Microsoft's Surface gets tossed about in latest ad

Microsoft has released a dandy of an ad for the upcoming Surface Windows 8 Tablet. Titled "The Surface Movement" the sixty second ad highlights the folding kick stand, detachable keyboard/cover along with a glance at the Windows 8 operating system.

The ad combines a catchy tune, an assortment of dancers and a few Surface aerobatic stunts to grab your attention. It closes with the October 26th launch date and the only crucial bit of information missing is the price.

In addition to the ad surfacing on the Surface, there's also a dedicated YouTube Channel for the Surface (opens in new tab). We'll keep an eye out for more ads and videos that Microsoft may sneak out ahead of the launch date.

Source: YouTube (opens in new tab); Thanks, everyone, for the tip!

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  • Why no price!?!?!?!?
  • MS might be waiting for apple to announce the ipad mini's price, then MS will decide on the surface's price
  • No, pricing and availability will be revealed tomorrow.
  • Why, whats tomorrow?
  • Prices will be announced on October 25th  event
    since the lunch date on october 26th
  • rumor has it the pricing will be announced tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The goal is to build interest.  It is a lot easier to discuss price after you have an interested audience. Google (with the Nexus 7) and Amazon (with the various Kindle products) talk price because they are trying to compete with each other to the least common denominator and have chosen low cost over quality as their mantra.  Actually Amazon focuses on media consumption first and cost second but that is an aside.  Microsoft is not targetting those devices, they are going after the Iconias, Galaxy Tabs, and Transformers of the world and (to a lesser degree) iPads.  They are betting that a Surface RT, likely priced in line with most quality Android tabs, will hit that market of cheaper than a laptop and an iPad but above the Google and Amazon products which are really loss leaders to get people in the door. 
  • Lol these people , if ur asking how much u can't afford it!
  • Get lost.
  • +1
  • Your "logic" makes no sense. On what planet do only fabulously wealthy people who don't care about price buy technology?
  • that would explain why they are wealthy, they part with their money sparingly.
  • Planet crap APPLE
  • So true!  ^_~
  • You're all flipping nuts. You save for what you need, and if you need this you'll save for it.
  • I just showed this video to a friend who was a Day 1 Nexus Tablet buyer and knew nothing about the Surface.  First words out of his mouth, "What's the MSRP on one of them bad boys?"  
  • Coolest MSFT add ever
  • I agree. Sweet ad.
  • +1
  • Not a fan of this ad by any means. Don't find dance stuff like this very appealing.
  • the younger generation does and they have been the dominant buyers of the ipad which is the target audience. We veterans have done our research and know what the surface brings to the table and will buy it on that alone, not the ad.
  • I agree... I already know what the product is.
    That said... I was embarrassed watching parts of that ad.
  • Agree, I prefer the original Surface teaser, with the electronics and the 'balls'.
  • At that time they were really pushing the "VaporMG" casing a lot, but now they see that while the durable casing makes a nice bullet-point, the keyboard/cover is what has really gotten people in a tizzy. Only real issue on the thing could be the screen resolution, but they've had some time since the unveil. Could have bumped it up, since. Doesn't affect me, though. 1080p @ 10.6 in. on the Surface Pro is plenty of pixel density for me, though a higher pixel density than the iPad 3 would make for another nice bullet-point.
  • cbgardner, you know nothing about marketing LOL ..... and if u r in the marketing biz, ur so bad at it!.... this is microsoft's best ad ever!
  • +10
  • I don't know anything about marketing because I don't personally like dance/flash mob shit? Quiet down the adults are talking right now.
  • I would let that tablet have sex with me.
  • Definitely would make baby tiles with it
  • I would have sex with 3. Surface RT, Surface Pro, and Lumia 920. :-D
  • waaaahaaaaaaaa ha ha :-P
  • This is going to be a difficult 11 days until launch.
  • +1
  • Just liked the surface page and today I got to watch an amazing commercial.   Haha microsoft!!!!!  I just want to play with my new tablet and phone.  End of October can't come fast enough!
  • I really love the ad. Fun and happy.
  • A colorfull, catchy attention grabber....nice ad!
  • A very solid spot. I can't wait to pick up one on the 26th. I'm also getting an extra cover. RED.
  • That is a pretty genetically diverse ad.
  • I don't think I've ever heard the point you're making put in quite that way before. But yes, it was nice.
  • is nice, and something makes me think it wasn't a coincidence :)
  • So are they advertising the rt or pro
  • RT... Surface is coming out 3 months later.
  • RT. The Pro is 3 months further out than the RT.
  • They're advertising Surface - period
  • I really want to see how the cooling works on the PRO version..  the vents are all around the side, but I just wonder if it will be sufficient. 
    I think I am going for the PRO either way
  • 0:44 eww.
