Microsoft wants to revamp gameplay social sharing on Xbox One [updated]

Other consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch make recording videos or taking screenshots much easier than the Xbox One. For example, both consoles have dedicated capture buttons and menus which quickly allow you to post content. It's just much easier to share them on various forms of social media. The Xbox One requires you to jump through a lot of hoops to accomplish this simple task.

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Luckily, it seems that Microsoft knows that this is a problem and the Xbox Team is evaluating possible solutions. When they have a new system in place they'll make their plans public. This information was revealed in a conversation between an Xbox One user, Mike Ybarra, and Jason Beaumont‏. Mike Ybarra is the Corporate Vice President of Gaming at the company and Jason Beaumont is the Experience Lead for Xbox and PC Gaming.

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Beaumont confirmed that revamping the way users share gameplay was in the works. However, it requires the team to talk to various partners to implement a proper solution. It's unclear which partners Beaumont is talking about here as this may take a while. Could he be referring to Facebook and Twitter who may have to give special API access which allow you to do this? Hopefully we'll hear more about Microsoft's plans soon. As always, Xbox Insiders should get early access to the changes. It's been a long time coming so here's hoping the changes don't disappoint.

Update 12/28/17: Mike Ybarra recently tested the new ability to directly share gameplay videos on Twitter. The feature might be available to Insiders in the coming weeks if all goes well.

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  • Trying to share screenshots to Twitter in particular is annoying as it just shares a link instead of sharing the actual screenshot.
  • Oh about time it's a pain share some video on Twitter.
  • Why would they need special access to Facebook or Twitter APIs for this? All the functionality is already public. It's more likely that the partners they're trying to are their publishers.