Microsoft is bringing music videos and blurred effect to Groove for PC and Mobile users

It may be April 1, but this is no joke. Microsoft has begun pushing Groove update 10.17032.1019.0 to some users on the Insider Fast Ring for PC and Mobile – a jump from the previous 10.17022.1030.0.

With this update is the ability to play music videos for songs that have them within the app directly (like on Xbox), a slightly updated "now playing" screen that features elements of NEON and more.

Here is what's new!

New music video feature and toggle in Groove even in Mobile.

New music video feature and toggle in Groove even in Mobile.

Groove 10.17032.1019.0

  • Music Videos – Watch music videos for songs that have them
  • More like this – Instantly add 10 more songs to any playlist
  • Follow Playlists – Hear the latest tracks as they're added to featured playlists

Also, we can see some elements of Project NEON sneaking into Groove's now playing screen.

Microsoft is working on a new design language for Windows 10 codenamed Project NEON

Previously, the background was all black with either the album or artist image centered. Now, the background is blurred with the artist album.

Old "now playing" screen (left) vs. new NEON design (right).

Old "now playing" screen (left) vs. new NEON design (right).

Other user elements have been shifted around to give a cleaner, more minimalist look too and overall we like it a lot.

About the update

We have had a few tips from users on the Fast Ring getting it for PC, although none of our computers have received the updated. Ironically, our HP Elite x3 on Fast Ring did get the update, and it too has the toggle for video playback, although we have yet to find a video that works.

Update: it works on mobile too!

It's not clear if this is a slow rollout or if Microsoft is A/B testing the feature before general release. In other words, if you don't see this update, it's not you.

