Microsoft spruces up Xbox Live Rewards, your Rewards Credits will now become cash

Microsoft recently made the decision to drop their Point system from Xbox Live. It was a move that many people on Xbox Live have been wanting for quite some time. While you could get discounts on Microsoft Points (thus saving money), the system itself had a few annoyances that many aren’t mourning the loss of. Now Microsoft is refreshing their Xbox Live Reward program to reflect changes to the loss of Microsoft Points. Details after the break.

Familiar with Xbox Live Rewards? It’s a loyalty program for members on Xbox Live that offered Microsoft Points as rewards. You could get those Microsoft Points by doing things like renewing your membership, playing games, taking surveys, and other engagements through Xbox Live.

Now that Microsoft Points have gone the way of the Dodo there are a few changes to the site. The site itself has received an overhaul in the UI department. Things have been cleaned up and received the Metro Microsoft Design Language treatment. It’s also easier to see how you can earn credits within the Xbox Live Rewards program and how you can spend those credits.

Go check out the site and see the various ways you can earn credits and spend them. For example, you can earn 5,000 Rewards Credits by purchasing any five map packs between now and October 1st. If you renew your Xbox Live Gold account you can rack up 250 Rewards Credits with a 1 month renewal or 3,000 Rewards Credits for 12 months.

Go rack up Rewards Credits and turn them into cash for your Microsoft Account. You aren’t getting something for nothing, you do spend money to get Rewards Credits. But it’s a nice way to get a little something back for an action you were probably going to do anyways. Surveys are a nice way to earn Rewards Credits without spending money too.

Rack up 5,000 Rewards Credits and turn that into $5 USD. 

Make sure you go to to sign up if you haven’t already. This program is only available in 16 countries. Places like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, France, and others. Check their FAQ to learn more. 

Thanks for the tip stevearsenault!

Sam Sabri