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Microsoft shows off possible UI revamp for Windows 10 Music app on Xbox support site

Microsoft launched a preview of its upcoming Music app for Windows 10 in late March, with a new user interface. However, it looks like the UI changes may not yet be complete, based on an image posted on the Xbox support page.

As shown in that screenshot, the image shows that the Artist category may be doing away with the square, Live Tile-like UI that's currently in the Music Windows 10 app preview. In its place are flat circles to show off the musicians and bands that can be searched from within the app.

It's important to note that Microsoft has yet to launch this UI in the Music preview for Windows 10, so it's possible that the company could change its mind and stick with the current interface or change it up with something different. We hopefully will have more information on this in the coming weeks.

Truth be told, this isn't even that new either, as we had reports from readers going back to the beginning of April about this image on Microsoft's site. Is it a placeholder or the actual planned look for Xbox Music? Looks like we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the dark theme and round images.

Source:{.nofollow}; Via:; Thanks, Jonah P., for the original tip!

  • Cool...
  • I see that Playlists STILL aren't listed alphabetically.  Why is that so hard?!?
  • Why is that important?
  • Cause its obvious B comes after A not the opposite
  • B is too far away from A in my keyboard though :P
  • Well, if it's sorted by date of creation or by usage, I'm sold. Circle pictures? Don't we have them in the people app? Does it look like Spotify? I don't give a s***
  • This really bloody bothers me because all of my embedded artist and album art is square. WHY do Microsoft insist on cutting the corners off pictures suddenly?! GAH!! I sure as hell won't be using this on my PC. Look like I'll have to start using VLC or something else on my phone, too.
  • Album art is still square, just the artist (aka people) is round.
  • Yeah, realised that but for some reason I'm not able to edit my comment haha
  • Why is alphabetical order important?  Oh, I don't know... because I have 100 playlists and don't want to search high & low for them in a non-alphabetical list.  In case you haven't noticed, many things are listed in alphabetical order (i.e., App Lists).
  • I mean, there is the search button...
  • Extra steps, that's a failure in design.
  • I would much rather be able to sort them as I want, than being forced to have them alphabetized... I want the ones I use the most to be at the top... Easier to get to the ones I use the most, is good UI :)
  • Agreed. Sorting seems to be missing in a few of the newer apps, but hopefully it comes before RTM.
  • This! So much this! It's such a key feature for re-organising both playlists and contents of playlists by a-z, date added and recently played i.e. adding an album from an artist and removing duplicate songs that were from singles or EPs.
  • Awesome
  • LOVE IT.  Love how they distinguish content: Circles = People
    Squares = Things
      Great move! :)
  • That's true...
  • Same as on Google All Access.
  • Now that's a music app!
  • What fuckery is this ? why can't Microsoft just buy Spotify or another program like music bee change the name and call it a day  Microsoft my god you're buying everything else right now
  • ...
  • FUCKING CIRCLE PICTURES AGAIN! What in bloody hell is wrong with Microsoft?
  • I like them. So now I ask, what's wrong with you for not liking them?
  • It looks ugly.
    Plain and simple like the original wmplayer is what looks best.
  • "It looks ugly."
    Huh, it's almost like we have different opinions about esthetics and app design. My larger point: no point in debating preference. Just because you do not like it, does not preclude others from doing so. There are no "facts" here, just opinions.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, here is Mr. Rubino the MS advocate.
  • ❗❗ OPTIONAL❗❗
    Ummmmm.. Whatever happened to themes like in WimMo❓ That's what WP needs... Optional themes. Different versions of "modern" design...
    SMDH. FTLOG.....
  • Oh, I like this idea a lot.
  • What is in the article has nothing to do with windows phone. Its a desktop app. And I'm with Daniel on this one, circle pictures don't look bad at all. Posted from the Nexus 6, Nexus 5, or the Surface Pro 3
  • Ummmmmmmm, universal apps❓❓❓
    Ummmmmmmm, Windows 10❓❓❓
    McFly, (knock, knock)... McFly, is anyone home❗❗
  • Great point about bringing back optional themes.
  • WinMo 6.5 had customization options that WinMo 10 still won't have....
    Nevertheless, With W10, it's more possible than ever.... The same way apps in W8.1/WP8.1 can take advantage of a theme color that is chosen for the entire OS, those same apps could use circular, or square, icons depending on the specific theme choose for the OS....
    One word: RedStone.
  • I think even one of my old Symbian nokias had that option. I could change the entire "theme" of the phone.
  • Yep.
  • There will definitely be a light and dark theme for this, as for most native windows apps.
  • The dark and the light isn't enough customization when you had experienced a windows phone 6. I could even change the font of the OS in WM6.
  • Exactly... You get it.
  • Come on, at least put some effort into it
  • How about just the advocate of common sense?
  • That's too hard... Makes too much sense.
  • This..
  • It just crop from the square image, you see less and you get the feeling you're looking through binoculars.
  • That's exactly what I've been saying... It's restrictive... We don't want cute. Lol.
  • I think MS has to put down an article why they are following circles just like they did with the Hamburger menu issue.. Just tell insiders about the intention.. We can see a lot of complaints here, just like we have seen about Hamburger menus
  • I think they did already -something about "people aren't squares" iirc
  • People aren't circles either... WTH❓❓
  • Daniel Rubino, here you are again being pompous.  You're right, it is an opinion. I don't recall either comment claiming it to be a fact, and it was very obvious that they were merely expressing their own opinion.  Now, I will tell you what is a fact.  It's "aesthetics," not esthetics.  You're the only one here debating preference, not them.
  • Shut up Sean Lee1, the OP inferred it by what he said. He never suffixed his opinion whaling all over the Internetz with IMHO. He stated it like a fact. I understand why Daniel posted his comment, we tire of every little post the voal minority whining. Its a circle, thats all - and people have their panties in a bunch, just liek the hamburger. Its pointless. Whine about things not working, fine. Don't whine about things that are clearly subjective and ones where MS have explained why (i.e. Asians want curved edges for cultural reasons). Besides the fact, no one likes a knob end grammar Nazi like you pointing out errors on quick fired comments on a forum section of the Internet, get over it Mr Pedant. Gimp.
