Microsoft will end support for Skype Managed Accounts on March 29

Microsoft is making a change for business users of its Skype VoIP service. After March 29, the company will no longer support Skype Managed Accounts, and will turn those customers into personal Skype accounts after that date.

Skype Managed Accounts were created and maintained by a business or group's Skype Manager administrator. It allowed those admins to create new accounts for employees, manage their profile information and offer services such as resetting passwords. While Skype Managed Accounts are going away in late March, Microsoft says that companies can choose to move to Skype for Business uner their [Office 365]{/office-365) accounts. Skype for Business admins will be able to perform many of those same tasks and features that are available for Skype Managed Accounts.

Source: Microsoft; Via: ZDNet

John Callaham