Microsoft's Surface Mouse revealed in new FCC photos

Microsoft has at least three Surface-branded desktop accessories hitting the market soon. Two are keyboards, and one is a mouse. The latter just popped up on the FCC's website confirming our reporting from yesterday.

Taking a close look at the Surface Mouse and you'll be correct to note it bears a striking resemblance to the black Microsoft Designer Mouse (opens in new tab) already on the market. Microsoft is tweaking its current Designer and Sculpt offerings with a gray coat and some updated tech (especially for the keyboards).

Microsoft's "new" Surface Mouse looks an awful lot like the current Designer Mouse

The "new" Surface Mouse features Bluetooth Low Energy compatibility, takes two AAA batteries (included) and it should last up to 12 months.

An announcement for these new Surface accessories could happen as early as this week, but definitely within the month. Also, Microsoft may announce their rumored Surface All-in-One PC, which completes the whole 'Surface and desktop' theme that is occurring here.

The current Designer Mouse from Microsoft

The current Designer Mouse from Microsoft

There is no word yet on the rumored late-October media event speculated for New York City.

The third, and yet to be revealed accessory is the Surface Keyboard (ergonomic). We have seen photos of this device and can confirm it is a take on the modern Ergonomic Sculpt keyboard, but with the inclusion of a number pad and a gray coat.

Patent filing for a 'modular' PC thought to be the Surface All-in-One

Patent filing for a 'modular' PC thought to be the Surface All-in-One

When the Surface Mouse goes on sale, it is expected to retail for $29.95.

