Microsoft Whiteboard adds sticky notes, better performance in Teams and on the web

Microsoft Teams Whiteboard with Sticky Notes
Microsoft Teams Whiteboard with Sticky Notes (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Whiteboard received some new features and improvements in Teams and on the web today.
  • You can now use sticky notes and text objects on the web and in Teams.
  • These features come alongside a complete rebuild of the Whiteboard web app that improves performance.

Microsoft unveiled some big improvements to Whiteboard on the web and for Teams that brings it closer in line with its app cousins. Included are two new features, along with a complete rebuild of the web app that brings improved performance. The rebuilt web app should also mean Microsoft is faster in bringing new features to it.

First up, Teams now includes sticky notes in Teams and on the web. You can use these to "quickly add ideas and feedback to the canvas," Microsoft says. These are accessible through the toolbar or with a right-click on the canvas.

Beyond sticky notes, text objects are now available in Whiteboard for Teams and the web. Like sticky notes, you can add text objects through the toolbar or a right-click on the canvas. Objects can also now be moved to reorganize ideas on the fly.

Microsoft Teams Whiteboard Text Objects

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

Finally, Microsoft says it has completely rebuilt the Whiteboard web app to make it faster to use. The rebuilt app also means Microsoft can bring more features and capabilities to Teams and the web.

Microsoft Whiteboard is available across Windows 10, iOS, the web, and within Microsoft Teams.

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