Windows Phone 8.1 podcasts

One of the bigger changes in Windows Phone 8.1 was replacing certain core functions of the OS with an alternative app-model. The reasoning behind the move, which includes Music, Video, Podcasts and more, was to enable a more dynamic updating system without needing a full OS update.

Today, Microsoft has updated the native Podcasts app for Windows Phone 8.1. Unfortunately, a changelog was not included.

Version 1.0.15041.0 is now available in the Store as an update to existing phones with Windows Phone 8.1. We are not habitual users of the podcast app, so we will leave it up to you to notice and bug fixes or improvements.

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Shout out in comments if you find anything.

Update: Reader of the site Christopher P. tells us this update fixes at least one known bug "In the previous version if the was no data connection or Wi-Fi the app would crash to the home screen on opening. This is the bug that got fixed in this version."

Thanks, Yahia M., Malben D., and everyone else for the tips!

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