Thanks, Eric C., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Can we do away with the mouse wheel? I want touch on all of my devices, especially with such a touch friendly UI. Take the MagicMouse for example. That concept would work perfectly with Windows 10
  • I own this one. Doesn't scroll horizontally
  • Works damn well for everything else though
  • I have the Surface Arc Touch Mouse now, and I've been using the regular Arc Touch Mouse since the month it came out. I would agree, but with one exception. Using applications where you click and drag with the center button can be a pain, as sometimes it doesn't register the double-tap that it takes to "grab" the center button, and when you release your finger it doesn't instantly release - there is a lag. This can be a pain with 3D modeling software, such as Blender, SolidWorks, and more, as it seems all of these CAD type programs use a click/drag with the center mouse button.
  • We're constantly working on ways to improve our site and it looks like we're having a little trouble right now. Give us a few moments and try your link again. Or, feel free to visit our homepage. Why is everything broken for MS?
  • I think they removed this product from their store
  • Nope.  Touch mouse is bad for gaming.
  • I get your point, but to my point, this isn't a gaming mouse. This mouse was designed to be used with the Surface as a way to interact with the UI. After using the MagicMouse, using a wheel to interact feels like I'm in the 90's at my moms desk. No offense to wheel users :)
  • Gaming or not, what mouse isnt used to interact with an ui?
  • I meant it had no further intentions, unlike gaming mice. But sure, let's be overly literal for the sake of argument. My main point is that when Apple set out to design their trackpad or magicmouse, their intention was to make the best product to navigate their OS. All I'm asking for is the same thought process from Microsoft. This is 2016 where UI has changed. I have a UI that works 100% with a touch screen, why shouldn't my mouse work the same way?
  • Okay. So what you were trying to convey is you would like ms to embrace the concept of a new, very intuitive solution for navigating their ui? If so, I apologize for asking a question to better understand what I and it seems other didn't get. If not, I still don't understand.
  • I wouldn't buy a mouse without a wheel. Period. Sure other people would, but the Magic Mouse is not a terrific example. I owned one and thought it was terrible.
  • I agree, the Magic Mouse isn't a nice example of a mouse when it comes to ergonomics
  • Nope. Bad for engineering and architecture
  • I need a physical thing to interact with when using Revit and Autocad, and other 3D CAD software. It's just not intuitive to not physically click and move something, in my experience
  • because i have two devices with track pad and i hook an extra mouse to both.
  • Touch sucks on all mice if it's for real work!
  • Not on this mouse no one has used yet. This mouse works perfect because surface! ;)
  • I have to disagree with you on this one. As a web developer I'm constantly scrolling large files and web pages, and find it very tedious and time wasting to scroll 700 lines of code one spin at a time. I do however understand that everyone has their preference.
  • You SCROLL though that much code? Practice using line jumps, function links and search. Also, smooth scroll wheels are the best outside of gaming
  • You configure the scroll wheel to scroll to your preference though.
  • You're simply doing it wrong. You shouldn't have to scroll through 700 lines, you should be searching for your key words, but that's a different argument all together. Get something like a Logitech g500s. you can "unlock" the scroll wheel and with the flick of a finger I can scroll for at least a minute straight, or I can have the tactile feedback of a regular mousewheel for when I need it.
  • ... Yes, search is so very useful when working with code which is incredibly repetitive. He'd have to comment every single line, at least every invocation of a method with a unique phrase. Possible, yes. Reliable, no.
  • If you're scrolling through "700 lines one spin at a time" you know exactly what you're looking for. My point is there is literally no reason to have to do it "one spin at a time" there are both hardware and software solutions that already exist that can speed up scrolling through 700 lines of code.
  • You need a better scrolling mouse. I use a Logitech Master MX and the wheel can de-clutch to spin freely, allowing me to scroll through easily through hundreds of lines with a single flick. 
  • Quite rarely should your code ever be that long.
  • My first thought was also "why is there a wheel?" I still use the Microsoft Touch Explorer mouse, which has a fantastic touch-based scroll. The control is great - scroll slowly, small flick for page up/down, or big flick to scroll many pages in one go, with a tap to instantly stop scrolling. Scrolls horizontally, too. Every new mouse should have such a great level of control. They stopped making them, but I bought a handful of them for cheap through Amazon, so I'm set for years.
  • Have you used a MagicMouse much? It's quite nice, but for vertical scrolling (which is by far the most common secondary movement control) a wheel still works better. In my experience, anyway.
  • Mouse wheel is good for more granular scrolling.
  • I would agree, but in my personal experience, the tactile feedback of a wheel works a lot better. And as for horizontal scrolling, none of the current methods I've tried works well enough, in those rare cases where it's supported.
