Microsoft takes on Apple in its latest Windows 8 ad

Microsoft has been busy pushing out commercials that show their latest operating system can do more than just play games. The latest ad from Redmond doesn’t just put on a suit and tie to strut its work capabilities, it makes fun of Apple’s iPad in the process.

The commercial opens with a side by side of ASUS’s VivoTab and the world famous fruit tablet. Microsoft’s minimalist approach is very reminiscent of Apple’s commercials and makes it clear that this is a parody right down to the musical chopstick routine.

Our favorite virtual assistant, Siri, narrates the entire show, commenting on everything that she can’t do that Windows 8 tablets can. Live tiles, side by side applications, and PowerPoint slides are all touched upon.

Microsoft also doesn't forget to mention that an ASUS VivoTab 64 GB at $449 is much cheaper than Apple's iPad 64 GB at $699.

What do you think about Microsoft’s Windows 8 commercials going head to head with Apple’s iPad?

Source: WindowsVideos (opens in new tab), Thanks, Dustin, for the tip!

Michael Archambault
  • Not 64GB off the box but at least MicroSD slots are there, funny commercial.
  • Well, my guess is that the iPad isn't 64GB out of the box either.
  • Honestly have never seen a single device that was exactly the storage capacity it said out of the box. Most consumers I think are unaware that storage sizes stated on the box are usually done at 1000 bytes instead of the actual 1024 bytes 
  • Not only that, it's usually not stated if some of that is reserved for system use
  • True..but 64gb on a Surface means 40 something gb usable...64gb iPad is pretty close to 64gb...Ms needs should address that since the perception is you're getting shafted by the OS space requirement with surface
  • Okay, lets load a full Office suite and all the other features of Windows 8 that the iPad lacks and compare how much free space there is on the iPad afterwards.
  • +1
  • Or kitty, kitty, kitty, mountain snow leopard lion, or whatever on an iPad and see if it even turns on, loads, and works properly, then measure the disc space left!
  • I have a Dell XPS 10 and I love it. Very happy to see Microsoft showing what Windows 8 can do and iPad can't. Try printing with and iPad sometime, what fun! My XPS 10 picked up our printer with no muss and fuss.
  • I wish I knew, what the other features of WIndows 8 were, other than Office.  
  • Really?  You want to know what other features are on Windows 8?  How about pretty much all the features you have on Windows 7.  In other words, it's a REAL computer, not just a consumption devices--which is almost exclusively what the iPad is.  For my requirements the iPad is merely a toy, nothing more.  I need something that fully replaces my notebook computer, which, among other things, acts as my portable music studio and mobile netcasting station.
  • Well if you are talking about Windows 8 Pro, and not RT, then I totally get where you are coming from.  I think the Asus machines are pretty awesome.  But they are not comparable to the iPad, they are in different categories.  When Apple makes a hybrid OSX device then we can talk.  If you are talking about a tablet running RT, I disagree and you know why.
  • Actually Windows 8 OR Windows 8 Pro will work great.  Windows RT is what you are referring to as being more limited...and it is.  But not NEARLY as limited as the iPad.  Unfortunately, the article talks about the Asus VivoTab, and doesn't specifically mention the VivoTab it could be comparing either one.  I don't see how you can call the Asus machines a different category from the iPad...or Android tablets, for that matter.  They are tablets.  That is a specific target market.  The convenience of an 8- or 10-inch touch form factor that isn't necessarily a notebook or ultrabook.  A tablet is useless to me if I can't do real work on it.  I have no use for a toy such as the iPad.  On even an RT tablet I could get 90% of the work I need done.  On a Windows 8 Pro tablet I'll have no limitations.  As it is, I've converted all my computers to Windows 8 Pro: two desktops (one of which is my main studio machine running Sonar X2 and XSplit), one server, three notebooks.  I have both a Lumia 900 and Lumia 920. Not a single problem--and I DO utilize mostly Metro apps.  Nothing is on my desktop, and the only time I switch to the desktop is when a legacy app runs there.
  • Hey, did you ever switch to WP8?
  • No... I would like to try it out.  
  • It's not that I don't agree, but it doesn't matter about Office being installed - the percieved value is that consumers are getting screwed out of storage.
  • There is still a big difference between a mobile OS and a full Windows 8 OS. 
  • Hilarious add...why don't we just do chopsticks, lol.
  • That chop sticks thing thrown at the end was the best part of the whole commercial. I want to shake the hand of the person that suggested they put that in there.
  • My niece wants me to buy her an ipad when she saw me watching this. LOL
  • Me too! I keep playing it over and over, love it!
  • Cool commercials never seen it playing tho
  • It played at least three times during the Heat vs Pacers NBA Playoff game, so I know ALOT of consumers watched :)
  • That is really smart to play ad then and funny commercial as
  • Yup saw it in the heat game. Finally a smart commercial about how much more you can do with a windows tablet.
  • Ad just aired during Master Chef. Amazing. Love it.
  • Seriously... Who cooks beaver tail? ;)
  • I am sure you are talking about ACTUAL beaver tails, but when I think of beaver tails and food I think of this  Yes, I am Canadian lol
  • Hahaha. That was amazing.
  • Maser Chef already started? Missed some good cooking.
  • Just the Auditions of watching people fail and have Gordon spit there food in the sink.... It was funny however when one lady made mac n' cheese with breast milk... He spit it everywhere! Lol
  • Ahh. The second episodes are usually the best. When they give them a truck load of apples to clean.
  • I'm glad they're finally showing off what their products can do.
  • +infinity
  • Brilliant!!
  • +1 Pretty damn awesome.
