Microsoft's Account Device page now shows more information about your Windows 10 devices

Microsoft is making it a touch easier to keep track of the status of your Windows 10 machines at a glance. In a revamp of its online Account Devices page (opens in new tab) (via OnMSFT), Microsoft now provides more information on various aspects of each PC you're signed into.

Each device listed now shows its update version, along with a time stamp for the last time it checked for updates and when its status last changed. Your Windows Defender status is also shown, making it easy to see at a glance if various security features are on, or if something is wrong. Specs can also be seen, including your processor and graphics card, along with each of your hard drives and how much space is free.

Along with PCs, Xbox consoles and Windows Phones are listed as well. If you need a quick place to check on the status of machines you're signed into, the revamped Account Devices page offers a fairly comprehensive way to check in. Check it out for yourself by heading to

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  • Nice
  • Nice, but kinda scary, as now they know how much storage left on my surface, and battery on my phone.
  • You think they didn't know this before? This only means that now YOU have easy access to this information.
  • All companies have had access to this kind of information for years so don't make it look like you had no idea!
  • google knows how your poop smells every morning the exact same informations are stored on Microsoft servers too but they are like: "Dont talk about us, we do nothing. Go away. Dont ask"
  • In what way is that scary?
  • It's another prime example of microspy collecting information without discrete user consent. All of this data-mining spyware needs an option to opt-out if they actually have no malicious intentions.
  • That is a great feature!  good job!
  • Doesn't appear for me. Does telemetry perhaps need to be set to "full" for this?
  • you probably don't have the Creators Update on your devices yet.
  • I do.
  • I noticed it about a week ago. Quite useful.
  • My desktop is not showing on the account page. I'm running build 16188. Is this a known issue? I mean, Insider Builds device will not show up there?
  • I have same build on my Surface Pro 4 and on my desktop. Neither are showing the new information.
  • Now we need this in an app or Settings.
  • The version numbers of my phones doesn't seem to be displayed anymore. Maybe a hint of what's comming..
  • Doesn't seem to work for me, I can see the devices I'm logged into but can't see any of that information for most of them. None of them show me the cpu/gpu information.
  • It was there from week
  • since my computer will never be signed into a MS account it makes no difference to me.