal out of it when she jumped ship.
  • Exactly and Microsoft wants me to paid for the shipping label to send back the Xbox controller wtf. They should give me a free label. This just makes me think how great is the Xbox. My friend got a ps4 and control dis not work and then Sony sent him a new one and keep the one that didn't work.
  • I imagine her reaction to be something along the lines of: "Oh awesome! Thanks Microsoft! I'll snapchat all my friends from my new phone after I check my bank account! Oh... I can't do either of those things..."
  • Kind of unfortunate.
  • +This
  • Or maybe tried to upload a video on Instagram...
  • Hopefully they gave her a free subscription to Xbox Music and installed a custom build with ask the cool apps preinstalled, with transparent tiles enabled and Cortana front and center, an SD card some nice ear buds, and a Qi wireless case and a Nokia Bluetooth speaker. If you're gonna do this, set her up.
  • @NIST:
    "If you're gonna do this, set her up."
    She was probably upset enough when she broke her iPhone.
  • She will not keep his 1520 for a long time. There isn't Snapchat. ^^
  • My god more ammo to shoot WP down!!! When she sees the lack thereof with the most popular apps on the WP OS what then. Today a L1520, tomorrow a replaced L1520 with Iphone 6+ lolz.
  • Erin Andrews just Tweeted a photo of her taking a selfie with a Lumia 1520. Looks like Lumia is doing a promotion.
  • She's the one that had nudie videos taken of her through a hotel peep hole.
  • Anyone noticed they are using it upside down.
  • Moment of silence for people who didnt recognize her .................
  • Moment she realizes there is no snapchat It will go in bin
  • They had to send her a phone from 2013, think about that.
  • And the fact that 2013 phone is still more relevant these days in the windows phone world than say an HTC one m8. Think about that.
  • Your unhealthy fascination with the M8 is both hilarious and predictable. Feel free to spaz out now, because I know you will.
  • Thanks bud :)
  • My god, and my phone is from 2012. You flagship people are the worst.
  • She's just going to put it in the drawer once she get her replacement iPhone because I'm sure she has insurance or the cash to buy another iPhone. I guess it's a good gesture though
  • Hah! Cool!
  • My 920 and 1020 both cracked. I could use one of those care packages lol
  • Saw a 1520 on a new episode of Broad City on comedy central last week. Kind of wish I got one last year if AT&T hadn't removed Qi.
  • Sorry who ?
  • WMPU is allowed as a source on WinCentral?
    Daniel to the rescue!
  • Omg, I can't believe. And I remember once Daniel saying he wishes he could block WMPU as a link on this site, lol.
  • *ADD TO LAST LINE OF ARTICLE:* And be famous.
  • Hey Microsoft! I just broke my phone!
  • Oh when she discovers the horror of the phantom touch issue...
  • That is the irony...she'll try to use Instagram, YouTube, and snap chat and wonder why a) she can't find them b) they're not on parity with iPhone. Hopefully she doesn't bank with BoA, Schwab, or those other banks that don't have a WP app!
  • Yes I'm sure she does her own banking...
  • Cool, now Microsoft really put some money behind windows phone, and advertise the darn things.
  • Now she have to suffer from phantom touch
  • When she finds out they don't have snap chat BofA and a good instagram she'll send it back.
  • A shame she won't keep it
  • Doubt she'll use it based off of all the screen shots she has on twitter of iTunes and other iOS apps.
  • She's probably bought a replacement iPhone 6 and promised the Lumia to someone in her entourage already.
  • *smashes Lumia 830*
  • If Microsoft gave to the needy or poor, they would actually keep the phone since its the best thing they've had. It would be much better advertising than this
  • Microsoft should be reading all this comments so maybe they picture the whole and the lacks of apps
  • Windows making themselves look desperado
  • She's a celebrity (a very nice, warm hearted one). Obviously she's going to want all the top apps that she has on her iPhone. Windows have nothing to offer her, waste of a phone.
  • give us free Lumia too Microsoft! we are your fans! we are your best marketing out there!
  • Maybe now she will make a windows phone app for herself as she had an android and IOS app
  • Im hate to be the damper to this story, but considering the fact that Windows Phone still lacks popular apps, Apple pay, iTunes and face time, I'm sure she will go back to the iPhone.. I'm sorry, facts are facts, Windows phone does not come close to the iPhone. When i read story's about major banks pulling their apps from Windows phone and tons of commercials promoting apps for Apple and Android, I'm starting to feel like I'm depraving my self of all the cool apps I could be enjoying. With that being said, I can still have Xbox One Smartglass, Skype, One Drive. So, I lose Cortana, she's far from perfect. I hate to feel this way about Windows phone, believe me I do. Its like cheating, or thinking about a divorce. I been with Windows phone since back when I had my HTC HD7. The reality is that the grass is and it has been greener on the other side, yet Microsoft has not given people a reason to switch, when more and more is being taken away. There has to be damage control. Something to push Windows phone along. I dont know how long I can stay a devoted fan. GEICO pulled its app, I dont have a bank app, there no NFC pay, I'm loosing the supporting Windows phone battle. Sorry
  • First on your list of missing app are Apple Pay, iTunes and facetime, seriously? Softcard is an NFC payment app that is available BTW.
