Microsoft wants you to 'Do Great Things' in latest commercial

Microsoft released a new commercial today, titled "Do Great Things," focused on the more personal future it envisions for Windows. The narrator starts off speaking to what Microsoft has done with Windows in the past, before moving on to an inspiring message about where the company is going with Windows 10, and even showing off some HoloLens in the process.

The narrator speaks to how Windows will be energetic and alive, embracing the things that make us human, before finally finishing with the bold statement that Windows is "for people who do, because people who do are the ones who move the world forward."

Oddly, even though the commercial is almost entirely about where Microsoft wants to go with Windows 10, there's no mention of it by name. Instead, Microsoft opts to speak of the cohesive platform that is "Windows."

Source: Microsoft (YouTube)

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  • Well... did great
  • Fantastic
  • Yay
  • It was good, but I didn't really care for the voice. It could have been better.
  • I don't know why there are down votes for this comment? I think it's a valid point, the ad is trying to convey some very robust statements and I think the young-sounding female voice kinda took away from that. There are some great female voice-over actors out there, that could have communicated a sense of comfort and strenght where this one fell short. Maybe they wanted to sound young and energetic? Idk, but I would have wanted to see this ad air along the one that aired with the little boy during the superbowl, we could have done without the one about the school bus.
  • Even Jen Taylor (Cortana) would have done it better. People vote it down because they don’t know better. I actually liked the voice for the first few lines but overall the tone didn’t fit the message. It could have been fixed in the editing of the audio. To me it just seems kind of flat and monotone.  There is defiantly an extreme lack of emotion in the voiceover.
  • Yeah, the tone and voice felt very misaligned to me. Jen Taylor would have been a special casting indeed, didn't even think of that! I've always been a fan of how Allison Janney sounds in the Kaiser Permanente ads, there's a confidence and warmness she communicates very well.
  • Awesome
  • Lenovo: For those who do....
  • That's because lenovo primarily runs Windows.
  • Great! Keep it up MS!
  • They could use this refrain ->
  • Well done!
  • Awesome! go MS!
  • The voice sounds like Beth from Walking Dead.
    Good ad. Needs to be on Television.
  • Agree
  • Fantastic
  • Much better ......
  • It's a nice idea, but a great ad in this space is the Apple 'Think Different' ad. This feels like it's trying to be similar but not reaching the same level. Instead of cutting together clips with a voiceover they should create a video from start to finish showing in awe inspiring high definition 'people who do'.
  • Yes especially the last sentence sounds a lot like the Apple commercial in a little bit worse.
  • I knew there would be someone who would comment to the effect of "Apple did it better." Comparing ads for different products from different times is not very productive. And I don't believe the Think DIfferent ads are all that memorable. Ask most people to name Apple ads and they will say Mac v PC, iPad Air, and (if they are old enough) the IBM ad. But enough of Apple, this is about Microsoft. I sure hope all the people on Windows Central who criticize every Microsoft ad that does humorous comparisons to competitor products praises this spot. There are a couple of subtle digs at Apple and Google in there (see if you can spot them) This is quite a remarkable ad. Most people don't spend their days on Windows Central and therefore don't know there is a new Windows coming. That Microsoft is already talking in advertising about a new product months before a launch is unprecedented for them. If this ad starts appearing in TV rotation and not just in events and on You Tube, it will really mark something new for Microsoft. I've heard that there will be a huge ad budget for Windows 10 and this type of thing lends credence to that. It's not just the number of ad that run, it is the type of ad, the venues, and the messaging.The messaging of this one is spot on.  
  • You seem to think I'm saying Apple did it better for the sake of it. I'm a Windows/Windows Phone/Zune user who likes Microsoft products. I'm glad they will have a big budget because I like the idea of a campaign about people who 'do' and want to see an ambitious version of the idea. The Mac v PC ads were good but in terms of connecting Apple with customers I think "think different" was more effective.
  • This start screen looks like a total mess. The profile picture above the app list on the left makes it look like the list goes all the way to the top and doesn't align with the tile blocks on the right. Then add the taskbar that's way too busy and you have a total mess of apps that appear at three places: Pinned on taskbar, in the list and as tiles. The whole thing together looks hideous.
  • And that's all you took from this? Not a single positive.
  • I just felt like saying. The ad is good.
  • You're odd.
  • Why odd? Just look at this picture.. It looks like -_ instead of --
  • So obviously you have no idea about what you are looking at. It's just one snapshot of someone's layout. You can customize anyway you want unlike OSX.
  • No you don't get it.
  • And great things I will do.
  • I like it.
  • This is good... MS has shown, and proven that they can make effective ads....
