Microsoft updates Windows Mobile Outlook OTA [Windows Mobile]

Looks like Microsoft has not forgotten about all the Windows Mobile 6.x users out there, pushing out a significant update to Mobile Outlook for some 6.x devices. It's unclear which devices are getting it exactly, but in this case here it's an HTC HD2 running Windows Mobile 6.5.5 23145.

Mobile Outlook was bumped to and is reportedly much more finger friendly, doing away with the annoying "tap to scroll right" notification. Overall, the update looks quite sharp and we're almost longing for our old Windows Mobile. Almost.

Big thanks to Rhys B., for the info and screenshots!

6.5.5 23145

Daniel Rubino

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  • Sorry for being too sceptic, but it seems you've catched some good-looking fake...
    For A) crappy Search and folder icon; also "About" page in settings - do you see that white rectangle over the black line? EDIT: most of MS products have some copyright info there.
    B) it doesn't fit into the interface very much (for me);
    C) HD2 does not officialy have WM6.5.5 and most (if not all) of the unofficial ROMs have "Windows Update" option removed.
  • It would be a nice dream in an alternate universe - for the first time ever, Microsoft pushes an Windows Mobile update. Absolutely fake.
  • i own an htc snap and got this update OTA. when you install it you must reboot the phone and it previously warns you that all exchange content will be deleted (i use exchange as a mail server). it 'bricked' my outlook. i had to uninstall the update (it shows up on the remove apps settings), reboot the phone, resynched and everything worked fine. so, it does exists - paulosv & taliban - it just didn't work for me. maybe 'cause i am not on a touch device?
  • Outlook itself updates...
    While in Outlook...
    hit the Menu Button, tools, --> Enable Updates
  • Enable Updates is greyed out under Menu, Tools.
  • Is this update able to be distributed on XDA or something using a CAB?
  • my enable updates is greyed out as well I have the tilt 2 so its safe to say we dont have the update yet. Maybe soon? Nice to be able to even get to the point interesting find.