  • Hell yeah.. Love the ad. Makes me 'almost' grab a win8 tablet. :)
  • I really like what they are doing with their ads. Definitely pushing the product against the front runners. I have the Vivo Tab 32gb + 64GB sd card (apps install to it) for $449. :)
  • How did you get your apps to install to the SD card?
  • That's impossible, you can't install apps on micro SD with RT
  • Maps you can, no?
  • Um yes you can I did it for my 32gb surface rt. All my apps install on my 64gb micro sdxc class 10 sandisk card. And it works flawlessly.
  • You must have some software hack to do that because my 32Gb Surface RT doesn't install apps to the SD Card :-/
  • I did a search on Bing and this is what I found
    "Install Apps Direct to SD Card: By default only media files can be installed to the SD cards and apps are installed to internal memory. If you have a 32gig tablet, you will realise internal memory is precious and limited. Free up internal memory by changing the location of where apps are installed. Run Regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Appx and change the location path of the PackageRoot key from C:\ProgramFiles\WindowsApps to say D:\WindowsApps (where D: is the drive letter of your SD card and WindowsApps is the name of a folder you created in your SD card). You may need to change permissions on the Appx registry folder so that you can edit the key. You can also change the app repository to another directory by changing the PackageRepository key in a similar manner."
    I have not try this.  Let me get more higher capacity SD card before I do this.
    The source
  • yea its not really that hard to do. and once done memory issues of not having enough almost go completely away. you can redirect were everything is saved and loads to. pretty genius. i got my card for $50 or so from tigerdirect with free shipping. i made a thread of it, just check the forums or what card. i think i put a link to it on there site. i dont remember anymore.
  • Great stuff. They're finally starting to put out good commercials.
  • Win8/RT tablets can definitely do more. However, Apple can counter by their famous "There's an app for that" line where Win8/RT are still lacking. The only way to be better across the board is to get devs release awesome apps for Win8/RT. Not sure if apps are getting released for Win8/RT at the same pace (or slower/faster) as they are for WP. Lucky to have WPCENTRAL for the WP coverage. Now that Michael's on board, we'll get more Win8/RT coverage so that any major app release gets broadcasted to the community so that we can download the app.
  • There's an app to do side-by-side apps? Where?
  • No, I just meant that each has its pros and cons, and in order to get better across the board, W8/RT needs a lot of quality apps.
  • And it will get them.  This is a young ecosystem, but one that will have over 200 million installs before the year is out.  I believe Windows 8 sold as much in six months as iPad sold in three years.  That's not all devices, but I suspect that within the next year that Window 8 tablets will be tops.  There's a lot of pent up demand for them and the iPad (and iOS) is faltering.  Apple's model doesn't allow long term dominance in a growth market.  They are a niche - they just look better when they are the first to really exploit an area.
    Problem for Apple is that they really only do one thing - the hardware.  MS is a much more diverse company with a diversity of experience - and much more sophisticated cloud based solutions through the expansion of Azure. 
  • Apple only do hardware? What?
  • In all fairness that tablet is running full Windows 8, so there's billions of apps that run on it...
  • +1
  • I agree with you 100%!
  • I'm tablet specific apps they are not that far apart in numbers actually. Lets not even count the x86 ones either which MS could counter their "fluff" app count
  • That's why mobile IE browser is there. Most apps on iPad are mostly websites apps anyway. The reason those apps exist is Safari is not that good of a browser.
  • I don't believe they can. If Apple counters with "there's an app for that" Microsoft counters with "Dropping back to your familair desktop, we have an actual application for that" And then drops to the desktop and launches iTunes.
  • I don't agree with the w8 part of w8/rt....pretty sure w8 has more applications(apps) than IOS, android, WP, blackberry, and OSX combined
  • Hey should have connected the iPad to ASUS to get it updated
  • Great idea.
  • Haha, no iTunes for Win8-RT
  • There's no WinRT/8 app.
    However, if iOS has an app for that...
    Windows has a program for that.
  • this was a vivotab smart. Windows 8 x86. So itunes :)
  • actually it does! and its called ITunes and its been running on windows 10 years now, why shouldn't it now, +Win8 has compatibility mode, that will let you play Quake from the year 1990! let apple beat that!
  • i believe they were referring to Windows RT, and mistook the tablet in the commercial for an RT device. They also incorrectly called Windows RT "Win8-RT", which is a somewhat common mistake to consider Windows RT a version of 8 (Technically, Windows RT is more of Windows 8's twin. Same look. Same app store. DIfferent program compatibility, architecture, and hardware). Microsoft should really change the name, and next time keep the programmers from naming the OS (Windows RT is named after WinRT, or the Windows Runtime, which is what powers Windows Store applications, and is used cross platform (WinPRT in WIndows Phone 8, likely used in some way in XBOX One for apps within Windows Kernel part))
  • hahahahaha, that would have been hilarious! but without removing the chopsticks :P
  • See now that would have been funny, except .. does the asus have 3g?
  • 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Dongle!!!!
  • The commerical for Windows products have gotten so much better over the last 2 months.   They got to keep pushing and pushing.   Putting out great producs and get all the carriers involved including the prepaid ones.
  • Except apple has a better display on it. :'(
  • IPad by leapfrog is definitely not gonna do my homework.
  • Lol
  • How about buying a laptop for school. Apple made it clear it is not trying to merge the two device categories. Their tablet does what a tablet should be able to do better than any thing out there. YOu´ve see their use, in varying industries. Meanwhile how is MSFT hybrid idea working out for them? I have tried the surface, it is an ok tablet, and a terrible laptop, with no good apps except Office, which seems to work just fine on my computer.
