Microsoft reportedly testing new Teams app for Windows 10

During its Edge Web Summit in 2017, Microsoft announced that it was planning to launch a version of Microsoft Teams, built as a Progressive Web App (PWA), on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10. While the company has been mum on those plans since the announcement, it looks like those plans are starting to take shape.

Petri reports that Microsoft has started testing the Teams PWA with a "small group of users" (via Thurrott). According to the report, Microsoft is currently calling the app a Hosted Web App (HWA), which works similarly to a PWA by using web code to deliver a native app-like experience. As far as functionality is concerned, the app experience should look and run just like the currently available Win32 Teams desktop app (opens in new tab).

Petri notes that this version of Team is currently being tested outside of Microsoft, so it's likely we could see it arrive in the Microsoft Store sooner rather than later. Given that Microsoft will soon allow PWAs to join the Microsoft Store, the timing certainly makes sense.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA): What they are, and what they mean for Microsoft

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  • "That's so cool" 🤗
  • Isn't the current Teams app already a web app powered by Electron instead of Win 32 ( ? Electron explains the poor performance, similar to Discord. I hope that the PWA will perform better...
  • No idea but I find the current desktop app sluggish indeed as well... A performance boost would be welcome...
  • Was just gonna post the same thing, current app is sluggish. Probably its web delivered roots. I still prefer it over S4B though.
  • This tool will work perfectly on Andromeda in junction with Whiteboard.  A pocket collaboration tool goes where you go.
  • Is HWA a precursor to PWA? Like is it part of the natural development cycle other making a PWA? I guess I'm confused why it's being tested as a HWA and that could be because I don't understand it enough.
  • Can't edit my comment for some reason, but I mean to say... Natural development cycle for making PWA**