Microsoft's Xbox booth at E3 2013: Your full video and photo tour

The 2013 E3 is in full swing in downtown Los Angeles. The annual trade show for computer and video games is the largest in the world where major companies like Microsoft and Sony reveal their major games for the coming year. The event is only open to industry insiders and media, but you can live the experience vicariously through us. Check out some photos and video from the Microsoft/Xbox booth at E3. We promise you’ll be green with envy.

The center of the Xbox booth

The Halo: Spartan Assault section. Players lined up to play the first non-console Halo game. The player at the highest daily score at the end of each day at E3 wins a Surface Pro. Those with second and third place at the end of the day win a Nokia Lumia 928.

Two stations had working demo of the latest iteration of SmartGlass. While they didn't show off the Windows Phone edition, we still saw the future of how your Xbox One and other devices will work together in the future.

One of the future SmartGlass applications that will work in time for the NFL football season was on display. Microsoft showed off some really interesting features of how they can supplement the game watching experience with SmartGlass delivering updates to Fantasy stats, replays, and more.

The new Xbox One and friends were on display in various glass display throughout the booth. No picture online can do this machine justice. It's sexy in a 1970's kind of way.

Xbox 360 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Not to be forgotten just yet, the newly redesigned Xbox 360 was on display. And with hundreds of new games coming to the machine over the new year it's hard to forget about it just yet. In terms of design it takes after it's big (younger) brother the Xbox One. You can thank the liquid black, duo-tone color scheme like the Xbox One.

A large stage located near the center of the Microsoft booth was home to the live next-generation Kinect demo. Not exactly sure why they're in that position, but you can use your imagination. The fidelity at which the new Kinect can detect multiple players is incredible and could make Kinect relevant with games.

The new Kinect sensor can detect heart rate and the "status" of player. For example, here you can see the Kinect indicating the expression, engadgetment level, talking status, and mouth state of each player. Developers with access to this info can help tailor unique experiences to players based on bio-feedback.

Project Spark had an impressive display. Live demonstrations of the tera-forming ability through SmartGlass were on display. On the sides players had the chance to try the game out. And what exactly is this game about? Well that's entirely up to the player.

Killer Instinct was welcomed by many fighting fans. Here you see players going head to head with the fighting sticks and Xbox One. Even non-fighting game fans will find it hard to ignore how fun this one looks. Also notice those little stands for the Kinect? Hopefully those will be available at retail for everyone wanting to game in a tight location. The game will be free to all Xbox One owners and include one free character. You can unlock the rest one-by-one through in-app purchases.

The line for the Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome was one of the longest in the Xbox booth.

A close up of the mural in the Ryse area.

Ryse Gamers

Gamers enjoying the Xbox One exclusive Ryse.

Young gamers enjoying the upcoming fith installment in the Forza series.

And finally the Forza section had an impressive McLaren P1 on display.

And now you have a fairly good idea of how Microsoft had their Xbox booth this year. If you were here what game would you be most stoked to play?

Sam Sabri