Microsoft Studios set to launch 'major' DLC for critically acclaimed Xbox One puzzler Kalimba

Critically acclaimed puzzle platformer 'Kalimba' is set to receive a 'major' free content update, courtesy of Microsoft Studios and PressPlay Games.

The DLC will arrive for free on April 22nd, with some aspects becoming paid content after May 6th. The patch will add a ton of new game modes and levels, both for solo and multiplay.

Kalimba currently holds an 81% positive rating on Metacritic, and has been praised for its vibrant art style and for its unique and challenging gameplay. Players control two parts of a totem, each part has its own abilities to navigate hazards and obstacles, and in typical PressPlay fashion, the Danish dev will bend your mind as you incorporate various other mechanics like gravity warping and an unforgiving necessity for quick reactions.

The content update that will be permanently free introduces two new game modes for all current and future Kalimba owners. Llama Mode is a local multiplayer speed run mode, which sees up to six players taking turns to compete for the best score. Puma Mode is similar to Trials HD, which sees you compete asynchronously against other player's offline shadows or an AI called Hoebear across 30 new levels.

The "Dark Void" and "Co-Optimistic" DLC packs will arrive for free as well with this update but will become $3.99 and $5.99 after May 6th. Dark Void introduces ten new single-player levels and a new game mechanic, Co-Optimistic on the other hand (or totem?) features ten new coop levels.

Kalimba will also launch on Windows PC via Steam on April 22nd for $9.99. The above DLC packs will not be free for Steam users, but the Llama and Puma mode will be included in the base game. Kalimba on Steam will support both gamepad and keyboard.

PressPlay are notable for their support of Xbox for Windows, having released Tentacles: Enter The Mind last year with support for synchronous progression between tablets and phones, and for Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, another critically acclaimed platformer.

Fans of puzzle platformers (particularly the co-op variety) should consider picking up Kalimba, which is available in the Xbox One store now (opens in new tab) for $9.99 / £7.99 respectively, especially if you want those free DLC packs!

Thanks @Ukumio for the tip!

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • You mean used to be supporters of Xbox on Windows, since they have decided to use the shitty steamworks DRM for this game instead... Pretty dissapointing.
  • Microsoft Studios published Kalimba, so not necessarily PressPlay's decision there. Also to be Xbox certified under the Windows app store you probably have to include touch controls. There isn't a single Xbox game in the Windows store that doesn't right now.
  • I am kinda surprised they didn't release it on the Windows 8 store as well. I know it has limited audience right now but after Windows 10 hits I think it will be pretty big audience.
  • I think Microsoft are amending their policies to allow non-touch games into the app store, but it might not be fully ready yet.
  • I'm surprised they didn't just hold off and release this as an Xbox game on Windows 10 when Windows 10 officially launches, rather than blowing it on a Steam release a few months early (same goes with Ori and the Blind Forest). That said, Kalimba is a fantastic game--best puzzle platformer of 2014, on any platform--and Press Play is turning out to be one of Microsoft's best acquisitions to date. I'm excited about these free DLC  packs (I got Kalimba when it launched on Xbox One) and also excited about whatever their next game is. With Max and the Magic Marker and Tentacles on WP, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Kalimba on Xbox One, I've become huge fans of their work.
  • Unlike Games for Windows Live i have never had an issue with a steamworks game due to DRM. You mud be smoking something if you hate Steam.
  • I'd bet money on a Windows 10 version coming out this year. It appears that they're trying to cover both bases, and why annoy Steam gamers by putting in Windows features to the Steam version?
  • For higher profits. Releasing on Steam means Valve takes a cut instead of Microsoft keeping it all, while also legitimizing Steam--a competitor--as a store instead of using that content to build up their own nascent Windows Store. It's akin to releasing games for Wii U or PS4.
  • The way I see it... the current Windows Store is a bit of a bust, so in the meantime until W10, they're putting the games on Steam. And they're carrots for Steam users. Hook people into a few Microsoft franchises or developers and then release future games only in the Windows 10 Store.
  • The Windows 8 Store definitely was a bust, and the reason why is because they only put one AAA game--and a niche one at that--in there (Project Spark). They put the rest of their AAA games on Steam, an enemy platform: Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, Ori and the Blind Forest, Age of Empires, and now, Kalimba. The carrot concept is interesting and it could work--if that's actually what they're doing. But I have my doubts. They  need to go all in on the Xbox gaming on Windows 10: bring all of their AAA titles to the Windows Store--and not Steam--and make them cross-play + cross-buy with Xbox One. Only then will they be able to lure PC gamers away from Steam. If they even hesitate a bit, though (i.e. not bringing all of their AAA games to Xbox on Windows 10, or also releasing some games on Steam too), then the Windows 10 Store will fail as well.
  • I just bought this last week on x1 so this is exciting to me.
  • Critically acclaimed? Sure.
  • It is, lol
  • How about online co op... Something ppl would actually enjoy instead of more local only co op.
  • Why couldn't they tell us this before the weekend sale? Had I known this and that in the future the update would cost I would have bought the game as I was on the fence to pick it up but figured it was only 40% and would eventually be on a bigger sale I held off since I have a huge backlog as it is.
  • Honestly, I understand where you're coming from, but the game is only $10. You pay a few more dollars today than you would've had you bought it when it was on sale. What's a few dollars when you're getting a bunch of free DLC anyway? Yes, it would've been better to get it while it was on sale, but the game is great, the free DLC offer is great, and it's only ten bucks. It's a no-brainer.
  • Didn't manage to acquire this game from my country (Brasil)! :(
  • Good news! I really enjoy this game. The multiplayer option is especialy fun.