  • Really, because Launchpad sure does look like Apple are trying to merge the two platforms. That being said I think that for MacBooks and iMacs the Apple way of merging the two is more elegant.
  • Launchpad is an ADDED fucntion.  It doesn´t take the place of anything, and my Mac still works as it worked before.  You can say the same for the notifications centre, looks almost like a direct copy of the iOS version.  But my machine is still the same with some things added that are not "in your face" so to speak.
    Metro on a typical laptop isn´t bad either, I had a Lenovo machine not too long ago.  I usually ignored Metro and went to my desktop and used my apps there, as I have a huge non touch monitor.
    The Desktop on the Surface I found to be bad (restrictive on RT), with touch not the most viable option and the track pad was pretty terrible.  SO that left me with Metro, but there were few and not very good apps.
    So in my  opinion Window stablets are not very good tablets, and are pretty terrible laptops, it does neither task well.
    Now, I have nothing against MSFT, I use Office, and I DO NOT intend to replace it with IWorks, or Web Options, Office is the only option fo rme.  SKydrive is second to none, it is the only cloud service I actively use. I had a Windows machine until a few months ago.  But I don´t think they approached the tablet market correctly, the idea was noble but it is not working..
    P.S: Windows 8 is fine (actually I think it is better than 7) on a normal laptop.
  • Which Surface keyboard do you have? I've got the TypeCover, and I find its trackpad to be as good or better than any others I have used on laptops over the years.
  • Loved it!
  • About time Microsoft!
  • This is brilliant advertizing!! Stick it to them Microsoft!! Its about time they show what they're tablets can do!!
  • I shuddered at your use of they're.
    Its their in this case.
  • I just saw this and thought it was well done
  • Brilliant add. Smart and simple. Ganbaru!
  • The iPad or android tablets are simply not a PC replacement. Even little things like transferring pictures from an slr and then editing them are way easier on a windows tablet. As is printing and other tasks. I'll take a windows tablet any day.
  • Nice!
  • Oh man, this is awesome! Finally some decent ads.
  • Rich!
  • Wow, just wow Microsoft!. Good job.
  • Perfect! Chopsticks and I'm eating at a Chinese restaurant holding them trying to contain my laughter right now.
  • Lol!
  • Pow! Right between the eyes! Go MS!
  • Bout time Microsoft. Keep it up
  • Well done. Microsoft's marketing campaign is really improving. Nobody cares about the fart apps but they should highlight the ones that the masses demand.
  • About time. This is amazing!
  • Awesome!
  • They should have ended it with the iPad popping up a low battery icon and getting plugged into the w8 tablet to charge.
  • Lol
  • Haha! That would've been hilarious! Maybe they may be working on an extended commercial?
  • Haha syncing music, doing updates and showing it relies on the other tablet would be cool and a good blow to Apple.
  • OOOOH that would be hitting it below the belt.   good one.  hopefully theyll start a new ad with that idea.  And more Siri.  She's hilarious.
  • Funny ad
  • Finally Microsoft is being more aggressive. Keep it up!
  • I own that tablet! It is the one that gets no attention but it is the one that got it right.
  • I agree, it's a terrific tablet. Just a shame that the keyboards for them are crazy expensive and very rare.
  • Fantastic,simple,direct to the point.
  • Great ad, but I'm gonna wait and be hopeful for a Nokia W8 tablet :p
  • We too man. Nokia or nothing for me.
  • Haha! They went there....
  • Freakin awesome
  • Nice!!!
  • hahaha
    AWESOME AD........
  • seems like MS hired a new marketing guy. The commercials lately have been pretty good, better than the dancing BS
  • This just aired 10 minutes ago during the Eastern Conference Finals- hilarious! I will always see high level managers in meetings with Ipads, and the first thing I think is "that's just a glorified email terminal".
  • Just saw it during the Heat v Pacers basketball game. Well done commercial. I just started rolling when Siri said the iPad could just start playing chopsticks instead.
  • That was a great game, btw!
  • Sure was. Vogel is an idiot leaving Hibbert on the bench twice in the last minute. Great call by Spoetra and great finish by LeBron.
  • LOL! I played the ad and was laughing my ass off when it was playing chopsticks, then I heard chopsticks playing again. I looked up and the ad was playing on my t.v. two seconds behind.
  • so yeah... i just got into one of those youtube fights with an apple fanboy... what being without homework means :p
  • Less than 8% market share and 15% of the sales of the iPad. Since everyone cares about market share numbers, I'll wait until they have more than 10% before I think they are anywhere near competitive. One OEM has already pulled their W8 tablets off the shelves because no one was buying them. Samsung, thier debut hardware partner, decided three days after CES to abandon selling hardware in the US. Not a good sign if your launch partner drops you like a hot rock. HP and Toshiba decided not to ship hardware before the OS was even released, Acer has delayed their hardware until Q2 this year (if at all), and all other hardware is seeing terribly bad sales figures. W8 RT has been universally ciritcised for being unintuitive and difficult to use, and there are reports of very high return rates, and Microsoft using shipped units to boast about RT rather than sold units like they should. The first iPad sold a million units in less that 30 days. Microsoft hasn't shipped that many Surfaces, much less sold that many.