Download Groove from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Thanks, Aaron H., Peter H., and Raphael, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Sleek
  • Okay, can anyone give an explanation as to why certain song files can't be edited in the groove app itself? I've edited the metadata for most songs but there a few that don't allow it even though they are NOT protected files ! It says, "Try saving again. We couldn't save some of the changes for some reason".
    What's the problem?
  • Hello. Try tagging (and/or retagging) on a PC for what you're saying probably is corrupted metadata. BTW Groove it's not good at tagging, it fills certain fields like "Album Artist" etc.
  • The best program to edit tags is J.River Media Center. He is the best in my opinion!
  • The best tag editor is MP3Tag (, which can edit a lot of different file type tags, and is open source.
  • ads :)
  • Advice is allowed
  • Are you suggesting that my comment about MP3tag is an "ad"? Um, no. I don't contribute to the group who maintains it. I'm just a very long time happy user of MP3Tag.
  •  Best app (from Germany) it is that good that i donateded some money to the developer instantly    
  • Try downloading them to your device. I believe you can then edit them.
  • They are copyright songs they cannot be Changed
  • Some files unfortunately are read as read only, i have no idea why but i have encountered the same with files tagged as read only even though the file is on premise storage.
  • The best way for me is to use Windows Media Player to get correct metadata for Albums, I also disable Groove automatic metadata. After getting the data from MP just move your folders to OneDrive folder, I keep my music in Onedrive to save space, music will show with correct info on Groove Music.
  • I use MediaMonkey to get rid of any editing issues.
  • Nice UI changes. The little tweaks to the layout are more important than the blur but that does look pretty cool
  • yeah
  • Yes, the little tweaks are amazing. That new Kendick Lamar song humble really highlighted the effects in now playing for me.
  • I would use Groove for its app design, but it doesn't have the music from some of my favorite artists (at least not for a long time after release). I used it for a year or two but I don't regret switching to Spotify last year.
  • Yeah, I had that same gripe about Groove. I really like the layout of the app and the OneDrive integration is great but the lack of music from a number of artists just keeps it as a non-option for me. I still do get the pleasure of streaming songs from OneDrive on it from time-to-time though, so I'm happy that they're still working on the app.
  • Who isn't on Groove Music?
  • I'm not, I switched to Spotify last year for the family plan. It's much more economical, but the app is buggy as hell. If Groove ever gets a family subscription option I'll be back in a flash.
  • I dropped Groove because there was no option to put songs on an SD card on a phone. I pay data by the MB so I download instead of stream, and my phone only has 16 MB of RAM. I was with MS music services from MSN Music, Plays for Sure, Zune, and years of Windows Phone/Mobile, but now with Amazon Music Unlimited. Why no one at MS could figure out that this option would be important to users, is a mystery to me.
  • Haven't you checked Storage settings?
  • I never found an option to direct Groove storage to the SD card, on Android (I dropped my Windows phone last year and replaced it with an Android phone).
  • Mine downloads to SD something wrong with yours
  • I'm not on any online service.  I use a 10 years old media player (Media Jukebox v12).  All I want is gapless playback and nice artist/album sorting and grouping of my local MP3 database built by ripping over the years my over 3000 CDs. I'm in type of music that makes it almost impossible to get half of the artists I like online, even then some artists I like are also almost impossible to find in record stores. You can guess that the top-40 songs is not my bag :-)
  • So? If you own the music (or buy it from another source) just add it to your library? I usually shop around for music, but still goes into my collection (and straight to my various devices on Groove).
  • What is the point of paying for a streaming service if you also have to pay for the content?!?!?!
  • They say Groove has the biggest music selection of any streaming music service.
  • I highly doubt that.
  • According to this site: only Rhapsody has slightly more music.  32 million vs 30 million for "Xbox music" (it's obviously not a recent review).  Spotify is way down the list with 20 million.
  • They must have a lot of old songs then.
  • I don't know why you would say that.  I've been using Groove for over two years and have been able to find every song I've ever looked for, both old and new music.
  • Wow... I'm really starting to hate this community. I get dislikes for stating facts, opinions, and everything in between. If I'm not praising Microsoft services, I'm getting dislikes. My favorite artists aren't on Groove Music immediately and sometimes they never come. A lot of albums are available, but not streamable. What is the purpose of paying for a streaming service if you have to pay for the music too?