  • Haha. Well put, sir
  • hwangeruk,  So, according to your logic, any and every opinion posted online should begin or end with, "IMHO."  Further, if "IMHO" is omitted the sentence, we should assume it's fact. If you don't like people whining, perhaps you shouldn't read comments.  I mean, what else are you expecting besides the "this is cool/crap" comments?  Why is the first comment, "cool...," any better than this one? Oh, so people can only complain about things that you and Daniel deem important.  Got it, makes perfect sense. Also, there's a difference between grammar and spelling errors.  Oops, looks like I'm being a "grammar nazi" again. LOL
  • More importantly, I knew as soon as I saw the images that the sane people would be yelling the same script. We get it. You don't like it. It's not a design "flaw"; it's a design "choice". Some will like it and others won't, but that doesn't mean that it's objectively wrong or that there is something wrong with the people who designed it.
  • Daniel is prickly. This site was a lot better when Sam was here--he balanced out the mean.
  • Here's a fact for you, Sean Lee1: "esthetics" is an accepted variant spelling of "aesthetics" so don't go jumping in accusing others of pomposity or make arrogant and unjustified claims regarding your own perceived superiority before checking your "facts".
  • OK, it's horrible, not ugly.
  • Daniel Rubino.. Because whole windows experience is based on blocks.. e.g. Tiles.. So it doesnt make sense to make circle icons in any stock app.. Its okay if its ported.. But microsofts own apps shouldnt have circle icons.
  • Dharmang, the tiles are still square, these aren't tiles. 
  • Yeah.. But once you have a square or block ui you dont go to circles. :)
  • What mister Rubinio doesn't want to tell us is that next build the all the tiles will be replaced with circles, like this:
  • LOL!!
  • LOL.
  • makes sense... hamburguers are circles!! Justice for McDonalds!! hamburguers are not three horizontal lines!!! ABOUT TIME.
  • You act like Microsoft's design language has been squares and tiles since the 90's. They've moved from one design to another over the years and now they're moving away from squares and tiles to something new. Just let go and embrace.
  • Daniel, let me ask you something: You said that nothing here is a fact, just opinion. Your statement is a opinion or a fact?
  • I don't know why people respond so strongly, but the article does say to "let us know what you think" which is the obligitory line at the end of every article asking for opinions.  Those with stronger opinions are more likely to respond.
  • Just because we don't like it doesn't mean we cant express it..
  • I hate to think that this will be the horrifying ui we'll have on xbox
  • Actually, square pics, besides looking much better, allow for a larger surface area, and thus, area superior.
  • "I like them. So now I ask, what's wrong with you for not liking them?" "My larger point: no point in debating preference."   Really, Daniel?  
  • Its beautiful
  • How can you say this is ugly? It's one of the best looking app I've ever seen.
  • The problem is that they are forcing circles onto pictures that were not originally cropped that way, resulting in parts being cut off unintentionally. A great many of my contacts DO NOT use simple portraits of themselves in their profile pictures. These photos end up looking bad when cropped to a circle. Microsoft should give users a choice and stop forcing this change everywhere in the OS.
  • Your friends are stupid. A profile picture must be a person or face and not a stupid building or whatever.
  • lol..  
  • :D
  • and what about the album covers?
    circle photos are claustrophobic as hell, like you're looking through a keyhole or something.
  • @Marcos - Album art is not a person, so it will not show as a circle.  Circles are only for PEOPLE/CONTACTS.  Things such as album art / apps / places / things remain square.
  • OK, but you can clearly see some artists being cut out in their band's picture. If the original photo was square, you can't assume the corners to be uninportant just because you want to.
  • I was going to say it feels claustrophobic as well. Most visual content has straight edges, displays have straight edges. Having circular UI elements feels like you're losing out on seeing more. Very much not a fan. They should have an option in Windows for curved or angular people pictures to please everyone.
  • COMMENT OF THE DAY AWARD GOES TO CRISE!   LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Exactly.  It's a poor use of space (and also ugly).
  • It's like putting portholes on a house. It just doesn't work. lol
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I like them. Nobody is right or wrong, its subjective and a matter of taste.  
  • Fair enough... but I never recall anyone in the past opining that Windows 8 needs more circles... At the very least, Microsoft needs to give us an Option... just like LinkedIn does.
  • As others have pointed out, squares are more functional (besides looking better)
  • Portholes on houses work a treat in Hobbiton ;)
  • I agree that maybe I'm not used to them, but they leave my eyes wanting more of an image, is this not the case for your eyes?
  • Circle pictures can look awsome, but I don't really like how Microsoft decided to use them.For me looks like two different movies, and the result is like 'Batman' and 'Alice in Wonderland' combined. Maybe you like both, but not in the same movie.
  • "I like them. So now I ask, what's wrong with you for not liking them?" Easy answer. Nothing wrong with him. In addition to other downsides mentioned, there is the matter of real estate. Rectangular pictures use more of the available space. Do the math. If a rectangular picture is worth 1000 words, then a round one is worth ~785 (4/pi). Nothing wrong with you liking waste but don't promote it being forced on others. Maybe you or someone could publish an app that replaces parts of pictures with dead space.
  • "wasted space" is what Windows Phone UI was allll about for years. People here liked it a lot, so it seems odd to no argue for a crammed UI. For that, we have Android already. Good app design is not about jamming as much stuff on your screen. It is about giving things space, life to breathe and not overwhelm the senses. So I disagree with your assesment here.
  • There's a difference between wasted space and intentionally leaving whitespace. Circular cropping an image is inefficient. To me it just feels like their designers are borrowing from Material Design without fully committing. It reads as trendy as opposed to forging their own path as they did brilliantly with Metro.
  • You do realise faces are sorta round? :/  Circle in effect are more efficient, using less pixels to display a face. You "efficiency" point is a stupid as most of the whining commentors on this thread. Say you don't like how they look, but trying to use dumb sh*t pseudo science to explain why is making people look really stupid. Either like it or don't, stop the other nonsense / justification.  
  • The inefficiency of a circular crop is "dumb shit pseudo science". A solid argument. You realize we're not just talking about headshots? For example, look at the screenshot, more than 1/2 of the photos are group shots. What shape are those?
  • How is circular cropping an image inefficient? a :  not producing the effect intended or desired 
    b :  wasteful of time or energy <inefficient operating procedures> 
    c :  incapable, incompetent <an inefficient worker> Look at the design templates for WP8, nowhere did Microsoft mention that you have to stick with rectangular shapes. 
  • Of course it looks great. On the album art, in images where there are four or five people, say, of Maroon 5 or of RHCP, the circle helps mask the less important guys from the band, the ones stood on either extreme ends...seems logical.
  • The reason is Skype. It has circles. Instead of Skypefying Windows, they should have made Skype contacts square.
  • I agree: Good UI design is also about differentiation and consistency, so if Microsoft sticks to round standing for personification of content and square for the rest, we have a logic here.
  • If you can break that logic by simply pinning a person to start, I guess it's a ill conceived logic!?
