Microsoft Sticky Notes are coming to OneNote on iOS and Android (Updated)

Updated October 10, 2018: The feature is now live for OneNote beta testers on iOS and Android. Should testing go well, it should make its way to the release version soon.

Microsoft has been putting a lot of work into its Sticky Notes app recently, with the major push to version 3.0 bringing UI enhancements, syncing across devices, and much more. As Microsoft continues to build out the Sticky Notes experience, it's going to get more connected to the company's other services as well. Soon, you'll be able to access your notes on the go via the OneNote app for Android and iOS.

Microsoft Vice President and Technical Fellow Laura Butler confirmed the feature is coming to OneNote, and there will be much more to share for the whole OneNote family of apps soon.

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Absent a mobile version of Sticky Notes (though there have been rumblings of that, too), integration with OneNote is the next best thing. The app is already widely used, so it lowers the barrier to entry for those who are already taking notes on the go.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Still waiting for v3 to be available on my PC
  • I got it on both 1809/1803
    may wanna check for updates.☺
  • I'm checking them daily on both builds as it's my most used app after OneNote and still have not received 3.0 version.
  • Got it yesterday after checking manually for updates.
  • I check the Store for updates a few times per day. The Store actually shows 3.0 available but won't download
  • It seems that is (ready) for US only… As usual...
  • no, I received it on a french pc
  • I received it on a pc last week, but it won't come on my other one... I guess it's just a progressive deploy. EDIT I manually checked on my 2nd pc, and got the update. I tried yesterday too but it wouldn't find it.
  • Don't worry, it's slowly rolling out to the users. Just got it on my main device today, my other devices got it for like a week ago.
  • You tell "Laura Butler" that this type of thing has Andromeda devices written all over it.. So, screw downloading it for iDroid.
    This would be exactly what Andromeda would be about.
  • Not bad. If they were also available for MacOS too 😢
  • You can load Windows onto a "Mac"... I mean, a Mac is but a PC with stupid software. Lol
  • A mac? really?
  • I use it for work but I would like integration with my other devices, specially the Windows laptop in case I missed something before I played my games ;)
  • If there's integration with OneNote online, then that might be your ticket.
  • Finally got it this evening (6pm UK time)
  • should it come ton onenote on W10 too ?
  • WTF Microsoft.
    OneNote integration with sticky notes should have been a reality, first on Windows, since launch. They like commiting suicide I guess
  • Why? Sticky notes is a different thing, sticky notes is a way to put notes on your desktop, it have no need to be anything different. All this synchronising rubbish is really peeing me off.
  • Microsoft has released many enhancements across a wide range of applications. I don't think bloody stick notes were on the top of the list in terms of priorities. …. just sayin
  • The Notes are stored in, so I think you're wrong. Also, they are so schizophrenic about how they're developing and rolling out these products that I think I'm going to switch to Google Drive & Docs. This is starting to look really messy. Can't even change the font face and size in OneNote, yet (Android)? FFS... The prioritization is absolutely nonexistent. Office is nice, but absolutely beyond what I need at this point, as I do not create the types of complex documents that would necessitate it. Its 2GB+ wasted space on my system SSDs along with useless background processes. I can install my WordPerfect Office "just in case" and get by just fine with that... and save some money. My dependence on Google Photos, alone (and how bad OneDrive is for Photo & Video stuff), is enough for me to just ditch all of their services for Google's; for the sake of convenience. It doesn't help that Edge uses a ton more RAM than Google Chrome on Windows, either, and they have no dedicated eBook, Audiobook, Photos, Movies & TV, or Music apps on Android. It's really impossible to embrace their ecosystem, because they have so many usability gaps. Samsung literally has more going for them than Microsft, in terms of user experience, at this point. How the tides have turned... Microsoft, outside of Office 365 (and only due to reputation), is completely irrelevant on mobile.
  • Hoping this also will eventually sync with the Microsoft launcher's notes section as well
  • Me too!! I stopped using the launcher note till they integrate it!! They should also lynx the to do in cortana with the todo app
  • Except I still can't paste any text (at least from most apps) into the sticky notes in Windows. Making this app useless...
  • You can copy to sticky notes.
  • Ok, what about OneNote on Windows?!?!??!
  • where in OneNote does one find these Sticky Notes? I don't use sticky notes because of the lack of OneNote integration, so I'm happy this is happening!
  • Ok, found it. Have to signup for the OneNote beta through Google Play (not through the app). Then it shows as a new menu button at the bottom. Now just for ToDo and Launcher Notes integration!
  • They also need a sticky notes Android widget (or Launcher integration as others have suggested)
  • Finally! Sticky Notes is my daily to-do list, always sitting on my desktop where I can quickly add new stuff and prioritize what I have to do. I was hoping for having this synched and connected to OneNote for a long time, and it's finally happening. Thanks Microsoft! Sticky Notes and One Note are two underrated gems that make my daily life easier.
  • It would make more sense to integrate it in the Launcher imho.
    Now I have to open up Onenote to see the notes. Unless you can add the sticky notes tab from Onenote as a card to Lancher.. ;)
  • A OneNote page contains movable resizable panels containing text, images, etc. Would I be right in thinking that the integration will consist of each such panel being visible, optionally, as a sticky note? If not, then what?