FCC photos reveal the new Microsoft Surface Keyboard destined for your desktop

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The Surface Keyboard has made it through the FCC. New photos for the filing confirm its design and soon you will be able to get the same typing experience from your home PC as your Surface tablet.

Earlier this morning, I reported that Microsoft had two new desktop keyboards headed to the market. Both are wireless with one being a clean minimalist design, while the other follows the ergonomic Sculpt keyboard. There is also a redesigned Designer Mouse now called a Surface Mouse. All the components have a gray finish, and the keyboards have been reworked with Surface technology to make typing an even better experience.

Photos filed by Microsoft at the FCC show the new wireless Surface Keyboard

The minimalist Surface Keyboard takes two AA batteries that can last up to 12 months. The device will be compatible with all Windows PCs, as well Mac OS, iOS, and Android thanks to the Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology on board.

Microsoft has not officially confirmed these new desktop accessories, but we have heard they could be announced as early as this week.

Later this month, the company could also announce its rumored Surface All-in-One PC, which makes more sense once you consider these reworked and re-branded Surface desktop accessories.

Our earlier promo shot gave a glimpse of the new Surface Keyboard

Our earlier promo shot gave a glimpse of the new Surface Keyboard

No word on pricing but the existing Designer Bluetooth Desktop kit is $99.95 for the keyboard and mouse. The new Surface-branded version is re-engineered with optimized feedback and return force to provide a superior typing experience.

Incidentally, there looks to be an FCC application for the Surface ergonomic keyboard as well, but there are no photos or details. However, 'Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard' is also mentioned in those documents.