    Nevertheless, if you were to tell me that they are going to seriously market high end Lumia devices this year,, so much that it will make an impact like Surface has, I would still have to say that I will believe it when I see it.....
    ........ I sure hope I believe it.......
  • If only they showed adds in my country. Almost no adds here. Might explain ms market share is 3% here whereas neighbouring countries have 10% +.
  • What country is that❓❓❓❓❓❓❓
  • The Netherlands good sir. Germany, Italy, the UK etc all have higher market share when it comes to wp. Strangely.
  • Weeeeellllllllllllllllll,,, I don't find it very strange... Those fans say that marketing is terrific... They all consistently say that marketing is terrific...
    Now, to any at least average minded person,, what should that tell us❓
    1: I say marketing sux in the US, and market share is extremely low, and falling.
    2: You say marketing sux in the Netherlands, and market share is extremely low, and falling...
    3: They say marketing is terrific in the UK, and market share is doing fine, and raising.....
    I wonder if the issue could be marketing.... Huuummmmm. I wonder. Lol..
  • You made me smile xd. But so true, Ms should really get the word out. Things like adds with the transparent option, I always hear ppl about: Those "blocks" you know. Make it more known.
  • Exactly.... They need to encourage carriers to really spice up the home screens of devices on shelves..
  • Yeah so much is possible yet they only show what the people don't like. We need more commercials and more marketing;make the os known.
  • Yep... They have never shown as many commercials as Apple, Google, or Samsung, for their products...
  • Because Americans are very brand conscious and brand loyal. Europeans tend to actually be better consumers and look at the real value.
  • I don't know about that... Americans make plenty of purchases dependant on reason.... Lets name a few things...
    Galaxy S devices
    Harley Davidson
    Galaxy Note
    Google........ The list goes on..
    Ok, ok, ok..... I See your point...
  • It's the same in Sweden, I haven't seen an MS ad on TV for at least a year.
  • Damn.. I knew it... So, you think marketing is a issue?
  • Microsoft has been great about hyping up its products, but it's about damn time they actually deliver. How long will it be until this unified Windows 10 experience is truly working as they say it will? Probably never.
  • I don't doubt that it'll work, but I do doubt MS's sense of urgency with marketing...
  • Well being as W10 is not yet released then how can you say never? Just like the App$e iwatch... Not yet released... Should I say probably never?
  • Never? Or by the end of this year? Hell, by next year we will have HoloLens. Go check out an Apple site if you want to find people with your same attitude.
  • 10 June 2015. Now you know.
  • I love it, every part of this advert.
  • Great commercial
  • Great commercial, would have been better if they had Cortana speaking
  • Nice cameo appearance by the Microsoft Band
  • I wanna output UTF-8 in console :S
  • I love that idea, exploding titles, hope its on every phone, and for the ones without the 3d touch I prefer a single tap for that feature, and double tap to open the app, instead of a long press. But, what MS should incorporate with the long press should be a color option for that title in one corner, and a display control for what information that one title shows you live, with the last two remaining the resize, and unpin. There is no reason way you can't change the colors, and transparency on titles separately, and pick what info that app shows on the live tile.  
  • Nice commercial, now they need to market it. Cry me a river if you want but then build me bridge to get over it... Posted from my HTC M8
  • Windows for people who do... App$e for people who like shiney things....
  • windows for people who do. wow!
  • This is a better ad.
  • I really like this new add campaign. Its all about reminding you why MSFT is great... even tho so many have been blinded by other fads...MSFT is powering everything. Including fun stuff. Great to see ads that are embracing what makes them great... and not why they are better than the competition.
  • Ok.. this ad works for me. No dancing schoolkids. No beatbox Surfaces. No taking pot shots at Apple or Google. No weird messages that should make me like Windows but weirdly makes me feel sad for the people in the ad... It's a clean, simple message. "For people who do - because people who do are the people who move the world forwards". And I like the history shown in it. Good touch. Only complaint? The music. I would have gone with something a that starts softly then adds in a rhythm line and builds in depth and force leading to the finale. But hey.. :)
  • Wow!!.. Fantastic o
  • Yes very good ad indeed. Good job Microsoft. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I want to know more about Halo Lens
  • The video has a more holistic feel. More personal....democratizing...evolution. The last one yes, democratizing and more personal we'll have to see. I currently see them reinvent the wheel of windows a lot, but I haven't seen much of democratizing and more personal in some field of the OS. But then again democratizing is a big word with many meanings. So I'm still trying to grasp the message. I think it' more the images and music that's so catchy. The words feel like a shell. I'm noticing I feel one thing one moment, but then something completely different another. No real meaning.
  • This should have been one of their Super Bowl spots.
  • Tank u
  • One of their better commecials.  Well done, MS.