Microsoft reportedly starts rolling out Windows Phone 7.8 update

Reports have been flooding in detailing an update for Windows Phone 7.5, which can only mean one thing - Microsoft has begun rolling out Windows Phone 7.8 for those who own previous generation hardware. Windows Phone Central readers, as well as have received notification of an available release on the Lumia 800.

Windows Phone 7.8 is a major update that Microsoft announced alongside Windows Phone 8. The release is to implement new features on legacy hardware, including the new start screen Live Tile layout and other goodies. Those who have managed to receive and apply the 7.8 update have noticed a new splash screen and Xbox Live Tile that are present on Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 7.8 Update

According to, the update process for the Lumia 800 includes a number of builds as well as a Nokia update. Reported OS version 7.10.8773 is bumped to 7.10.8779.8, and is then proceeded with the update to 7.10.8783. This then prepares the device for the final update to 7.10. 8858.136. Welcome to almost-Windows Phone 8.

We're yet to get our Windows Phones to register the update, so be sure to let us know if you've received the one in the comments, along with which Windows Phone you're using and carrier (if applicable) you're with.

[Note: This could be a staggered rollout, dependent on carriers and OEMs, so don't get your hopes too high just yet. Microsoft has yet to announce anything official about this occurring, meaning this is still limited to just a few users and phones.]

Thanks everyone who tipped us! 

