Microsoft Tags Porsche

Porsche has begun tagging their automobiles. Tagging them with Microsoft Tags that is. You know, the multi-colored, triangular Microsoft Tags that can be scanned to pull up all sorts of information from your Windows Phone.

Porsche has begun adding the Tags on cars at dealerships in five States to test the waters. Porsche's hopes is to make their products and dealerships more accessible. When scanned (with your Windows Phone or other Microsoft Tag capable smartphone) the Tag will send you to mobile sites with more information about the particular model along with videos, photos and sales contact info.

In addition to tagging their cars, Porsche is including Microsoft Tags in the print ads. Initial reactions, according to Porsche, are good with customers liking the "cool" factor the Tags bring to the table. Now if they can just do something about the price tag on Porsche.

If you haven't already installed the Microsoft Tag Reader to your Windows Phone, you can find your free copy here (opens in new tab) (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Source: Microsoft Tag (opens in new tab)

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  • The Mango release will handle them in Bing. Simple press search button, press the Vision button on menu, and point the camera at the tag. Its very fast.
  • Never understood the practical difference between QR codes and Microsoft tags. Luckily, Bing Vision handles them both. It's very cool being able to scan tags without launching any apps.
  • This is cool.using iPhone you can eaasily tag your car directly to Porsche for price list and othter queries.Technology has been bring a lot of comforts to us.As a result Porshe embraced the medium of new technology for expanding and reaching out for more customers and supporters.And because of that Porsche plans to open Experience Center near Los Angeles.Porsche has introduced intends to build a brand new 53-acre Experience Center in the city of Carson in the Los Angeles Basin. The designs were declared this week at the 2011 LA Auto Show. The center -- which will boast a world-class test track, a gym, a consumer delivery center, a restaurant and other benefits -- will be kind of a theme park for speed-loving gear-heads with extra cash. Porsche promises to open the center in 2013.