    This OS simply is no good. I spent 10 minutes using a Surface and nothing, nothing was intuiitive about it. It was almost completely unable to convey what I should do to accomplish tasks. Microsoft going after the iPad doing more things at once? Please. I couldn't get it to do what I wanted because it is a UI disaster. Without someone telling you what gestures do what where, you'll be hard pressed to pick it up and just use it. The iPad? I've seen toddlers pick it up and immediately understand what it does, and what to do to get what they want from it. My ex-girlfriends daughter knew exactly how to use an iPad within 5 minutes after she picked it up. She was 3 years old at the time. Windows 8 RT isn't good, the reviews say so, and the sales are awful to the point that 3 big hardware makers have backed out completely and one is distancing itself from the OS.
    Funny commercial. Dead product. Like just about everything they've released in the last 5 years, they are 5 years too late to the party.
  • U mad?
  • Kinda. I really wanted a Surface and was so incredibly disappointed when I finally used one. It was a terrible experience. Hopefully that will change, but with all their hardware partners leaving (some even before the OS shipped) I doubt it will. Compeition breeds excellence and right now W8 RT isn't competition.
  • I'll agree with you in a roundabout way. If you expect to pick up a Win8 device and use it as a tablet it will be very difficult. While the touchscreen devices look and feel like tablets, they are very much more of a PC. If you've used a windows OS since XP, you can intuitively use a win8 device. Also if you "really wanted" a surface, you probably would have taken the 5 minutes to learn the new ways to interact with the OS. Dismissing something because of ignorance, which a vast majority of reviews of Win8 are, is juvenile and unhelpful.
  • It was a combination of the complete lack of an easy to understand UI, apps lacking (one *I* want and not an overall criticism of the apps on offer), and general lacking of the Metro design to what I wanted it to do. I'm not saying others won't like it, I'm sure some will, but after using it and getting a feel for it I just didn't like it as much as I thought I would. It wasn't just the completely terrible UI being incredibly unintuitive, but that was a huge turnoff. Not knowing how to use it and learning by trail and error was a TERRIBLE first impression. 
  • I'm using Surface with Windows RT and after a good few months of updates I've finally ditched my heavy, bulky notebook. Surface is a great companion for my Windows Phone and a decent enough replacement for my notebook, but in the end it all comes down to what you want from your mobile computing devices. Granted Surface and Windows RT aren't perfect, but this is a first gen product and I really can't wait to see what Windows 8.1 brings to Windows RT and see what the next generation of Surface brings hardware wise.
  • You couldn't sit through the 3 minute tutorial to learn the swipe gestures? I'll agree, there needs to be a better app set for RT, like some serious image, audio, or code editor applications, but dissing it because you couldn't figure it out is juvenile.
  • I never saw a tut the whole time I was using it. If I had seen it, I would have used it. Call me juvenile all you want, but Windows 8 and the tablet variant has been an utter failure. Almost every single person I've ever known to have used any version of Windows 8 can't figure out how to do the most basic things within 15 minutes of using it. It's not very well thought out. 
  • oh my GAWD I can't believe people are still saying this crap.  I wish these crybabies had been around when we moved from DOS to Win 3.  SMH
  • Much as I had no problem making the switch, some people do. The biggest thing Microsoft could have done would have been to have a training app start up on first use. The little video during install does not cut it. Previous versions of Windows did this for every new user account created on the system.
  • I agree that windows8 is not intuitive, I have a surface and windows 8 is better with touch, but that doesn’t change my original thought. In my opinion, everyone who uses windows 8 needs a crash course by a human who knows what they're doing, specifically with apps vs desktop applications.
    However, no apple product is intuitive for me, they don’t make sense, most of the time they have it backwards (i.e. apples auto correct: tap the word you don’t want as opposed to tapping the one you want)
    It’s a matter of knowing the system to and how it works. No matter which you use, this is something you need.
    Unlocking a device and fully utilising a device is 2 different things
    Here’s a test you can run. Switch back and forth between tabs in the mobile internet browser on an iPad and then a win8 device. sure u can see the tabs on apple, but the swipe from the top on win8 for tabs are more finger friendly, something that has been a minor issue for me on the iPad (not the end of the world, but I do notice I like how win8 tackles the problem better imo). The iPad also reloads a page when switching between tabs, the end result is it’s not as fast to do. I switch between tabs a lot, maybe I’m unique but it was really annoying on the iPad for me.
    Is windows 8 perfect?.... no.
    But it’s infinitely preferable as a tablet device (RT or Full win8) over apple or android for me.
    Finally, one thing MS did a very good job on in win8, from the apps point of view, all of them have continuity in regard to settings and search, it’s the same for every single app and I really enjoy it.
    Do I need you to like what I like, not at all, but I’m happy to share and counter point with my experience in what I hope is a constructive way.
  • It says a lot about UI design of a system when you need to be taught how to use it. Just sayin. I don't think it's the end of the world, but the sales figures and reviews speak for themselves. It's a pretty big failure on just about any metric. Maybe it needs better marketing or something, I don't know. But this commercial isn't telling the whole story. Like all commercials really.
  • I'm sorry so I'm guessing you just picked up an Ipad and you were and expert using it? Last I remember, when the iPad came out, Apple stores were packed with people asking questions on how to use it, demos, etc. Anything new takes time to learn. I takes me ~2 minutes to make 80+ year old folks experts on Windows 8. If they used any Windows in the past, that's already half my lesson. Sounds simple because IT IS!!!
  • Yeah, I was. You know why? Because it was the same OS that was running on the iPhone for three years prior. People weren't lined up in stores asking how to use them, from Q3 2007 to Q1 2012 (the iPad was released in Q2 2010) there were 42.5 million iiPhones sold. All of them running the exact same OS as the iPad shipped with. There was no learning curve because there were no changes to the basics of how the OS worked on both devices. Keep making up fantasy scenarios to fit your argument. Whatever you want to believe, the press highly praised iOS for being simple, easy to use, and intuitive from day one. No one has said that about Windows 8 in any form. 
