After a good run, Microsoft is retiring its Windows Insider MVP Program in December

Microsoft MVP program at Build 2023
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What you need to know

  • According to a Microsoft spokesperson, Microsoft is set to retire its Windows Insider MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Program on December 31, 2023.
  • The company will nominate its existing Windows Insider MVPs to the Microsoft MVP Program, which shares similar perks and benefits.
  • It's unlikely that this change will impact the Windows Insider Program, as Microsoft is gearing up to ship its next major version of Windows.

In a surprising turn of events, Microsoft is calling quits on its Windows Insider MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Program. A Microsoft spokesman confirmed the news yesterday while speaking to The Register and consequently issued the following statement:

"In an effort to consolidate MVP-style programs across Microsoft, we have decided to retire the Windows Insider MVP Program effective December 31, 2023. All our existing Windows Insider MVPs will be nominated to participate in the Microsoft MVP Program which has similar benefits and opportunities to continue networking with us and interacting with many other Microsoft MVPs globally."

Referring to the Program as "a valuable consumer resource," a Microsoft MVP expressed concern over the company's move further, stating, "It's sad that Microsoft's flagship product will no longer have an MVP community around it."

What is the Windows Insider MVP Program?

Windows Insider Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Ian Cunningham

Windows Insider Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Ian Cunningham (Image credit: Microsoft)

For those unfamiliar, the Windows Insider MVP Program is essentially an award system designed to recognize technology experts and community leaders for showcasing their expertise in the field and keeping up with trends, mainly Windows, alongside other Microsoft products and services.

How do I become an MVP?

You must showcase your expertise and prowess in tech while actively participating in the technical community via articles, blogs, forums, and social media. You'll also need to be noticed for your contributions in tech to qualify as an MVP. As such, it could be a while before you rise to the ranks and eventually attain the coveted status.

What perks do MVPs get?

Unlike most people expect, Microsoft MVPs don't receive any remuneration from the company. Instead, the professionals can access various perks and advantages, including early access to Microsoft products and exclusive communication channels with product teams. Of course, the benefits run deeper than this, but MVPs sign NDAs upon confirmation of their MVP status to ensure most of the details regarding the award remain confidential.

How long does Microsoft MVP last?

Windows Insider Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Salman Chishti

Windows Insider Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Salman Chishti (Image credit: Microsoft)

The MVP status is valid for one year. Professionals are expected to apply to renew their status once this period lapses (applications are usually made in July). The goal is to ensure that MVPs continue to showcase their prowess, skillset, and vast knowledge in tech.

What does this mean for the Windows Insider Program?

The Microsoft spokesman only confirmed that the company is pulling the plug on the Windows Insider MVP Program and didn't mention anything regarding the Windows Insider Program. With this in mind, it's doubtful that Microsoft will interfere with the program. Especially with several reports indicating that the company is gearing up to ship its next major version of Windows in 2024

Microsoft mainly uses the Windows Insider Program to test new features and get feedback from users before shipping the changes to broad availability. Therefore, the chances of the company retiring the program, especially at a critical time like this, are slim to none. 

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