Lumia 735 teaser India

Microsoft will launch a new Lumia tomorrow, January 22, in India. While no further details were shared, an image shared by the software giant on its social media channels suggests that we may be looking at the launch of the Lumia 735 in the country.

The image looks identical to the Lumia 735, and the hashtags that accompany it — #WideLies #WideLies #ComingSoon #22Jan — indicate that we may be looking at a Lumia with a wide-angle front shooter. Also, the Nokia branding further reinforces the fact that the device in question is the Lumia 735, as all Lumia devices from late last year started featuring Microsoft's branding.

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Furthermore, while the Lumia 735 was officially announced for India last year, the device wasn't made available. The main difference between the Lumia 735 and the Lumia 730 — which has been available in India for some time now — is that the former offers LTE connectivity.

Either way, we'll know in a day. What do you guys think of the teaser?

Source: Twitter (Lumia India)

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