  • Oh hush, it's cute to see the elderly still get down like that. :)
  • R u a teenager? Did you learn to say eww in school no matter how you actually feel?
  • Uau, really good ad, have watched it quite a few times noticing all the different details that went into it. It really awesome
  • This is the sickest commerical I've seen Microsoft put out to date. The best musical one so far, now add the type with productivity usage without the fast paced upbeat music, but classical music to show the surface's smooth fluid side at "work"
  • I wish I were actually able to see the add... Smh!
  • I'm at the point where I don't care how much this thing costs.  I'll be at my local MS holiday store next Friday with a blank check.  Microsoft - kudos to you on building anticipation and creating a fantastic ad.
  • Same here. I'll be interested to know the price anyway though. It global availability thats important now.
  • Great ad. Can't wait.
  • They should have showed the keyboard when it's used as a cover.
  • First commenter :)
  • Fail.
  • The biggest First fail of all time. Might make an example of this one, fuck you first people...
  • And now tell us how you really
  • Fail.
  • Hey Christopher Columbus, you are definitely not the first commenter. Epic fail.
  • Price withheld for a reason: shock value.  Microsoft is likely to take an upfront loss with these units if it means greater upfront adoption by potential buyers a la XBOX.  I would be surprised if they aren't hugely competitive with the best of the android tablets.  I would even bet that they will be cheaper than any Apple competing tablet.  Speculation, sigh.  What I can say is that dang! those units look slick. Yey!
  • Shock value, yes. But I worry that like the WP7.8 announcement (that all prior devices would not be upgradable to WP8), they are putting off the announcement of bad news until the last minute. Microsoft isn't going to undercut their partners on a gamble that their partners are already uneasy over. I wouldn't be surprised if we learn the price of the Surface RT when the first person walks into a Microsoft Store at midnight on 10/26 and tweets it. And then, I have a feeling we'll learn that the price on the lowest end will be $499 or more.
  • You're fucking insane, old phones are not capable of WP8, feel lucky they did what they could to upgrade 7.
  • I don't think they're not powerful enough - upgrading them would require a full wipe, which is risky, the OEMs have to make drivers for all the old hardware, and carriers would have to test them & push them out. It's much easier & more profitable to sell everyone a new phone :P
  • I'm scared that you are correct. Its not hype. Its begging the other oems what price they can live with. I want 299 ms wants 399 it will have to be 499 so companies don't explode in rage
  • Please take my money...
  • Step Up: To The Surface
  • Lol
  • Compare this to a typical Apple advert. I know which one entices me more..
  • :-D
  • I was drooling
  • Guess what msft make it cheap!!!
  • Possibly one of the worst commercials I've ever seen. Oh, well, it doesn't change the product, at least.
  • Possibly the dumbest comment I have ever read... I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but some opinions are just to ridiculous.
  • All I can say is all the other manufacturers better have some good adverts or else they could be DOA with there offerings.
  • Dance Dance Dance
    Shutup and take my money
  • An absolute smoothie of an ad!
  • Wow, that was a nice ad.
  • Just played it, and my 5 yo walked in. "What am I hearing?" "Watch." I replayed the video. "Wow." That about covers it.
  • well.. am in my late 20s and I had the same reaction as your 5 year old.. something is off
    I still think the first ad was better tho..
  • I like the product Thinking I would rather this than  WP8 seeing how the WP8 device I want isn't going to be covered by my carrier so I would stick with the wp7.5 and get the surface....
  • A lot of target groups were in this ad.  University students, school children, business people, families, young professionals, and of course dancers and acrobats. 
    The Surface is for everyone.
  • I think it's great... at being catchy and piquing curiosity about the Surface... they clearly chose the keyboard and kickstand to feature in this ad, but I'd like them to do one that features the SD/USB/Video ports on it too. That's actually something that people will find important... I have colleagues that don't want an iPad because it doesn't have an easy way to get content from their digital cameras. What's that? Take pics with your Surface? Sure... maybe... because that doesn't look stupid, and why have a nice DSLR camera when I can use a tablet? Ludicrous!
  • The thing about this is that they need to get stuff like this on tv. The majority here do not need convincing.
  • +1
  • I just saw this very add midway through Revolutions on NBC, about 45 minutes ago now.
  • My friend works at a Microsoft store and is setting one aside for me on Day 1. Can't wait till the 26th.
  • Why can't WPCentral link this video in a higher res? I have to goto metrotube and search whenever I want to watch a WPC video from my mobile - too blocky\pixelated what is provided here.
