Microsoft's result tabulation apps for the Iowa Caucus called into question by Sanders campaign

Microsoft is providing free apps to both the Iowa Democratic and Republican parties to help tablute the results of that state's Feb. 1 Caucus for the U.S Presidental election. However, the campaign for one of the Democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders, is questioning Microsoft's motives and involvement.

According to MSNBC:

"The arrangement has aroused the suspicions of aides to Sanders, whose regularly warns that corporate power and the billionaire class are trying to hijack democracy. Pete D'Alessandro, who is running the Iowa portion of Sanders' campaign, questioned the motives of the major multinational corporation in an interview with MSNBC: "You'd have to ask yourself why they'd want to give something like that away for free."

The Sanders campaign says it will create its own system to double-check the results from Microsoft's app. For its part, a spokesperson for Microsoft said their efforts in Iowa are completely non-partisan:

"Microsoft is providing technology and services solely to administer and facilitate a neutral, accurate, efficient reporting system for the caucuses," the company said in a statement to MSNBC. "We are proud to partner with the Iowa Democratic and Republican parties to ensure accurate results on caucus night."

Source: MSNBC

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  • There are so many arrogant comments here. It makes me sad that people have more love for a company than for their country. Big corporations have power and they abuse it all the time. Microsoft isn't some grand beacon of hope that can do no wrong. They operate to make money. Sanders like to distance money and power from elections, so his desire to learn more about Microsoft's intentions seem pretty legitimate.
  • Don't take the comments of the sycophantic and ignorant to heart. That way lies madness.
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  • Bernie's campaign staff and followers should be questioning how everything Bernie is committing to will be paid for. Is he going to force Mexico to pay instead of building a wall?
  • Tax the rich you idiot
  • Typical. Resort to name calling.
  • Bernie will be taxing everyone. All I can think of when he speaks is how empty my bank account would be.  It doesn't matter because he will probably end up as Hillary's VP nomination. He continues to agree with Hillary and defend her in the live debates. Why hire the yes man when you can hire the person he is agreeing with? **end politics** haha
  • The rich don't have enough money to pay for it all, even if you taxed them 100%. And that's aside from the fact that singling out a particular group of people based solely on the size of their bank accounts is nothing less than a form of discrimination and systematized oppression. You cannot fix discrimination and systematized oppression simply by changing the target.
  • Go online and read his actual plan for yourself so you can see how wrong you are. Every Bernie detractor says the exact same things simply because that is what they are saying on the tv. This is not the forum for discussion so just read it for yourself then make up your mind.
  • Including transfer payments, the current tax rate distribution, per the Congressional Budget Office, is: Lowest Quintile ($15,500 average earnings) = -35% effective tax rate
    2nd Quintile ($29,600 average earnings) = -28% effective tax rate
    3rd Quintile ($49,800 average earnings) = -14% effective tax rate
    4th Quintile ($83,300 average earnings) = 1% effective tax rate
    Top Quintile ($234,700 average earnings) = 19% effective tax rate Excluding transfer payments (2011 data):
    Top 10% of earners paid 68% of Federal Income Taxes and earned 45% of all income
    Bottom 50% paid 3% of income taxes and earned 12% of all income So basically you're saying no one should pay taxes but the "rich", and if you're not rich the transfer payments need to be much larger than they are today. I guess we should thank the rich for being rich so they can pay our taxes for us.  
  • He's actually released a fairly detailed tax plan to explain how he plans to pay for the things he's committing to. So the answer to your questoin is tax increases and reduced federal spending in areas like the Department of Defense.
  • Will that bring in enough revenue? Just asking
  • Yes. It's all in his tax plan. But damned if the media will actually report the truth and what's in his plan.
  • Every candidate has a plan that shows how they pay for stuff.  You're right, the media doesn't spend much time on them, but I feel there are two reasons.  First, most people don't care.  You'd need at least an hour to discuss the plans with any fair detail, and few would watch.  Second, the plans are generally fictional, based on unrealistic growth numbers, and don't include the costs of more taxes (and/or life) changing behaviors or productivity.  Why waste time on a politicians fantasy world?  Socialism works great until the cost of debt service becomes unsustainable, then it fails. It's like throwing a hug rock into the air, and having it hit you in the head when it eventually comes back down.   We've seen it happen to repeatedly everyone else (there's still a few with rocks in the air), but we feel we can be the first nation to throw the rock into the air without it ever coming back down.  SMH
  • No, it won't, and many economists have already weighed in on the fact that his "plan" is just a fantasy. Mind you, this is a guy who, at 75 years of age, after 30+ years of having $100,000+ per year jobs, and for the last decade, $174,000 per year jobs, claims to have a net worth of only $330,000. If that claim is true, he shouldn't be allowed near ANYONE'S money, because he's a complete financial illiterate. If it isn't true and he's hiding his money somewhere (likely, given all his major assets are held in his second wife's name), it'd be useful to ask: why?