  • How's this for a reason: image standards prefer squared/rectangular shapes and to make a round image you need to use a format that has transparency like PNG which offers less compression than JPG? Even microsoft's own image tools in Windows 10 crop to an angular shape.
  • I actually went to make some circular artist pictures to make a point, but it's a lot bloody harder than I initially thought it would be, so I'm settling for blacking out the corners of pictures instead of making the images themselves circular.
  • OK yup, I give up. Too much of a pain in the arse to illustrate my point, which I think says enough about this matter all on its own.
  • No, not really. You draw a rectangular image, but only to a circular region. You don't create a new image.
  • Also, John asks at the end of the article "what do you think of the circle design" you have to let people hate them otherwise we'd all be simply lying and allowing any change to seem perfect when in some cases, it really has an adverse effect on ui/ux/aesthetics etc
  • You forgot, IMHO ;) FTFY
  • Make a poll here, it will be interesting to see the results.
  • Y don't you buy a round screen tv
  • Someday when we will use circular smartphones ...
  • This is exactly what i've been trying to say. A circular picture ignores the fact that the picture itself, nor the frame nor screen, isn't a circle and it creates a dis-harmony that sucks.
  • The problem with the circles is that they don't show as much content... They annoyingly hide some of the picture....
    Not fond of this.... And, it looks to damn childish, or maybe even feminine..... But, maybe that's MS's angle.. IDK.
  • Who cares about content.  Circles are for people/profile pics only! lol Any photos that should have content (e.g. tiles, photos app, etc.) still use squares.
  • You're saying every profile picture on FB is of the closeup of a face❓ Don't a lot of most peoples contact pictures feed from social media sites❓
    Are you saying that every picture of a band is a close up of one person❓ Lol..... It doesn't work that way...
  • I really really like them too, but it doesn't look that good when it is used for album art..
  • Agree, album art was never taken in a circular photo/design, so its simply erasing what was meant to be there. For album art this will not work.
  • They did it to distinguish people from things: Circles = PEOPLE only Squares = Album Art / Apps / Locations / Things / everything else.
  • Lol... So, you're saying the OS can distinguish which profile, or band pictures, are of a single face❓ Lol.... Bad rule.
  • All of the artist pics I have were cropped from rectangular group shots.
  • I think they look really bad, and are a far cry from the classic windows phone "tile" look that started making me love the simplicity of windows phone. This looks so "facebook", and apple. Quite nasty if you ask me.
  • And so Skype
  • Cause they look so not WP and a lot of people hate them.
  • @Daniel In all honesty you wouldn't say one bad thing about Microsoft's moves.  If they decided to go all in with Android you would champion that move too.  And as you pointed out, it's all opinions.  I for one agree with "startrunner" assessment with those circular tiles.  Then again, it's just my opinion too. :)
  • So much about Windows is square now, these circles just seem out of place. Just my opinion. I don't hate them, but they look "off".
  • last I checked album covers are still square.
  • According to the Windows 10 design lanugae, circles represent people and squres represent everything else. It's a consistant design phillosophy. Notice these circles are representing artists. Artists are people. Understand?
  • At least you understand it! :)  People here comment without understanding. They did it to distinguish people from things: Circles = PEOPLE only Squares = Album Art / Apps / Locations / Things / everything else.
  • I don't like them. So now I ask, what's wrong with you for liking them?
  • They crop the picture, they look tacky, cheesy, etc. You know, those kinds of things. Complaining about the circles in W10 now is kind of silly though when the rest of the OS looks like crap.
  • I don't get it either. There is tons of feedback in uservoice NOT to do this elsewhere in the OS but they seem to be ignoring it.
  • And just what the heck is the problem you people have with circles? Square images alone make the app look dull and less visually pleasing.
  • Yeah, but squares show more content❗
  • More content?  It's just supposed to be your face!  Circles are for people/contact pics only.  Anything content-related is square.
  • Ummmmmm, this is displaying group photos... Not just a face, like a contact.... Regardless, I don't like the idea of showing just a face, and a face isn't always the center piece of a group, album art, or even a contact... Most of my contact photos come from FB, and those pictures vary dramatically. Think about that.... I mean, it's not really that big a deal, but there is room to debate content... Nevertheless, if it's not broke don't fix it...
  • Yeah, square matches the UI, and is clean. I know that it is subjective, but this really does look jarring compared to the overall look of Windows.
  • Looking forward to laptops with circular screens. Or even circular tablets. And a camera that takes circular pictures so I won't feel like my image is being cropped by MS.
  • The only place it doesn't look funny is on the PC lock screen... Looks kinda nice there.... They could make it optional for phone, but OPTIONAL..... Optional.
  • They are listening.  But they can't change everything based on feedback otherwise they won't be able to progress.  They made it clear that they needed to use circles to distinguish PEOPLE from content. Circles = People
    Squares = Tiles / Things / Everything else
  • Is every contact on your phone a closeup of a face❓ I bet most of your contacts images come from FB... I don't see how that law even makes logical sense in the real world.... What about business contacts❓ Group photos❓ The image gets cut off..... No, I don't prefer it this way.
  • Microsoft is spending more time in personalization than optimization.
  • Don't think so, we're not even at rtm yet. If we get to rtm and the bugs haven't been fixed, then I'll agree with you
  • There's no way for you to know that. 
  • I wouldn't say that.... Optimization comes near the end.... Who wants to optimize a bunch of concept ideas❓ That's largely what the TP is, and they don't want to waste time optimizing for nothing.... Wait till over 95% is beta, then you'll start seeing polish...
  • Microsoft is not in a position to dictate design standards yet. It is lagging behind and the only way of catching up is to align itself with ios and android. That means allignibg in all the design. That's why we have hamburger menus and circles and pill toggles. I don't like the circles either, but I can see exactly why MS is doing this. When windows 10 gains traction and becomes a strong competition for ios and android, then Microsoft can think about dictating design standards. For now. It has to follow suit with ios and android. The one main reason other than a lack of apps I heard from people not liking windows phone was because the interface was too different and harder to get used to. So they have to align with ios and android, its sad I know, but I hope it works. (this music apps will also run on the phone so any design changes also go accross to desktop)
  • Maybe Windows 11 will use triangles. You know, just because... lol
  • You mean Redstone.....
  • I don't like the circles either. Everything else in the OS has right angles. The circles just look odd... like circular windows on a house or office building...
  • I've got used to them. Hated them first, now I don't mind them
  • That's their plan.
  • I hated it at first, but that's because the design was not complete.  Now that it's further along in the design process, it makes sense and looks great!
