Microsoft has released a new video on its work oriented account to share its vision of the future. It's all about massive, thin displays, holograms and cool, connected gadgets. There's even a tablet device shaped like a book.

It's an interesting look at how the company sees technology really having an impact on the lives of millions, as well as how such advances do not appear a far-fetched or something pulled out of a recent Sci-Fi movie. We already have smart wearables, thinner screens and the beginnings of AI and holograms, as well as a unified operating system, Windows 10.

Of course, there are many obstacles to overcome before we achieve many of the things shown in the presentation. Microsoft is certainly attempting to be first in reaching said goals, however. The company's HoloLens technology is a perfect example of the company looking at ways to push the boundaries of tech.

Microsoft HoloLens

But do check out the video and see how the future could look with advances made on technology available today. What's your favorite part? Augmented reality without headsets or the massive displays? Let us know in the comments.

Source: YouTube, Microsoft Productivity Vision

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