  • You still had to learn how to use the Iphone. What are you going to tell me now? Its the same OS they were running in the IPod touch and you had an Ipod previous to your Iphone purchase? Steve Jobs once referred to it as "training wheels for the IPhone." Give me a break! Apple has been doing virtually the same thing over and over. Clearly it works but at what point do people start wishing for a change? Companies like Blackberry said a phone without a keyboard won't do well and look how wrong they were with the Iphone. What do we know? You are already coming to conclusions and calling this a dead product and a failure. I do apologize for erroneously calling you out if that's what it seemed and Il be careful with the evidence I use if that makes you feel better. Please quit acting like you can predict the future, still too early to tell how things will progress with a new player in the tablet arena.
  • The guy above you never wants anything more than to see a row of icons when he turns on his computer device. Apple makes devices for stupid people who have to have things SO simple that they don't even require a learning curve. To put into context, most people who have iPhones and iPads cannot drive, simply because there was a learning curve to it, and they didn't have a video on the dash board telling them which pedal to push to make it go.
  • You should check into getting signed up for anger management classes. Clearly you're just on an idiotic rant full of your own misconceptions and then insult people you know nothing about other than they own a product you don't like. I'm sure Apple and their customers are just a bunch of retards since they don't like what you like, and sell enough to have more than Microsofts net value in petty cash. But hey, only the truly unintelligent go on insulting rants because they don't like an inanimate object. Seriously. Get some anger management classes because you sound like you're a danger to yourself and those around you.
  • If you're so stupid you can't take a few minutes to explore the OS and figure it out (It's not that hard), then you should stay right there with iOS and your cutesy little rounded square icons. After all Apple has a patent on that right? Maybe they should patent the users of their OS so they can never leave and experience the freedom and versatility that is Windows. Or Android for that matter. Stay boy, Stay!
  • Ah, more insults. People can't use more than one OS in your world? Sign up for those anger manament classes yet? You sound like you're going to blow a gasket. Your insults are getting even more hilariously delusional.
  • "Clearly it works but at what point do people start wishing for a change?"
    You answered your own question. If it works just fine, and selling >30 million iOS devices a year supports that, then obviously people don't want a change. The problem you and others have is that it's not what you specifically want. It clearly is what people want from a device, and they sell them faster than they can make them. There is nothing wrong with the product no matter how much you dislike it. It's pretty obvious you have some understanding of this because you see that iOS works for what people want from it.
  • Great point. My grandpa is excellent with Windows devices but after helping him 3-4 times he never understood the ipad.  He didnt understand the point of it since he had his computer for email and internet.
    I've had lots of people ask me how to use W8. 
    I tell them all the same simple thing, just one sentence: Window 8's new interface hides stuff you dont need to see to save screen space, but you can swipe from the sides of the screen to find the hidden stuff.
    They all do the same thing, which is try swiping from different sides and not choosing the right side at first but after a few minutes they start to remember.  After a week they use it fluidly as anything and never make a mistake.  After a month swiping down to throw apps away feels totally right and swiping to go back and forward in web browser is just so insanely intuitive it is frustrating that it cannot be done on our android/iphones or other devices.
  • Lol and I've seen toddlers as well pick up Windows 8 tablets and it took them all but seconds to figure out how to use them. All I see is another guy going on a rant about his distaste for an OS. Half of the reviews you read are full of crap and many cases emphasis more on the bad rather than the good. As a matter of fact this last weekend numerous customers came into Best Buy asking about the Samsung ATIV PC because of what it can do versus the Ipad and it sold out in several retail stores across AZ. One lady returned her Ipad the next to get an Ultrabook convertible because its two devices in one. Samsung may have backed out now but I think they will reconsider since their devices within a short period sold extremely well. Also the Lenovo Lynx sold out that weekend...
  • Thanks for your contribution. I'm sure your anecdotal evidence is a far more accurate indication of the performance of Windows 8 based tablets than the data Microsoft has released about it. If you could find a toddler that can figure out a Windows 8 based tablet in seconds, I'm sure they'll go on to be an incredibly smart person later in life because I couldn't. The UI is terrible, and I've not seen a single review that didn't have largely negative things to say about it. Mainly just how unintuitive it is. I guess I'll take your word that you've seen a toddler learn it in seconds, but I don't believe that it's possible. And maybe sitting back and thinking about why a review is negative more than positive would help you reach the factual conclusion that Windows 8 tablets have been dead in the water since release day. Maybe those reviews are more negative than positive because the product isn't as good as it should be? Could that be possible? I mean if you're going to erroneously call me out going on a rant when I have clearly stated why I feel the way I do, and backed it up with easily verifiable data, then I can say you're going on an even worse rant backed up with useless anecdotal evidence. Whatever floats your boat. 
  • My son just turned 5 and navigates it just fine.
  • Oh my god!!! get lost from WP... If you hate so much for an OS... why here.... Sick of your comments here... Your iOS can be charged or synchronized using a W8 device.... thats enough... Please STOP this... I am pissed off...
  • idioooooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttt a patheric one, but its funny to find people like you around the world :)
    and next time dont use WIKIPEDIA to defend yourself. you are still a troll.
    i can use urban dictionary if you use wikipedia, isnt it the same?
    "One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument"
    you are not even smart enough to know how to use windows8/RT... then you say its not good. someone said you probably didnt know how to use iOS when you used it first time, and then you said you knew how to because itw as the same as the phone. A PHONE UI... in a tablet. and it doesnt change the fact that first time you used THAT UI, iphone, ipod or whatever.... you werent an expert.
    so yeah, you are becoming more retarded and idiot with everypost :D but keep going. you want attention, and you are a funny being with no much life i guess.
