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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge Dev on Linux now has the option to sync passwords and favorites.
  • You can also sync extensions and other content to the browser.
  • You have to enable the feature through edge://flags right now.

Microsoft Edge Dev users on Linux just got shown some love by Microsoft. Edge Dev on Linux now has the option to sync passwords, favorites, extensions, and more. The feature is disabled by default at the moment, even for Insiders, but you can easily enable it through edge://flags.

Once you navigate to edge://flags, you just need to search for "MSA sign in" and switch it to "enabled." You can then sync content to the browser. Microsoft outlines the steps to do this in a Tech Community post:

  1. Select the profile image in the browser taskbar.
  2. Select Sign in on the profile dialog.
  3. Sign-in by entering your Microsoft account details.
  4. Note: AAD accounts are not supported yet.
  5. Select Sync when you are asked if you want to sync your account. This syncs your favorites, passwords, and other browsing data across the devices you use with this account.
  6. Note: Sync will take a few seconds. If you click on your profile image, the sync status is displayed.

As is the case with other Insider features, Microsoft would like feedback from anyone testing it out.

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