  • Wow, this is cool. So now I know project Neon is bring app effects to Windows 10. Glad it's coming to mobile too.
  • What I'm worried about is this: If my song has official artist art (the big image of the artist that covers almost the entire screen) will it still be replaced by the blur, or is just for songs that only have album art. Cuz I really do like the current setup. I hope they bring it to the lock screen soon as well.
  • sadly no Artist art anymore, maybe they bring it back again...
  • I tend to think that its because they had some issues with the catalog. With my phone, they art for upcoming artistes like Fetty Wap, but had none for obvious ones like Usher, Beyoncé and Chris brown. So maybe they just scrapped it. But that's what made our music player unique and different from the others.
  • Groove Music uses its catalog to provide artist art and info, but it isn't really good in matching local stuff. In old PC releases we could just right-click the song and find the correct album info to match, but this feature was removed once they paired the app with its Mobile counterpart. There are a few feedbacks listed in FH asking to bring this back (and why not add this on Mobile?) but no response so far. There's a kinda easy workaround if you own a Music pass subscription: just add any of their songs from the Groove catalog to your music or to a playlist (I keep a dummy playlist just for that), and Groove will do its trick.
  • The artist art is still there on PC (as long as there's no music video available or this feature is turned off) so who knows? It's still the first RS3-like update after all ;-)
  • Lol I guess. Looking forward to it. I do wonder though, don't release preview ring members get early access for the update on mobile too?
  • Just like Windows 10 builds, apps respect the rings as well. This update is only available on Fast ring so far. I don't think they're gonna release it to RP or production so soon either, as the changes are clearly intended for RS3.
  • Lol I know. I was asking about the creators update itself. Or do I have to change rings to get it?
  • Oh I see. Yeah 1703 is supposed to be out on Release Preview by now.
  • Jesus ******* Christ I hope they do.
    There always has to be a trade-off with these folks at Redmond.
    We don't even have a "Queue Up Next" option even though Zune did.
  • The artist is indeed not present atm. They basically scrapped the previous Now Playing features altogether and seems started from scratch with only new Music Video feature. The blur effect is nice, but that should only be used when no artist image is available. Else it should be non-blurry artist image. Another issue with this also the lack of tinted overlay, so if you have a minimal light-colored album art, it makes Now Playing basically unreadable. This new Now Playing is clearly far from finished (I hope) and just felt rushed. It seems only to showcase new effects, Music Video support and possible layout.
  • Videos on mobile 🙌🏾🙌🏾🐱‍🏍 I like the direction
  • Is it possible to swipe between sections (artists, songs and albums)?
  • No...
  • not right now.. but they may add that I guess.. that brings back days of XBOX music..
  • There are many feedback entries for this. Don't know when they'll do it.
  • they should've added this since day one, it's obvious!!!
  • Yeah, it's a pivot navigation so swipe should've worked in the first place. It seems that what they did here isn't based on pivot mechanism and maybe created from scratch with now swipe gesture support.
  • Yes, actually you can on Windows 10 Mobile. But you have to swipe on top of the area containing the words Artists, Songs, and Albums.
  • @fahmi bassem yes swipe at the top half
  • I think it's a bug because I can swipe the bar/section where the words "song", "artist" and "album", but not anywhere else.
  • Yes, but you have to do it where they are though. At the top right on the words.
  • About time. I liked WP8 apps for how pretty they were. W10 is ugly in comparison. Now if they could just do something to the photo app, that was way better in WP8.
  • I can't upvote this enough. The photos app just from the moment the app loaded and the speed pictures loaded was incredible. Now feels like we're opening photoshop or an image application, then loading thumbnails before we can click a picture and view it. I do like the editing and sharing capabilities. But the speed and the time it takes to update the camera roll with pictures that were just taken / screenshots is just abysmal.
  • If you want to try it out, I know Weird Al's White & Nerdy video has it. Many of his have them.
  • Yeah, I was just about to say this too.
  • Yup, that worked. Updated article!
  • All of Lady Gaga's music videos are supported. I checked Bad Romance, Born This Way, even obscure ones like Marry The Night (and it's the full 13 minute film). Partnership with Vevo?
  • Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are chock full of videos as well.
