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It may be April 1, but this is no joke. Microsoft has begun pushing Groove update 10.17032.1019.0 to some users on the Insider Fast Ring for PC and Mobile – a jump from the previous 10.17022.1030.0.

With this update is the ability to play music videos for songs that have them within the app directly (like on Xbox), a slightly updated "now playing" screen that features elements of NEON and more.

Here is what's new!

New music video feature and toggle in Groove even in Mobile.

Groove 10.17032.1019.0

  • Music Videos – Watch music videos for songs that have them
  • More like this – Instantly add 10 more songs to any playlist
  • Follow Playlists – Hear the latest tracks as they're added to featured playlists

Also, we can see some elements of Project NEON sneaking into Groove's now playing screen.

Microsoft is working on a new design language for Windows 10 codenamed Project NEON

Previously, the background was all black with either the album or artist image centered. Now, the background is blurred with the artist album.

Old "now playing" screen (left) vs. new NEON design (right).

Other user elements have been shifted around to give a cleaner, more minimalist look too and overall we like it a lot.

About the update

We have had a few tips from users on the Fast Ring getting it for PC, although none of our computers have received the updated. Ironically, our HP Elite x3 on Fast Ring did get the update, and it too has the toggle for video playback, although we have yet to find a video that works.

Update: it works on mobile too!

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Oh snap! Music Videos in Groove even in Mobile!

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It's not clear if this is a slow rollout or if Microsoft is A/B testing the feature before general release. In other words, if you don't see this update, it's not you.

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Thanks, Aaron H., Peter H., and Raphael, for the tips!

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