Microsoft teams up with Red Hat to offer its Linux OS on Azure cloud platform

Microsoft is making friends with a long-time rival in the enterprise space, Red Hat. The two companies announced a partnership that will, among other things, include a way for customers to run Red Hat's version of Linux on Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform.

Microsoft has been making more moves to support open source-based operating systems and applications in the last few years. The company's press release stated:

"Customers will be offered cross-platform, cross-company support spanning the Microsoft and Red Hat offerings in an integrated way, unlike any previous partnership in the public cloud. By co-locating support teams on the same premises, the experience will be simple and seamless, at cloud speed."

In addition, Microsoft says it plans to add support for managing Azure workloads from Red Hat CloudForms sometime in the next few months.

Source: Microsoft{.nofollow}

John Callaham