Thanks, Gianluca P., for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Why does the FCC need to be involved? That's what I take out if this article. Govt is too flippin big.
  • It transmits through its Bluetooth wireless radio. Anything with a radio that emits radiation needs approval. Also, who cares?
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  • In this case, yes, you're right politics isn't relevant to the topic and should be left at home however I don't think you can describe politics as a non Microsoft issue. There are plenty of instances where Microsoft and policies either comes together or clashes e.g. Microsoft challenging government access to personal data. In those contexts a debate about political and technology is both relevant an appropriate and therefore a 'Microsoft issue'.
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  • Jesus, man.. It's not that serious. You're being unnecessarily rude to people... Don't make me come up there!
  • huh? I don't see anything rude.
  • Daniel.
  • he's usually pretty rude/snarky
  • All devices that transmit a radio frequencies must pass FCC to prove they don't cause harm to people/animals/other electronics. All radio waves travel the same frequencies, whether they be BT/WiFi/Cellular/Etc. This includes emergency services such as CB used by Fire/EMS. This is why T-Mobile had hard times pushing it's 3G network back in the day. the 1700/2100 AWS frequency was originally used by emergency services and many areas took their time updating their networks off that band. this is why the FCC gets involved. While I dislike Big gov myself, certain things do infact make sense if you understand the technology behind it.
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  • Bluetooth Frequency is around 2.4 to 2.485 GHz which in some countries could interfere with their wifi frequency ?
  • It's a radio device (Bluetooth).
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  • It's mostly to ensure that a device won't cause interference.
  • Actually, in a way, yes. They need to be sure that the radio broadcasts the way the specs are intended. A wayward radio signal can interfere with other radios, such as police, fire and rescue.
  • Without fcc review and approval the market would be flooded with devices that interfere with other device operation. Government needs to trim much fat but the fcc is quite necessary.
  • How would you feel if I started selling a device that when someone walked into the room with it, every cell phone lost connection?
  • I and anyone else that bought that product would return it for a refund and that company would go broke. Others have more eloquently convinced me in this case, but many other times market forces are enough.
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    People like to trumpet around terms like"Big Government" and act like it does nothing positive. The truth is we need balance amongst all of the different factions of society that exist. Government, business, consumers, students, etc. We are all dependent on each other. When there is imbalance we have one taking advantage of the others but that's kind of the beauty of the whole system. Its a constant struggle to find balance.
  • The dumbest thread in the history of WP. Congratulations one and all.
  • Looks like an Apple product  
  • I was going to say the same thing...its a carbon copy of the apple keyboard....who's coping who? 
  • Wow, that thing looks like it came out of Cupertino. It's why I've never cared for the Surface line's shade of gray metal. I hope they follow the concept of the Type Cover and give color options.
  • Agreed, the grey looks horrible.
  • Does it come in black?
  • Wake me up when the phone is officially announced!
  • Why do you wish to sleep forever? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hhahahah yeah, can I join your hibernation? :D
  • Just do 'shutdown -h' command then :D
  • needs more cowbell.
  • I get that comment. Love that video, and yes, it does need more cowbell.
  • Too much is never enough.
  • It's really thin but apart from that I see nothing special about it. And I get the colour but I'm not using a silver keyboard. Ever.
    Make it in black and we'll talk again. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why not? What's wrong with silver?
  • Harder to see the backlighting compared to dark keys
  • As Tom said, there's not enuogh contrast between the white lettering and the light gray background of each key. This is problematic for lots of folks because it makes seeing the key labels difficult under many lighting conditions.
  • Agree with DJCBS.
    Black colour is the most popular.
    Will be surprised if only silver is available. Personally I will not buy silver keyboard either.
  • Once you go black (dark theme) you never go back
  • Indeed! What's with the same light color on keycaps and text that just looks harder to glance characters. Making it black or very dark grey gives much better contrast especially on daylight. Also, they keyboard design is just way too close to Apple Keyboard. Not a bad looking and I do like it's minimalism, but at least there should be some bigger uniqueness to the aesthetic and functionality. If there were at least a palmrest or dedicated media and Windows feature keys instead of plain keyboard. Oh well, it's a keyboard that's preincluded in the package. People can always buy much better keyboards out there even it may not perfectly consistent to Surface Design. Posted from alternate universe
  • I saw "optimized feedback and return force to provide a superior [Surface-like?] typing experience." I've been auditioning keyboards lately and rejected one because of it's inadequate (for me) return force. May have to look at a Surface's keyboard; If I like it a lot I might just wait for the Surface Keyboard. Agreed that the silver looks pretty weird.
  • Is charcoal gray/black available? Looks better, especially when it needs cleaning. My coworker's silver Mac keyboard looks absolutely disgusting. I'm sure my dark gray keyboard is too, but you can't tell unless you look closely.
  • Bruce Wayne: Does it come in black?
  • WCpusr,  how about more microsoft timeline correct....Henry Ford..."the model T comes in any color as long as it's black!"
  • I wish they would make these Bluetooth/usb compatible. I don't want to worry about my desktop keyboard dying
  • Hopefully it will have as an option, though I doubt it. It would be nice to have these sleek keyboards having media and extra Windows function keys instead of relying to FN key combinations like a laptop. I don't even want to sacrifice function keys. Also palm-rest which really hard to not have when gets used to it. Posted from alternate universe
  • My biggest gripe with the surface line is the all grey coloring. Resembles mac to much Imo. I much prefer the coloring of the first gen rt surface. Which is why I still have and use it. Matches the rest of my stuff without being a fruit. Imo.
  • The problem with the 1st/2nd gen stuff is tha the dark coating can scratch and it ends up looking worse. The lighter gray is the actual color of the metal, so it holds its looks longer.  That being said, I also prefer the darker colors.
  • That's what's funny. My original RT held up well, while my Surface 2 had issues with the finish flaking off. It's a smoother, silvery texture underneath. 
  • For desktop computers though, having dark gray/black color should be fine since its barely gets moved anyways. Though at the same time, having light silver color for desktop PC is fine since its not too common to have that color. On laptop and mobile devices, there is way too much similarly colored silver/light grey devices that it's already stating to get bland. I really do miss dark Surface Pro. Posted from alternate universe
  • Totally agree
  • It looks drab but I'm interested. Keep talking.
  • Disappointed it looks too much like the iMac keyboard
  • MS = copy cats!