  • Square or circle.. It doesn't make any issues unless the application delivers It's function... I don't really care about the visual treat.. Skype is circle... People is circle.. Windows login is circle.. Just because we have tiles in our UI , you can't blame MS for going with the circular image design..
  • I agree. I think its subjective. And they're trying to align their design with Google and Apple, which makes sense
  • It's actually pretty cool and nifty, I really like them, but waiting for final release though
  • It looks super ugly. I really don't know what they are thinking. Even on the photos there, the cropping is just awful. How about all photos on the lumia taking round photos as well?
  • Dude it's time to let it go because circles are on Xbox One, Windows phone and Windows 10.  Ain't no going back until the next major revamp of the entire Windows ecosystem and branding. 
  • I read in a windows blog post that they want to use circles to identify people, to differentiate from other kind of contents. They are doing that in the contracts app and they are doing it coherently in other apps like the music app, where only artists have the circles, while on the right I still see the squares. This way they think the user can easily identify the singer from the album. It looks a nice way to do things. Plus, I don't think circles are based at all, but then again: This is just a matter of treasures. Lastly, I wanna say to those that think Microsoft should let us decide whether to use circles or squares, that the configurations cannot be a non-limited list of option. They just can't make a configuration toggle for everything that someone doesn't like, for every little thing that they change! Come on, this is a huge update and this means that things will not be like before: Some new things will be liked by many, some others will be not liked by many. Accept it and if you want to complaint, install the preview and send them feedback. That's what they are for. But remember that your complaint may be something that millions of other people applaud!
  • Congratulations on being the only commenter who understands the circle concept! :D
    Seems no one else has read/understood the concept.
  • Non sure of you're ironic or not, but I will assume u aren't and say thank you, and I invite you to spread my thought, that seems to be the Microsoft point of view too. :D
  • Well done Fabio. Good post. In summary: Humans don't cope well with change If you don't like something, psot feedback Your view, even if agreed with by many, might still not be the majority I think thats about right mate. Sensible post.
  • Yes, this seems to be a great path to getting more than 2.7% WP market share to rise. And of course help Xbox outsell PlayStation too.
  • Humans that loved a little difference and a change from the norm are the very people (myself included) that tried Windows Phone during its inception and are probably the same people that are unhappy that it's changing back to the "norm" of ios and android
  • No irony
  • +630.. Agree with you.
  • THANK YOU for actually understanding the design principle behind this.  So many commenters here give criticsm that is based on things that they're not understanding of.  It's really simple:
    Circles = People
    Squares = Things / Everything Else It's a great way to distinguish and I think it looks slick!
  • Yeah!! It is so simple and straightforward!! Plus i dont understand all this hate towards the circle: Come on! The circle is the most perfect shape! Think of this circles like some tiny boobs. I'm sure you will like them more! LOL
  • If I pin a person to start, does it rest there as a circle? Also, not all contacts are people! If they want to "fix something for change's sake", they should work on consistency between tablet and phone, or any other point at uservoice. There is a lot to do.
  • Should be diamonds or triangles... ;)
  • I would say they should have used live tiles deeper. Like integrate into apps for example. I'm thinking of a concept WP design in my mind right now :D
  • WC already posted an article saying Interactive tiles are coming in Redstone... so no worries.
  • Agreed, looks like s h i t. The circles seem so robotic and cold. Tiles seem more personal, like having a photo of the person. Circles just seem so old school.
  • The circles separate artists from albums, which are square.
  • It would be cool if you could choose between circle and sqeure. And it would be easy to do. For the circle ot would use a circle transparency map and for the square it would't use any opacity map because the circle album image is just a Image object (which default shape is square) with a circle opacity map(circle is white which means show it and the rest is black which means don't show it).
  • I'm glad Microsoft doesn't listen to most of you people and does its own research. You're mostly idiots. (no offense)
  • Welcome to Portholes 10!
  • You can't argue with Daniel here. He breath and sh*ts Microsoft. "Windows" phone that's full of circles. Great.
  • Windows Phone never had the classic "Windows" look ....
  • No circles, bring back squares
  • i don't know why you are hating circles they look really nice
  • Come on, they gotta try something new. Whether you like it or not.
  • I love circles!
  • The circles don't look so good
  • This isn't even alpha development yet, meaning the design has a LONG time before it'll be finalized. That's what Windows Feedback is designed for; for one to voice their opinions on the apps, service, and experience you have, as a user of Microsoft's services. Translation: Voice it. Ranting won't do much here...only make one look like a strange person. (Yes, users may read comments, but to guarantee it's viewed, save the comments for reviews, feedback, UserVoice, etc.)
  • Ya, the circle avatars don't really work with this UI. I like them in some UIs, but Metro has always been about squares, lines, and subway style graphics. Circles also don't align with text, and other grid points visually since they have no edge/side.
  • Imagine How will it look when you pin a contact to your start but I like it circle, it's just that it will ruin my start screen
  • the old Metro UI is dead time to move on 
  • You mean uninstall.
  • Thanks for the replies, fellas and sorry for being a bit rude. As a tech savvy person I don't mind if things change, as I learn quickly. I did not mind any part of the Windows 8 design and I'm quite pleased with most of Windows 10. Circle cropping of album art, however is plain horrible and you should feel bad if you don't agree with that. I have at least ten albums in my library that would look ridiculously bad in a circle. I understand that this is an early version and the designers behind this will probably realize their mistake and fix it so I'm not worried. What is pissing me off is that this thing has ever left Redmond. Steve Jobs would have laughed this ass of for this.
  • circles do not belong to steve jobs its a shape just like any other shape 
  • why does everyone have problems with how it looks. it gets boring and irritating reading about negative nancies.
  • Circles represents people. Square represents everything else. That's why people app, user names, and artists are circles. You clearly did not read about the Windows 10 design language and are complaining as ignorant.
  • But how will it look pinning a contact to your start screen?
  • Microsoft needs to implement a universal system wide toggle, which can turn off the circle crop / matte / opacity mask.  Give users the preference to see square photos or round photos.  I would prefer to see sqaure photos for the same reasons that others have already pointed out.
  • Oh please just shut up...
  • Right there with you - looks like looking through a small hole.
  • They're trying too hard to fit the new norm. Google All Access went with circles for Artists a while ago and truthfully I still perfer the square layout.
  • Wtf MS seriously? Lolfacepalm...
  • Ohh wow, so excited to see "new" from square to circle?
  • Also, dark theme. Also, more polished version of what the final product may look like.
  • I like this look but at the same time I also like the current layout.
