Microsoft site points to new Bing Maps experience, upcoming preview

First spotted by Neowin, a new Microsoft website popped up today that details an upcoming Bing Maps Preview. There isn't much to glean from the site right now, but it does confirm that whatever Microsoft has up its sleeve will work across all major browsers on PC or tablet, with the exception of Safari, which is only supported on Mac.

Maps Preview Landing Page

Outside of the above information, it isn't entirely clear what to expect out of this preview, although it could be related to Bing Maps Preview that is currently available for Windows 8.1. There's also the possibility that we could see some sort of Cortana integration with Bing Maps since it's already being heavily integrated in Microsoft's portfolio.

In any event, we won't know much more until Microsoft pushes whatever it is working on live. If you'd like to check the site out for yourself, be sure to hit up the source link below. What would you guys like to see out of a new Bing Maps app?

Source: Bing Maps Preview; Via: Neowin

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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