Music and Video preview apps for Windows 10 appear with latest technical preview

Alongside the excitement of the latest build of Windows 10 and Project Spartan, there are a couple of other surprises waiting for us in the Store (beta).

Say hello to the first previews of the new Music and Video apps for Windows 10.

The apps are distinguishable immediately from their Windows 8.1 counterparts with a new user interface that fits in with everything else we've seen of Windows 10 so far. Until this point not much has been said about the future of what we currently know as Xbox Music and Xbox Video in a Windows 10 world, and in these previews at least Xbox seems to have been dropped from the titles as you can see in the image up top. From the app notes:

"Key updates include: This is our first release to the Windows store! We're still working hard to deliver more features to you. With this release, you'll be able to browse, manage, and play all the content that is on your device, as well as music you have on OneDrive or music you have added with a Music Pass. As a Music Pass holder, you'll also find the Explore and Radio features you've come to know and love. Known issues: The Music Preview app doesn't support purchase of songs or albums. For the time being use the Music app to buy your tunes. There's no context menu when you right-click or press/hold on an item. You can still access secondary actions by choosing "Select" and choosing an item"

We'll be taking a closer look at both of these apps soon, but in the meantime check out a few early screenshots below. If you want to check them out for yourselves, fire up the Store (beta) with the gray icon and look for "Music Preview" and "Video Preview."