  • Yea I noticed that too
  • Likewise. Pretty annoying
  • I like in the wmpoweruser app how they just direct to the YouTube page and you can choose quality.. Sd videos are terrible
  • If you swipe and open in browser and load it from there, its in HD
  • @wpc4760 We use the standard YouTube API for Windows Phone. MetroTube breaks YouTube's API. We've discussed this ad nasuem on the podcast and in posts before.  Our app update coming in a few weeks will also use an experimental feature that breaks YouTube's API as an option Although breaking YouTube's API is all fun and dandy, let's not hear your complaints when YouTube changes their API and breaks apps like how MetroTube and SuperTube were down for 2 weeks on HD videos.
  • Daniel, I don't watch the podcasts :)
    I have to infer from your #1 that "the standard YouTube API for Windows Phone" doesn't allow the developer to choose anything other than SD.   If that is true, is this limitation particular to WP, or does iOS & Android also suffer the same?
  • Microsoft finally figured out what to do with their troupe of hipsters.
  • Yeeessss!! Awesome add!!! Perfect attention grabber!! Go Microsoft!!
  • Does anyone know who does the ads for Microsoft these days ? They've been on it for a while now.. good stuff. 
  • Hey, a lot of the recent ones have been made by Keith River.
  • Really good ad, Microsoft must have hired some new talent.
    Sure beats the old ones.
  • This must be a TV ad.. its perfectly timed. 
  • I find it an okay first ad to drum up curiosity. However, Microsoft's ad for IE 9, to me, is one they should have built off on in how to further market their ecosystem going forward. Its all about creating brand awareness through function and association. Every time I hear Alex Clare's Too Close on the radio, I immediately think of Internet Explorer and I don't even use the browser. This ad, while entertaining, does nothing in showing the function or features of the Surface other than the keyboard and kickstand. Even then, it isn't really clear on what the hell is going on
  • Agreed!
  • is this the one:
    not bad.. but i don't think that style would work for a product like the surface. It needs human interaction on screen.. 
  • I don't think they want to show off the Os too heavily until they officially launch it. Also while it is a key part of the device, they are teasing hardware right now. They don't need to focus on what can be done on any device running win8 in a surface commercial, they need to showcase what is unique to the product in the ad.
  • Just hurry & take my money already! #GEEESH #SurfaceTablet #Microsoft 
  • Not a fan of the commercial, but at least they're marketing. Definitely targeted for a younger demographic, sadly I'm not even 30yrs old. They need to a page out if Apple's marketing and keep commercials simple... Making a oval shape earphone sound the newest thing in the world... Stupid, yet sadly effective! MS marketing is just sad... I'm trying to stay positive... still!
  • It's also on TV.  Just saw it mid way through Revolutions, about 45 minutes ago now. 
  • ... It was made for a tv spot for sure :) If they are targeting such a young demographic with the ad.. that makes me feel better about the price. 
  • Nice ad. Only thing is what was he tapping on at the end of the ad it just looked like empty space??? Still ordering one as soon as possible
  • Great ad
  • Awesome commercial
  • Only a couple more weeks till Microsoft owns my wallet! L920, surface, and halo! Can't wait!
  • Giggity.
  • Seems Microsoft has done everything well to this point. Hardware, software, uniqueness of keyboard. Marketing, initial app support.
    But all of this remains meaningless . We need a price and it better be good or it could be DOA.
  • Did anyone else laugh while watching this? There's something very fun and funny about it, it kind of made me high I think
  • The one little girl in the troupe of them in uniforms was doing her best FIERCE look while throwing down some moves.
  • Holy hell. That sure was cool!
  • Damn great ad, got me excited. Not that its hard with the Surface, you could have just flashed the word Surface over and over again on the screen and I would have got excited. This better be on TV as of right now.
    On another note, was there pre-orders of this sweet thing anywhere?
  • IPad you got served! Word.
  • One interesting thing to note about this ad is that it almost confirms that the Touch Cover will be included with the Surface. in small print it says "Colors sold separately." That at least implied that it will come with the black one.
    I know that we have all thought that it would come included with the Surface, but as far as I'm aware Microsoft has never outright said that it would be included.
    Also, great ad.
  • I believe it has been pretty certain touch cover would be included. Its even listed in the specs in the form that it indicates it being in. That said, I hope they sell them in diff packages. Like I can buy a "blue Surface" and it comes with the blue cover, rather than giving everyone black and making them buy accessories. I sorta want blue myself.. Id also like red cos my L920 will be red, but tge Surface red is more like old Lumia magenta from what weve seen before, but in this ad it seems to more so match the L920 red.. Maybe theyve altered it.
  • I hope they stock more touch covers in different colors than Surfaces in store and slip into each package when it's sold, instead of packed in the same box.
    It's a tough decision between taking a Surface of a color I don't like and going back home with nothing.
  • When Microsoft revealed the Surface they said it would come with the Touch Cover.
  • Oooh...i got Goosebumps =P
  • This ad was nice I don't know what people expect.
