You can now watch Microsoft's special AI event where it unveiled the new Bing

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has uploaded a video version of its special AI event held yesterday.
  • The video is of the full presentation delivered to media at Microsoft's headquarters.
  • The keynote includes an intro from Satya Nadella, and demos of Bing and Edge AI.

Curious about Microsoft's recent announcements around AI? Microsoft has now uploaded the video on demand version of its event that it held at its Redmond headquarters yesterday. The video includes the full presentation that was delivered to media, including a brief word from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and demos of the new Bing and Edge AI capabilities.

The presentation is 55 minutes long, and details Microsoft's vision for Bing and Edge going forward with AI at its center. Powered by a new advanced natural language model, the new Bing can deliver search results in the form of chat bubbles, presented like a conversation between the user and a human.

The new Bing can even source the data it references, something ChatGPT alone hasn't yet been able to do. It's a big step forward for AI on the web, and one that will hopefully ensure users are still able to do their own research instead of relying entirely on AI, which might sometimes be wrong.

Edge will also be able to harness this AI technology via a new Edge Sidebar, which can be accessed at any time and can help with writing things like social media posts on the fly. Both the new Bing and Edge with AI capabilities are available in limited preview today, and you can join the waitlist on Microsoft's website.

Microsoft recently announced a $10 billion partnership with OpenAI, the tech of which Microsoft is using in part to power these new experiences in Bing. The company has vowed to incorporate AI into more Microsoft products over the coming months and years, including Office and Windows.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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