  • Got this update yesterday morning on my fast ring Lumia 950 XL but on none of my other fast ring devices... *Shrug*
  • like me
  • like me
  • So in other words, they messed up Dark Mode?
  • haha maybe in your opinion :P
  • I got it too :D !!! i mean i looked at it and i was "W8 what? why is it like this?? i went on store to see i got an update :D and oh its so beatifull!!" (PC) (PHONE)
  • Are you sure it's not an April fool PRANK???! Because Its look awesome
  • Dis looks nyc, it's awesome
  • where is the hamburger button?
  • Somebody also noticed it! The new layout is a welcome change but also very half-baked. The lack of Hamburger pane/button makes the navigation now more more step, less efficient. I also find this album art centered and small looks now odd and felt like 2005 Now Playing screens. If they intent to make it like Zune/Xbox Music, then aligned it to the lower left. If centered then just leave it large and have its edge aligned to the other margin/padding of the UI elements.
  • Somebody also noticed it! The new layout is a welcome change but also very half-baked. The lack of Hamburger pane/button makes the navigation now more more step, less efficient. I also find this album art centered and small looks now odd and felt like 2005 Now Playing screens. If they intent to make it like Zune/Xbox Music, then aligned it to the lower left. If centered then just leave it large and have its edge aligned to the other margin/padding of the UI elements.
  • Then there'd be no place to see the blur effect on mobile.
  • I've been begging for this since we lost Zune
  • Got it and like it. It's taken time but it's nice to see design coming full circle, incorporating all the great features of the previous oses.
  • Dream is coming true B)
  • Maybe(hopefully), I'm just going to watch and see what happens. Build will have alot to say re the future of us little few that are still on the mobile ship. I for one don't care about the doom and gloom floating around as i really think MS has got the right idea.
  • I like this new now playing look. Cool stuff! Though I hope accented bordered window pop-ups are not part of project neon. Would rather have borders in black-white and everything in-between colour range. And accents for titles and buttons only. Oh and there should be a mandatory close button for these pop-up windows. Since I've seen implementations where is no interactive button and user is stuck with that window on top of their respective app.
  • Don't care for the blur but been waiting for music videos for awhile.
  • Nice!
  • Maybe the next update will actually show which ones do have a music video/views/and ratings within groove. I feel like it deserves a social feel such as games and movies. Maybe even reviews. Music is a big part in peoplss lives and I think there should be many social aspects added to Groove. Across all devices even Android and iOS
  • Nice update. Gets better.
  • I'm not believing any news today hahaha, would be cool though....
  • i'm using this update now.. Really cool.. on PC
  • It's true. I have it on PC and Mobile.
  • Liking NEON!
  • This is nice but i miss the artist on lockscreen feature
  • Groove, the most polished Microsoft developed UWP app.
  • Word.
  • It's cool, but the performance is bad for me. Scrolling is choppy when there's too much blur effects on screen.
  • Me too on my L735...
  • Oh... Previously on Normal production, lower half of the background is black, the other half is colored, even if the file has no tag (in this case, the upper half is dark colored but not black)
  • Very cool. I wish the live tile was a bit more active, however. For instance, I'd like to see it cycle through what I've played recently as a live tile without the app being in suspense.
  • About time, never understood why it was ok to offer this on the Xbox but not on the PC. Even better that it also includes mobile.
  • If MSFT can only make other UWP apps like Groove, Movies/Films, and the MSN apps.  This is a glimpse of the real power and beauty of what W10 can do. The apps are smooth, open without any lag, and have incredible functionality.
  • This is Groove Music in the article.
  • I think you'll find movies & films is getting an overhaul, too. It just did on the Xbox version.
  • Got the update and changes but didn't get "what's new in groove" and I do not have the video button on any of my phones, I have alot of music tho :/ UPDATE: Even the exact same weird all song do not show that button. But its not only me so im not going to bother attempting further, its obviously broken for people and me.
  • ISO_117: I'm in the same situation. I got the update, but not the three features listed in the article, not yet anyway.
  • Update, I've got all but the "add to playlist" feature. Maybe due to phased roll out. Good stuff.
  • Okay,, what the best site to download songs.
  • Now we're getting somewhere
  • Heck yeah, suddenly feeling some love from MS.... Again...
  • I'm very sad that bleached has not posted yet that Windows Phone is dead and how much better that crappie Android is. Must be his day off.
