New "Imagine" ad gets to the point: no extravagant dancers in sight

This week Microsoft showcased their latest Surface ad; unlike previous commercials, this one gets right to the point and skips the fancy dance routines.

Brian Hall, General Manager of the Surface team, stated that they had "gotten lots of really nice feedback" on their high energy Surface ads, but some fans were "downright angry" that Microsoft wasn't "talking about more of what it actually does." The latest cinematic production from Redmond tackles the issue and attempts to tell the story of Surface.

The new commercial highlights the ability to carry a single device with the "speeding capabilities of a laptop, but the size and touch of a tablet." The capacity to run Microsoft Office, plug in a USB device, and attach a magnetic Touch or Type Cover are all mentioned.

Microsoft wants to sell the Surface as "the world's first productivity tablet.", but their last few commercials have been showcasing the device as nothing more than an expensive dance prop. This newest ad serves to address those looking for a device with the ability to run Microsoft Office; as of now, this is one of the Surface's largest selling points.

It is worth noting, that the Surface displayed in the commercial is the RT model and that consumers looking to purchase a machine with the "capabilities of a laptop" might be surprised when they are pointed over at the thicker and more expensive Surface Pro.

Either way, it is nice to see Microsoft releasing a commercial that gets down to the details of what the Surface actually does. A majority of the people I speak with have a general of what the Surface is, but a smaller majority knows what the product can actually do compared to an Android tablet or iPad.

Do you think Microsoft is headed in the right direction with their latest commercial or do you prefer the flare and vibrancy of their dubstep themed advertisements?

Source: Microsoft Surface Blog; Thanks for the tip, Johnny!

Michael Archambault