  • Learn to spell properly, and you don't know the definition of troll. It's fine you disagree with my statements, but I am not trolling. Maybe you'd do yourself a favor and make a contribution rather than sling (erroneous) childish insults without even knowing the actual definition of them. 
  • You're right, you're not a troll, you're an iTroll. I mean come on, your name appears in most of these comments trashing the Metro UI and claiming your opinions are fact and because you don't believe something can't be done MUST mean it's true. Funny that because the last time I checked opinions are subjective. Also not to mention that everyone is different. I personally have a knack for "getting" technology so regardless of whether it's iOS, Android, Linux, Windows (or anything else you can think of), I pick things up pretty quickly (though MacOS I tend to struggle with as I've used PCs all my life). In comparison my dad's been using PCs since before I was born and only just recently learned that you can attach multiple items in emails at once. I also know a couple who've owned a Mac for years now and couldn't figure out how to rename a picture. Or friends who have switched over from Android AND iOS to WP because they've thought it's incredibly intuitive after just having a short play with one. Everyone is different and I'm sure even you can't be that incompetent at using W8 (considering your boast of intelligence) or lack the patience to, yet again, take a few minutes out of your life to learn something new. Either way I have one more thing to say: please stop trolling, you're giving iSheep a bad name.
  • Sorry to burst your indignant bubble, but what I've said is easily verified with a 10 second google search. Windows tablets are an abject failure. If you don't believe the data, I don't care. But don't get indignant and then insulting because you don't like what I have to say. Metro is great on a phone, but W8 RT is a failure. Keep calling me names, that makes your opinion so much more valid, right?
  • Dude..your clearly just mad your house is full of boring apple products and are going on a useless stupid rant to make yourself feel can't get the windows UI to work? Then get smart..cause I'm pretty sure I've seen toddlers get a hold of it and know what to do
  • I started teaching an Introduction to Computers class this week. My students are people who consider themselves very very bad when it comes to computers. One just bought a Windows 8 laptop and is navigating it fine. It's the traditional desktop that slows her down and is confusing.
  • Really? How old is she? It seems very odd that someone in this day and age that would be confused by a UI scheme that's been in use for almost 30 years versus something much younger. 
  • What's Timothy Cook doing here?
  • The fact that the desktop UI has been around for years is irrelevant to how easy a new person would take to it. That's what people often fail to appreciate when they moan about metro - is they're only moaning because they're so stuck in their ways and don't like that things have changed. People who approach metro from first principles love it. Put it this way, if Metro had been around for years and then Microsoft 'invented' the classic desktop, the WTF reaction would be a *lot* stronger.
  • There's no way on earth that the way to switch between running programs on an iPad is intuitive. It's much better on W8. People seem to think that the iPad is intuitive but forget about the times they've explained it to their kids, or forget about the hoards of 'geniuses' Apple have had to employ to explain the products pre and post purchase.
  • Really? A double tap on the button at the bottom isn't intuitive? It's only bee that way for 6 years and works *exactly the same way* across all iOS devices. Your anecdotal evidence doesn't equal fact, and the (stupidly named) Genius employees don't just teach people to use their products. But hey, whatever makes you feel happy about your opinion.
  • No, it isn't intuitive. The fact that iOS has done it for years means utterly nothing to someone who has never used an iOS device. You're confusing consistency with intuitivity. Give an iPad to a regular consumer who has no iOS experience and it'd be hours before they found that or the other 4 finger (!!) gesture. I can't think of any other device where a physical button reacts to a double click (not a mouse, obviously).
    Oh and calm down a bit there mate!
  • To each their own.  I have three iPads in my household.  Since my Surface arrived in October, I have not touched them other than to help my kids when they are having problems with them.  iPad was a groundbreaking product 4 years ago, but just like iPod and iPhone it has become a stagnant product.  Kudos to Microsoft and their partners for evolving tablets toward becoming a true productivity tool.  I am confident that Windows tablet is a platform that will exhibit significant evolution in the coming years (beyond just pixels, Hz and app count).
  • 14 million sales in three months is a "stagnant product"? Hey, whatever you have to tell yourself to feel better about your incorrect analysis. Funny you mention the iPhone and the iPod as well. Two more products that have been something Microsoft has never come within a light year of being competitive with. They continue to absolutely destroy everything Microsoft has thrown up against them, and they've made very little change to the formula of all three of those products. Why? Because Microsoft always has a pretty good product come to market 2-3 years too late. The tablets aren't terrible, throwaway products, they are just too little, too late.
  • Better late than never. If the Xbox reached the number 1 spot for a gaming console, what's not to stop them from doing the same with the Windows tablets or Windows Phone? Look at the data. They have beaten Blackberry for the third spot and are steadily gaining traction. Apple better bring something more innovative than an extra row of apps because they are their next competitor to beat. Windows PC far out sell Macs and is literally the number one PC OS in the world. Office suite is the #1 selling productivity software. Did I forget to mention Outlook and Office 365? Not only that they have a well structured Azure servers which happen to be what Apple uses for their precious iCloud. Microsoft isn't as stupid as you are trying to paint them out as so do everyone a favor, save your time and leave.