  • the latest ads for windows 8 and Surface really different from what we used to see from Microsoft they are wonderful
  • this is by far the best microsoft ad ever !!!!!!!!!!! the only bad side of all this surface thing is that microsoft has a killer device in hands and they r gonna destroy it 'again' as they did it with windows phone..... not releasing the PRO version of surface in october 26 is a huge mistake! people will buy the useless surface RT and will be dissapointed and return it, and then when the PRO version (the good version of surface) comes out, nobody will buy it, just like windows phone, nobody wants a windows phone, don't get me wrong I own a windows phone and love it, but ms dissapointed all of us and you know it's true, if u think au contraire ur a lier!
  • Because having Internet, Skydrive, Office, Photos, Mail, Calendar, Xbox Video, Xbox Music, Netflix and a plethora of other apps aren't "useful." Im sure the millions of iPad users are dying without a desktop. The iPad is proof that you can have a tablet without a desktop. Perhaps we should be glad that Microsoft is giving us the option of having choice in our tablets between Windows 8 (desktop) and Windows RT (apps). If YOU don't find an app only ecosystem useful then by all means wait for the Surface pro. I, however, will be out on day one eagerly waiting to hand over my money for your so called "useless tablet." We all have our preferences. I respect that you want a full computer. Please respect that some of us only want an app based tablet.
  • Windows RT/Surface RT also does have desktop that can be used just like on full Win8, the difference just is that you cant run normal Windows applications, but only metro applications.
    So yes, the desktop wont be OVERLY useful on Surface RT, but for file management reasons it is.
  • To the contrary, nobody wants a windows phone because it wasn't marketed nearly well enough until Nokia came along. I regularly get compliments on mine and a number of folks who would love to have one. As for Surface RT, do you even realize the significance of it? Having USB ports alone puts it on another level from the ipad. I'm one of those people who was waiting forever for a full Windows system on a tablet and while the pro is nice, the RT will do what I need it to productivity-wise. Please don't turn your opinion into everyone's opinion and please avoid text-spelling while doing so, it makes "u" sound childish and even harder to take seriously.
  • the ad is SOOOO nice.... to bad the product isn't ! .... we have to wait 3 months for the good version of surface!
  • Like the ad but am worried the US centric ad campaign might mean that they get it before other markets.
  • The dancing schoolgirl part just made me think 'uncanny valley'.
  • Love W8, love the Surface, don't like this ad at all. Too cheesy and a lot less cool than the original teaser
  • Surface? To be honest I completely forgot about it. Not trying to be funny. It's an amazing and beautiful product but with all these new phones of the windows phone 8 line, the surface escaped me.
  • About time for a killer ad!!! Got me all excited!!! :-P
  • I hope preorders start tomorrow with pricing.  Take my money for reals.
  • Nice ad. One part High School Musical another part Glee. Waiting for all the tablets to come in before deciding though.
    Just came across this ad on AllThingsD 30 minutes ago. There's actually been two rotating in this same spot when I refresh over and over.
    Clicking the ad takes you to a Bing SERP for "surface microsoftstore". Still has the "Coming Soon" message, no way to pre-order from what I can tell. It is midnight in some parts of the country and officially the 16th, so maybe this has only started coming up the past few hours?

  • Damn, shit is getting real!
    I'd figure the ads are either working within 24 hours or then this was some accidental premature advertisin that wasnt supposed to come out yet.
    That said, dont think it's gonna be preorderable for a while at least in Finland
  • holy shnap nice find man!!!!! Hope you guys got your wallets ready!!!!  I click on the link but it doesnt let me pre order LIESSSSSSSSS. :P
  • If it really makes that satisfying clicking sound, I'm sold.
  • It does, but it's abit exaggerated loud in this ad. You can hear it in the keynote when the Surface was originally presented in
  • I didn't really like the ad, especially the dancing school girls because they looked just so damned freaky. Still can't wait to get my hands on a surface pro, though don't get why some people want both Pro AND RT?
  • In other news apple just found a way to put brushed aluminum around a turd , AMAZING, people already spotted in line!!!
  • Lack of pricing is getting really annoying
  • It blows my mind how some people didn't like this add, I guess it proves the saying that "you can't please everyone" I though this add was amazing in everyway. It does exacly what its supposed to do: give product awareness by showing was is unique about surface ( quick stand and keyboard cover with different colours). Obviously other adds will go into more detail of the functions so people stop having ridiculous complaints
  • Very Bollywood....I can see this taking off in India......Good one MS.
  • I must be manstrating or something, because the old people kissing part hit me in a first-15-minutes-of-UP fashion.
  • Man...cant make up my mind. Surface or Lumia 920 ?
  • OMG IT'S BBOY CLOUD CAMPOS, now i just HAVE to get a surface
  • It also aired on Syfy last night,