Microsoft uses the Lumia 930 to star music festival attendees in their own movie

Microsoft is on a roll with its marketing campaigns, particularly here in the UK. The tech giant has released numerous advertisements for a variety of Windows Phones, including the new Lumia 930 flagship, even going as far as taking the new Windows Phone to the Cornbury music festival.

Families and children were able to be a part of the 'One Experience' where Microsoft had everyone dress up to feature in recorded scenes and eventually a movie. Now the company has released a video to show how everything was put together.

Utilizing nothing more than the Lumia 930, aside from post-production software and suites to actually render the film and stitch scenes together, Microsoft allowed children and adults to interact with fantasy animations in front of a green screen.

The best part about the marketing stunt was that those who participated didn't realize Microsoft was also recording footage to show to thousands of festival attendees on the large screen. It's a neat project and a sweet demonstration of the Lumia 930 capabilities.

Source: Nokia Conversations

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Nice move, not just marketing their product but creating memories. 
  • Yes, all those people remember the day they had all of that fun, and that it was also the day they got their new iDroid devices after they left the park........ What memories!
  • Buying Nokia helped Microsoft in marketing!!
  • Nothing has changed, yet❕
    Still not impressed.... I want to see the 930 on as many billboards that MS can possibly buy up.. All over walls at AT&T stadium hear in Arlington, TX.. Multiple commercials for WP all day, and night, all year long... I want exclusive WP kiosk at carrier stores, WP devices highly featured at WalMart with their own section, and at as many sporting events, and concerts as possible.....
    I want three huge superbowl commercials this season with MS taking over the show... American Airline Center needs to be changed to The Lumia Center... I want to see serious marketing, not a phone attached to a potato... When will MS understand that this is what Sapple already does, and their silly little stunts are not only a waist of time, and money, but also embarrassing..........
    Lol!!!! Sorry, but I've just always been super critical of MS's marketing efforts, and for great reason....... Speaking for the US market.
    But, I will say this, and you can quote me on it.. Whether you like what I just said, believe it, or not,, If WP marketing doesn't happen on this scale then its going to be a much harder, and longer journey, for WP to reach proper market share to appeal to the masses in places like US, and China, where open mindedness isn't as prevalent... You have to practically force products on to us, just as SApple does...
  • I am inclined to agree that MS marketing really needs to step it up, not just a notch, but multiple notches. What they have is a good start in the right direction, but there needs to be more--especially in carrier stores and Walmart/Target.
  • This is not a 30 second TV spot.. This also does not show the device in real world applications... All of the money MS spent with this "promotion" and they might have sold one, or two, more devices.... MS makes a lot of internet ads that only the small group of WP fans see... What a waste of precious time, and resources.......
    What really pisses me off is the amount of WP fans who don't see this as being a HUGE issue, and sit back and praise these videos.... Sure it's a nice thing to do for the kids, and it's... Well, its just nice... But, nice, and cute don't cut it.. We need overwhelmingly, relentlessly aggressive marketing for WP... It's time to get down to tha nitty gritty❗❗❗❗❗❗
  • I think going that route would be the worst thing that MS could do right now. Yes, it would create awareness, but it would also create a lot of hate for the product.
    Maybe I'm the only one who gets really pissed off when I see ads for something everywhere, it often gets to the point where no matter how good of a thing it is they are advertising, i hate it with a passion and vow never to buy it.
    And i think that kind of hate is absolutely the last thing Microsoft needs and can afford right now!
    This whole action was not created to make an advertising, it was the ad, and not even strictly for the phone, its advertising Microsoft as a whole, and most importantly changing peoples view of them. Just imagine, all these kids are going to grow up to love Microsoft, because they had a fun time thanks to them, and it always feels great when a huge company interacts with you. The adults/parents will very likely think about getting a 930 because their kids had fun with it.
    I think this is exactly what MS needs to keep doing, and Nokia used to do a lot of this kind of stuff, which is one of the reasons I think they used to be so popular.
  • Sorry for the essay, it just all kinda came out at once.
    Also want to add, this is for the UK where there is a very different mindset and mentality than in the US. And one thing I know is that for something like a phone, the advertising has to be subtle, not being outright like: Here, buy this phone! It can do this and this and this.. But more like: See how much fun using this phone is?
  • Yes, I pointed out the issue about the different regions.... That's quite obvious.
    You're thinking too hard... Advertising works, and there's no secret magic formula to it... It works for iDroid, and it'll work for WP if done heavily.. Don't over think these things, and don't second guess the obvious... It might bother YOU, but it works on the majority of people.. It's not you, and people like you, who matter, it's the majority... That's all that matters.....