  • lol
  • his mom took him shopping
  • Looks... groovy...
  • Nice. I just got an update today on preview ring. I guess I'll see this one in a week or so. Looking forward to it
  • Audio output drastically reduced (by 40-60 percent) when playing through a wired headset (can't add Bluetooth just yet) on my 950XL.
  • I noticed this as well. It's especially bad on Bluetooth. I have to turn the volume up almost to full blast in the car. I can only speculate that this was done to normalize the volume between videos and straight audio.   
  • Looking good.
  • Artist view does this already. This will be new for album view though.
  • Great feature addition! I wish they now let us edit the Now Playing list.
  • April fools!!
  • I know this is just the beginning so I'm not disappointed or anything, this is just one app so far, I'm looking forward to what the new update has in store later this year
  • Imagine if this UI pushed to the whole OS especially mobile (blur notif & navbar)
  • Woop I got a mention as a tipster 👍🏻 loving this on desktop right now. Had been using groove on Xbox cause it had this feature for a while. Not tried on my elite x3, waiting for official creators update
  • Got the update but video not working
  • Did you tap on the icon to activate it? Works the same as the Xbox version now.
  • Are you on Fast Ring?
  • Video only works on groove music subscribers
  • How to remove that blue bar?It stays constantly there and so annoying.
  • The one with the carrier sig strength and WiFi strength? Yeah that needs removing. We need to send it feedback asap..other than this, amazing!
  • Lyrics please.
  • They have lyrics on the video, which is some consolations.
  • Neo looks great. Can't wait for the whole pc OS to have it
  • Like most of the stuff that Microsoft is rolling out these days, this needs polish. Badly. The effect when songs change is horrible and laggy, there constant reminders about music pass that I never had and never will. Ugh... And there is still no way to scrobble to
  • Are you talking about insider builds or is this in production already?
  • No, this "neon" thing is only on fast ring for now. I checked this out on my old Lumia 1520 and it looks OK, but as I said, it still needs lots of work...
  • That's a shame. As the earlier poster said, this is definitely sleek. But since Nutella is telling us all to go Android, I'm not hanging on to the ten year old project known as Groove/XboxMusic/or-what-ever-they-are-calling-it-now. So sad.
  • This is on Xbox, Surface, PC, laptops, and more than just phone. It's rather a big deal even without mobile. No need to be so myopic. Let's also not forget Groove is on iPhone and Android too, meaning this feature could go there as well. You need to move beyond a Windows phone-centric world view and look at Microsoft as what it is: a company who provides services.
  • Not being,but if making the Mobile move (which is the dominant market now), ill move all my business to the same ecosystem. Hate dealing with splintering. Have always had conpatability issues with dividing the ecosystem, even when they say it is hassle free.
  • I've been a hardcore Mac user since OS X inception and all my purchased media is in iTunes, yet I use and pay for Office + OneDrive on my Mac and pay for Groove Music to listen on my Lumia. That splintering you are mentioning is not that bad when you approach it with open mind and try to find your own niche of products and services, as opposed to putting all your eggs in one basket.
  • What do you mean by open minded? Do you mean just accept that there are going to be issues? Not sure what you mean.
  • No, I mean that just because you perceive something as negative, you don't have to call their CEO in a derogatory manner. I don't recall him telling us all to go to Droid either. If you really open your mind about this, forget where MSFT stung you, and try to see things through their eyes, to see what they are trying to do in the long run, it all makes more sense. 
    I completely share your frustration with how MSFT left us to dry with no great affordable first party phones, yet at the same time see that they need to make profit, just like anyone else. Their long term vision (post-smarthone) will take a year (or a couple more) to come upon us. This waiting is painful, but necessary, hence our current sorry state of W10 on mobile. There is a really important reason why they are diversifying their apps across other platforms - they need to hook switchers somewhere and it sure as heck won't be on a 1% platform. It sounds awful, but this is the main reason (IMHO) why some of their inhouse apps are (or used to be) actually more full featured on iOS or Droid than on iOS. Nadella said it over and over... devices are not the hub, we are. Services will be the key. The long wait hets easier when you keep this thought at the forefront. Better W10 and better hardware will come eventually.
  • I called him an idiot because mobile is what everything is going to and yet he is more worried about this cloud crap, which is going to be a dime a dozen in the upcoming years. That's why he is an idiot (and that leaves out his sexist view).