  • I understand that this is extremely off topic but I am stuck on build 10070. can someone help me. it just gets stuck at 18%. I have a Dell Inspiron 3521
  • It's the same as having a car with completely black interior and one of the floor mats - pink. All interior lights - xenon white but one of them - red. It just does not blend in
  • It's subjective. I've got used to it now
  • Podcast support now!
  • It looks like Spotify. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing?
  • If it also works like Spotify, that's good.
    The total suckiness of XBM is what caused me to want to leave WP again.
  • Well... I love the Spotify UI. It looks good with Windows 10.
  • Music and video apps are very very very important, and Microsoft needs to be really serious about making a great experience in each one, with phones too. I'm happy they are working hardly on it.
  • 'working hard' - FTFY lol
  • MS doesn't think they're important - look at the mess they made of music playing in Windows Phone recently
  • And if they cared at all, they would have stuck with Zune. Don't expect much from here on in.
  • Hoo I really miss The Zune experience...   :(
  • I think its cool looking.
  • Ugh circles. I like a lot of the new direction, but I don't like the circles.
  • Circle is Apple-ish, remember, Microsoft is heading that way....
  • Yes. Microsoft is aligning its designs with google and apple so when people move to windows, they're not greeted by a completely new interface. Once MS gains traction with windows 10 and if it gives apple and google strong competition, then I think MS will be in a position to dictate design standards
  • Don't think we'll ever have to worry about that, lol!
  • Hamburgers are circles. Hamburgers are life.
  • Circles = people
    Squares = things I think it's good design, and a great way to distinguish.
  • Seems a bit like windows media player..
  • I would fire the design manager.. I mean come on! It's all about SQUARE tiles and bam they make round artist icons. Don't get me wrong, I love this platform but I doubt it will grow if it will have similar design solutions..
  • Quite the opposite is true, as far as I know. After a lack of apps, the next reason I heard of people not coming to windows (phone) was the fact that the ui is completely different. And the average person doesn't want to have much of a change especially in ui. MS is aligning its design with google and apple. When windows 10 gains traction, and becomes a competition for google and apple, then MS can dictate design standards
  • Well I think for the most of WP users this design is one of the reasons they are with Microsoft. Personally for me - Android is a design tragic, I do not like anything, and I mean completely ANYTHING in Android UI. As for Apple - yes, iOS design is very appealing. And the key to it is harmonics. All of the design parts work together and builds attractive user experience. Now if MS decided to go different (and it's a great decision imo, because other than MS - everything is roughly the same), they should keep their way, improve in design harmonics but definitely, most definitely not mix other UI elements to make it less appealing. That's my opinion, it doesn't mean I'm right but I think a lot of people would agree
  • I see where you're coming from but I, through experience still believe that MS has to somehow allign. MS is not really looking at the 3% of windows phone fans Imo. It is looking at the 97% of windows phone haters. But I respect your opinion
  • You have a point there and I agree but just for a discussion - if one is looking to buy an iPhone, he wants to have iPhoneish features without the Android mix in and vice versa. So I would say if one likes Android, round accents will not make him rethink his decision. So a person, who decides to go to Windows side will want it to be windowsish, not a mix of stuff. And the best way to get peoples attention I'd say is a very strong marketing campaign. I bet a very well harmonized OS, well marketed with appealing commercials would gather s much greater interest then a mix of something different wroth something familiar. But at least they are trying and I still support them ask though I don't understand this decision
  • Yeah, a lot of smartphone owners are tech geeks nowadays and most don't actually know there are very capable WP devices out there. That's where your point comes in about marketing. They really need good attention, and hopefully they will get that with their flagship launch and Windows 10 launch. I just hope tech websites and journalists stop being biased and having a dig at MS for everything. When the build conference was happening and the hololens was demoed, I'm sure I saw more articles about the 'success' of the Apple watch than Microsoft's conference in which innovations were made and new products showed off. I don't know what it is. A half eaten apple has become so valuable its unreal. Its seriously depressing. OSX market share- 8% = good sales
    WP market share - 8% = absolute failure I really hope they can get the marketing spot on this time. They need to go all out. You hit the nail on the head
  • True that true that. I always admired how MS is bringing innovations to the market, like optical image stabilizaion, 5.1 sound recording etc. But it seems that nobody cares up until apple makes the same thing..
  • Wow even I didn't know they made those. They should have patented it ;)
  • The 97% of "WP haters" aren't going to switch to a wannabe Android or iOS clone with less apps.
  • They just might you know. Because then their device range will be complete. Most people already have some sort of pc and quite a lot of people have the xbox. If Microsoft makes it so that switching is seamless, then I don't see why people wouldn't want to switch. It is not an ios or android wannabe. It is a unified experience across all devices. Neither android nor ios have that. Microsofts design may be similar, for the reasons I stated, but its not the same. You can still tell you're using a Microsoft product. And when the portibg tools will be released, there should be no app gap. The only thing MS needs to do now is go all out on marketing, make it look really good and get peoples attention, and of course, release a flagship which will happen this year hopefully
  • Cicles for people and squares for everything else it make a lot of sense and it looks really nice
  • I kinda like it.
  • Not a fan of the circles. They just seem to take up more space, and show less.
  • Don't like the circles
  • Like really.... It's no longer hip to be square.... Yay for circles lol :P
  • Looks nice :))
  • Dark is great but squares would have been a killer
  • It matches the Music Preview app from Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview. I don't see big differences besides the dark theme (that may follow the user settings from W10) and the circles that are already used in People. I like it.
  • People - as in: person, human being, rational physical entity with 2 arms and 2 legs, be it an artist in a music app or a person in one's contact list - are represented troughout the OS inside a circle. I like it. Some like it. Others don't. That's life! :) Cheers!
  • Agreed Thank you
  • Google+ likes it too.
  • And we all know where google+ is ;)
  • it a circular tile on the start screen...
  • Looking the new preview apps and dying to see how it progresses
  • Needs more Round icons.. just like cds.. not like the stupid squared cases you can buy cds in
  • CD's?!? Does anybody buy those anymore, lol?
  • Nice clean design. I just hope they use the metadata so my album covers show up correctly.
  • They fixed that in the latest build :)  Every album art shows for all my music now! (finally!)
  • did anyone notice the Close, maximize, minimize button looks cool too!? :) the topbar/titlebar seems to blend with app's color?
  • Yep its the dark theme and I think that the title bar is also affected by this theme setting
  • Just give us dynamic playlist or auto playlist like Zune had
  • Retarded and squares!!!
  • Quit throwing that word around.