  • Look at the data? That's cute. Apparently you didn't look at a single bit of mine becuase you'd see that Microsoft is losing in EVERY segment but the console segment and PC OSes by a very, very large margin. And people like you call iOS and OS X "stagnant,old, dumb, stuck in 2007" when they are selling at three to five times the volume and over twice gross profit than anything Microsoft makes in those markets. But okay, I'll look at your numbers. Microsofts number one WP8 partner has been losing money like it's going out of style, and they are a distant third place in a market where they don't even have double digit market share. The iPhone 5 sold 1/3 the total number of 920's sold in three months on the first day it was released. They are getting hammered in the phone market, and are falling further behind. Blackberry has been irrelevant for about 5 years now, so that's not something to beat your chest about.
    PC sales encompass how many different manufacturers selling hardware again? You're comparing a market of something like 15 manufacturers to one manufacturer. And yet Apple has made more profit than any company on earth for how many quarters now? How many billions of petty cash do they have on hand again? Apple has 58.7% of Microsoft's market value in cash on hand and you are boasting about market penetration numbers? Apple has never cared about that, and pretty much never will.
    Office is also pretty much crap. Apple offers alternatives, but they aren't attacking that sector of the market because they don't need to. They make enough money and sales everywhere else to be able to buy over half of Microsoft outright and not even bat an eye.
    I'm not saying Microsoft is stupid, but they are way behing the rest of the industry and slipping even firther behind every passing day. Windows 8 is selling well, but because they force the OEMs to sell it otherwise they'd lose volume licensing deals. The Metro UI on desktop PCs is a flop. Windows 8 tablets have never sold any significant number to even report on, and three of the biggest hardware makers half straight up walked away from the entire OS and it's sales have reflected their lack of confidence in a mobile device that isn't getting a lot of good reviews overall.
    Do yourself a favor and quit being a blind fan of Microsoft. They do great things, but they are slipping further and further behind in almost every market they are in due to incompetence, laziness, and being at minimum 3 years behind the market in almost every aspect. I don't hate Microsoft, but I'm not foolish enough to think they aren't making some seriously dumb decisions, and being very slow to recognize the market changing around them and seeing them respond with half assed and products too late to get in on it.
  • "14 million sales in three months is a "stagnant product"?" Er.. you seem to be confused about what the word "stagnant" means. Relating it to the amount of sales it gets doesn't make any sense. "Hey, whatever you have to tell yourself to feel better about your incorrect analysis." You seem to have a crack at this kind of ad hominem in many of your responses. Why is this?
  • Webster Miriam definition of stagnant:
      a : not flowing in a current or stream <stagnant water> b : stale <long disuse had made the air stagnant and foul — Bram Stoker> 2 : not advancing or developing <a stagnant economy> — stag·nan·cy  noun — stag·nant·ly adadverbial Im confused on the meaning? If iOS were stale and not advancing or developing, then why have they sold 125 million devices running it in the last 12 months? You most certainly can relate the incorrect observation that ios is stagnant to sales. It's actually very easy to see. If it were stagnant, they wouldn't be selling that many, and increasing sales year over year. His/her statement is demonstrably false, they've sold more iPods, iPhone and iPads in one year than Microsoft has sold of any of those competitors in the last five combined. The iPhone sold 1/3 of the number of Lumias in since it was released on its first day it was sold. His/her statement just isn't true.    Why do I use as hominem comments? Because I get called a troll for having a different opinion backed up with facts, I get to to GTFO because I criticize the platform to not performing at its potential, and I get followed around by people making new accounts to ask me questions like "I thought you hated the Xbox?" when I've clearly stated my position multiple times that I don't. I've been treated far worse for having an opinion different than people here than me saying that line. I merely said that because all I've ever heard on this site is how ios is "boring, lame, stupid, stuck in 2007" and yet it continues to beat everything Microsoft has released on the market as a competitor for the last 5 years soudly so aparently those aren't true statements, they are incredibly biased opinions. I'm not saying iOS is better, but it sure isn't stagnant.
  • I'm finding it amazing that you've taken the time to get and post the definition of stagnant, yet seemingly not bothered to read or comprehend it. Then you rant on and on about sales figures, still believing that this somehow means that the product isn't stagnant. Mate, you realise that the two things aren't opposites? And that a product which has stagnant development can still be popular?
    The thing is, in other posts you go on about how the iOS UI is intuitive simply because of its consistency (another misconception that one equals the other). Yet arguably it's this consistency over the 6 years which points to a stagnated design. Your one argument kinda destroys your other one!
    iOS is stagnant mate, it has been for a long time. It's probably because it's so popular that it has become stagnant, they're understandably scared to change anything in case it is negatively received. Microsoft were in a position to do something new and fresh and they did.
    And regarding the ad hominem, it's generally accepted that people who resort to this have little faith in the strength of their own points that they start to attack the other posters. If you want your points to be taken seriously, you have to avoid that kind of thing.
  • This is the rebirth of Microsoft. They have been beaten down in the public, failed to do anything productive during the I'm a mac ads. MS is making good product, advertising it well, and is starting to get noticed for it.
  • I love this ad because it's effective and true!  Well done!
  • Oh my lol. That was a good one :)
  • well played..
  • Windows 8 pro tablets are way better than ipad but windows8 RT is no way near ipade due to the huge gap of difference in number of apps
  • considering the tablet in this ad is an x86 tablet, last i checked, then this is good.
  • I disagree... You don't always need an app. RT has IE, which is faster and better for browsing.
    Plus, the whole Metro experience stumps iPad. iPad looks boring when put next to even a Surface RT.
  • well its your opinion, you guys in this fourm just follows Microsft blindly and you never talk about its mistakes and RT is one of them, it is cheaper than ipade but the screen width is so small comparing to the length in all of the RT tablets and wt the use of windows os if it can not run desktop apps? (EXE files),
     Also, it can only run Windows Store apps and can you compare them to  the number, quality of apps ,and games in the ios store?