  • His other points are valid though. Obviously Apple specific services won't be offered on competing platforms but that doesn't change the fact that several apps aren't available or on parity with those on iPhone and android. When convincing someone to switch, that matters
  • At first I was like: Yay Chloe! I knew you had good taste!
    Then I was like "oh MS sent her a free phone unsolicited" she's going to shrug it off in 5 minutes.
  • That's funny. When I recently stopped by a Microsoft Store and mentioned I had a cracked screen on my 1520, I was told there was nothing they could do because it was a Nokia product and they were a Microsoft store. I noted that Apple Stores often allow trade in of a damaged product for a discount on a replacement, and the response was that Windows Phone was a licensed operating system and the phones were available from a variety of manufacturers. I paused for a moment to think oh, thanks for clarifying that. Finally, I asked if they could recommend a repair option, and they suggested I search the internet. I expected a 'no' on potentially discounted replacement options, but it doesn't hurt to ask, and honestly, the response could have been handled better.
  • This is probably the only way to obtain a 1520 today. Fantastic phone.
  • Good for her. She'll be hotter @18.
  • She is famous, and a damn good A- list Hollywood actress, probably smarter than most Hollywood actresses her age. But true - it is marketing and I also think that most of Microsoft's global market are moat outside of the US - India, us here in South Africa, even the UK ( to name a few). We have, by consumption, taken MS to the third place as mobile platform. Im a hardcore Windows fanatic, but sometimes Microsoft's neglect makes me wonder - for example, the Lumia Denim is taking forever to roll out to most African countries, most of whom opt for a Lumia against Androids and iOS. Im still excited about Windows 10, though. But what do we windows fanatics get for our active involvement with testing preview builds that helps makes Lumias and windows 10 better and ready ? Im not seeing much appreciation if a Hollywood actress can get L1520 after breaking her iPhone 6 for free while we contribute to buying, supporting and even contributing to the success we all want MS Windows 10 to be...
  • ^ ^ this.
  • We get a better OS, hopefully one we deserve
  • Is the 1520 still available in the US? It's no longer available in the UK...
  • B&h
  • It was a response to her tweet. Clever response IMO. Just smashed my phone for the 2nd time. These new iPhones break way way easier and faster than the old ones #fingertipsfullofglass @ChloeGMoretz That's no fun! Would you like a brand new Microsoft Lumia phone? We find that it's a lot less breakable! :)    
  • idk microsoft seems too desperate
  • I want the phone for a brothers party ,birthday Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No snapchat and fully-featured instagram will have her ditching the thing within a couple weeks, even days.
  • Or an hour
  • Maybe she won't turn it on.
  • No Official Youtube also..
  • Her brothers a manager/businessman and I don't even think he'd take it. I'm giving Windows till my contract expires in September, if nothing changes I'm trying Android. I don't get my moneys worth and I want the apps I should be entitled too. Not searching every last bit of the internet for a half hearted alternative (which most of the time there isn't anyway). I've supported Windows for a couple of years now, I don't know how long I can last for.
  • I broke my 720's screen. Will that do? :P
  • "to those in need", pretty sure she could afford a new phone, its basically cheap advertising.
  • Nice she got a good phone. App$e has only just caught up to the 1520 and not even in all respects. Yeah no snap chat... F@ck snap chat.. Yeah no whatever other app... Whatever. Guys if your not happy about Windows phone then jump ship already... I'm good to go.... Get over it....
  • Guess ill go smash my 928
  • good job
  • I want to know which iPhone she had. If it was the 6+, then she won't mind the 1520's size, and she'll probably use it for quite a while, which is the opposite of what a lot of people are saying in this comment section.
  • So when will commoner like us get free Lumia? Should we break our phone first? LOL
  • Good for publicity.I think.
  • Squeak! Squeak!
  • Where can I sent my broken Lumia device. Or is this good will deal only for non WP devices?! ;-)
  • Dear Microsoft, I have 1000 twitter followers, please send me a 1520 and I will do some marketing for you too.
  • Give one to me too
  • Free Lumia to Actress Chloë Grace Moretz and advertising is also free good job Microsoft   
  • Wtf! Microsoft offers some phones for free who can buy. Think about your current windows phone users, and give us a good deal to buy.
  • Hitgirl!
