Microsoft updates Messaging app with new Skype Messaging feature for Windows 10 Mobile

If you are running Windows 10 Mobile things just got a lot more interesting. The Microsoft Messaging app has been updated from 1.0.12715 to 1.10.7000. What's new? Just the ability to integrate Skype messaging.

Skype Messaging was in an early beta for users but now it looks like the feature is nearly complete as Microsoft has folded it into the official Messaging app for Windows 10 Mobile. This release is also newer than 1.0.12748 release of the Messaging Skype preview version bringing along with it a dark grey background (no longer black) and much improved performance (yes, it seems faster).

Likewise, Skype Video Preview is just called Skype Video now and should install along with the Messaging app update.

We'll be digging through the rest of the app to find if anything else is new. For now you can just head to the Store and check for an update or use the Store link below to grab it. You can also probably uninstall the preview version as that is now older than the official release.

Update: As others have noted, the text field now expands for long messages instead of cutting off and there is now SMS search. Also, landscape mode is rather amazing looking.

For those who are new, this app update lets you message your Skype contacts and switch between SMS and Skype on the fly. You can also make quick one-step video calls using the secondary Skype Video app. Both apps tie into your contacts for a seamless and fast experience. Both apps are expected to carry over to Windows 10 for PC later this year since they are Universal Windows Apps.

Download Microsoft Messaging for Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab)

