Microsoft Studios set to launch 'major' DLC for critically acclaimed Xbox One puzzler Kalimba

Critically acclaimed puzzle platformer 'Kalimba' is set to receive a 'major' free content update, courtesy of Microsoft Studios and PressPlay Games.

The DLC will arrive for free on April 22nd, with some aspects becoming paid content after May 6th. The patch will add a ton of new game modes and levels, both for solo and multiplay.

Kalimba currently holds an 81% positive rating on Metacritic, and has been praised for its vibrant art style and for its unique and challenging gameplay. Players control two parts of a totem, each part has its own abilities to navigate hazards and obstacles, and in typical PressPlay fashion, the Danish dev will bend your mind as you incorporate various other mechanics like gravity warping and an unforgiving necessity for quick reactions.

The content update that will be permanently free introduces two new game modes for all current and future Kalimba owners. Llama Mode is a local multiplayer speed run mode, which sees up to six players taking turns to compete for the best score. Puma Mode is similar to Trials HD, which sees you compete asynchronously against other player's offline shadows or an AI called Hoebear across 30 new levels.

The "Dark Void" and "Co-Optimistic" DLC packs will arrive for free as well with this update but will become $3.99 and $5.99 after May 6th. Dark Void introduces ten new single-player levels and a new game mechanic, Co-Optimistic on the other hand (or totem?) features ten new coop levels.

Kalimba will also launch on Windows PC via Steam on April 22nd for $9.99. The above DLC packs will not be free for Steam users, but the Llama and Puma mode will be included in the base game. Kalimba on Steam will support both gamepad and keyboard.

PressPlay are notable for their support of Xbox for Windows, having released Tentacles: Enter The Mind last year with support for synchronous progression between tablets and phones, and for Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, another critically acclaimed platformer.

Fans of puzzle platformers (particularly the co-op variety) should consider picking up Kalimba, which is available in the Xbox One store now for $9.99 / £7.99 respectively, especially if you want those free DLC packs!

Thanks @Ukumio for the tip!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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