Microsoft updates Messaging app with new Skype Messaging feature for Windows 10 Mobile

If you are running Windows 10 Mobile things just got a lot more interesting. The Microsoft Messaging app has been updated from 1.0.12715 to 1.10.7000. What's new? Just the ability to integrate Skype messaging.

Skype Messaging was in an early beta for users but now it looks like the feature is nearly complete as Microsoft has folded it into the official Messaging app for Windows 10 Mobile. This release is also newer than 1.0.12748 release of the Messaging Skype preview version bringing along with it a dark grey background (no longer black) and much improved performance (yes, it seems faster).

Likewise, Skype Video Preview is just called Skype Video now and should install along with the Messaging app update.

We'll be digging through the rest of the app to find if anything else is new. For now you can just head to the Store and check for an update or use the Store link below to grab it. You can also probably uninstall the preview version as that is now older than the official release.

Update: As others have noted, the text field now expands for long messages instead of cutting off and there is now SMS search. Also, landscape mode is rather amazing looking.

For those who are new, this app update lets you message your Skype contacts and switch between SMS and Skype on the fly. You can also make quick one-step video calls using the secondary Skype Video app. Both apps tie into your contacts for a seamless and fast experience. Both apps are expected to carry over to Windows 10 for PC later this year since they are Universal Windows Apps.

Download Microsoft Messaging for Windows 10 Mobile

Thanks, LennH., and @mrswagga2301, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

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