Thanks Parth for the tip!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Woah. Surprises overloaded. waiting for TP for phones, suck though.
  • Good to see Microsoft generating so much excitement. Looks like thier pursuit for "cool" is yielding fruit. :-)
  • Why there are no any first impressions videos on Windows 10 latest technical preview given that there were important new features?
  • Our Spartan video is coming up. Relax.
  • Awesome. I'll watch it, Dan :)
  • Yep, but other features video too.
  • Are you saying, Mr Rubino, that you didn't have videos of features you hadn't yet received already queued up ready to publish the moment the unknown, surprise announcement was made? What a disappointment. /s
  • Almost as if video doesn't take a good amount of time to do properly.
  • Yes, then again as I said before am judging by WC standards. You guys used to have videos out by this moment now, it is already more than 8 hours.
  • It is already more than 8 hours and am judging by WC standards not any other standards.
  • You think you're entitled to everything. Calm down things take time. These guys are good at what they do
  • Can anyone confirm if gapless and FLAC support is there?
  • Will check.
  • FLAC support was there in windows media player since the last couple of builds right?
  • WMP has added support for all kinds of things lately. Last build I was pleasantly supprised to find that it now supports not only MKV containers, but also supports h.265 video as well. Now if only it would play nice with subtitle and alternate audio tracks as well.
  • nope
  • No gapless playback and no FLAC support yet.
  • I can't wait for the mail/calendar previews.
  • Ditto.
    My 8.1 ones stopped working again too, on both machines...
  • And the maps preview....
    And then new interactivity features on BUILDS.
  • Yeah, I'm eager to get my hands on those two as well. Was disappointed we haven't been seeing this updated Windows Apps, make these two (plus Spartan) are the opening of the gates!
  • this.needOutlookForStoreApp. Once it is realesed, I may have to finally put TP on SP3
  • They look very similar to the W8.1 version, except for the colours and lack of Xbox branding. I guess you guys will soon tell us what's different.
  • Yeah, it is VERY similar at this stage. But we have to remember, the code underlying it is very different since it is now a universal Windows app.
  • Yeap. That means that the music app on Windows 10 for phones will looks like this ;)
  • As far as look, will this be final? I think I'd miss the visual appeal of a full splash page of an artist or the dark background for movies a la Netflix style. Has there ever been a music or video app that would let you skin it in the way you can with XBMC/Kodi?
  • The stark and stylish days of WP and to an extent Windows seem unfortunately to be over (in addition to ergonomics/usability first principles). Hope all new features and improvements will make up for some of it!
  • And Windows Central was the first to report on this :D
  • I don't like this white like the beta store, it looks so appleish :|
  • Apple didn't invent white you know ;-)
  • Lol, true though.
  • Ohh yah!..they re-invent..,! (;
  • But the fact is there -.- they use gray scales and whites +/ golden. I don't like it, it's so ugly and burns eyes faster than watching the sun
  • Hopefully it comes with a black/white theme with transparency and a transparency slider
  • I kinda like the white themes, but i wish we had a choice for both though.
  • humm... back arrow and hamburger dead space. Looks kind of small. How does this work on a Surface Pro 3 when using touch? Guys like me with large sausages is going to have a hard time using this. Im not liking what Im seeing.
  • Any notice of an Xbox music pass integration?
  • Read the article muppet " With this release, you'll be able to browse, manage, and play all the content that is on your device, as well as music you have on OneDrive or music you have added with a Music Pass. As a Music Pass holder, you'll also find the Explore and Radio features you've come to know and love"
  • Sorry, I missed over that section, but what does insulting me get you? How about instead just say, its in the article. You sir should just stop being so negative! Just a thought
  • Daniel...check it i can't it functional and any prediction on smoothness
    As I don't have technical preview..
    Please be fast
  • I really need to stop reading the comments on this site.
  • Was just thinking the same thing lol
  • Same here lol
  • Haha... harsh but true xP
  • It's like he wants to ask "Seems faster?" Just with a different wording haha!
  • If Xbox music and Xbox video is not intergrade into xbox live,well both will still be shit to me.
  • Already dropping xbox . Even Zune existed longer as music title
  • Nice to see XBOX branding removed from the music app. If you could create music using your XBOX and controller, the old name would be suitable. Disasters are best rebranded or renamed.
  • Music and video apps for wp. Everyone is waiting for that specially bcoz we have a terrible music broken experience with Xbox music in 8.1
  • Nope we haven't
  • Yes, we have.
  • Windows Phone 8.1 has the worst music playback experience compared to both Android and iOS. I've never seen such a laggy native music app before. Even Zune had better performance back in WP7.
  • Good job they pulled out the hub and forced us to use that separate slow and buggy app.. . . . Now that they've just re-written it all again and made that app redundant. O.o
  • Have they updated the UI to match the Xbox Music Online Player yet? I love the Online Music player, it genuinely has a better UI, better performance and more features. Only lacks in performance, but otherwise, it's king.
  • Ahh, they updated the article. Looks nice, but still not as nice as the current web player. I'll give them time, it is a preview, after-all.
  • Can anyone xbox music available outside US..or not!
  • Seriously?
  • Yes it is.. I'm using it in Brazil
  • No it's not available dude.
  • I don't understand why the Music app can't have a Pivot-based navigation, especially because in this app, the hamburger menu contains key pages and not just seldom-used options. Artists, Albums and Songs would be at the top and with the other settings in an ellipsis menu at the bottom. It would work consistently across devices.
  • Yes, I'm so mad at this... they're giving up with pivot... despite it's so beautiful
  • New version broke my mail-calendar-people apps....does anyone know of I have to do the same hack as in the 10041 build ru get them to work??
  • Yes, I had to run the powershell command and download/install from the nonbeta store. Quick search should get you the ps command.
  • Does the bar for seeking within the song stay visible even when the app is reduced to smaller size (any size less than fullscreen)? That was one thing the 8.1 app lacked, the bar used to disappear when using the app in multi window.