  • I think that the two shapes are quite good for distinguishing between two lists. It would have looked a mess if it was all squares
  • If anyone who is not complaining about the circles and take a closer look at the UI, it's layout is similar to the current Xbox App for Windows 10 ? Like the Sidebar on the left is the same layout, albeit different content. Same goes for the centre and the right, 
  • Please no stupid circles. Looks shitty and takes away too much of the images.
  • I disagree
  • Spotify
  • Problem with circles is similar to profile picture problems. Portions important to an image are being cut out. For example in album art, the corners often include important/useful information. Same is true with many profile photos like the ones where the profile photo has a person's face intentionally in the corner looking to the photo center at something or a couple holding an infant child in a corner photo.
  • Except its not implemented on album arts, but just the artist picture. As you can see playlist and albums remain square. This is the new design going forward. Circle for people and squares for anything else....pretty nice if you ask me.
  • Except quite often artists hold things like a guitar. Personal profiles also contain important details the four corners. ​
  • I'm sure you'll see the full picture once you click on the artist and you are on the artist page. Those circular profiles are just there so u can easily identify the artist.
  • You're making too much sense there. You're supposed to like circles and all this crappy design.
  • They're not listening. A lot of complains about the inconsistency of circular images, yet they're still doing it.
  • That's why they're making everything circular, so it's consistent. Lol
  • I don't get how it's inconsistent. In this image, the circles represent a totally different list to the squares. It would have looked a mess if they were all squares Imo. Why can't they use both circles and squares across the OS?
  • THIS.  Circles = people, Square = things.
  • Listening is one thing. Making decisions is another.
    Just because a design decision isn't to someone's liking, doesn't mean they weren't listened to.
    Feedback channels like UserVoice are just that - feedback channels. They are not the binding voting system people seem to think they are.
  • Agreed
  • It looks much better that way IMO
  • I agree!  Circles for PEOPLE pictures, Squares for everything else.  It's a great way to distinguish between the two.  Looks slick.
  • Bring me the Social features there are present in the Spotify and I'll be ok with the new app.
  • This. I miss Zune Social. Friends, Badges, song/album/artist count, etc. I wish people would get mad over this type of stuff and not freaking circles. Though, I am a fan of the circle for people and square for things design.
  • Not liking the circles
  • Please bring back square for this
  • I want a round monitor and everything to become round. There, I said it.
  • A round phone is next...:P
  • I think an oval phone would be damn awesome. Or an Oval/curved/concave TV.
  • I think you are actually right because the human field of view is an oval shape. So tv's, phones, everything should be oval. Heck, even this website should be oval.
  • Oh my god and jesus as well, NO CIRCLES please!
  • I don't know if am alone in this, but what's up with the tiny circles???!
    Can they at least make them bigger....or not so....round?
    I find them aesthetically appalling.
    Reminds me of skype...
  • Skype is for people. People are round, square are things. I think it is an elegant and simple way of differentiating between the two.  
  • i like it.  
  • Hopefully we'll get an option to either use circles or squares. Kind of reminds me titan fall voice templates you can purchase based on diff languages. I'm more worried in having very good integrated features that will make this feel like a true upgrade to Zune.
  • It is time this Music Team understands the issue with the app if far more about "features" than aesthetics.
    The app has been missing basic key features for years (gapless audio, minimal rating system, auto playlists). Considering this is the third "rewrite" of this app in that many years, one can wonder who leading this project and why they can't ship a basic, yet vital, Music player for the Windows ecosystem
  • You do. It's called iTunes.
  • ITunes is an horrific app on Windows. Especially with a large library.
    That said, it does have one huge advantage over XBM - it works.
  • How about a poll?
    no circles
    who gives a damn
  • I'm in, don't give a damn
  • i can tell u care!
  • I don't mind either as long as the design remains similar to the competition lol
  • iTunes is still better. No matter what.
  • STFU about iTunes already. As bad as this app is, it's still not as bad as iTunes.
  • Favouring an utterly boring and poorly executed app is rather very ignorant of you. iTunes is the best app ever written for Windows. You can't deny it; and I'm not even an Apple Fanboy. You've got problems, bozo.
  • Really? It constantly adds multiple duplicate files even when using the options to supposedly stop that. It corrupts files. On-and-on. The only thing ignorant, is you pushing the very unpopular belief that iTunes is a great program. The great majority will tell you iTunes is a POS. Nice try though.
  • This is all Xbox music does is constantly duplicating more then catholic rabbit. I've given up trying to delete the multiple versions, it just keeps doing it.
  • What the heck. I'm a royal and an A grade developer. I can't be arsed with someone of your likes. I hope you have a good time with XBM.
  • Owwww.... Royal. Congrats. LMAO. WGAF?
  • Do you use iTunes? That is close to the worst piece of software I have ever used. I hated it when I carried iOS and still have to use for work.
  • Yep. Pretty much the general conscious on that POS.
  • "PLAYLISTS FOR YOU". Will we finally get curated playlists?
  • I'm also on the square image bandwagon, mainly because of the reasons already mentioned: Most contact/artist images are square; also the albums images are square, and I'd like to see some consistency.
  • Honestly, the circles are terrible. What's next.. circular album art? Pictures are rectangular FFS - stop with the pointless and ugly cropping.
  • Circles are for PEOPLE, that's it.  Everything else is square.  It's a great way to distinguish between the two.  
  • I couldn't disagree more.
  • Virtually every digital thing we view has right angles--TVs, tablets, monitors, phones, photos, Live Tiles. Why?  Because it's a better use of space. A circle with a diameter of 2 inches has an area of 3.14 in2 A square that is 2x2 has an area of 4 in2 That's 21.5% more.
  • You're supposed to just blindly accept it. MS designers are on crack.
  • Neat. Not sure if it's modern/metro enough, but I am liking what I'm seeing.
  • If we dont have ability to edit and organize our library, its all pointless. The removal of that feature since the Zune, has crippled the whole thing.
  • Quick quesion is there not circle items i.e. contact in iOS? BTW I like these
  • quick search using bing yes contact profile picture has a circle shape 
  • I did do a search before I posted it but was not sure they were real or mocks - it can be hard to tell :). If apple do it - its a design classic - if MS do it... the world is ending (there is a bit of sarcasm in there)
  • Microsoft seems to be moving away from the Metro UI design guide. Adding new styles and new icons to an already too large set of design guidelines in stead of cleaning up what they update. This is not good.
  • I would much rather have a discussion about the features and usability of the app, then a discussion about circles.
  • Yup. Ability to sign in and out from the app with whatever ID we choose for example? Friends come for party and someone has cool playlist they created but we need a whole fucking new profile to play it on PC because it's my PC. I'm not a selfish bastard. I share. Let me share my PC Microsoft.
