Microsoft will call Windows 10's next update the 'Autumn Creators Update' in the UK

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Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper (Image credit: Microsoft)

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that the next update for Windows 10 would be dubbed the "Fall Creators Update," carrying on the theme of creators that was first introduced with the "Creators Update." Microsoft's naming scheme for Windows 10's next update is especially odd, considering not everyone in the world uses the term "fall."

I actually asked Microsoft about this back at Build in May. At the time, Microsoft told me that the "Fall Creators Update" was going to be its name everywhere, probably to help streamline marketing. But in countries like the UK where the term "fall" isn't a phrase used when talking about seasons, this may actually confuse customers. It appears now however that Microsoft will in fact regionally adjust its name where appropriate.

The Redmond giant has quietly changed the name of the update on its UK-based website (opens in new tab), now being referred to as the "Autumn Creators Update" instead (this change can be seen on some other country-specific sites too, such as India.) This change will make a lot more sense for people in the UK, where the term "autumn" is more commonly in the same way "fall" is used in America. Of course, the update will still be called the "Fall Creators Update" in the US, Canada and anywhere else where the term "fall" is used.

To Windows Insiders, the update will always be known as either Redstone 3 or Version 1709 anyway, so the "consumer-facing" name won't matter much to them. But for average people who aren't all that tech savvy, the friendly name for a Windows 10 update matters, especially if you're using seasons as a focal point in an updates name.