  • It's like you didn't even read BluetoothFairy1's comment.
  • Yes, I did. Read his comment below. Technically, we were talking about two different things. Thanks though.
  • I see where we have a miscommunication now. I think you are using the word "mobile" and "mobility" interchangeably. When Nadella talks about "mobile" he doesn't necessarily mean that thing you carry in your pocket. He talks about mobility of experience where the service/content moves with you wherever you go - whether it is on the train, in the car, in your living room, at work, in your fridge or at school. It's not about a single device. It's about a chameleon service, which morphs to whatever you need it to be, wherever you are.
    That is what I meant by fragmentation not being that bad. There is nothing wrong with having a Macbook, XBOX and a Droid phone. 3 different platforms, three different types of devices, yet you still get the same awesome music service, like Groove...
    Life is good! :-)
  • But that goes back to his speaking in code and being AWFUL at communication. He is still selling devices like the 950 line, while saying "MOBILITY" is top and foremost. He knows the game he is playing. He is trying to sell these devices knowing the perception he is sending out, all the while not having an ounce of intention to back these devices. He is deceiving and a conniver. If he honestly feels the mobile hardware aspect is dead as far as their company goes, say it and stop trying to dump these devices on the naive. I flat out can't stand how snakey he comes off as and the whole double talk he hides behind. Just say it. We are out of the phone market for good...or we are honestly coming back, just bare with us. Either way would earn far more respect and stop a lot of the ******* off of his customers that he is doing right now.
  • Well said Bluetooth!
  • 👍🏻
  • Awesome!
  • Looking great on my 950xl !!!
  • When people ask me where's Windows Mobile going to be in 6 months, I say check out groove.
  • Wow, wow, wow, this looks incredible on my Idol 4S. Thanks a million MS :)
  • I'm not seeing either of "more like this" or "follow this playlist." Anyone seeing it? It will be a fine feature for discovering more music.
  • "more like this" is at the end/bottom of a playlist, the ones you create. Idk where "follow this playlist" is at.
  • Kudos
  • Not an insider but will be looking forward to this update. Microsoft needs to support more regions though.
  • Got it, and groove just keeps getting better. Music video feature is nice.
  • Shame that W10M can't get app parity with the other OS's. I really would prefer to stay on W10M Unfortunately, ill be moving on from my 950, done holding out hope that we will get a true surface phone. I just preordered a GS8, I wish that MS never removed project Astoria. If I could run APK files, I wouldn't be leaving.
  • This is a great update! But Microsoft still suck for selling Android phones in their brick and mortar stores.
  • This look great, I want this in my action center too
  • Very cool, not sure how much I'll use it if I'm honest, but that's a nice feature.
  • Loving it. At this point it's definitely better than Spotify especially on thus platform. Would love to see live lyrics in future update, that will really make my day
  • More addition by subtraction. We used to have the option of artist art or album art....I always used the artist art and I have a large local music file and the artist showed up every time...none missing. Everyone I showed this to loved seeing the pictures of the band now playing. It looks like we copied iTunes and Android again
  • I lost sideshows after update :(
  • Didnt Zune have music videos on it's desktop software? I believe it did until it was discontinued in 2012. The revival is a good thing. They have been restoring the functionality that desktop software used to have for a while now. If they added support for Chromecast then they would have a way of streaming video to larger screens in the home too.    
  • Ummmm.......Could have sworn through Music, Xbox Music, and now Groove that we had blurred backgrounds before! Can they please bring back the artist pic and bio!
    Anyway, how do you get to the music videos?
  • Microsoft has completely ignored Groove music in India. It's as if we don't exist.
  • You guys are a huge market for MSFT, so I wonder if it's got something to do with copyright deals. Way back when you had the ability to download unlimited songs on MixRadio and we in U.S. did not, it was all about copyright deals. Now, the tables have turned.
  • I got this update yesterday morning in my mobile in release preview ring itself.
  • People still watch music videos?  Seriously?
  • Very misguided comment
  • "Misguided"? Hardly. I honestly don't know anyone who still watches music videos.  Heck, MTV said goodbye to them as a driver for their format long ago.  Why would I even want to sit and watch music videos these days.
