Microsoft Whiteboard exits preview for Windows 10, coming soon to iOS and the web


Ahead of its Inspire partner conference next week, Microsoft has launched its Whiteboard collaboration app out of preview. The freeform inking app is now generally available on Windows 10 (opens in new tab), and it will be "coming soon" to iOS and on the web.

Microsoft Whiteboard allows team members to collaborate on a blank digital canvas, both in person and remotely. In addition to basic inking and keyboard support for writing out notes and ideas, Whiteboard includes the ability to add and manipulate images, shape recognition, and more. The app can also automatically recognize when you're making a table, allowing collaborators to easily keep their ideas organized.

After a brainstorming session is over, whiteboards can be saved and shared via the Microsoft cloud for team members to reference at any time.

Whiteboard's exit from preview follows an update released last week that brought more polish to the experience, including a new startup experience and icons.

Whiteboard is available now for all Windows 10 users, and collaboration features are accessible to Office 365 commercial customers and anyone with a personal Microsoft account. Microsoft says that collaboration across multiple Office 365 tenants is planned for a future release.

See at Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Forget iOS, what about Android? It should be coming to Android.
    Stop focusing on iOS all the time. The problem with iOS is that Apple limits it to just one phone and tablet, whereas Android is on many devices. And since Apple doesn't make it's own apps for Android and the web, we should not make our apps for Apple
  • It will, Davin.. Just be patient.
  • Nutella is an apple fan
  • Apple makes great products. Why shouldn't he be?... I believe he should also be a MS fan, but if you ask him why he's not a fan of MS products he will reply "why should I be? MS doesn't even have a mobile device on the market"...
  • Probably because iPads outsell Android tablets like 2 billion to 1.
  • Wow.. I'm not a fan of Android myself(MS fan here) cause of its bad optimization and security issues but seriously how is apple outselling a platform in the tablet sector or even mobile honestly when android is an open source platform and mobile devices including tablets produced by a hoard of companies are still existing and making hefty profits with it? sounds like sheep talk to me than real logic and reasoning, here, have a post of that one time Apple managed to beat Samsung on phone sales and that was like 3 years ago not to mention the fact that Samsung isn't the only manufacturers who produce Android devices on earth, we have Google's Pixel series, LG, Lenovo, Motorola(which is now basically a part of Lenovo but still produce their own devices), Nokia(yes these guys are still running fine), HTC, Huawei ..what else .. I just could keep going with big names but the list never ends and they aren't losing profits, they are making sales, sadly while not all of them are producing near stock Android nor the latest versions of it either, while they are trying and some companies like Moto or Samsung are keeping up the pace in comparison to Google's own Pixel phones that come with the latest version of android and all that.... so unless apple opens shop on the moon or somewhere else, or android shuts down(i'd like it if they partially shut down the old versions) there is no hope for apple to make any kind of tide cause they already made one and the people who keep buying are just the same branches of that bush, its not gonna grow and they inflicted themselves with a blow when apple decided that people have to compromise the 3.5mm headphone jack so that an iPhone can be waterproof .. not to mention the screen edges and front camera/sensor panel issues..
  • ... huh?
  • IDKW, but it seems almost like a game.
  • Apart from inking this really isn't significantly different to the MS whiteboard app I was using 20 years ago. Amazing it took so long .
  • Coolest and minimalistic app from MSFT.
  • Great marketing... Imagine someone got a call.. Took out Andromeda, answer the call with left screen on Microsoft Team for video conferencing... While the right screen is real time white board collaboration...using pen.. Microsoft... Where is my Andromeda????