  • IMO calling it new UI is a stretch. It looks exactly the same as Music preview app is now, with round artists. Also, I really wish the search box would get moved to the right, and have contextual search.
  • How to update to windows 10 when it get released
    I'm using windows 8.1 pro
  • I prefer the square style, but don't mind the circles as much on a computer, when I have a fairly large screen. My Windows 10 test phone is a Lumia 435 and on small, low resolution screens they feel a lot more jarring, the people app is an example where they have very small photos as it is, making them round makes them seem too tiny.
  • I'm buying into the circles. These artist circles actually make me feel more attached to the artist especially after spending time with circles representing people all over the web. It's a bit of design language that Microsoft looks to be implementing consistently - finally!!
  • Please tell us you were completely tongue-in-cheek.  That's got to be the most ridiculous thing I've seen yet.
  • I agree with him. And I think circle for artist picture, and squares for the album pictures makes sense.
  • Embrace the change
  • Yes, that also completely explains why profile pictures on Facebook are circular. Because circular = feeling of personal.
  • I can't get past the round artist icons. Really bad.
  • Everyone is moaning about the darn circles. We need ability to choose what Microsoft ID we use to log in! Not one to rule them all. Option like Skype where people might have different work and play gamertags!
  • Ugh, again with the round icons.
  • I dn't think i am.going to install Windows 10. It is getting more ugly .....
  • Please no circles
  • I've always liked circle pictures, but I feel this isn't the right place for them.
  • If I want to pin an artist to start, will it then change to square?
  • Possibly, but it'll more likely be a circle inside a tile.  Similiar to how the new call screen when someone calls you shows a circle.  All PEOPLE photos are circles, so if they're going to be consistent, then it'll probably be a circle in a tile.
  • "don't fix, if it's not broken"
  • If you're going to put circles in my artists view,make them more useful by making bigger circles for artists based on how much of thier music I have.
  • It's excellent suggestion! Put it in the feedback app if you can. A bubble-plot is now possible with circles and it makes sense to just have it out there since already artist data on my phone is with Microsoft!
  • great one bro.
  • Here's a crazy thought - why not have a toggle in the settings, between circles and squares. We both win.
  • A ton more design goes into it this way?
  • Stop complaining here and tell Microsoft about it.. Just saying
  • Many of us have given feedback, on numerous issues. At least some in Outlook was listened to.
  • I couldn't care less about circles or squares. Fix the size of the controls on mobile, they are tiny and huge UI/UX downgrade.
  • Ew. Zune 3 column UI when?
  • now i get it. although i never disliked the circles, i didnt get completely why they use them. now i do. they will use circles for every graphic representation of a human being/person. thats why not only the people app uses circles but this "artists" page from music app too. any other graphic keeps their square.
  • Exactly :) Same with the new call screen when someone calls you.  It's a circle now. 
  • Talk about being 'circle' jerks :P
  • Good one!
  • Atrocious
  • What's with Microsoft and circles? Anyway this is UGLY!
  • Circles = PEOPLE / HUMANS / PROFILE PICS Squares = Album Art / Apps / Locations / Things / everything else.
  • "playlists for you" got me interested!
  • Microsoft is going round in circles. Hate it so much!
  • They did it to distinguish people from things: Circles = PEOPLE Squares = Album Art / Apps / Locations / Things / everything else.
  • Kinda wish they'd offer the choice for either staying square or going circle as I for one prefer square - To me, Windows is square... Not Circle. It's just a circle mask that is being plastered on top of a square picture anyway so why not give us the choice how we'd like to roll with? God forbid should they ever decide to turn the square Tile on the Phone/Desktop into round Dots.
  • They won't change tiles to circles because Tiles are for APPS which is not a person... Circles are for PEOPLE pics only. 
  • I want the Zune look-a-like back. I just miss those good old days
  • Please add support for Xbox Music subscription listened audio and I'll subscribe to Xbox Music for 1 year! Also, not to be disrespectful with other members of this forum, but Windows Media Player on Windows 8.1 is still my top choice when I listen to audio. Xbox music app is very limited, you can't use so much features that WMP has. I'm not saying that I don't like the look and feel of the new UI of Music modern apps, but they're too limited, they look just like a smartphone app. It's time to bring the features of WMP to these apps.
  • Compared to MusicBee, WMP is Stone Age.
  • I use itunes anyway. Best music application around and I'm not even an Apple fanboy. Xbox music never seems to grow on me everytime I try to use it. :p
  • Lol iTunes is awful. It's a huge resource hog and ugly to boot. Music app is just awful in many ways but its definitely better than it was when it came out originally on windows 8. They did the Zune music player right. If only they would have redesigned its appearance and gave it darker themes they could have rebranded it.
  • UGLY!
  • Windows just gets uglier and uglier. Going back to being the old boring Windows.
  • Admit it you are just pissed with the circles. Even a die hard apple fan boy can see how pleasing windows I becoming.
  • The title bar though...
  • instead of circles they can use tiles for artist please Microsoft don't ruin windows phone design!!!!!!!
  • They did it to distinguish people from things: Circles = PEOPLE only Squares = Album Art / Apps / Locations / Things / everything else.
  • What about play by genre or searching alphabetically by artist or album, ala Zune? No? Then who cares about putting a prom dress on a pig. Have they fixed the issue with it duplicating playlists and songs 3 to 4 times per album? I pay for this less-than-beta version, I doubt it'll be reupping. I've never been so disappointed in a music application since iTunes way back when. The phone app has more functionality than the desktop and both have much to be desired. Good enough isn't good enough anymore. Not with Spotify and them knowing they can do better, again look at Zune. So much for functionality and it is years old. For a software and service company, this program is the antithesis of both.
  • I think they'll use round ones only for contacts, profile pictures, artist images etc and square ones for things like albums, folders, pictures etc.
  • Just how FB does it...or does it, eh? :/
  • i like it A LOT circles for artists looks awesome
  • That looks a lot like the Spotify app
  • Looking beautiful
  • I don't see why people say it's Ugly. For me, it's awesome. It looks unique and simple. Okay, so u say it's ugly...fine make a design for Music App on Windows 10 that suits u then show us what u got. Simple as that. We'll give it a well criticizing speech as well.
  • I like the circles. Square tiles don't work for me everywhere.
  • Looks cool. More than anything else I just want it to work like a first class music app. Work and sync with OneDrive correctly, load instantly, seamless playback...
  • Semi unrelated but I had no idea that they had their own Xbox music website that you could listen to your music from if it was uploaded to one drive. Blows my mind.