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  • Well lets see how mobile is doing at that time
  • It'll have W10M Feature 2 which won't contain any additional consumer focussed features from what they've said. Shortly after we should find out if there will be a Feature3 branch or if there will just be cumulative updates to Feature2
  • Autumn Creators Update also makes more sense in Canada.
    I was like why call Fall Creators Update as if Microsoft wants Creators to fall down.
  • Lol
  • Fail Creators Update?
  • What will it be called in Australia....their Autumn/Fall isn't in Sept/Oct I'd imagine it's at a completely different time of year like how it's not Summer there when it's summer in the UK
  • Spring Creators update in AU?
  • Christmas update :P
  • 🎅
  • Can't bring religion into it
  • G'Day Creators Update?
  • 😂 love it
  • Crikey!
  • Someone at Neowin said we will just slangify it and call it "Autie Update". Haha that is probably true.
  • Mate'y Update!
  • Yeah, that IS going to be slightly confusing to anyone living on the southern hemisphere, but whatever. Not that big of a deal. I think calling it spring update in some countries and fall in others would only make things MORE confusing.
  • Yeah, our Autumn is 01/03 - 31/05. But I like to call it "Second Spring" as it's the time of year where the plants and weeds grow like crazy, with many flowering after a dry, hot, Summer. It's Winter for us now... which today means it's 23 C and Sunny lol. Typical days don't get below 18 C, which means I have to wear 2 jumpers and have the heater blasting because it's too damn cold :)
  • Lol they can call it the Hurricane season Creators update for Jamaica.
  • That would would cover the entire summer as well.
  • It should really be called the "Fluent Update", it's not like there are even that many features for Creators in this update.
  • Yup!! It should've been Fluent Update 1.
  • Yes, for Windows Phone users, FU sounds pretty appropriate I suppose...
  • Made me laugh outloud.
  • Obviously. We're effed.
  • Not really as they've only just started on the Fluent stuff.
    Maybe the Acrylic, Lots of it, Everywhere, Update
  • It's not even worthy to call it Fluent Update though, the implementation of Fluent Design is still minimal and the overall UX is now inconsistent because of this slow transition. A lot of things in this update is incomplete.
  • That's why Fluent Update 1 (ONE!!).
    There would be 2, 3...
  • As in FU once, twice,.... /s
  • Yup. :D
  • Really, ACU instead of FCU? And what about southern hemisphere where it is a different season all together? Spring Creator Update...
  • I heard the southern hemisphere universally uses Mac.
  • Yep they eat lots of Macglady apples.
  • No we don't.
  • I think they should not give an update name that is related to the season, even related to holidays. Because not everybody has the same thing and they will just have to deal with regional and cultural differences. They should try to think names that are actually quite catchy that doesn't fall into these naming issues.
  • I don't really get it. They never use the names given to various releases anywhere! Nowhere within the OS, these names are mentioned. What's the point anyway?
    They could at least show it in the About section in settings along with build and version number.
    Btw, it's Autumn in India also.
  • So I guess it will be called Spring Creators update here in New Zealand 😂
  • Glad to see they're focused on the important stuff, as always.
  • Lol lol lol
  • Yep... I guess semantics are important to someone.
  • It's more like the "things we couldn't put in the creators update update".
    So can't wait for the title for the next update in spring.
  • "Herfst Makers Update" it is for the Netherlands, Dutch speaking Belgians and other Dutch speaking areas!
  • They talked already about a lente update lol
  • what about in Africa(Nigeria)?
  • Corruption update
  • If na foreigners talk dat one now u go dey offended
  • Some people really take sarcasms seriously 😂
  • You have the same season.
    Or you want an African name.
  • any one
  • oh No !! how could they ignore that! that's very important change, and will they change it for the southern hemisphere of the earth? or what :D 
  • Spring Creators Update, Mate! Something like that? :)
  • Or Failed Creators Update ......?
  • Maybe its an idea for MS that when the do a reboot on w10m to send out nougat 7.1.1 instead of moving on with w10m. Nokia have done the same and i will get their first flagship end of July. Nokia 8
  • Hey what's this talk about Nokia 8 *** ship?
  • So, Fall Creators Update in the US, Autumn Creators Update elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, and Spring Creators Update in the Southern Hemisphere. Got it. Overcomplicated, but got it. Grade school geography FTW.
  • And the one after that will be the "Real Creators Update" with actual features for creators?
  • Fxck you, summer is Christmas.
    No snow, sunny, game drives not reindeers, plenty beach parties and real food. Not turkey, no sweaters, no fireplace... Just sun, lots of it in celcius
  • "Fighting Extinction Update" by the Redmond Dinosaur.
  • Service Pack 4
  • Like previous updates were not translated and adjusted for every which country before already...
  • Just goes to show the lack of diversity at Redmond. Reminds me of the failed Apple health app made by men who completely failed to take into account the menstrual cycle of 50% of the worlds population...
  • ... I'm not getting it. They tweak their plans for names in different regions yet they lack a sense of diversity? Oh well, only a name.
  • We need more significant updates for mobile
  • Downfall of mobile update
  • In what extent is this different to what is required anyway for non-English speaking countries??? We don't care about the name, but the features. Really.
  • Nice to be noticed over here in cheery old Blighty
  • Aye
  • Given that 99.9 percent of all of the uk's population now that fall and autumn are the same thing, because 99.9 percent of UK population watch American movies and TV shows, this is a little unnecessary.
  • Not really. A lot of people don't know what fall is in the UK until this update was announced. I prefer the term Autumn over fall.
  • are you being serious ?? There might be a couple of knuckle draggers in Norfolk that don't know the USA refer to Autumn as Fall, but come on, everyone else does !!
  • You literally don't know what the UK population as a whole do or don't know. Even if your 3 friends know what it means, that doesn't mean everyone does.
  • ...because you know 99.9 % of the uk's population personally. ok. I understand,
  • Well yeah, but it's highly unnecessary. For one, AFAIK they don't translate the name for any other region or country in the world. Eff this.
  • Nice going! Autum is a much better fit within our English culture.
  • Why not just call it 2017.2
    Being the second update this year.
  • The Lucy/Charlie Brown/Football Update
  • Call it the winters update for Australia and release it please
  • So... Dry Creators Update for countries in around Equator in SEA?
  • Should be called 'Dona's Red Lips Update'
  • It would sound better if they named it that for all countries. Fall sounds weird to me, even in America.
  • This is one of the many ways Microsoft marketing people are so U.S.-centric in its thinking. They just can't compete with the global sense of its counterparts from Apple and Google. What about in countries with just the Dry and Wet seasons, will they call it the 'Wet Creators Update', then?
  • Dear Microsoft, just call it Redstone 3.
  • Loved the names creater update then fall creater and now come to know about the name Autumn fall creater really these names are awesome....
  • Loved these names given by Microsoft to these new and indeed awesome updates....
  • How about Skyfall Creator's Update for the UK?
  • Creaters Update 2.0. What's so hard?
    Everyone is happy in world.
  • How about naming them after astrology signs? Gemini ♊ in the spring. Virgo ♍ in the fall? Or something like that. Creators Virgo Update. Or whatever sign they fall under.
  • Same difference... You have to import Greek mythology to all regions then... You can again argue that you can use the Arabic, Persian, Indian, or Chinese equivalent mythology in different regions.
  • Waiting for that Rainy Season update for SE Asia 😅
  • Second/November Creator's Update would suffice, now they've got a marketing mess!
  • I love that MS even backpedaled the name of the new update.  that's commitment!!!
  • fanboy downvotes...WOO HOOO.....
  • "not everyone in the world uses the term "fall.""   And by that you mean, no one in the world uses the term "fall" for Autumn except for Americans lol
  • Way to confuse everyone. Fail after fail with Microsoft. Who is in charge? Who thought this is a good idea?
  • Creators update. which Creator?
  • AUTUMN LEAVES UPDATE "I miss you most of all my darling
  • So this is why we should not use seasons to describe global products launches. However does not stop products being released on a global scale using localised dates 12/7/17 anyone. It's not rocket science to say 12th July 2017. I wonder if these US companies even realise only the US and China express dates that way. However we could always talk decimal point or commas when expressing numbers that's a pet one for in the UK when dealing with Europe.
  • Another "bad move" from Microsoft! In this world, Argentina, Brazil, Australia (to mention some of the Southern countries), will receive this update in Spring. So, why to call it "Fall/Autum" update?... Oh! I remembered!!!!! In this world, only north hemisphere exist!!! No South Hemisphere anymore.
  • How about lack of commitment update?   Or fanboy tears update?  Ha ha.  Maybe suckers update two.  
  • Wow I can see the future.....They backpedaled this updates name as they are going to go back to FALL UPDATE...NO ONE in microsoft has a SPINE or CLUE.....Love watching it.  But really,  it sucks because my windows 10 suffers.
  • In the southern hemisphere we have just assumed that since the update is arriving in spring then the Fall/Autumn Creators update is 6 months behind schedule. Standard MS practice 😀
  • EID creators update in Saudi Arabia 😂
  • <