  • I've tried two mice with touch instead of a wheel. The both have terrible lag and stuttery scrolling that will randomly freeze. It should be doable, but it hasnt worked well for me so far.
  • That's because we need one that is done right. I agree that the current offerings for Windows suck.
  • Drop Dead Sexy
  • I kinda hoped for something nicer.. But that's just my opinion. I hope it's made from the same material as surface products so far (both mouse and keyboard)
  • Eagerly waiting for the hardware event to see what Microsoft comes up with
  • Did they release a date they will stop supporting it yet? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I believe they will stick with the standard "six months to one year after I buy it" policy. :D
  • I'm totally in for the keyboard, but compared to the Arc Touch mouse, this looks just too unimpressive.
  • That's one ugly mouse. I'll keep my Logitech with free wheel spinning.
  • i bought the designer keyboard just for the keyboard, but the included mouse that they show in this article, its waaaaay to low..... really painful to use since it almost feels like emy hand is moving around with a little stone (its way to small) My logitech mouse by the other hand? Perfect!
  • Is design also done by insiders nowadays?
  • Ergonomically that looks really bad. Probably would be uncomfortable to use that mouse for extended periods.
  • So I guess Microsoft's new thing is to slap the Surface logo on a anything and call it new?
  • Yep, they learnt from Apple
  • Apple does not use iPad / MacBook branding on their accessories AFAIK. They have their "Magic" brand for those.
  • So I guess Apples new thing is to slap the Magic band on a anything and call it new?
  • Been under a rock for the past 10 years????? It has been called the magic mouse for EONS!  And it works AWESOME.   The best mouse I owned actaully. 
  • Surface = Minimal
  • as in Minimal Effort.
  • Surface logo? Is that not the Microsoft logo....without colors?
  • Microsoft could be possibly releasing a Surface-brand-all-in-one pc, with the recent leak of Surface keyboard and mouse as evidence. Do you agree?
    Edit: Sorry I missed some parts in the article.
  • How ergonomic-friendly will the Surface Mouse (or the Designer Mouse) be? I know that it's not an ergonomic-focused mouse, but will it cause pain on the hand for extended use periods?
  • Probably not as much as the Wedge! ;p
  • It doesn't look beautiful and it doesn't look like it has a nice feel...
  • That's..... Apple'esk to put is mildly... I hope that those pictures are deceiving me in its flatness. Usually, OEM mouse and keyboard are awful as they try to make them inexpensive, and please everyone, yet no one. Considering that Microsoft has years or knowledge and expertise in the mouse and keyboard industry, I expected them to deliver something more interesting, and comfortable. Sadly, based on these pictures, it looks like none of that was delivered. I expected Microsoft to make a mouse similarly to Logitech business focus products, like the Logitech MX Master in ergonomics, and the free spin wheel for productivity warriors. At least have a back/forward mouse buttons. The scroll wheel on that Surface mouse looks like it is extremely cheap, like a dollar shop mouse. I am sure it is fine, but just the look on those pictures... very sad. If we look only at OEM products (that means we ignore: Logitech, Razer, etc. and only look at Dell, HP, Acer, etc.). The HP Z5000 Wireless Mouse Spectre Edition looks like a similar mouse, but, in my opinion, nicer and more comfortable. I mean, it is a "designer" mouse, has body under the palm, and has an area for your fingers on the side. I don't think Microsoft Designer mouse and keyboard sold well... I mean do you know anyone with them? Well, I guess I can only assume that they wanted to focus all their energy on the new Surface All-in-One system. And for the keyboard and mouse, they just color changed the nicest keyboard/mouse that the company made and available to match the system. Hopefully, in the future, those will be updated to be more interesting.
  • Looks great in my opinion. It reminds me of that modern-yet-70s-retro design on all the gadgets in the movie Her with Joaquin Phoenix, in which Scarlet Johansson plays an AI that he falls in love with. I dig it.
  • Bring on the Surface Phone and Band!
  • Screw Surface Phone, screw Band. Our business in the the enterprise sector now, screw all consumers! Consumerism is bad for you, it's bad for the society!
  • Ah ha ha.. phone is a pipe dream and the band sold so poorly they cancelled it...
  • So, picking up existing hardware and dressing it in Apple colours is what Microsoft is going for now? Well, thank God for third party OEMs. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Apple has a colour? So all those early grey and white desktops were Apple too?
  • White and silver have been Apple's colours for years now. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And who's were they before Apple stole them?
  • I wasn't aware apple registered ownership of any colors.
  • Apple colors are white and aluminium. This is Magnesium color.
  • this is cubical grey,  to match the walls, carpet, chairs and cubicals of all the cubical farms they will be used in.
  • If you work in such environment, change jobs. They are numerous studies showing such environment is not good, as it is showing to be affecting the quality of the work done, employee morale (including managers) and productivity. If your company is too cheap or doesn't care, change jobs.