  • Folks the rumor is that Microsoft will introduce this month a "Surface brand" ALL IN ONE COMPUTER. This could be the one used  with this new Surface all in one Computer just as many suspect it is. Folks it interresting to note this blue tooth keyborad will even communicate with a Windows 10 mobile smart phone making it handy to have around. Perhaps the Microsoft All in One Computers will easily connect up to a Windows 10 mobile smart phone that is in Continuum mode. That would be a great feature for these All in one Computers to have.
  • Like a connect charm or button via NFC
  • Now I just want them to bring back that bluetooth adapter for current surface keyboards, to use while my surface is displayed on my tv while in bed. The reason why I want it like that is for the trackpad use and backlit keyboard.
  • No caps lock please
  • Why being there bothers you in any way exactly?
  • Let me use a keyboard originally designed for a tablet, said no desktop user ever.
  • ?  Looks like a desktop keyboard to me?  Plus the surface keyboard is pretty darn fantastic.
  • You do know that Surface is just a brand name, right? This wasn't designed for a tablet.
  • Ok, I just took the article at face value where it sort of implied that, and did not see the actual picture. Looks usable.
  • A bit too small and plain.
  • That looks pretty much like my MS Designer Bluetooth keyboard, except that the arrow keys aren't all been jammed in between everything else. They've even done the same thing of not adding extra spacing between different sections of the keyboard. The main difference seems to be that this Surface keyboard features a metal shell, instead of being a slightly rubberized black plastic.
  • I hope its backlit
  • October event is gonna be pretty lame if they announce an all in one and a keyboard. What they need is a surface phone and a band 3 and surface 4. Also an Xbox media device would be good as well.
  • I'm with you on the phone and band, but really no need for a Surface 4. I think the baseline Surface Pro does very well for basic tasks. Yes, it starts $200 more than the Surface 3, but it also brings a better Intel processor, and a better experience. But back to the issue at hand... The keyboard is nice. I've been looking for a Bluetooth keyboard ever since I heard that so many wireless keyboards weren't encrypting signals. Also, I think something stylish with good build quality would serve the PC market well. Many manufacturers offer Bluetooth keyboards designed for mobile, but this is full sized. Finally something that marries form with function for the PC again! I thought this market had dried up years ago. Glad to see I was wrong.
  • Holy maccaroni, I just bought the Designer Bluetooth combo! If it's backlit, I'll be fully on.
  • I hope two windows keys isn't the only unique feature
  • That keyboard looks terrible. It looks far too "busy" without any separation between the key areas.
  • Indeed, everything looks way too cramped that it looks bit busy and can be confusing because of the lack of space separation between groups like function keys, num pad, etc. At least though the arrow keys are large which is better than the laptop-like keyboard of similar design such as Apple Keyboard Posted from alternate universe
  • Shut up and take my money $$$
  • Thaaaaaaaaaaat's a mac keyboard :| But if it uses the same keys as my Type cover, awesome. I hope it's backlit!
  • I hope it does not flex and have cheap sounding flexy keys like the type cover. 
  • I keep looking for a sleek desktop keyboard with backlit keys, I hope Microsoft delivers there.
  • so basically darker Apple Keyboard shameless rip off?
  • yeah 'cos everyone knows Apple invented the keyboard
  • You fool, it's not about "inventing" it's about taking a design and blatantly copying it, and it's a bad design anyway so I have no idea why they did it. if Apple released a 2-in-1 device that looked identical to the Surface Pro but was white people would scream bloody murder, Microsoft shouldn't get a pass.
  • Although I agree it looks uncomfortably similar there are some differences. A number of the keys are different....not just the Window keys. They killed the spacing between the sections(on each side of the arrow keys, not really an improvement). The color is a major improvement because white gets ugly pretty quick (they turn brownish gray). It's bluetooth. It battery area is rounded like the old bluetooth Mac keyboard, not a squared stand like the wired one. It doesn't have USB ports. Also, the bottom of this Surface one appears to be completely flush, where as the Mac keyboard tiers between the metal top and white bottom of the keyboard. But yes, they are uncomfortable similar. On a side note, although Copyright is key for capitalism, it is a major hinderance of progress. Not that I'm saying we should get rid of Copyrights.
  • But when apple does the same thing in the eyes of MS fans they are hopeless...no talents.....nice double standard!
  • Would love to have something like this to throw in my bag and travel with. Maybe it's better to get a separate number pad as I will have an XPS, would something like this e a better typing experience than a laptop keyboard?
  • That silver/grey is horrible, looks like something from 1995
  • AA batteries? It's 2016-17, why not built-in battery that charges with USB-C or Micro-USB? Does it as least have backlit LEDs? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Because having to charge a device that gets a full year on AA batteries adds complexity both to the design and to the user. Convenience isn't "I need to remember to plug in my keyboard and mouse every night" it's "Oh, has it been a year? Guess I should put in a new battery".  
  • Today's battery it's not a problem to charge then entry night. I have a wireless keyboard bought front aliexpress and I still haven't charged it for months now. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I prefer the replaceable battery method.  Batteries could start going bad while I'm using the keyboard, just take them out and swap with a backup set, continue working.  Otherwise, I'd be in the middle of working with it and then have to move close to a plug or PC.  Somewhat defeats the purpose.  Also charging it every night seems like a waste of time just to avoid the battery going bad mid-use.  I like my wireless keyboards to remain wireless.
  • I think it's the difference between the Surface Pen and Apple Pencil. Surface pen takes batteries and easily lasts a year and a half to 2 years. The Apple pencil is newer and rechargable and Apple claims a 12 hour batter life. But you might be right. I'm not a hardware guy.
  • I'm sure that it's going to be a nice keyboard but you can buy something pretty much identical from china.    
  • This is a nice start but I'd love to see a "Surface Connect" type brand which is all about Continuum. So things like a Surface Connect Portable (laptop like the HP Mobile Extender or NexDock), Surface Connect AIO (think like the portable but at a desktop all in one level). With these they can then tie this into a huge push for Continuum. Putting all Windows related hardware under the Surface brand does sound nice though. Surface is a brand known for quality and innovation.
  • Surface PC ! That would be ace
  • Would have been nice to add a biometric option. Although I am sure the Surface all in ones will probably have a Hello compatible webcam.
  • Let's hope that under the familiar look is some innovation. Imagine you could wirelessly charge it on the base of the AIO while you don't use it.
  • It's literally the same design as the keyboard for most ASUS all in one's. Nice job.
  • These Windows BT 4 LE devices don't work with Windows 7. Until my company upgrades this isn't an option. 
  • Are you sure that Microsoft aren't making iMac keyboards now?
  • It looks like a Mac keyboard Posted via the Windows Central App for MS-DOS
  • if it feels like the surface book keyboard, awesome
  • Interesting that it's a full keyboard, and not a compact design.  I like it, but it lacks media control keys.  Until those get included, I'll stick to my Sidewinder X4... the pinnacle of rubber dome keyboards, imo.