Rich Edmonds
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  • Great, I already flashed my phone but with this I'll update my mother's phone without losing her info
  • It's too bad 7.8 doesn't have official support for SMS backup. I've finally ended up just unlocking my phone and installed the homebrew SMS backup tool. Now that I've sucessfully unlocked my phone, I don't want to risk updating to 7.8 and not having those apps working anymore.
  • Now we just need someone to capture the CAB files...
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  • I hope you get Lou Gehrig's disease and die horribly and alone.
    That is all.
  • LOL!!
  • this is just hitting unlocked phones, unencumbered by shyster carriers.  You will not see this on ATT this year...if ever.
  • Yeah, I doubt ATT will ever release it.
  • Amen! :-(
  • Although you are probably right and I am not holding my breath. I have faith that Nokia will at least try everything they can to get at&t to bring it to Nokia phones judging on the fact that Nokia is still giving excellent support for those of us still on wp7 and haven't been leaving us out in the cold.
  • Not if you have Nokia
  • If any phone is going to receive it on Att, its going to be the 900. If I had an HTC or Samsung phone (and I did) I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  • Remember-ATT has to "test" it for 4 months!
  • +1
  • or for a year...  Our only hope is for Nokia (or Microsoft) to push AT&T hard.  Otherwise we may never get it.
  • Nokia phones should get it in a week or 2 on AT&T. For some reason AT&T actually releases Lumia updates. All other WP manufacturer devices will have to wait months or never get it.
  • That's for sure.  They won't let me upgrade my Focus firmware beyond 7.10.7720.  I'm surprised they gave us 7.5 at all.  I'm not holding my breath for 7.8.  God forbid someone doesn't sign a 2 year contract for a new WP8 phone because 7.8 would hold them over until more phones and phablets (hopefully) hit the market later this year......
  • If you have Omnia 7 on Tmobile UK, not a chance. I have yet to get the update that fixes the disappearing keyboard bug. Oh well, unlocked Ativ S will arrived on Tuesday =D
  • Pretty sure I have the keyboard bug fix... Never have an issue with it anyway, and I have the same phone/network
  • Unfortunately useless T-Mobile haven't pushed any updates for over a year now. A T-Mobile branded Omnia 7, like mine, will still be saddled with build 7740 which has the disappearing keyboard issue. I've complained to them many times, but they simply don't care.
    I can upgrade in Feb next year, and with T-Mobile I'm not expecting to receive 7.8 before I switch to WP8.
  • Not true... I have every update for my T-Mo HD7.
  • I've been wondering if 1st Gen devices like my venerable Samsung Focus will be getting this update at all. Hears conflicting reports, some say only the 2nd wave (Tango-era) devices and beyond, others have said ALL 7.x devices will be updatable. Which is it?
  • if you are on ATT, think of the worst possible scenario and that's what you will get.
  • THIS
  • All devices will be update...also de original WP7 from back in 2010...and by second generation you must be meaning mango? E.g. WP 7.5 update
  • no you are wrong.  The Quantum and the DVP wont be getting it for starters.
  • Wonder if the focus will...
  • Yeah they will.
  • What?! The Quantum is not recieving 7.8? Noooooooooo :(
    Where did you get this news from?
  • I think there are already roms available that you can use on your device... you should check xda =)
  • The Focus is the OG Windows phone that came to the market when the Nokias were still thinking about WP7. For most of us, the focus as our first Windows phone that didnt suck. It would be an honour if the OG WP got 7.8. And it would really show that Microsoft keeps their word when they said that all devices would always recieve updates irregardless
  • All WP 7.x devices are updateable (like with Mango and Tango) but the chances of carriers/OEMs releasing the update to the OG devices like the Focus, don't even bother. You'll have to force update it if the CAB files become available.
  • If you have an unlocked Focus, you can get the 7.8 over at XDA Developers... I've been running it for a while now.
  • Hmm, i wonder if my old Optimus 7 will get this update.
  • I'm really hoping it will, but I read somewhere that LG won't be updating the Optimus 7 anytime. :(
  • This is sadly what I read a while ago. LG won't be releasing firmware updates to support WP 7.8.
    I already took the plunge to WP8 with an HTC 8X but It would be great to have my Optimus 7 updated to 7.8 so I can sell it quicker.
  • I have an HTC Arrive, so that means I'll be waiting for cab files to be released.
  • Same here :)
  • I'm in the same boat. All of the phones that I've had on Sprint have always fallen by the wayside when it comes to updates.
  • Sprint! (read: Potter!) =)
  • Finally!
  • Reads article, hopes skyrocket...then remembers I'm on AT&T...FML
  • Is this limited to U.S.A. or staggered worldwide? Any ideas?
  • Since this news is also originating from a Dutch website (, it is either world wide or maybe limited to Europe.
  • Not so fast, the update will be delivery to various carriers, then throttling control to push update notification to devices. At least, the update will be available to all 7.5 devices at Q1 2013.
  • Anyone tried the classic old update trick in Zune software yet?
  • I tried it with no success. It can only work thou if the update is already available in your country. The cable tick only allows you to get the update even if your not part of the first batch.