  • Screw Apple! This is our mouse! A great mouse! A product to build our future upon!
  • Why can't we have a Surface Trackball? They are so much more convenient that mouses.
  • The market for trackball is very limited. It is not liked by most. The ball needs constant cleaning if used heavily in a day. At worst, once a day. Plus the rollers needs to be cleaned and doesn't provide the high precision and high DPI that you can get from a mouse, making it more difficult to use with a high-resolution monitor.
  • Why track ball when you can touch mouse? The thing with these PC users is they get all upptty for every little thing...anytime something changes it riles them up. Never Happy. =p
  • We like things efficient.
  • I got the Designer Keyboard/Mouse early in the year. The keyboard is great but the mouse is garbage. I liked the aesthetics of the mouse and its metal scroll wheel. It's light, but it feels nice and the magnetic battery cover was a nice touch. Unfortunately, it has a major design flaw. The entire top half of the shell is split into two buttons. That's not exceptional, except that Microsoft evidently failed to account for how a mouse is held in the hands. The seam for the top half runs around the edge of the mouse, exactly where the thumb and pinky finger grips it. So almost immediately I noticed that on double-clicks the second click seemed to stick. I quickly realized that my thumb was restricting movement. At 3 months the buttons wore to the point that the problem was happening pretty much continuously. Not only that, but the shell started creaking quite a bit. So I replaced it with a Logitech mouse. I hope they've rectified the problems, but judging from the photo it looks like they've done nothing but change its color.
  • Makes it kinda like the first Bioshock where you could only use either the left or right hand at a time right? ie move then click, click then move, not both as we're all used to doing?
  • Looks like they made the front and back more curved, the designer being less rounded on the corners.  That may prevent part of the problem.
  • So basically Microsoft give us repainted old hardware for probably more money, because it is branded "Surface" (don't even try to deny it). And I like how there is a place to collect all the dirt from your hand and dust. Good job Panos!
  • Hold on, they did a lot of work on the mouse! It's way more rounded in the back compared to the designer mouse.
  • riiiight
  • Show some respect! Panos is 'bringing the thunder' with this year's Surface Mouse! THUNDER!
  • Microsoft, don't even start naming every new product Surface otherwise you completely dilute that brand. There is no reason a mouse needs to be given the Surface moniker.
  • I can't wait for Surface-branded coffee mugs.They better be dishwasher & microwave safe!
  • Surface coffee mugs: what a great idea! I will get this one through to Panos. These mugs must be in every office (you know we're in for the enterprise now)!
  • They have to be grey with grey logos tho.  
  • Not if they are quality products. I think of the Surface moniker and line as a Microsoft product that is a quality product. I'm basing that opinion on the SP4 that I own. It's a solid piece of hardware. That's why people are excited about a Surface phone, if it's built anything like the Surface tablets and the laptop. It's build for premium costumers (at a premium price).
  • I have a feeling that Surface desktop will not include a M&K
  • Wish they had put in a feature like the Logitech Master MX where it can pair to multiple devices. I'm looking at getting the Logitech so I can use it across multiple devices. Desktop, Surface, and Phone (for Continuum) just by flicking a switch. Can't help but feel MS missed a trick by not doing something similar. The Master MX even works with both Dongle AND Bluetooth. This is the kinda of unique feature I wish Microsoft had opted to include. Really just a standard looking mouse otherwise.
  • I think it looks awful!  Have you checked out the K380 and MX Anywhere 2 options?  They have the device switching for bluetooth and it works great across all Windows devices and Macs too -  
  • Will they put the mouse charging port at the bottom like Apple did?
  • Too funny :-)
  • Looks as if they're producing a PC to compete directly with the iMac
  • unfortunately that pc comes with windows 10 on it and will be a laggy slow mess...compared to the quick, smooth efficent Imac.   To bad,  I had an HP all in one with windows 8 and touchscreen and it was a joy to use.   Did the update/data mining software,  and ruined the entire experience.  
  • Looks alot like the explorer touch I am using at work except it is wheel.  After using my E-touch for a yr for 8hrs a day MS should just rebrand it to a surface mouse, Original battery lasted 9mth and never give me issues. 
  • Well that looks like crap :-(  Looks like a 1980's mouse just without the cord    I'll stick with the Logitech options, that mouse looks incredibly uncomfortable to use!
  • Of course it's a 1980's design. Back to the roots, back in time, that's what we do best at Micro$oft!
  • The current designer mouse looks much better than the FCC crap.
  • I love how MS releases a new mouse and apple some how copied it 10 years prior...AWESOME.  Fanboys here are worth the price of admission to read some of the OFF THE WALL comments!
  • Hopefully there's more colors than Magnesium. :p
  • I really love this design