Thanks, LennH., and @mrswagga2301, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Sweet! Now just to integrate SMS/MMS into the PC app...
  • They're doing this. Zac from WinBeta got a SMS notification on PC with a textbox for a response. Of course it didn't work. Yet.
  • Really? Cool. Source?
  • I can see my text messages (some) on PC. When I try to answer gives error.
  • He just said it in his comment: Zac from WinBeta. Check their YouTube account for the video. ;)
  • Yes, all my sms since 2012 (when i got my 920) also synced to the PC app over the last two days. We finally are really close.    
  • Youtube channel: WinBeta
  • Yea. Saw that. Interesting stuff is happening. ;)
  • Yay! Sms Search is back!!
  • Its so awesome
  • A truly incredible feature!
  • Incredible?  What makes it incredible?
  • Was waiting for that from the first build. But I guess they removed drafts with this update. I don't see it.
  • What happens to the Beta app? Does it stay or gets removed? 
  • Uninstall it!
  • How about the old Skype app with blue tile? Is that also unneccessary now?
  • I believe that app will stay has an option "make this default app for skype notifications"
  • OK...but do I lose any function if I uninstall the Skype app?
  • OK, I tried unintalling Skype and it looks like the Skype app is still needed to get Skype messaging funciton. Problem is now my phone is a total mess. Phone's running extremely hot. Something gone wrong... I'm hard resetting.
  • Probably too late now, but it was just scanning your contacts to link them together. Same as when it syncs outlook contacts for the first time. If you look at skype linkec contacts, they now have another link for microsoft messaging
  • Same issue...running hot and says I have a message when I don't
  • That stays as full feature app while messaging is for quick access to basic features.
  • I just didn't get the update. Guess this just pushes the beta app to handsets that didn't have it installed? Do I need to remove "Messaging Skype" to get this or something? EDIT: I just uninstalled the messaging skype beta and downloaded the messaging app linked in this article. Hope that works. Dammit, that removed my skype too. Now what version of skype are we supossed to use with this? I'm totally confused. NM, this installed a new skype video app, found it lol.
  • You use messaging now
  • This whole Messaging/Skype/Skype for Messaging Beta/Skype Video thing is a giant confusing mess. Not just to me but also to the OS it seems because I'm having all sorts of problem with the phone now.Resetting. Looking forward to the next build.
  • That's why they are beta, and they are released for preview users. we still don't know anything. but it's understable that normal skype will be available for people who want more features from Skype, until Microsoft finds a way to remove it. But if you feel confused for something that is on a preview build, maybe you shouldn't test it, because it seems you think you are using RTM and being impatient about what will be the feature of Windows 10 Mobile.​
  • What's new? Just the ability to integrate Skype messaging.
    Nope. Message input field now (again) automatically expand for long messages. 
  • You misinterpreted how he meant that.
  • What's with the dark gray dark theme?? I want it black!!
  • That's what she said!;)
  • This.
  • Dark grey theme brings some difference and looks better for overall W10M design language, but really, dark is much better for OLED screens as on 735,930, it saves display and improves battery life.
    I hope just that we will have both in future but doesn't see black coming back...
  • Black blends into the screen bezel and looks so much better because of that. The screen and the phone become one with a black background. It's something that makes it unique and stunning.
  • Woohoo! Does iOS out android have this?
  • Yes, each with their own messaging platform. iOS has integration with iMessage and Android has integration with Hangouts, provided that you set Hangouts as your default SMS app.
  • No. Cause I can't use it on any other platform, unlike Skype. Plus text messages are synced to PCs through messaging, which they don't do.
  • Yes! Google has merged their default messaging apps to hangout in lollipop.
  • iOS had this when I was a kid
  • Lol
  • He's 13 right now guys.
  • Thanks for that great info ;D
  • Umm... not really. iOS has iMessage which only works with... iOS. Skype is nearly "universal", it's on almost every platform. Even Linux has Skype. With Skype integration, you can message anybody whether they use Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phone, Windows PC, Mac, iPad, Linux PC, Chromebook, XBOX, Amazon Kindle, etc.      
  • I miss the time when my 620 integrated fb chat to messaging hub.
  • Oh man, so do I. I used to love so many things on my phone that were better than ios back then. Responding to tweets and fb statuses without ever going to twitter or fb was magical.
  • So kind of like WP7 but with Skype? That would be nice.
  • I can't wait to have this on the Lumia 950 XL
  • turn your phone landscape while in a chat and you will see something really cool on the side of your screen ;)
  • Yeah, just updated with that. Pretty great.
  • In your hands on with the lumia 950 did you see glance in settings?
  • It has Glance. Said that numerous times.
  • Does that mean my 735 has a chance??
  • I know it has glance but w10m removes glance from settings. I'm just wondering if glance was there in settings and can be customized or is it set to a default with no option for customizing by going into settings.
  • My 822 with w10m has glance is in the settings.
  • Thats odd. Every single build of w10m has removed glance from settings once glance was updated after a hard reset. Maybe you didnt do a hard reset after upgrading to w10m.
  • 2hard resets, no glance. But not a big deal.
  • Does it have the "always on" feature though? That is what I use and like. The descriptions of glance in the 950 series always refers to a proximity sensor triggered glance screen.
  • Should be able to save a skype conversation group as a contact in people hub.
  • Cool!!!
  • except, of course, that 80% of the time it just crashes the app, and only 1/5 of my contacts let me switch between skype/sms. lumia 1520 totally up to date. NOT CLOSE TO STABLE. #SUCKS #HASHTAGSRLIFE
  • Maybe the people app isnt linking your skype contact and phone contact. I found this to be the issue with my contacts list. Once i linked both contacts for a few it started working.
  • tried that. no luck.
  • hope they will finally move status bar on top in landscape mode.
  • Oh that is wicked cool!
  • Makes me want to get the Preview.
  • This build has proven to be nearly W8.1 stable with few hiccups here and there, so if you're interested in getting the preview, i suggest you take a dive in next few days when the new build is released as I think that should be near perfect stable since launch of W10 devices is November.
  • Not on my 1020. Its slow with frequent 15-20sec loading screens when launching apps. Frequently, the start screen doesn't load for minutes at a time. Been this way for the last three builds. This one is slightly better than the previous, but still not fast or stable. it was pretty good at first, but seems to keep getting slower and slower.
  • Forgot to mention that it depends on your device using a 930
  • Actually I'm surprised to say that on my 635 the build is reasonable. Apart from Edge which crashes frequently... But all in all closer to looking like a finished product. At least on my device it works ok, and its a low end device. 
  • I was waiting for a stable preview version too. I've been pretty happy with the current build - Edge could be more stable.
  • Its soooooo slow, takes couple of seconds to load messages! :|
  • I'm seeing this too so far. Sending is instant, but recieving seems to take a bit.
  • Eh... The current (old) version does too. Sucks.
  • Mine keeps force closing everytime... Great update... Now I can't send SMS... Nice
