Microsoft will call Windows 10's next update the 'Autumn Creators Update' in the UK

Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper
Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper (Image credit: Microsoft)

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that the next update for Windows 10 would be dubbed the "Fall Creators Update," carrying on the theme of creators that was first introduced with the "Creators Update." Microsoft's naming scheme for Windows 10's next update is especially odd, considering not everyone in the world uses the term "fall."

I actually asked Microsoft about this back at Build in May. At the time, Microsoft told me that the "Fall Creators Update" was going to be its name everywhere, probably to help streamline marketing. But in countries like the UK where the term "fall" isn't a phrase used when talking about seasons, this may actually confuse customers. It appears now however that Microsoft will in fact regionally adjust its name where appropriate.

The Redmond giant has quietly changed the name of the update on its UK-based website, now being referred to as the "Autumn Creators Update" instead (this change can be seen on some other country-specific sites too, such as India.) This change will make a lot more sense for people in the UK, where the term "autumn" is more commonly in the same way "fall" is used in America. Of course, the update will still be called the "Fall Creators Update" in the US, Canada and anywhere else where the term "fall" is used.

To Windows Insiders, the update will always be known as either Redstone 3 or Version 1709 anyway, so the "consumer-facing" name won't matter much to them. But for average people who aren't all that tech savvy, the friendly name for a Windows 10 update matters, especially if you're using seasons as a focal point in an updates name.

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