  • You are delusional if you think he's explained how he's going to pay for $18tril worth of free stuff. He laid out a tax plan that just increases EVERYONE'S taxes, but that's not anywhere near enough. The man is uneducated and has no idea how an economy works. He just says stuff with no thought behind it.
  • The republicans are the ones that plan to waste money on a wall. Like there aren't already tunnels underneath the existing ones. Maybe Trump wants to pay with his own money since he has plenty
  • *sigh* Oh, Trump... Trump and Clinton don't really stand for much other than themselves, and they'll work with whatever policies give them money and power. That's not presidential. I'd like to see Ted Cruz vs. Bernie Sanders, and at least /then/ we'll see some people convicted enough in their beliefs to have a /real/ debate.
  • Wait, you seriously think Ted Cruz in sincere?
  • Nobody will waste money on a wall. A decade ago, the Bush administration passed legislation authorizing the construction of a wall, and congress authorized the funding of the wall, and then Bush vetoed the funding after signing the construction authorization into law. It isn't going to happen. It's a stupid recurring talking point.
  • That made my day. Thank you Phil Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The answer is publicity. What nefarious hijack scheme do these people think will be pulled off?
  • Nothing. They just want to complain about something for attention.  
  • Haha why question something because it's free? Sanders wants to give out a lot of "free" things to those in "need". I continue to question him and his love for wanting to raise our taxes. I could keep going, but this isn't a polical website.
  • The best answer was given by mdatkin above. If you find it and read it you will see that taxes for you and I won't go up. But I agree this isn't the site for that. So look up his plan and read it for yourself. Don't let the media/news tell you how to think. Read and decide for yourself. Just like Windows Phone, i decide for myself how the "app gap" doesn't apply to me.
  • Dude, the tax plan increases everyone's taxes ( And who are you to assume you know the guy you replied to's financial situation?
  • I'm sure Mr. Sanders would throw a tantrum if someone were to question him similarly. Cry sweetheart, cry.
  • The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples' money. -M.Thatcher
  • Ooh. I like this quote. It's very true.
  • "If you're feeling the Bern, you should have worn protection."
  • That's hilarious considering the UK had their socialist healthcare system when she was Prime Minister.
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  • Please, no ad hominem attacks...
  • Did anybody expect any better from this loser?
  • This came from Pete D'Alessandro. Not from Sanders himself. Did you even read the article?
  • And he's helping run who's campaign?
    Oh, right, Sanders'.
    So the point remains.
    Now what was yours again?
  • Like the old fashioned tabulation methods weren't questionable (see results from 4 years ago In Iowa). His complaint is probably that it's harder to "fix" the vote.  
  • Pete D'Alessandro is the shill that should be stated in the headline. This came from him directly. I'm guessing he isn't aware of MS and their Bing engine that predicts everything from American Idol to the Oscars and NFL games. It's nothing but math. I wonder if he would question it if Google said the same thing or Apple.
  • Not much to see here.  This is the campaign being concerned that MS may not be fully unbiased, and wants to control where their data comes from.  Not so much any technical reason.  Such is politics.
  • This is why we can't have nice things...
  • I bet they love this free office apps on iPhone and android,.
  • Sanders is a Moron...
  • We just drifted into politics... RIP thread
  • Bernie Sanders be like, OMG I am gonna lose Iowa. I am gonna lose the nomination. Geez, hijacking Democracy? A fair reminder, United States of America has never been a Democracy, it's a Republic! Also, the propaganda coming from Democratic Socialists sounds just like the Chinese communist propaganda back under Mao Zedong's rule. Bernie Sanders is Democrat's version of Donald Trump!
  • I like Sanders but this is just a little ridiculous. If a corporation gives away something for free, that automatically warrants suspicion and conspiracy theories? That's just paranoia. It's not impossible for a corporation to do something out of the kindness of their hearts...
  • Seriously ?  Bernie ?  Who came up with this paranoid idea ?  The gain for Microsoft is to get creds for a job well done with these apps, and thus a boasting point in their advertising / sales pitches.  That's what is in it for them, and thus it's not a "free giveaway".  It's a win win for both groups.  By issuing this criticism, the Sander's campaign is being critical of the very demographic most likely to support him in the elections.  That was just not an informed move.  Some campaign official is not using his "smarts".
  • It's advertising you idiot.  Microsoft is hoping to show the power of their data analysis capabilities.  I sincerely hope Bernie Sanders isn't paranoid enough to think Microsoft would deliberately fudge the results in their app.  It is just tabulating the votes; Microsoft doesn't control the votes and any discrepancy would be quickly noted and Microsoft would look like a bunch of idiots. I think Bernie's assistants need to be fitted for better tin-foil hats at this point.
  • As I approach 60 years old, I am now the ostrich with my IGNORE filter set to maximum these days. I went so far as to disconnect the TV and no more AM radio, if you know what I mean. My children are appalled with the lack of entertainment when they come over. lol (I have DVD's for the grandkids and they will watch the same ones over and over) I actually don't really defend this approach, since for much of my life I despised folks that were uninformed and didn't seem to be affected by the lunacy all around us. But now I am them!  I do apologize to my offspring, of course. It DID get like this on my generations watch. But when I woke this morning the skies were blue and the espresso was magnificent! I suspect we will all still be here tomorrow. Alas. :)