  • As other people already said this is a publicity stunt. However feeding the rich with more gifts is lame. In this modern day and age everyone is able to generate publicity via social media. I would appreciate it a lot more if I see random people who get these gifts from a company rather than rich ones.
  • She kicked ass in Kick-Ass so now she's also got a kick-ass phone.
    She was also good in Carrie too. Quite a talented actress.
  • Also played an excellent role on 30 rock
  • It would have been good for publicity if it was used. But she did not serve.
  • The horrible tragic thing that happened to me was getting a lumia 1520 .
    Awful phone and awful os
  • nah , you are just trolling
  • Troll
  • Microsoft should concentrate on making their after sales service more affordable instead of investing money on such types of publicity. They charged 3000 INR for replacing a digitizer worth 800INR.
  • + your hand! I don't think she is in "need" this is just for promotional purposes
  • Ahhhh the Kick-Ass Actress. Now I know who she is.
  • This girl is a b*tch. I hate she!!!!
  • so if my lumia breaks I nearly have to pay half of the cost of the phone to have display replaced but if some breaks their iphone or their galaxy catches fire they get it for free :O
  • History Recreated. It is not the ignorance,But Knowledge of(Nokia) is the Father By(Windows).
  • Maybe I should break my phone too, who knows I could get a package from Lumia... Lol
  • Nokia Drums the wizard to bang,When Compare to other demonstrations.. But alwayzzz S@ME concept..Lookie a HEAD..
  • This is BS, I have a Lumia 1020 with a cracked screen, Where are they to offer me a new one, Oh there not. Lets give a new phone to a celeb with loads of money for publicity and lets leave poor old Kev with his cracked screen for another year untill he can afford an upgrade =/ Think its time to change.
  • Who?!
  • Well when I break my phone nobody's giving me a free phone. Life is unfair :(
  • Who ?????
  • Can't believe this news source come from WMPU!
  • I was on the fence about staying with WP or not but since Chole Grace Moretz has gotten a WP that's good enough for me. I'm stayin' with WP. Thanks Chole!!
  • The power of Chole.
  • I'm sure this is the big break MS has been waiting for! Look out Apple! Steve was nothing. Chole is EVERYTHING!!!
  • She played hit gurl in Kick Ass, She's also Carrie in the recent reboot!
  • Girl*
  • A great idea...however, it kind of backfired because she goes on and on about Nokia in her twitter post. Microsoft's marketing of Windows Phone has been awful. Why aren't they contracting with all the hot young Hollywood people and pro athletes to exclusively use Lumia? They're missing some great opportunities here.
  • Yeah FAIL.
  • Why didn't MS gave her a case as well instead of being silly with band aids and all those shenanigans. MS knows how fragile their product about breakage. Sheesh
  • She's Hit Girl from Kick-Ass!!
  • Combinations necessary to get attention from Microsoft. Be in lhe US to get a correct warranty treatment. Be in the US and an actress to get phones for free. My Lumia 920 melted while charging on my couch with an original wallcharger. I burned myself when I touched the 920 and droped it. Nokia/Microsoft warranty feedback: The warranty do not cover if the phone melts wihle charging, because it has signs that it was droped.(???) Nice fact that make this even more hilarious is that I already made my family and friends change to WP... Thank you Microsoft for letting me feel even worse. Is this negligence or descrimination? I am not sure if Joe Belfiore and his colegues now that the Sales Department is selling Microsoft Products outsider US and China. I was a proud Microsoft user and fan (I own Xbox 360, XboxOne, Surface RT, Surface Pro 3 and a broken Lumia 920) I am getting doubts if Microsoft Is the right choice for me (already got now a LG G3 and a PS4) This is how you loose faithful customers...
  • I broke my 920 and I didn't get shit.
  • A very hot actress using a Windows Phone is like heaven. And no its not creepy to say she's hot because I'm the same age as her, 17 (turning 18).
  • Carrie got herself a WP device? We're fuc**d! :o
  • That is so pathetic..
  •     Hit Girl probably broke it saving Kick Ass again.
  •   This ticks me off actually, I found a huge exploit in the windows store that gave me access to download anything for free and told Microsoft about it. During that time my surface RT decided to melt at the power connection when I plugged it in. I asked,and who wouldn't cuz I've heard about these types of stories before, if they could upgrade me to a surface pro 3 or at least a surface 2. And I want to mention l wasn't dealing with low level employees... I was in direct email correspondence with CEO Satya and a vice president of Microsoft. They said they would send the question to the surface team and see what they could do. Official response from surface team, " We don't have an upgrade path for you. I actually did something for them and when my product broke under warranty I might, I guess they decided since I wasn't a celebrity that I'm not worth it.
  • I liked her in "Laggies" with my real favorite, the elegant Keira Knightley