    MS office is the only thing that RT has over iPade despite the fact that there are so many similar programs and dont forget the Retina display!.
  • Unless you want to get any work done with Office. All the iPad apps dont do me any good if I can't create a good Word document.
  • I likey
  • The comments section on youtube is chock full of Apple Trolls (one in particular), MS Fanboys, and people who are trying to educate with facts against both (like me).
    One comment had put it perfectly:
    "Came for the "chopsticks", stayed for the "Wedding Fight" in the comments."
  • I never read YouTube comments for this very reason hahaha
  • i at first thought someone was being genuine.... then i commented.... then i commented again.... then after 20+ i stopped commenting and was lmao at the person who was trolling me (among others)'s comments 
    "Powerpoint only has 2 transitions: Dissolve and Move. Keynote is way better and can do much more",
    "Every major business, corporation, and school uses iWork. Ive been using it since highschool. Office sucks",
    It went from appearing genuine to being down right hillarious desperation. XD
  • Hilarious!
  • Oh man this came on earlier today (7:40ish) while I was at the gym and I got goosebumps. It was awesome and I'm glad we're done with stupid choreography ads. Brilliant ad, keep them coming!
  • I think MS should show ipad getting software update while connected to a W8 tablet. That would be better...
  • Wait... I realized someone else already mentioned that in comments. Oh well.
  • I think that's was me but +1000 lol
  • +1000 to both of you!!!
  • It's a good day to be a Windows fan. Wait, cross that, make it ANY FREAKIN' DAY!
  • Brilliant ad, absolutely perfect, about time!
  • I bet they don't have an app for that.
  • Buying my surface Friday screw apple! Though they do good mp3 players ie ipod touch 5
  • I know it's a dead product now but you should try a Zune HD!!!
  • lol :D :P
  • It is not funny enough, it is too bland. The add needs to stick in the heads... This one does not.
  • Now we are taking! Awesome job Microsoft, Siri praising Windows 8 :-) , Awesome.
  • THIS is a much better commercial that MS should use to sell ALL of their products...I think it's good!! 
    Had me laughing my rear off!!
    (can't put link here---video is called Steve Ballmer Developers Music Video)
  • Is it really microsoft made this? Haha
  • Funny :).. Coming to OS space requirements, I wish if the OS had its own dedicated storage just for itself and this is unknown to users, then somehow all the apps, data, media can be put on another storage as we know 64gb, I think then MS has win win over iPad..
  • Great ad!
  • Just curious, why does the iPad need to be connected to the windows machine to be updated?
  • It doesn't need to be, its had over the air updates for about 2 years now
  • Yes, however, it is still possible to update manually. Some people were commenting that itd of been hillarious to have the ipad update over itunes on the Vivotab Smart in the commercial.
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  • Lol I have a surface pro and I make fun of iPads all the time. Whenever someone asks me why I didn't buy iPad instead of surface pro then I'm like because I didn't buy a surface pro just to play angry birds n shit lol
  • Lol good stuff
  • Im just loving what MS are doing with phone, tab and xbox one. I just hope that they continue to work on the OS and and give us the few things missing, like notifications.
  • Love it!
  • Lol, left hook to the face. . . Apple falls to the canvas, blood spewing all over the place.
  • Great commercial. Now we are on a roll. Keep it going MS!
  • Yea I saw this last night while watching the heat game...I had a smirk on my face the whole time haha
  • Brilliant.
  • There's a full web browser for that...
  • I'm not planning on buying and iPad but one thing it excels at is creative audio apps. Apple got it right by implementing low latency audio and MIDI support in the OS. Microsoft have admitted on MSDN that Surface was not designed for and cannot do low latency audio and RT does not have a MIDI API as Microsoft think this is now out of date (???). Its a pity as Android totally messed up low latency audio from the beginning and still have not been able to fix it so Microsoft could of created the only competitor to iOS in this area.
  • Awesome sauce!
  • They should've pulled up one of the surface piano apps and had it playing something spectacular. To show that it can play as well as work
  • Ads are getting much much better than the non-sensical dancing surface movement crap. Just got my Lumia 928 as well...awesome.
  • THANK YOU THANK YOU...finally a commercial that starts to point out the major differences between the outdated ipad and other tablets.  I just wished the dev world would start making apps for microsoft soon.
  • Actually, there are Many Millions of Apps (Programs) for Windows.  Beats the pants off of iPad.
  • I am a mac ....I am a pc.....payback is a mofo
  • Wow sorry to hear that, because my Surface Pro is AMAZING! I use it at work as a great laptop, albeit a little small, but otherwise it works as good as any laptop I ever owned. And when I get home in front of the tube, the "tablet" mode is fantastic. It has become a "second screen" and works great as a tablet. So for me MS nailed the hybrid platform. Now mind you this is my first "tablet" so I have no comparisons but it sure fits EVERYTHING I expected in a tablet and then some. I even plug into my 40" 1080 p TV w/ HDMI and I have a huge desktop!
  • Now please, please show this commercial here in Apple-loving Netherlands! Please Microsoft I beg of you... I'm on my freakin knees here.
  • Burn.
  • made me laugh :)
  • Damn..thats one of the funniest ads i have seen in a while. And as a lot of comments here say, the last bit was the best, like an icing on the cake. :D lets play chopsticks..or we could be smarter and own the real deal.. :D
  • Siri is an idiot.
  • Haha thanks Siri for helping me make my next purchase (not an Ipad) lol
  • I have to say, that is probably my favorite so far from Microsoft.