Microsoft and the Cortana team have noted that users can expect updates to the service every few weeks. Tonight, at least one new change is new to the personal assistant: local events.

For those who do not know, Cortana stores preferences of the user in her 'notebook' and one of those has the label 'Interests.' Interests range from news, weather, travel, sports, finance, and other items that a person may want to have Cortana track. Now under those interests is a new category with the name Events.

Located under the Discover feature, Events comes with the following description: "Get suggestions for local events in a wide variety of categories." Those optional categories include such things as community, dance, music, food and dining, and more. Once enabled Cortana tries to identify happenings around you that may pique your curiosity.

Although adding local events is nothing significant, it does demonstrate how Microsoft can dynamically update Cortana to enable new features with a flick of a switch. Moreover, it reveals Microsoft's plans to make Cortana a very profound personal assistant, with numerous categories added in the future. One such example recently highlighted involves merging Bing, Cortana, and Microsoft's Academic Search for scholars.

Back in June, Microsoft added numerous new enhancements to Cortana, including UI changes, weather icons, more 'chit-chat' and finance support. Later in July, graphs for stocks was added as well.

What categories would you like to see Cortana get next? Let us know below.

Thanks, Sanjeev S., for the tip!