Music and Video preview apps for Windows 10 appear with latest technical preview

Alongside the excitement of the latest build of Windows 10 and Project Spartan, there are a couple of other surprises waiting for us in the Store (beta).

Say hello to the first previews of the new Music and Video apps for Windows 10.

The apps are distinguishable immediately from their Windows 8.1 counterparts with a new user interface that fits in with everything else we've seen of Windows 10 so far. Until this point not much has been said about the future of what we currently know as Xbox Music and Xbox Video in a Windows 10 world, and in these previews at least Xbox seems to have been dropped from the titles as you can see in the image up top. From the app notes:

"Key updates include: This is our first release to the Windows store! We're still working hard to deliver more features to you. With this release, you'll be able to browse, manage, and play all the content that is on your device, as well as music you have on OneDrive or music you have added with a Music Pass. As a Music Pass holder, you'll also find the Explore and Radio features you've come to know and love. Known issues: The Music Preview app doesn't support purchase of songs or albums. For the time being use the Music app to buy your tunes. There's no context menu when you right-click or press/hold on an item. You can still access secondary actions by choosing "Select" and choosing an item"

We'll be taking a closer look at both of these apps soon, but in the meantime check out a few early screenshots below. If you want to check them out for yourselves, fire up the Store (beta) with the gray icon and look for "Music Preview" and "Video Preview."

Thanks Parth for the tip!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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