Microsoft updates Office Mix PowerPoint plugin with slide notes, closed captioning

Microsoft says that slide notes work in a similar fashion to the notecards that people use in typical presentations. Office Mix users will be able to type out their most important points for each slide, after which they will appear in a translucent text box at the top of your screen while recording.

Also included in today's update is support for closed captioning. While the idea isn't new, Microsoft notes that closed captioning can be a great way not only to open your presentations up to the hearing-impaired, but it can also serve as a great learning aid or supplement for your audio for users viewing a presentation in a noisy environment. However, the implementation does require a bit of effort. From Microsoft:

To add closed captioning to a mix, ensure you check the box to create a video when uploading a mix. Then, download the video and utilize a third-party service to create the TTML file from your video. Once your TTML file is ready, go to your mix details, select the Upload TTML File link and upload your closed caption file. From there, preview your mix to ensure your closed captioning is presented as you intended.

Overall, the update looks to be a nice addition to an already interesting PowerPoint plugin. For more, you can check out Microsoft's blog post on the update below.

Source: Microsoft

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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