Microsoft Surface PC promo video

Two tablets -- erm, laptops -- one epic video. Microsoft obviously is throwing its full weight behind its reimagination of Surface, which is coming in the form of a Windows 8 hybrid that runs the best of the Windows of yesterday in a form factor for tomorrow.

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  • Ooh nice :D
  • Commenting on the video only - that's an awesome bit of videography, nicely done MS!
  • I fail to understand how MICROSOFT kept this a secret. Microsoft! Blown away.
  • I love those vibrant color keyboards.
  • Really like the video! But it's so sad they announced this so far in advanced. Wish it was ready in a month
  • That's one thing I like about Apple. Usually at the end of these things they announce it's available soon or right now!
  • Obligatory dubstep video. Check!
  • Pure Awesomeness!! Absolutely one of the best tech porno I've seen in a while ;)
  • Friend: Hey check out my new iPad Me: Sorry I didn't hear you over my use of AutoCAD on my new Surface and huge games library.
  • Slick marketing
  • Now they have made it an iPad killer
  • the short piano riff the W8 start theme by any chance?
  • Microsoft.... man, this is AWESOME.
  • Wow, did they change their advertising company?
    Let's hope, Apple got no patent on that magnetic  thing.
  • Its so artsy, and nonsensical. I love Surface, wasn't digging the magnets and rocks so much.