  • Of course it looks great. On the album art, in images where there are four or five people, say, of Maroon 5 or of RHCP, the circle helps mask the less important guys from the band, the ones stood on either extreme ends...wait, what??
  • Album art is not a PEOPLE, album art is a THING (which is why albums are still shown as squares on the side).  They did it to distinguish people from things: Circles = PEOPLE only Squares = Album Art / Apps / Locations / Things / everything else.
  • Looks great! I can't wait for windows 10 to launch.
  • I don't like irt it just seems to be a copy of Spotify's UI little by little windows is taking away all that I liked about their tile , square design (it was different and beautiful) but now I don't know
  • Good
  • I really, really, hate the Windows 10 /Mobile version of the Music app.  Zune had it the best, period.  And I'm so SICK of Microsoft completely ignoring the Metadata I so painstakingly tuned in my library.  It is completely STUPID for Microsoft's ignorant apps to totally ignore the pictures I've established for folders and the album art to insert their CRAPPY and more-often-than-not INCORRECT or MISSING data.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: Microsoft is run by an idiot and influenced by idiots.
  • Zune really did have it the best. It's pretty pathetic how low they've dropped since then in terms of quality music applications.
  • It looks awesome, i would really like this to happen. It kinda reminds me of spotify :D
  • Oh please! Round, Square who care just as long as album art reads from tagged files properly. It has taken MSFT years to achieve this in XBM for 8.1. Still don't work in Windows 8.1 (pc) though so not holding out much hope for 10 version given the rubbish track record.
  • Album art actually works great in the latest build :)  For the first time, I'm even seeing album art on individual tracks.
  • OK, would that be Windows 10 latest build or Windows 8.1? I am refering to Windows 8.1 XBM app which in my case is the latest build and does not show my local album collection tagged artwork, just as the old WP8.1 XBOX Music app once failed to show local art but after zillions of complaints and years of updates finaly managed this simple task. If XBM Music for Windows 10 does this now then great.
  • Nice movie by Microsoft. People are becoming circles so are the Artists. We can see this even in the Google Music app.. Even they went with this kind of Change
  • I don't really care for the emphasis on artist pictures that's in XBox Music and this. I understand why people would like it, but my collection is full of composers, not bands and singers. Most of my artists don't even have proper pictures, at least in the XBox Music database. In the end, though, I would be satisfied with being able to use album art for live tiles and perhaps being able to disable artist pictures.
  • I think it looks AWESOME!  (Love that Tron-like scrubber too!) I like how it's clear that Cirles are for People pictures, and Squares are for things (such as tiles, albums, playlists, etc.)
  • Exactly. I like where they are going with this also.
  • What is it with the round images ?
  • They did it to distinguish people from things: Circles = PEOPLE only Squares = Album Art / Apps / Locations / Things / everything else.
  • They are just doing what they said : Round images for people that they are spreading to all their apps ...
  • If it's an artist (people), you get a circle. If it's a thing (album), you get a square. I like it. Nice work MS
  • I dont care if the artists are in circles as long as the albums stay square.
  • They will stay square. Circles = PEOPLE only Squares = Album Art / Apps / Locations / Things / everything else.
  • I agree! What I was thinking when I first saw it. Circle design leans towards contacts or people.
  • Not really a fan of the changes, looks too similar to Spotify now. Bring back Zune style please.
  • The theme is awesome. The circles I'm not sure although I get the design choice and everything people related is with round pics ... It doesn't look that good to me.. Maybe it's enough already to make the circles a little smaller
  • I like it. Reminds me a lot of Spotify and I like Spotify.
  • I really miss the Great Zune Software...
  • I like the design. But when I see circles I think of contacts.
  • Hope the phone UI matches it would look radiant
  •  Just make it sync Windows Phone and my old Zunes an I’ll be happy, Music app now is crap for lack of that. Sync app for Windows Phone is also crap. Gimme my Zune Program functionality back!
  • Hate those circles.
  • Needs more circles
  • Still needs work
  • Love it. Feels right at home.
  • It will be ok to leave the artist in circles but they need to leave the albums in square format.
  • Skype for music
  • User: "there is no gapless playback" MSFT: "but we introduced circles... For persons, you know" User: "but where are auto-playlists based on meta-data" MSFT: "it looks like Spotify now, because of circles" User: "maybe some meta-editing?" MSFT: "you don't need said feature, indeed no user knows. WE have TELEMETRY! Telemetry says, people do not know, what people are!" In the meantime, the degree of non-advance is getting ridiculous.
  • Nobody knows.. Nobody! :/
  • Is this a Spotify replica?
  • Microsoft should buy Spotify :) 
  • Ahh I hate round icons, please stop them or make it a choice.
  • They just might you know. Because then their device range will be complete. Most people already have some sort of pc and quite a lot of people have the xbox. If Microsoft makes it so that switching is seamless, then I don't see why people wouldn't want to switch. It is not an ios or android wannabe. It is a unified experience across all devices. Neither android nor ios have that. Microsofts design may be similar, for the reasons I stated, but its not the same. You can still tell you're using a Microsoft product. And when the portibg tools will be released, there should be no app gap. The only thing MS needs to do now is go all out on marketing, make it look really good and get peoples attention, and of course, release a flagship which will happen this year hopefully Just my opinion
  • I switched back to Winamp about a year ago, best decision! I use it to manage my collection and store it on my OneDrive and use xbox music on my phone.
  • I know it's a perrsonal preference.... But that UI is hideous....... :-\
  • I don't really think many people care that much about how the interface looks now. I can't be certain, but I can at least speculate that the majority of those saying they hate this look are the ones who loved Zune Player. I don't think it can be said enough: many of the most loyal Windows phone users were Zune converts. The Zune player represents the foundation for what many people have said they want from the Xbox Music app. it seems that Microsoft is deliberately trying to move as far away from Zune as possible while they take baby steps towards nothing more than the most basic interface they can muster. Xbox Music is and always has been the most frustrating part of Windows development. It is lumbering independently of an already slow moving process and showing no signs of the innovation taking place in other parts of the platform. I just don't understand why this is so hard for them. Microsoft had a nearly half decade (or more) jumpstart on Android when it comes to music as a service and right now, they look as if they just started. Seriously, what is going on?
  • I wanted to use it but you couldn't even select the "Music" folder. It required to be "My Documents/Music" So I never bothered to use it. I have a synology NAS where I keep all my music and synology has an app that can sync playlists off the NAS on your phone. That's the way to do it. However, this is only available for Android. Hm, what's my next phone gonna be?