  • My biggest complaint about Xbox video and music is the inability to edit metadata (DVD covers, album cover, genre, artist, etc). Did they reimplement this feature like in Zune or is it still missing?
  • Yes and let's not forget the ability to rate media using 5-stars and create smart playlists based on the metadata. Until this feature is available, I will still rely on iTunes for managing my music collection.
  • Sorry...are you saying "yes, this ability has returned" or "yes, I agree with you...where the f; are these features?" ?
  • I'm saying yes I agree with everything you said. Whether these features are present or not is another story. I'll find out when I get home and install these items. *crossing fingers but not feeling optimistic*
  • Please keep me informed...
  • Yes I'm with you.
  • Ya no need of inbuilt xbox integration ... It does not really do any thing here in India ... Only a junk u can say ...
  • Yeah it's like farmyard manure pit..
  • Jesus.
  • Ugh I need music management features in music and video management features and integration in video apps to make them as default players. Also better codec support
  • Looks like Music Preview still fails a lot of functionality, just like the old one, in comaprison to MediaMonkey desktop app.
  • A preview with not full features? Shocking news...
  • It has the same features as the 8.1 production version - that's pretty amazing for a preview, right?
  • I downloaded the w10 10041 iso earlier today, are these features included in it?
  • Didn't they always lack Xbox branding?
  • Nope. Windows 8.1 app is all about Xbox Music inside the app.
  • I don't see any difference between current Xbox Music app and Music Preview other than colour scheme.  
  • You know what this means? The mobile versions will have the freaking burger menu...
  • You're probably right. Because that seems to be the design language Microsoft is currently following.
  • Yes, its been pretty much established this is happening. They have a control in the SDK for developers to use it. This paradigm is going to exist in Windows 10 regardless of if you like it or not.  
  • I still cant ditch jriver for this.
  • I think I will make the switch today possibly on my main computer.  Right now its just a vm for me
  • The interface kinda remind me of iTunes. And that lady gaga photo creeps me out. Lol
  • I like them!
  • Can you control the music without focusing the app? (i.e. controls built into hover, or media keys.)
  • Good work Microsoft!
  • I am assuming not, but any sign of interactive tiles for music controls? Or is that more likely to come with the Windows 10 for phone update?
  • It look similar to Xbox music app in Windows 8.1 except the color.
  • Anyone here know if the Music button looks bigger in 7/8 inch tablets. The music buttons are really tiny in Windows 8.1 tablet.
  • The blue color looks so sharp and nice.
  • Nothing new
  • It's hard to imagine going backwards from the current version-- but they pulled it off! ;) Of course they mention these things in the release notes. Sersiouly though, I finally moved from Zune on desktop to Music app full time and have been pretty happy. Hopefully they can get things right in this incarnation.   And they need to add native DVD playback somewhere! Hoping it eventually makes its way to Video app.
  • And still no gapless playback.........
  • The Zune software had gapless; iTunes has had it since forever, and even the years old, open source Rockbox firmware for third party mp3 players, that's developed *for free* can do gapless. I wonder what the big technological challenge is here for Microsoft.  More likely, it's probably way down on their priority list for their Music player.  It's as if they don't know live concert albums or modern EDM are even a thing .
  • oups double post odd.
  • Nice to see a UI refresh, but this does not address the main issue with the Music app:  It sucks. Zune Desktop is better in literally every way, and the suite itself had many quirks.  Not renewing Xbox Music unless they get out of this half ***ed app model and produce a solution that does not force users to be bound by their services.
  • So glad it's no longer "Xbox" Music. It never made sense in the first place.   Now if only they'd bring back Zune....I can dream, can't I?
  • But is it better than Zune desktop? That was one sweet user interface.
  • I highly doubt it's better than the Zune software. Heck, I'd settle for *as good* as Windows Media Player Classic. But just like W8 and WP8, it's going to be feature lacking and broken until the next version of Windows, when Microsoft decides to scotch it and start over yet again.
  • Thanks, I updated but didn't check those apps so it's indeed a surprise ^_^
  • Hi everyone. Still no rating system? Argh! Am I the only one bitterly missing Zune software?
  • I miss the black and green! :(   The white/blue looks too corporate-ish
  • I'm sure they're not close to done with the UI. It's not even close to what they showed off before.
  • I can still see them using the Xbox name for these since they need a brand to represent the service, I just feel like it would be a bit confusing...
    For Apple, you go to iTunes for multimedia content then the App Store for apps and games. For Google, you go to the Play Store for everything. But for Microsoft, do we go to the Windows Store for everything...? Is Xbox Music no longer a thing? Are we looking at yet another rebranding?
  • I'm always surprised by the simliar taste in music I share with the Windows Central team. 
  • All we need is a modern app replacing media player and media center. OneDrive and Xbox music pass are repositories, like hard drive, SD card or any DLNA mount in the local network. I hope, VLC will finally get us there. This MS stuff is just hopelessly misguided.
  • Finally able to sign-in from non-usa region! Yay!  
  • This doesn't look any better to me. You cannot "manage" your collection if you cannot edit metadata. The curren tapp is also lucky to find artwork for more than abou thalf my collection, which is pathetic given how much time and effort I expended in Zune getting it all 100% right. Even Windows Media Player does a better job. I actually hate the Music App, it is dreary and awful.
  • While it finally has "recently added", gapless music play, and swipe left to open that ugly hamburger menu on mobile... that will be ok...
  • WMP will still be there in W10 right ? I wish they'd integrate it with the store. It performs better than these modern apps.
  • I can't download a single app in the store beta and even store (blue).
  • how do I get the store beta app? running most up to date windows 8.1....
  • Can anyone confirm if gapless and FLAC support is there? P/S : download game mobile , pvtk , tai kpah
  • I hate the blue!