  • Insider preview.
  • Ikr, people forget. When you sign up for beta testing, don't complain when something doesn't work. Just send feedback so it gets fixed.
  • IKR, people forget this is a place to post opinions... smh... you guys really think people should read articles and say "reported as feedack, have a good day"? I KNOW it's a preview, I KNOW how to report these things to MSFT like I've been doing all this time since xbox360 launch in 2005 as I've been in all their beta programs ever since... I also happen to like posting here about my experience with the mentioned updates... deal with it or GTFO...
  • Don't recieve message notifications every time... annoying
  • Was the search feature always there in the messaging app?
  • In windows 8.1 it was, not in earlier builds of Windows 10 mobile
  • Also Skype Video doesn't use the Skype's "S" logo. Just a camera icon.
  • That landscape is awesome. Now THIS is an update
  • Yeah. Landscape looks great. Fast switching between chats
  • Do Moji work now? I'm talking the video moji. The ones that work on Android already.
  • That's a negative!
  • Dude, the app doesn't show even picture!
  • Works in Skype only
  • Hey Daniel do you know if file and/or photo sharing is planned for the W10/M app?
  • You already can send files/photos from the messaging app on mobile.
  • Yes i can, i forgot something. I mean with with skype in the messaging app. For the moment, you can't, the "trombone" is not available.
  • Is it possible to simply send an image with a Skype message? Would be interesting for me to replace MMS with it if this would be possible ... I don't want to use WhatsApp or other Messenger-Apps for that, but integrated with Skype in the WP messaging, this would be cool ... if sending pictures is as straightforward as with MMS.
  • Sweet! Just downloaded it, looks promising 
  • Finally got to play with the 950 XL today at the Providence MS store kiosk. Very happy with the phone. Windows 10 Mobile not so much. Not as snappy as I hoped it would be. Still needs some work I guess. Hope it improves by December!
  • I've got an error the first time I opened the new app that Skype was not available, and now I can't "log in" with it and use the new features.... Any ideas?
  • Same here...
  • I have same problem. Initially after the update it worked. I then tried a skype call and it crashed. Now it don't even show option to send skype message in app.
  • Same for me. Showing skype is not available..
  • Restart your phone. That worked for me.
  • Restarted many times still showing that error.
  • Uninstall. Restart. install Skype. Install/update messaging.
  • yes it speed up to
  • Where can I find this Microsoft Messaging app? I don't see it on my preview build and in the Store.
  • It's just called messaging in your app list.
  • That's what I assumed but it's not in the app list either. I thought I had it before installin the Skype messaging preview but I can't find it anymore somehow. I think I read somewhere that there is a bug where the default messaging app disappears if you perform hard reset. I think that's probably what happened to me. Anyone knows how to recovery it?
  • Same problem here - Messaging dissapeared after a hard reset.  Just click Daniel's download link in the article and it will take you to the new messaging app in the store (I couldn't find it through search).  Download, uninstall the old beta, and you're good to go!
  • Just look for updates in the store.
  • Use link in article
  • Good suggestion!. I was stuck because the store page from PC browser no longer supports remote install. But you made me realize I should use my phone instead (I actually used Edge->Barcode Generator on PC and then QR scanner on phone).
  • how id u do that?
  • Install app called Barcode Generator on your PC which will then show up as a "Share" option on any W10 apps. If you share the web page using this app, it will generate QR code on the screen which you can scan using your phone to go to the web page without typing in the web address.
  • ok thanks but the button to get the app just doesnt work.  nothing happens.
  • Don't press on the get app button. Click on the share button on Edge and select Barcode Generator to generate a QR code for the web page you are on. THen use your phone QR reader app to hop to the store page which will launch your phone Store app.
  • No update available when I click the link
  • That landscape mode is nice.
  • An update for Mail and Calendar has just been released too. Not sure what's changed.
  • Sport, Finance, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote got also an Update
  • Text field has expanded but still cuts off long messages. Hope they'd remove this limit, though.
  • Skype qik integration?
  • Not yet available, but would be cool if they added it.
  • That would be awesome. Qik has been not great as of late... notifications of new messages are super flaky over the last few months and rarely work so I stopped using it.
  • So, how the hell do I sign out of Skype?! I can't find the option. Sigh... Edit: nvm found it.
  • Getting a 0x8040154 error on Skype Video (when it doesn't simply crash, that is). Messaging doesn't download any Skype messages. I'll reboot my phone and see if it fixes anything.
  • On my old Nokia I could have done this with the messaging all in one place.
  • Same here
  • WOW!!!!!
    Why'd you ever stop using it? Clearly it was the greatest thing ever!
  • Skype Video still doesn't work but at least the messaging app now loaded all my chats. It crashes when opening group chats, though.
  • Oooo dat landscape mode
  • stup bugging Mark... he clearly doesn't want to talk to you :D
  • Mine has updated but the features are not there. What's going on?
  • I installed it but I get an error while opening skype video saying that it is not available..does anyone got the same error?
  • yes
  • Landscape it's slightly different on smaller screens. Just see the round profile pics on side menu and message window.
  • Yep. Same on my 830. Must be for the 1520 only right now.
    I assume this is something like what it will look on the PC too.
  • Daniel, I hope you can help me cause you are my last hope. I did a hard reset on my phone to make everything flow more easily, however I lost my texting app. Like the native SMS app for Microsoft is gone. Ive done multiple hard resets and it's still not there. I can't SMS or MMS receive or send. Please tell me you have a magic fix in your brilliant mind.
  • Its a bug.install and use this app.
  • Reset using the windows device recovery tool. I had the same issue. I went back to 8.1 and then updated back to 10. Worked just fine.
  • It's only cool if it merges both SMS and Skype messages in the same thread no matter the toggle and the toggle is only for which service to use for sending messages.
  • It's only cool if you approve. Understood.
  • i can send images via txt, but not via skype....
  • Please turn off tradedoubler!
  • Link for people who dont like adware:
  • the "get this app" button doesnt work.
  • Go to the URL on your phone.
  • i'm not in USA will that make a difference to link working?
  • the "get this app" button doesnt work still on phone, nothing happens when I press it.
  • Makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who can't get this app. I can't even find it in the store. grrrr
  • Doesn't even show up for me.
  • LOL
    Assuming they have any idea what's going on with their site or app.
  • Is anyone getting a x80040145 error when starting the skype video app?
  • Same here..
  • my L930 bluetooth screwed up earlier, done a hard reset & fixed iit, but now the messaging app wont reinstall at all, and wont appear?! I've hard reset 4 times now, and I cant sort it.  Build 10536.  Anyone know a fix, and is it related to this app update?  Thanks.
  • Crashes during skype setup but once left open for over 5 minute my skype contacts appeared, so working but seems slow.
  • Stll doesn't send picture, location, etc
  • So I can uninstall Skype now in W10 mobile?
  • no dont do that