  • yeah, tried it update availible. In my country meaning the country I currently reside in or the country my Live ID is registered. Cause my Windows Live ID is from Switzerland, but I moved to Singapore 3 months ago. :/
  • Yep tried ... No luck yet
  • I hate the unplug-network-cable trick, it is sooo difficult to control the timing!!
  • It worked! Thank you so much for reminding me about that trick! (HTC Trophy Unlocked)
  • Oh ya staggered
  • What OEM?? I can only see it for Nokia and strangely its for all of their devices and not for even a single non Nokia, atleast yet. What does it say?
    There are whole new Nokia experience, from bluetooth sharing to ringtone out of any DRM free music on phone, additional extras coming and updates to 2-3 in house apps.
    What HTC and Samsung doing?
  • I think HTC and Samsung Windows Phone will have the update soon :) I'm waiting for it for my HTC Titan X310e that really needs a great update to have an issue for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems...
  • Nothing on my unbranded UK Lumia 800 yet...
  • I live in India, i got call yesterday from npd employee. He said i m invited to updated my 610 to wp7.8. I called nokia care of my city confirm. He said yes its available. But i couldn't update it today coz its sunday. But i go to npd and talked to that employee who called me. He shown me 510, 710, & 800 all running on 7.8 and actually had bt file sharing and ringtone maker apps. I will be going tomorrow at 10am ist to update my lumia and will tell u more abt it.
  • NPD employee means???
  • Nokia Proprity Dealer.
    Authorized Nokia shop.
  • Where in India ? I'm from Mumbai ! I'll also check with my nearby NPD store and see but do confirm your location
  • Zune WiFi trick?
  • Tried on both 900 and Focus S, no go.
  • tried on my HTC HD7, nothing there :/
  • Thanks guys
  • that Titan actually still looks really good..even better with wp7.8
  • Hi, I am using HTC Titan Pi39100 and using wp 7.5
    Is there a way I can install wp 7.8 ?? I am using this in New Delhi....pls advise.
  • Nothing on a carier free Omnia W from India
  • Same here :( I am too  using Omnia W 
  • Well, I've an omnia w too. This is just the similar situation for Tango update. The update for Samsung came about 4-5 days after the updates for nokia started appearing on navifirm. So, we have time until EoD, Wednesday for our hopes :)
  • Spoke to samsung, no update for us! :(
  • Same here.No updates..i am also using Omnia W...
  • Those who say AT&T won't get the update are complete idiots. EVERYONE will get the update. ESPECIALLY Nokia Devices. Get your facts straight before you post stupid nonsense and try to get everyone's hopes destroyed, please.
  • Unfortunately it's AT&T's history with WP updates that has brought our hopes down.
  • I know but we must have hope!!!!! ;)
  • haha, you've not been around very long have you?  The only update ATT pulled off without a hitch was Mango, and that's because MS publiclly shamed them with the where's my update page.
  • Strategy is to hold off any cool updates for old phones. Reason is that they want you to buy a new phone. for that they get to own your soul for another 2 years.
    Good business, lousy customer Focus (no pun intended :-) )
  • I already have 7.10.8779.8 !! I still need 7.10.8783 and then 7.10. 8858.136 !
  • And when is Verizon getting this? Specifically the trophy.
  • +1
    "specifically for the trophy" ;)
  • Yeah, what they said. lol.
  • Anyone with a Trophy get anything? I can't check until later tonight.
  • Nothing yet :-(
  • Hahaha exactly.
  • I want this update sooo bad for my Trophy!!
  • The HTC Trophy is adored by almost everyone who has one. 7.8 would make it even better!
  • No update, yet.
  • HTC has it listed on there website.
  • I have the trophy on verizon (unlocked) and got the update. Had to do the unplug-the-net trick.
  • Any luck for focus flash users?
    I haven't updated my device to the last firmware update since it removed the hability to interop unlock...
    So I'm not able to check =P
  • Nothing here yet for my focus flash either.
  • Hope for the best..
  • Does it add the wifi keep alive feature??
  • No
  • India Samsung Boys... anything???
  • Those screen shots of the titan are a bit wrong. The outlook tile sports the new 2013 icon. The Zune icon is still on the update not the Xbox one. I am running the updated software on my Unlocked Nokia Lumia 800 UK. Can't see much difference in settings but I do love the new tiles and accent colours. The like is Zune does double size the tiles. Enjoy folks
  • that's a mocked up photo....not the actual update.
  • I don't think that's a mock. I think it's a Titan with an old 7.8 custom rom.
  • That's what I thought.
  •   look at the caption
  • Hey1 I've got a UK unlocked 800... Where's my update!!
  • Oh yeah, the office icon is updated and drive for Nokias is updated. None of the Bluetooth apps are available yet. I want to see developers take advantage of the sized tiles as well.
  • Just checked with zune but there is no update for the Samusung Omnia W in India.
  • nothing on my lumia 800 too....guess i'll just have to use navifirm
  • nothing on my 710 - T-mobile...
  • Nothing for my non-branded HTC Titan X310e (European version)
  • nothing on my omnia 7 - three uk. Anybody else in the uk had any luck?
  • nothing for the Samsung Omnia W in India...just checked:(
  • I already had a 7.8 rom running on Focus, 1.3 , so you could always do it yourself if Att doesnt