Microsoft sued over Windows Phone "Really" ads, really

Where we normally expect patents and copyright litigation these days to involve hardware or technology issues, Microsoft finds itself being sued for infringing upon copyrighted content in their Windows Phone ads.

Cellrderm, a company that manufactures novelty cellular abuse aids, is claiming that Microsoft's Windows Phone "Really" ads features similar content that is copyrighted by Cellrderm and it's ad agency. The suit centers around the "Bathroom Really" and "Bedroom Really" ads. No response from Microsoft on the law suit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

While there are similarities in the commercials, it's hard to say they are carbon copies. If you make the jump past the break you can see all four ads and decide for yourself. The ads might also shed some light on what exactly a cellular abuse aid is.

Source: winrumors

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  • not even close to the windows ad, they are probably broke and trying to make some money
  • Aside from perhaps the "set" or "stage" they are nothing alike. Are they even considered commercials? They seemed to go on FOREVER.
  • I'm pretty sure no one as ever heard Cellrderm before, including Microsoft. These are just common scenarios.
  • Sure they're the same because clearly there has never been a scene involving a man ignoring a woman in the bedroom or doing something else while in the restroom. Those are 2 novel ideas.Actually the people who put the Cellrderm ad together should be embarrassed. When you compare the pace and style of the Microsoft ad to the Cellrderm ad the Cellerderm one looks very amateurish. The cellrderm folks take so long on the setup that I got bored and turned off the video.
  • I think they better think it through before they end up stuck paying MS's legal fees
  • The WP7 Really commercials haven't been on in 7 months anyway. Where was this company last November?
  • I have one word: Really?
  • The premise and idea of the commercials are the same. Yet the execution and end result plus target market are for different audiences. To be honest I can imagine someone ripping off the "idea" of these ads. Whether I think it is sue worthy that is hard, perhaps a simple credit to the original creators for "inspiration" maybe.
  • If they dont win this case, they will go bankrupt just paying for MS's multi million $$ lawyers. So they must think they have a good shot.
  • Not even close...
  • not even close.. Cellr's ad looks like a **** movie.(lol the site blocks the word: ****
  • p*rn, really? even with a 0? lol