  • Just because YOU don't watch them or know people who watch them doesn't mean people aren't watching them. Go on YouTube and look at all the views on each video to see. MTV still shows videos for at least one hour but they have auxiliary networks that play videos all day and I enjoy watching them.
  • How to get this update can some tell me from the starting of windows insider program in my phone ? please help guys.
  • It's a phased roll out. So u have to wait.
  • Please say clearly I am new here
  • Not all user get this update at once. I'll be available later.
  • Please guts tell me from the very beginning
  • The album art should remains big :(
  • Yes. I do like this update. But I wish the album art was a bit larger. When you first select an album its quite small(I know it always has been), almost like a thumbnail. But I personally like a slightly larger image on the now playing screen. Otherwise, I really like the direction they're going.
  • I totally prefer the Artist Art/photos to Album Art. Kinda bummed.
  • Good, so it has started looking like an app that people are developing, so now add an album art downloader and an inbuilt equalizer and some effects like crossfading play and i will love this app again, still not amazed but nice try.
  • Ah, a nice little gift on the morning after myself (L950XL) and my wife (L950) were discussing if we were going to move to iOS or android if no new flagship phones come out this year. Good to get a little love to keep us going. New Ed Sheeran video looks great on mobile 😀
  • Nightcall - you've got good taste @Daniel Rubino! :-)
  • The size of album art will be...smaller just to allow "video" playback? .cue files still not supported? Crap...
  • Happy to have it. Looks really cool. Love the UI changes. :*
  • got it !!
  • Otha, still my songs shown as Unknown album/artist, it is showing correctly in Xbox music in lumia 610, and still add a song to play next to current song,,, enna mayira pudingreenga MS??
  • UWP shows its capabilities! for sure music videos on mobile ;)
  • Nice update
  • if anybody wants to see what's new check out this video
  • Is it me or is the animation different when current song list is accessed by the "^" on the now playing screen?
  • They should integrate artist cover
  • is anyone else on Mobile when you open Groove after this update it Hard resets your phone i have a 535 so i dont know if its model specific.
  • Happened to me also, L535, Groove displays popup what's new and phone restarts.
  • Happens on my L532 testing device.
  • Doing the same on my 535, has really made me glad my new android phone arrives today
  • I don't even have 17022.1030 on my phone yet, and now there's a new one. Is something wrong with my phone or something?
  • Will Microsoft give project NEON to fast ring only? Or to non insider as well(I mean before Redstone 3)?
  • As much as i want this, i promised myself not to re enter the insider program at least until they reveal the name of the next update to avoid the early bugs
  • Um, er, ah, It's Creators Update.
  • This update, Will it be available for Lumia 640 for slow ring..or, anytime soon..or just, for high end device.
  • Making a playlist offline doesn't cache the music video, that could eat up a lot of data quickly if on cellular.  That needs to be an option.
  • On a mobile device shrinking text and smaller gaps between controls is not helpful. Clearly not designed with finger-friendliness on phone in mind.
  • Nightcall by Kavinsky. Great song. 👍
  • Need more stability updates.
  • Nice. It's working for me
  • Is there a toggle to turn off the blurry background effect
  • i prefer the old one, the new one too much waste of space it looks unfinished 
  • Why can't back, pause, next, shuffle and repeat buttons utilize the whole screen. I mean there is empty space on right side which makes it look unsymmetrical
  • Yay for smaller touch targets and text? But seriously, I would still be extatic if they brought back the Zune app/Zune HD's "screensaver" ambient mode with the tag information scrolling across a slideshow of artist/album art.
  • Groove on my PC is not working!! im running Windows 10 pro it did works several months back , but has not worked since. it keeps "finding my music" without ever populating. I have 15GB of music. what can I do to get Groove working? 
  • Is it just me or does anyone else still have issues with it stopping if it is not the foreground application? This issue happens on my iPhone 7 and also on my Windows 10 Home laptops.  It is intermittent but happens more often than not.  I was going to move from Spotify but this issue I have experienced since my early Insiders testing on my Lumia 520, 1520 thru 640.... If there is a fix or workaround I'm all ears!
  • Got it.
  • It should be better if it support lyrics bocoz sometimes it's very hard to recognize some songs by seeing lyrics we can sing the song or recognize the song but it would be helpful.
    And most important it should have sleeep time option.☺☺
  • A vision of Groove Music app  with the new Design Language Neon. Microsoft finally made it. Since 2015, i'am fighting for that vision and i am proud.