    WP marketing is seriously deficient, and almost nonexistent at times... Drop that whole "WP is different, and everything needs to be done differently" old WP7ish destructive way of thinking that hasn't gotten WP anywhere... WP is a product that has to be SOLD just like any other product... And, in order for it to be successful it needs to be sold by good salesmen, not abstract marketing artist...
    Plain, and simple, strait forward, relentlessly informative marketing that never ceases is what WP needs, and you could never convince me otherwise unless I saw MS do this and fail at it.. But, this has not yet been done... It's worked for GM, Ford, Coke, Pepsi, Lever, Apple, Samsung, Nike, and thousands of other companies.... MS doesn't need to invent the wheel, rather try this first..... And, while I agree with you that marketing has to be done with quality, and taste in mind, that doesn't mean that it can't be aggressive (see apple).... It works, it works, it works, it works, and this method hasn't been proven wrong yet....
    If MS ever decides to get seriously aggressive with WP marketing the way that Apple, Samsung, Me, and thousands of other companies, businesses, and corporations think is effective, and sufficient, and that doesn't work,, then I'll change my line of thinking and we can do it your way..... But, until then it remains that WP'S BIGGEST ISSUE EVER IS MARKETING❗
    And lets look at it like this..... Or, lets do this..... For the rest of the week you show this little "promotion" to as many people as you humanly can in 6 days... Next Monday you come back and tell me how many of the people you show this too have seen it, or even know what a Lumia 930 is... If you can't get at least 20% of "average" people to admit that they know WTF you're talking about then this stunt was a waste of time and money....
  • Seen you comment after a long time Rod :D
    And I meant that they have risen up from no marketing to atleast something..They will grow eventually..And you told about the US one..
    In India wherever there is any marketing space,,billboards,, metros,,buses,,hoardings,,etc,,etc one can only see either Samsung's plastics trash or some other local low quality droids..And yeah sometimes iPhones also..MS is next to zero..They only show advertisements of Lumia Series in Nokia stores/priority and there have been some Lumia 630 television advertisements lately!!
  • I was hoping that it was at least better in India...
  • MS needs to do something about it and fast!!
  • I completely agree. What they are doing right now is a joke!
  • More marketing like this and then R.I.P ishit
  • It's not exactly ishit
    Thanks to what u call shit, we have smartphones in the first place
  • Smartphones came out long before the iPhone......
  • There were a million smartphones and pdas before iPhone, you know.
  • Yeah, but they were terrible.   Or do you want to go back to Windows Mobile, resistive screens, and poking at tiny 'X' boxes with a stylus on a low res 3 inch screen?  
  • We had smartphones long before the iPhone. It was the first to do touch well, but it was by far not the first smartphone.
  • You must be 10 years old... Are you seriously saying this??
  • Well the younger generation believe they invented the modern world. Without us 'oldies', they wouldn't have all this lovely tech... Something they forget, or don't know.... Maybe an I.T. history class should be introduced in schools as a compulsary part of the curriculum!!!!
  • That's exactly my point.... You're exactly right....
    But, maybe there's a bunch of us oldies up at Microkia who don't get 21st century marketing. ;-)
  • At which point everyone would discover that the combination of 6502 CPU's comparitively very inexpensive price tag, the Apple //, and VisiCalc launched the entire personal computing industry, leading directly to all the gadgets we enjoy today. So whether WP fanboys want to admit or not, Apple is actually a huge reason Windows Phone exists. (BTW, I am probably considered one of those WP fanboys. I thoroughly enjoyed my Apple // and early Mac days, but it's been all Windows for me for a couple decades.)
  • True....
  • I love Cupcakes!
  • +925 Me too! It's all your fault I'm headed to the bakery for lunch now...
  • Feel free to send me a free Lumia 930 :)
  • I won't except you are a thin woman, 20 years old, red hair, blue eyes, white, sexy legs, black toe nails and ready to record our night on a Lumia 930.
  • Can clearly see the influence of Nokia marketing in this. Fluid movement, happy people, joyful atmosphere.
  • Awesome loved it.
  • What did you love about it❓
  • Idk I love that commercial about the girl using the blue Lumia 900 as well, something about the commercial just calls to me I guess, and its the same with this video.
  • Well, I wish MS could figure out a way to make it "call to" 200 million more people besides you... Lol!!!
  • Not saying it has to do anything. Just saying I like the video for what it is.
  • Right, right.
  • Damn awesome.. Loved it..
  • Its a good video but...
    Hate that Nokia videos being more American
  • Nice. Love the video.
  • Interesting they are starting to promote the 'One' name now; also the linked images of a PC, Phone & Xbox 1.  They must be farther along in developement than what they are letting on.
  • Yha I loved that linked image
  • Good ad.
  • Amazing advert. Can see Microsoft heading in the roght direction with Marketing. Keep it UP
  • I want to see the Canada.
  • Dey sure are advertising with fast pace. But d process of releasing it is sure on a snooze fest. :@ Posted via Windows Phone Central App