Microsoft Edge Canary brings over Chrome menu for sharing sites

Edge Dev Hero 2020 Newfeature
Edge Dev Hero 2020 Newfeature (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge Canary has an experimental feature that makes it easier to share websites.
  • Chrome Canary has had the same feature for some time, but it only recently rolled out to Edge Canary behind a flag.
  • The Sharing Hub has options for copying links, creating QR codes, sending a site to another device, saving a page, and casting the site to another device.

Microsoft Edge Canary has a new experimental feature that allows you to share a website quickly. The feature is called the Edge Sharing Hub, and it's currently hidden behind a flag. Once you've enabled the flag, you'll see options for copying the link of a site, creating a QR code, sending a site to another device, saving a page, and casting to another device.

The feature was spotted on Reddit by Leopeva64-2. There are actually two experimental features related to the Sharing Hub, but in my testing, the flag for "Desktop Sharing Hub in App Menu" doesn't seem to work. Instead, I enabled the "Desktop Sharing Hub in Omnibox" option to see the menu below.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The menu is a bit buggy in its current state, which is to be expected for an experimental feature on a preview version of an app. I have to hover over each option to make text appear. Once I've done that, the menu appears to work.

I was able to create a QR code for a page and share a website in other ways. Sending a site from my PC to my phone didn't work, but I don't think that's related to the menu itself.

The same feature has been available on Chrome Canary for some time but didn't roll out to Edge Canary until recently.

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  • This looks quite nice and is probably an upgrade from the Windows 10-based sharing system, which is not amazing. Plus they probably want a consistent experience across different OSes. I'm pretty impressed by how quickly Edge is developing. It's already a great browser but it's getting better all the time. Suddenly MS knows how to compete in the browser space! What a refreshing idea.
  • It works well to send tabs to your phone using Your Phone. But it looks like this new Share button has this too so I won't need to continue to use it. The Windows Share system only works with UWP apps, Windows Mail and Skype. Making it useless for most people.
  • When it's standard on mobiles why isn't sharing to the likes of Facebook, Twitter standard on PC browsers too. Too often you're left copy/pasting.
  • They put stupid Emoji on top and paste and copy down.
    The kids do not use copy and paste only Emoji!
    MS you need to fire that idiot who came with such F stupid idea!!!!
  • Hey a handy tip: Winkey+V brings up the clip history menu. No emojis to be seen. No one needs to be fired now! (Jen G. does a fine job)