Microsoft unveils a new Surface docking station, compatible with the Pro 3, 4 and Book

Microsoft are on fire in New York, announcing a whole raft of new products and features for Windows 10 devices. One such device is the new Surface Pro docking station, which compatible with the Surface Pro 3, Pro 4 and the new Surface Book.

The new docking station has a smaller footprint than the existing snap in docks, connecting instead with a cable.

Some of the features include:

  • 4x USB 3.0 ports
  • 2x Display Ports, supporting up to 4K resolution monitors
  • Full Ethernet port

Full pricing and availability is unknown as of writing, so stay tuned for more information and some high res photographs.

For the rest of our NYC #Windows10Devices coverage head here:

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  • Surface Pro 4
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  • Microsoft Band 2
Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Sorry, was this the OS event, or was it called Windows 10 DEVICES?
  • Hahaha ^ epic
  • You'll be glad to know the highlight of the show was not Lumia or WM10. It was the new surfaces, especially the surface book.
  • I want all the things. But this I will actually get. Never liked the previous docks since you couldn't tilt. And this looks nicely portable to boot.
  • oof. $200 for this dock, now available for pre-order. I want it but maybe I'll be waiting a little while. Would have been great before I got all the individual adapters when I first got my sp3.
  • The presentation made me think: "Lumia: the phone that can replace your tablet/laptop/PC", "Surface: the tablet that can replace your laptop." then "Surface Book: the ultimate laptop" :)
  • MS: Don't use technology.
  • skip em all... MS Band 2!
  • "Surface Book: The laptop that can't be replaced".
  • You can obviously see Panos couldn't wait to present his love and enjoy, the surface. Hightlight of the show, the surface brand.
  • To be fair it's Panos who sold everyone on Surface to begin with.
    I think jf it wasn't he introducing this hardware no one would've like it.
  • Any chance the docking station also allows me to plug in my 950XL (Continuum)?
  • They have a dock for that, though it would be nice of they didn't make you buy one for each device.
  • Very true. Would be nice if this was the Munchkin.
  • Dang my surface 3 is old already
  • And $300-1,200+ less than these devices.
  • Cool. I was hoping for a more advaned docking technology, but hey I guess the old cables and adapters are still tried&true. Was hoping for the next step in more wirless and less cable and wire clutter on the desk. Still cool piece of kit though.
  • What did you want, wireless USB?
  • Your idea sounds awesome!
  • It was sort-of sarcasm. I honestly don't know how you coudl ask for something more-advanced. It's USB, Mini DisplayPort, and Ethernet. If they went with anything beyond that (like making the video out Miracast), then the thing's usefulness would be limited severely, as you'd need a display with the ability to receive that wireless signal, meaning you basically need a smart TV. If you want wireless USB functionality, get some Logitech peripherals with the dock, since they have a multi-device wireless receiver, so you can pair a mouse and a keyboard to the same USB port.
  • So is the current docking station compatible with Surface Pro 4?
  • It's supposed to be. The SP4 is supposed to have the same form factor and port placement   edit: in the pictures on the pre-order page, it looks exactly the same
  • Any pictures of that docking sort-of station?
  • yeah, it sounds less like a docking station and more like a port replicator
  • Oh, if that goes to the USB Type-C (which I love) I assume it DOESN'T work with Surface 3, right? Thats a little sad.
  • I prefer the system of docking as the sp3 dock. That rules
  • They're also calling the power+ connector introduced with Surface Pro 3 the "Surface Connect". Hopefully that connector survives for a while, especially with the pricing on these accessories...
  • HDMI!?
  • Proprietary connector :( Microsoft not all in on type c
  • The dock has two 4K capable DisplayPort outputs, but only at 30Hz each if you're using them both, sigh.  Deceptive product launch!